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Chat Transcripts

D-Lo Brown America Online Chat Transcript - August 19, 1999

D'Lo Brown: Hello! D'Lo Brown's in the house!

OnlineHost: Are you ready to start answering questions?

D'Lo Brown: Ready!

Question: Okay, first question is.... How did you break into this business?

D'Lo Brown: It was a total accident! I was in the gym one day and a guy there got me to give wrestling a try!

Question: What advice do you have for somebody that wants to gets into professional wrestling?

D'Lo Brown: Find a good school! Work as hard as you can!

Question: How many different college degrees do you have?

D'Lo Brown: Two...Business and accounting.

Question: Why did you start using the Sky High? It's one of the most unique moves in the Federation

D'Lo Brown: It's actually my own variation of the powerbomb and it made me unique.

Question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10?

D'Lo Brown: Two time world champ, of course!

Question: What's your opinion of Y2J, Chris Jericho?

D'Lo Brown: I think he's one heck of an attribute to the WWF. He's going to go far!

Question: Do you plan on taking the puppies for yourself this Sunday at SummerSlam?

D'Lo Brown: I'm more concerned about the two titles than the puppies!

Question: How did you like being a part of WWF Karaoke on MTV?

D'Lo Brown: I had a great time!

Question: How do you think the internet has changed pro wrestling?

D'Lo Brown: It has revolutionized the business and connected fans worldwide!

Question: Where did you get the ringname of "D'Lo Brown"?

D'Lo Brown: D'Lo was actually the nickname of a high school friend who passed away during that time.

Question: Who is your best friend off camera? Is it Mark Henry?

D'Lo Brown: Mark Henry and believe it or not... Kane!

Question: Do you mind signing autographs for fans if they approach you outside of the arena?

D'Lo Brown: Not at all! I'm approached more regularly these days!

Question: Would you ever want to face Hulk Hogan or Kevin Nash?

D'Lo Brown: I consider Hogan and Nash to be part of the past, where I hope to continue as part of the future!

Question: Which are you most proud of, the Intercontinental or the European Championship?

D'Lo Brown: Both, but especially the Intercontinental belt based mostly on the heritage and history of the title!

Question: Why exactly do you shake your head so much when you're coming to the ring?

D'Lo Brown: That's my gimmick! My Attitude, if you if you will!

Question: How do you like the new Attitude video game?

D'Lo Brown: I love it! I just finished playing it before I logged on this evening!

Question: This was an actual question.... Peanut butter: chunky or creamy?

D'Lo Brown: Creamy!

Question: What do you think of Shane McMahon?

D'Lo Brown: Also the future of this business!

Question: What do you think of your new T-Shirt? Will we be seeing more in the future?

D'Lo Brown: I'm thrilled to finally have one! They're available for purchase at the arenas and on WWF.COM... Look for ShopZone! Thanks for recognizing!

Question: Why did you wear that chest protector a while back?

D'Lo Brown: That was my gimmick at the time!

Question: D'Lo, you seem to be in in the best shape ever... is that why you now have 2 belts?

D'Lo Brown: I believe that both achievements compliment one another!

Question: D'Lo, how old are you?

D'Lo Brown: 27

Question: Are you married, or do you have any kids?

D'Lo Brown: I'm engaged with no children.

Question: Who do you think you work the best matches with?

D'Lo Brown: X-Pac.....Val Venis... either one!

Question: Do you like working as a heel or as a babyface best?

D'Lo Brown: I enjoy pleasing the fans and giving them what they want!

Question: What do you consider to be some of your best matches?

D'Lo Brown: Over the Edge... SummerSlam 98... Any of my X-Pac matches.

Question: How often do you go online to read your mail?

D'Lo Brown: Everyday.

Question: What did you think of the Nation of Domination? Are you still friends with Faarooq?

D'Lo Brown: I enjoyed my time in the Nation, and I actually refer to Faarooq as Grandpa because he's been my mentor.

Question: D'Lo, how much say do you have in your angles?

D'Lo Brown: A moderate amount.

Question: What do you think of your new theme music?

D'Lo Brown: I'm pretty pleased with it. I hope the fans like it!

Question: Do you prefer working as a singles competitor, or in a tag-team?

D'Lo Brown: Singles

Question: What other matches are you looking forward this Sunday at SummerSlam?

D'Lo Brown: The Federation Title Match, of course! And always, the Tag Team Title Match.

Question: Do you think you could take the tag-team gold, and hold 3 belts at once?

D'Lo Brown: I'd love to! What a record setter that'd be!

Question: What do you like to do in your (limited) time off?

D'Lo Brown: Spend quiet time at home with my fiance Jennifer.

Question: What other superstars do you enjoy watching in the ring?

D'Lo Brown: Steve.....Rocky....X-Pac....Kane....Taker

Question: What do you think of Jesse Ventura's participation at SummerSlam? Have you met him?

D'Lo Brown: I did meet him in Chicago last week! I expect that he'll make a fair decision.

Question: Are you a fan of international wrestling? Any international stars that you watch?

D'Lo Brown: I watch a lot of Japanese tapes and I've always been a fan of the Great Muta.

Question: Have you ever encounted racism in the world of pro-wrestling?

D'Lo Brown: Only when that was part of my gimmick.

Question: Along with yourself and Shane, who else is the future of the WWF?

D'Lo Brown: Jericho....Val....Edge....All the young studs

Question: What do you think of the British Bulldog entering the WWF?

D'Lo Brown: I think the British Bulldog needs to earn his spot!

Question: Well, we're running out of time... any last thoughts about SummerSlam? Will it be historic?

D'Lo Brown: SummerSlam is always a historic event and I look forward to this year being spectacular especially.

OnlineHost: okay, D'Lo, best of luck this Sunday and thank you for joining us!

D'Lo Brown: I appreciate that! Thank you for having me!