Jishim Wa Chikara Nara
Strength through confidence

Houston, TX

Sensei's statement

You will learn a lot of things in the world of Isshinryu Karate, grace, inner strength, fulfillment, a sense of well being, power and unfortunately jealousy. There are Sensei that are jealous of the founder. There are Sensei jealous of the founder's son, the founder's son-in-law and there are Sensei jealous of each other.

We will never disrespect any Sensei or the retribution will be swift and final resulting in expulsion from this karate school.

We are members of the American Isshinryu Karate Association (AIKA). At FSIK we recognize and honor all other Isshinryu organizations but will not vary in our instruction from that of the founder and his son.

Hello and welcome to the world of Isshinryu Karate. I am Hanshi Phill Furgason and I have been an Isshinryu practitioner since March 1975. I started my Isshinryu training under O-Sensei Kichiro Shimabuku at Camp Hansen, Kin (Kinville), Okinawa and was promoted to Ku-Dan(9th Degree Black Belt) September 21, 2007. I have Ku Dan certificates from Grandmaster William Washington, 10th Dan and Grandmaster Ed McGrath, 10th Dan.

After my enlistment in the corps I returned to the states and established FSIK. Over the years I have learned that there are two types of Karate-Ka. There are those that you cannot teach because they are too busy trying to show you what they know and Karate-KA that are like sponges that soak up every drop of knowledge on Isshinryu from any source they can find. I am proud to say that my students are the latter of the two. I am impressed with the motivation, determination and fine "can do" attitude my students display in our dojos.

FSIK's Okinawa trip 3/8/2006 - 3/17/2006

Verification of joining the IWKA in 1975

    Master Tatsuo Shimabuku
    O-Sensei Tatsuo Shimabuku (1908 - 1975) is the founder of Isshinryu Karate Do. He had a vision of perfecting karate into a no-nonsense art that was practical, useful in close quarter fighting and that would bring the mind and body together as one.

    O-Sensei Kichiro Shimabuku
    Ju-Dan and President of the Isshinryu World Karate Association

    Weapons of Isshinryu

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