"Discounts & Good Deals" Column for Texans Seniors
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"Discounts & Good Deals"
Column for "Seasoned" Texans

*Syndicated Newspaper Column

Sylvia Spade-Kershaw is an author (Discounts & Good Deals for Seniors in Texas-- Starting at Age 50!), syndicated columnist, and public speaker. In May, 1998 the Houston Chronicle (half-million circulation) began carrying her column, "Discounts & Good Deals" in their "50 Plus" section. *This syndicated column (edited to include local business references) has appeared in the following fine newspapers and magazines:


Imagine a world where your time-earned wisdom and laugh lines are rewarded with almost every purchase you make. If you're at least 50 years young and living in or visiting Texas, this can be you. Texas businesses are beginning to realize the explosive purchasing potential of older Texans and are offering senior discounts in almost every industry from 10-70 percent--if you know where to find them.

In its August 1996 "Golden Discounts for Silver Market" article, The New York Times News Service stated that one in eight people is 65 or older and that in ten years, the 55-74 year -old group will account for almost 50 percent of the population. This group reportedly possesses half the ountry's discretionary spending power and 77 percent of its financial assets--not to mention the time to spend them.

These statistics are just as true in Texas. With over 2.5 million Texans age 60 or older, you can and should be taking advantage of senior discounts every day whether you're on a fixed income or just enjoy a good bargain!

This monthly column will explore the unexpected array of senior discounts and good deals for Texans from auto maintenance and attorneys to casino gambling tours and factory outlet malls. It can be financially rewarding to be chronologically gifted! Seniors in Texas and all over the country are exercising their SENIORity benefits--why shouldn't you?

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