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Old 97s World

This is a page about the best band to ever come out of Texas. You know, the Old 97's. This page was made by Libby and Ellen, the sisters Beaman. We are currently planning some updates (aren't we always?) so hopefully the next time you come, you will find something new. If not, you can just play pretend and we'll be your friend. E-mail us and tell us what you think of our work, the 97's, or if you think we should add anything. If you have a link to your personal page that you would like for us to stick up here, go on and send it. Well, we hope you have a marvelous time and come again.

10.18.00 Hi. I would like to thank all our visitors (new and old) who come to our site. I would like to appologize, however, because we no longer update or maintain the site. I think it's been pretty much the same for the last year and a half or so and I don't think it will be updated anytime in the near future. We don't even live in the same time zone anymore, so it gets a little difficult to collaborate, as you can imagine. Neither do we check our email more than once every 3 months or so, so if you do write us, please do not expect a timely response. But you are free to write us anyway.
As well, I'd like to announce that the Old 97's Official Songbook made by the wonderful, talented, tapdancing Lee Sorrentino is out of print and there are no plans for them to be made again. Unless of course, the boys are willing to grant her large sums of money in return for the effort (wink wink nudge nudge)...So good luck finding one. Maybe someone's hawking theirs on ebay already. (Should you want to see what we formerly had to say about the songbook, you may proceed here.)

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New and Very Exciting!! Lots of pictures by the Beamans and Lisa Hinzman!! The first new thing on this page in eons!!

Town Square Bell-Reviews

Used Car Lot-Blabberings

Big Fat Hairy Beasts-Theories

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This page is dedicated to our mom. She has got to be the coolest mom on Earth. I don't know anyone else who is so in love with music and loves taking us out on school nights to go see bands play. So thanks, Mom. We love you!