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Alternate So What's a Little Water
By Tigress and Goatgirl

        Achika was in a quiet sleep when Chad sneaked up to the side of her bed
with a sly grin. "WAKE UP GARFIELD!!!!" He yelled to the top of his
lungs as she jumped in fright falling off the bed with a thud going into
her bathroom grabbing a bucket of water from Jusenkyo mixed with her
powers also as it read:

If brother gets on nerves,
Throw this on him!
A note to Myself

Achika growled coming after him in hard pursuit. "YOU'RE GONNA GET
IT!" She roared through the house as he bolted downstairs rushing over
to the closet door where he was cornered when Sage opened the front
        "Hey Achika. How's-" He saw Achika chasing her brother with a
bucket throwing a deluge of water at Chad when he got of the way quick.
Sage was hit with the water as he winced. His blonde hair draped in his
face with his clothes all soaked while Chad stood there bursting into
fits of laughter.
        "Awww Acchhhhhhiiiikkkaaaa. Loooookkkk what you diiiiiiiiiiid?" He
laughed while she was standing there terrified in what she had done
dropping the bucket to the floor rushing up the steps quick to her linen
        "He's going to kill me!" She thought to herself grabbing a towel off
the shelf and came down the steps again shivering like crazy handing him
the towel. "Hi Sage uh, that was meant for Chad."
        "What did he do this time?"
        "The same old rude awakening." She snapped looking at her brother and
turned back to him with a look of concern. "I suggest you change your
clothes quick!"
        "Why?" He asked as she recoiled thinking of something to say next so
she wouldn't offend him.
        "Will you get changed!"
        "All right. Whatever you say." He went upstairs to get changed.
Achika turns to her brother grabbing him by his collar with a frantic
look on her face.
        "Ah! Ch-Chaaaaaaadddd," Achika began. "The water in that bucket I
was going to hit you with was from Jusenkyo mixed with some powers of
mine. Whoever is touched by this water, will be turned into a girl!"
She whispered.
        "Oh lighten up, he'll like it."
        "Well, it looks like we're going have to move with the flow.¡"
        "OH MY GOD!!!!" He yelled as Achika looked at her brother for a
moment before running up the steps to the bathroom door.
        "Ah Sage, open the door. Are you okay?" Achika asked as he opened the
door as a beautiful girl with blonde hair and a nervous look on her
        "Ah, Achika, my voice has changed, I'm shorter than what I used to
be. LOOK AT ME!" Sage growled grabbing her by her shirt. "And you
asked me What's wrong?!"
        "Ah, well.. um" Achika stammered.
        "I can't wear my regular clothes or they'll think I'm a Dike and
that is very uncool." She snapped. "Give me some of your clothes
        "Sage, are you sure you want to go through with this?"
        "How else am I going to get around!"
        "Okay, if you insist." She sighed as they walked to her room.
        Downstairs Chad opened the door as the others came over to visit when
he put a panicky mixed with excitement look on his face. "Hey Chad!"
        "Hey guys."
        "Why do you have water all over the floor?" Asked Kento.
        "It's a long story. I'll tell you when it's over." He replied when
Achika came downstairs with a feminine Sage behind her as the guys
looked up.
        "Hi guys."
        "Wow, who's the babe behind Achika?"
        "Well, this is uh... um Sally my friend from down the street." She
answered and giggled.(They didn't pay attention to her giggle which
tells you that she's fibbing.)
        "Achika, how could you keep such secrets?"
        "Oh Rowen, She's um, from out of town."
        "Oh okay." Ryo replied when he noticed the way her blonde hair went
to the side. "Hey, her hair is a lot like Sage's. Speaking of which
have you seen him today?" He asked as Achika and Chad looked at each
other in silence for a moment.
        "Sage? um, No, we haven't seen him today."
        "Achika, I'm-, She covered Sage's mouth with a sharp look on her
face as then turning back to the guys with a soft giggle as they lifted
a brow at them.
