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Visit Fat's new web page and buy the new EP! It ROCKS!!!!! This page has not been updated in awhile..some sections it has been years and I am going to start adding some things. This was my first webpage ever and Fat was the first band I interacted with when I got on the web back in October 1997. So it wont change drastically cause it's my old school page..I can be reached at

A.D. Rowntree- Vocals
Gareth Prosser - Guitar
Mike Boyko - Drums
Paul Andrews - Bass
To mail Fat FAT

MY Bio For the band Fat
A.D. moved from New York to England when he was a teenager. He met fellow band members Paul and Gareth. They played in England in clubs, although the CD was recorded in January of 1997 the songs have been around. When they felt they could do no more the trio headed to the States. The original drummer stayed behind in England. A.D. played the drums on the disc except for two songs when Joe Franco helped out. They began looking for a drummer and a friend of Mike Boyko's told him about Fat needing a drummer. He tried out and became the drummer for FAT. Now in 1998 while on haitus Paul Andrews the bassist has left the band. A.D., Gareth, Mike are still writing and recording music. We look forward to the next record. We also will miss Paul Andrews.

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