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Merry Meet and Blessed Be!
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Merry Meet and Blessed Be!!!

The next Sabbat is Beltaine on May 1st. Hello my name is Elise Wincorn. I'm a Sophomore at University of Miami, Florida. I have been Wiccan for about Six years now, and this page is just here to help people get ready for the upcoming Sabbats and Esbats. Just remember that the advise on the links and on this page are nothing more than suggestions, and should not be taken for fact. That's what I like about Wicca, it's flexible. : ) If you have any advise, or would like to me add a link, sign my guest book.

Beltaine falls opposite of Samhain on the wheel of the year, which means that it is one of the two major sabbats. Beltaine celebrates life and fertility. There are many different possible origins for the name of the sabbat, but the most commonly believed is that the name came from Bale fire. This is believed because one of the many traditions of this sabbat is to have a fire going that you can use to cast away any unpleasant feelings, or thoughts that are haunting you.

It is also considered good luck to take home a piece of the bale fire like a branch of a little bit of hay, pending what you are burning. Similar to burning the entire thing bringing good luck, taking home a piece of this brings good luck to your house. It is traditionally placed outside your front entrance, so as to ward off evil spritis.

Since Beltaine is so close to midsummer, the faerie lore is beginning to come back. It is also traditional for people to have bells either worn as a piece of jewelry or placed on an alter piece so as to keep away the evil faeries.

One good fertility ritual around this time, is to take the ashes gathered after burning the bale fire, and sprinkle a few on your bed. This is thought to make you fertile faster because you are being blessed with the goddess.

Dancing around the may pole is another great tradition that comes along with this sabbat. This is a time honored tradition that now-a-days symbolizes the unification of the world with nature. Typically, the may pole used to be made out of a tree that had been skinned of it's branches, or a large piece of wood. However, now the may pole is made out of steel or a flag pole. If you would like to make a may pole of your own, then please feel free to e-mail me and I can help you figure out how to do so.

Over all, once again, there is no set standards for how to celebrate this sabbat, so most of all HAVE FUN!!!

This is a letter that I just recieved concerning Beltain from Witches Voice... thought it would be usefull for planning your Beltain celebration.

A Bit of Beltaine Lore-Bealtine (In Irish, or Bealtuinn-Scottish Gaelic, Beltane-American) is May Eve, or May Day depending on your tradition, and usually celebrated on the night of April 30th. The original meaning is "Bel's Fire" which designates it as one of the major Fire Festivals This celebration marks the beginning of the "warm months" in opposition to Samhain, the beginning of winter which will celebrated by our friends in the Southern Hemisphere at this time.

Two huge bonfires were erected and the village cattle would be driven between them for protection before they were taken out to their summer pastures. Many people would leap-often naked-through the flames for good health. I guess if you escaped the fires unscathed and unsinged, it could be considered an omen of good health indeed!

Beltane is a happy time of celebration. Before heading down to the festival grounds, young girls would often bath in the morning dew in the hopes that this would make them beautiful enough to catch a young lad's eye. The Maypole was set up and all the young folks would dance about and flirt and perhaps try to "ensnare" their choice companion with their ribbons.

You can also make a "wish" at Beltaine and tie a ribbon or rag on a nearby tree branch to "seal it." Even today, many old Pagan wells and springs are found marked with ribbons fluttering in the wind. Even if you do not have your own well or sacred spring, you can still tie a wish to your favorite tree! We tie some of ours right onto the curtain rods so that they get to frolic in the gentle spring breezes and wave to the Gods!

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