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(Greetings all! This is my little bro's second attempt in writing a fanfic. And here he is to explain!)

So far you know this is my second story. Anyway this story is about Cye and Rowen going to Texas to visit Cye's relative. So, here it is. Enjoy!

Cye's Day Off and Rowen's Triumph!

By Seiji-sama

......Cye was on a plane heading toward Houston, Texas from Toyama to meet his cousin, Steve. He visits him every summer. Cye was happy to go because he doesn't have to cook for Kento for a while, which is a relief. Cye loves to cook, but with Kento…it was like feeding a whole herd of pregnant elephants. But on this trip, he wasn't alone. Rowen had decided that he would just Cye on his trip to America. He heard from Cye that his aunt and uncle own a couple of restaurants there and that they would be happy to teach him how to cook.

......"Are you sure you want to come with me to Texas?" asked Cye.
......"Sure I do," answered Rowen. "I am here right now on this plane with aren't I?"
......"Oh." Cye was not sure but he just that there was something up at his home so he didn't say anymore about it. After awhile of sitting in silence, Cye asked his question. "Why did you want to come with me in the first place? "
......"To keep you company of course. But a cooking lesson on the side would be nice." He said with a smile.
......"So you want to learn to cook, huh? I just they can show you better then I. Because every time I try to teach you how to cook, the food has a tendency of turning black. And the last time you made breakfast--"
......"Yeah, I know," he said quickly cutting Cye off. "You see, as I was growing up no one taught me how to cook. They would always kick me out of the kitchen; afraid I would blow something up," he explained.

......They got there on a Friday morning. After they got their luggage, they both went outside to wait for Cye's aunt.
......"Do you know when she will arrive?" Rowen asked impatiently as he shifted his bags from one hand to another.
......"Well, I told her what time the plane will arrive. She is probably running late. The traffic here is pretty bad in the mornings, especially at the airports," he explained as he continued his watch for the blue station wagon. "Ah, there she is," he said as he flagged her down.
......"Howdy, cuz!" A head stuck out of the window and waved to the pair. The head turned out to belong to his cousin Steve. He had dark brown hair and Cye's green eyes.
......"Konnichiwa Steve!" Cye greeted as the station wagon pulled up. "I see you decided to come along. Hello Aunt Rosy."
......"Hello Cye, I see you finally decided to bring a friend with you," she turned to Rowen and smiled.
......"Aunt Rosy, Steve, this is Rowen Hashiba. Rowen, this is my Cousin Steve and his mother Rose Kurenai."
......"Please to meet you," he said with a slight bow.
......"Ah, please Rowen none of that now. You are in Texas. A state that basically a country all on its own! Formality is not really needed here. Good back in Japan but a good hand shake and a Howdy will do just fine." She explained with a smile as she took his backpack and other things and placed them in the back of the station wagon.
......"Yes, Kurenai-san," he replied as he blushed slightly as he wished he had asked Cye a little more about this state and its customs.
......"Oh and please call me Aunt Rosy. Hearing you say that makes me feel old!" she laughed as she watched his expression change from startled to amusement.
......"Alright…Aunt Rosy."
......"So you decided to come at the same time we are having our infamous cookout, huh?" Steve spoke as he finished loading the bags. He shut the trunk and climbed into the front seat of the car.
......"You guessed it! I wouldn't miss this for the world!" Cye said as he climbed into the car. They had all loaded the bags and were ready to leave. "Plus this is my chance to relax."
......"We should be on our way. The traffic on the way back will be hell specially on the weekends and I need to do some shopping for the family cookout, Texas style."

......When they got to the house, introductions were made to the rest of the family as the boys made their way to the bedroom they would be sharing. Once they were settled in, Uncle Mike announced the beginning of the cook-off. Cye and Rowen were a part of the event as participants in the cook-off. (Soon they're going to suffer what the other Ronins had suffered.)
......It turns out that the main food they were going to make was good old fashion Texas chili. Rowen was sort of expecting lots of other kinds but it seems as though this was the house specialty because there was a lot of entries under that category. There were judges and prizes that were awarded to the chief for the best of the best chili. This may have been called a family cook out but it seems as though the whole neighborhood was there for the food.

......"Hey, Cye, are you going to enter the cook off with your batch of Chili?" asked Mary, Steve's little sister.
......"Nah, I am letting my friend, Rowen, do the cooking for this one. Back in Toyama, I had to cook for another friend. I don't mind cooking, but man, he eats like a pig! Now you know why he is my best friend." Cye explained to his little cousin.
......"Oh, too bad," she said with a smile that reached from ear to ear. "At least it will give everyone else a chance to win!" At that moment she cracked up, laughing in fits with Cye joining her along the way.
......"I am going to check up on Rowen to make sure he had not burned the kitchen down." Mary looked at Cye in confusion but didn't say anything else as she went out and set up the picnic tables for food.

......Cye had decided to let Rowen do all the cooking. Rowen was nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs as he cooked his batch of chili. He wasn't sure as to how to make the chili but he was glad that he had asked Cye about this before hand.
......Let's see if I remember everything, he thought as he mentally checked his list of ingredients. Ground beef: check, beans: check, peppers: check, and jalapenos: double check! He mixed all the ingredients together in a big pot and cooked for a long time. After a while Cye joined him in the kitchen to see how he was doing.

......He finally finished the chili and prepared it the way Cye had told him to. The judging was starting and Rowen was sweating from nervousness (not from the chili). As the judges came closer, Rowen was sweating twice as much as he usually did. This is much more worst then the time he was fighting Lady Kayura, he thought nervously. The judges finally approached Rowen's pot to taste his creation.
......"Cye, I'm nervous about this," Rowen said uneasily.
......"Don't worry. Everybody is nervous when their creation is being judged," Cye said soothingly.
......As the judges where taking their turn tasting each judge's eyes went wide and soon the number one judge announced:
......"This is the best batch of chili we have ever tasted and this deserves first place!" the head judge announced. The head judge turned out to be a friend of the family that totally loves chili. The rest of the members of the judges were their neighbors.
......"Wahoo!!! I actually made something tasteful!" Rowen hollered in excitement. "Wait 'til I tell the others about this! Hey, maybe I should bring some back for them to try for themselves!!"
......"Way to go Rowen," Steve said as he brought the first place ribbon to him. "Mind if I got a taste?"
......"Sure, go ahead," he replied happily as he held his ribbon in triumph.


Here is my second story and my third story is in the works.

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Well, I hope you enjoy my story. Please e-mail me any comments or questions, or whatever to me. I finally got my own address. Bye.