        "If you'll excuse us,  I have to help Sally unpack okay?" They
nodded as they went up the steps again to her room closing the door
behind them giving a sigh of relief turning to her. "Sage you almost
blew your cover."
        "Don't worry, I got it under control. With a body like this, how can
I go wrong?"
        "Don't you have any modesty?!" Achika asked as she hunched her
shoulders while shook her head with a sigh. "Well Sage, with a body
like yours, you're going to get into a lot of trouble."
        "What do you mean?"
        "You'll see soon enough." Achika remarked as she turned up a brow in
confusion as they walked out the room again when Slate came through the
front door.
        "Hey Sis." He chirped when he saw Sage and sighed sweetly. "Hello my
blonde headed goddess." He sighed softly as Sage looked at him like he
was crazy then looked at Achika. She looked at Sage as if to say I Told
You So. "Where have you been all my life?" Sage just giggled at the
        "I bet you say that to all the girls you meet?" She laughed as he
walked over to her with a smile when Achika came between them.
        "And what do you think you're doing?"
        "I'm flirting. Move!"
       "I'm not moving." She said in a cold tone.
        "Aw come on Sis! I never messed up your fun!"
        "Slate, you don't really know her."
        "What do you mean by that!" Sage asked in confusion as Achika turned
to her with a scorn.
        "You stay out of this! This is between me and my brother."
        "Excuse me." She went over to the guys and started flirting with them
as Achika shook her head grabbing her by the arm.
        "Do you want me to put you on a leash!" She growled softly with her
eyes wide as Sage shuddered. "Now I want you to sit down in that chair
and act modest! Got it!" Achika growled as she sat there quietly when
Chad walked over to them.
        "Achika, you been cooped up in the house all morning. Why don't you
go out instead all of us go out to ease this tension." They all agreed
and climbed into the van driving off. Slate sat next to Sally with a
flirtatious grin when Achika gave him the evil eye as he stopped
        A few hours later, they arrived at the mall when ALL the guys in the
stores turned their heads looking at the blonde headed goddess. Achika
grabbed Sally by the hand as they went into Ashley Steward's looking
around the store. "Okay Sage, here's the plan. If you see a guy don't
look at him. If he starts talking to you, ignore him as much as
possible. I gotta change you back okay?"
        "Okay. Whatever."
        "I mean it! You don't want to see my bad side." Achika snarled
looking through some dresses as she nodded looking through some other
        "When are you planning to change me back?" Sage asked.
        "When do you want to be changed back?" She asked back as Sage gave
her an I Don't Know look as she sighed. "Do you want to be changed
back tomorrow or today?"
        "I think I want to, I don't know!"
        "You better make up your mind or you'll be known as Mrs. Somebody."
Achika joked as she thought for a second.
        "Okay. At the end of this day I want to be my normal self."
        "Very well. I'll see what I can do." She answered as they came out
of the store and met up with the others as Slate tried to make his move
        "Back off Piggly Wiggly."
        "Achika! Nobody calls me by that name especially you!"
        "Oh really." She sneered as they laughed. "Well, as long as I'm
around, you're not going to be doing any flirting today." She snapped
as he growled at her. "Come on Sally let's go." They went to go see
action/romance/comedy movie sitting in the theater as Slate was still
trying to make his move as Achika let him have a little fun while
watching the movie sitting next to Cye.
        "Did anyone ever tell you that you're beautiful?"
        "No, not really."
        "Well I like you. I like you a lot!"
        "Like Achika said before, you don't know me."
        "So what. I want to get to know you better." Slate said softly trying
to wrap his arm around her shoulder as she tried to move away from him
but couldn't as she folded her arms looking at Achika leaning on Cye
eating her popcorn while watching the movie.
        "Yes Sally?"
        "I'm ready to go!"
        "But it's at the best part." She whined eating her popcorn.
        "I'm ready to go now!" Achika sighed following her out of the movie
walking up the aisle through the steel doors to a bench that was near
the theater as they sat down.
        "What happened in there?"
        "Your brother is a persistent pervert isn't he?"
        "I tried to warn you, but in your words 'In this body, what could go
wrong, I can handle it.'"
        "Well I can't. I want you to change me back NOW!" She growled
grabbing Achika by the collar.
        "All right, will you LET MY COLLAR GO!" She snapped moving her hands
as they walked out of the mall.
        Back in the movie theater, Cye and the others looked at each other in
confusion. "Hey Chad why did Sally leave in such a big rush with
        "Yeah, Achika never leaves during the good parts.¡±"
        "Achika have her reasons, Sally wasn't feeling good so she took her
        "I see."
        "I'll see you guys later. I'm going to see my blonde headed goddess
        "Like Achika's going to let you get close to her anyway."
        "Well, you can say that I'm the confident one." He dashed out of
the theater as the guys shook their heads.
        "Come on, before him and Achika start an all night brawl."
        "Achika's not like that at all. She's nice."
        "There's a side of her she never wants to mention to you Cye and that
is her bad side. When someone ticks her off, better hall tail yourself
out of there!" Chad informed as his eyes widened in disbelief. "Let's
        "Yeah, I don't even want to think about what she's going to do to
him.¡±" They rushed out of the theater in no time to catch up with Slate.
        Back at the house, Achika and Sage entered the house going into the
living room. "All right. let me change you back." She sat in Indian
style concentrated when a dim light coming around her growing brighter
and lit up the whole living room. "By the power of Tigress, I command
you to change Sage back to his normal self." She demanded as a light
came around Sage changing him back to normal with his blonde hair
blowing in the light. When the light faded, Achika passed out on the
floor as Sage knelt down next her.
        "Are you okay?"
        "I'm fine. Just letting my powers rejuvenate." She replied resting
herself when Slate entered the house.
        "Sally, where are you my little blonde headed goddess?" He called
when he saw a person sitting in the living room with blonde hair as he
smiled. "There you are.¡±" He replied with a smile and saw Achika laying
on her back. "Come here my Blonde headed goddess. Let's get to know
each other a little better."
        "Achika Help Me!" She yelled lifting her up but she couldn't move an
inch for a minute. "Your persistent brother is back again!" She
stammered to her feet with Sage behind her as she looked at her brother
with her eyes narrowed. "Achika, why didn't it work." She whispered
in her ear.
"My powers haven't reached the maximum point yet." She whispered
back. "I'll try again later." Sage nodded as she turned back to
Slate. "Back off Bro!"
"No way, I want my blonde headed goddess."
"You're going to have to get pass me first!"
"Oh yeah!¡±" He went into his fighting stance as she turned to Sage with
snicker and looked back her brother. "I¡¯'ll fight you to get what I
¡°Sally, I think you better rush upstairs to my room while I teach him
some manners.¡±" Achika walked with her over to the steps as she rushed
up stairs while she blocked the stairs rolling up her sleeves.
"I'll get her as soon as I'm through with you!"
"I like to see you try!¡±" She went into her fighting stance growling.
"I'm going to knock some manners into my lovesick brother." They
started fighting knocking pictures off the walls, breaking vases and
other utilities. She attacked him when he grabbed her and dropped her to
the floor.
"Now to claim my prize!"
"Delilah!" Achika called as her white cat came to her as she looked at
her brother with a smirk. "Sick him!" She commanded as her cat raced
up the stairs grabbing his leg biting him as he groaned looking down and
saw Achika's cat on his leg.
"Get off me Delilah!¡±" He growled while Achika came upstairs behind him
jumping onto his back trying to keep him from going to her room.
"I'm not going to let you go no further."
"Think again!" He growled placing her on one of the picture hooks by
her shirt outside the room. "You just hang around while I get my blonde
headed goddess." He was walking all macho to her room gliding his
fingers through his wavy hair.
"SALLY DON'T OPEN THAT DOOR!!" Achika yelled in the hall. She opened
the door looking around.
"Achika, what did you say? I couldn't-" Before she could finish her
sentence, he came towards the door as she tried to close it quick but he
was pushing the door trying to get in while she used her strength to
keep him out. "Achika, I need your help here." She slipped out of her
shirt she was hanging by and now in her tank top shirt growling with her
eyes red walking over to her brother picking him up by his collar
holding him up till he was off the floor.
"Sally, stay there. My brother's going to get it!" She had him by the
collar as she walked downstairs as they guys entered to see Achika with
Slate above her.
        "Achika? Slate?"
        "Don't bother me!" She growled with her eyes red as they shuddered.
"I'm going to ring his neck!¡±"
"Now, now Achika put him down."
"NO! I'm going to make him into a human pretzel."
"Sis, put him down."
"Make me!" She growled as Cye walked over to her as she looked at her
brother with a devilish grin as he shuddered.
"Achika put him down!"
"Why should I!"
"Well, he's in love with Sally and wants to get to know her better."
"The only thing on his mind is.."
"Achika come on, put me down!"
"Sis count backwards before you blow a gasket like Padre." She did
just that as she calmed down placing him on his feet as he tried to run
from her when Achika grabbed him by the end of his shirt as he turned to
face her.
"Let's get one thing straight. Sally doesn't want to be pestered by
you! GOT IT!"
"Harmph! Okay I'll back off."
"Thank you." She let go of his shirt as he walked into the living room
while Sally came down the stairs halfway looking around before coming
down the steps.
"Is the coast clear?" She nodded as Sage came downstairs next to her.
"Thanks for keeping Mr. Confident away from me."
"You're welcome."
"Sis, can I talk to you for a minute?" Chad nodded his head towards
the dining room as they walked into the dining room. "Why haven't you
changed Sage back?"
"I tried. My powers hasn't reached the maximum point yet. Until then,
he have to stay that way. For now I'll try to keep Mr. Confident from
"I hope this works."
"It will. Trust me." Achika said as they came out of the dining room
looking at the guys. "Sorry you had to see me like that. I hate showing
my bad side."
"It's all right."
"Yeah, we forgive ya."
"Thanks, if you'll excuse me. I got dinner to prepare. Sally you want
to give me a hand?"
"Wait I'll help too." Cye replied as they went into the kitchen as
Chad shook his head.
"What's the matter Chad?"
"Nothing, just thinking." He replied."Well, I challenge you guys to
a game of football." He snapped.
"You're on." They raced into the living room turning on the
Entertainment Center as the game started. Slate just sat there with a
hand on his cheek with a smile.
"How can I get her to like me?" He thought to himself watching them
play football. Ryo looked up at Slate.
"Slate are you okay?"
"I'm fine. Just thinking about my goddess." He sighed sweetly. "Man,
she's so beautiful and those eyes...I'm going in there!" Slate got
off the couch going into the kitchen as Chad shook his head again.
"Slate, you're going to get yourself into more trouble." Chad
"Achika's going to throw a head gasket."
"Not so long as Cye is in there to control her temper."
"Yeah, she won't blow a gasket around her sweetheart." Kento joked as
they laughed shaking their heads.

"Achika that smells great!"
"Thanks." She smiled taking the dishes out to the dining room table
when Slate opened the door slamming Achika in the face as the plates
fell to floor with a crash as she growled with her face red from her
anger. "I'm not going to get mad. I'm not going to get mad." She
said ready to ring his neck as she calmed down.
"Hey Sis, I didn't see you coming to the door."
"Of course you didn't!" She snapped with her arms folded as he saw
the plates on the floor.
"Wait I'll.."
"No, I got this. You've done enough!" She picked the plates up off
the floor placing them in the sink grabbing some more plates and fixed
dinner again as Cye walked over to her.
"My brother going to be the end of me yet!" She muttered as Cye placed
a hand on her shoulder.
"Cheer up, It's not that bad." Cye said as she nodded moving her
bangs out of her face.
"Thanks, I needed that." She smiled until she saw Slate trying to make
a move over to Sally again. "Not again. Hasn't he taken enough
punishment from me yet!" She growled.
"Hi there."
"Haven't you gotten the message through your head yet!"
"Hey my sister can be a pain in the neck all she wants but I'm not
going to give up until I have you as mine."
"Really. Close your eyes." She said as he closed his eyes as she
grabbed a glass of cold water splashing him in the face. "Back Off!"
She snapped as Achika looked at Slate laughing as Sage gave a smirk.
Slate just stood there with a dumbfounded look on his face and left the
kitchen as Achika walked over to her.
"Way to go girl!" She laughed giving Sage the handshake. "That's a
good way to get him off your back. I can give you some tips on getting
out your way for good." She trailed off in her ear as Sage giggled
looking at the dining room door. "I know I shouldn't be telling you my
secrets but for now, use them to your advantage." She nodded walking
into the dining room with the plates. Achika cleaned up the kitchen in
no time.
After dinner, she took her shower coming out in her robe brushing
through her hair. "There much better" She looked through her dresser
drawer for a nightshirt or her pajamas. She got dressed in her black
pajamas and sat gently on her bed.
"Achika." She looked up to see Sage leaning against her doorway then
entered her room sitting next to her.
"Yes Sage?"
"Thanks for keeping your brother away from me again."
"It was no trouble."
"Do you think you can change me back tomorrow? I can't take this
blonde headed goddess thing any longer."
"Sure, but I have to wait till it reached its maximum point." She
informed as Sage nodded. "Here." She handed her a nightshirt. "You
can sleep in here." Achika walked over to a portrait in her room and a
bed appeared. "I kept it here just in case I have more guests than
"You're welcome." She replied. "I'll be right back." She went
downstairs for a minute to fix herself a night snack when Chad came down
the steps to see Achika fixing a snack.
"Ooh! Fix me one.¡±
"No. You fix your own." She joked as he laughed. ¡°Where¡¯s Mr.
"UPSTAIRS!?! Oh Sage can take care of herself." She picked up her
sandwich walking upstairs before Chad could ask anymore questions.
Back upstairs Slate tiptoed his way to Achika's room. "I'm going to
try my luck while Achika's downstairs." He thought with grin on his
face as he slowly opened her door and smiled to see her on her side.
"There you are my little angel." He walked over kneeling in front of
her. "I want her all for me." He reached his hand out ready to brush a
hand across her cheek as her eyes flew opened grabbing his wrist
twisting it to the back.
"OW, Ow Ow!!!"
"What do you think you¡¯re doing?!"
"Coming to win your heart my love."
"You¡¯re what?!"
"You heard me." He said swinging her into his embrace as she narrowed
her eyes and flipped him onto his back as she stood up with her arms
"I suggest you leave before Achika comes up here."
"Really." He jumped as she grabbed him by the collar flipping him
against the wall as her picture fell off the hook when Achika came
upstairs laughing at the way her brother was sitting on the floor dazed
while walking over to him shaking her head.
"Awww, did she hurt you?" She said in sweet tone and laughed. "Well,
I hope it hurts now STAY OUT MY ROOM!!!" She kicked him out of her room
slamming the door turning to Sage. "Are you all right?"
"Just great!"
"My brother deserved that. You'll have to excuse him. When he sees a
girl it's love at first sight and become persistent to win the girl's
heart." She informed giving a yawn. "Man, I'm beat. My powers have
drained my strength but tomorrow I'll TRY to change you back." She
yawned laying under her cat printed sheets grabbing her Walkman. "Ah
Kenny G." She placed the cassette into the compartment. "Goodnight."
Achika said while Sage laid in the center of the other bed under the
checkered blanket resting herself again.
"Goodnight." They fell asleep when someone opened her door again as
Achika groaned covering her face with the blanket keeping the light out.
He walked over uncovering her face.
"Who is this in my, Achika sat up to see Cye kissing her. "What are
you doing in here?"
"I couldn't go to sleep without getting my goodnight kiss now could
"All right." She kissed him goodnight before he closed her door back
while she went back to sleep.