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25th Ohio Volunteer Infantry - Their Story

25th OVI, longest serving Ohio regiment in the Civil War, 1861 -1866

25th Ohio Soldiers Tell their Tales (read what they say in the Links below)

Link 1 - The Original 25th Ohio - National Flag
Link 2 - Original Regimental Flag - State of Ohio
Link 3 - A Look at the Commanders of the 25th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Link 4 - Writings reflecting: Tragedy of Battles & Restoring the US Flag at Fort Sumter
Link 5 - Soldiers' Reactions to their First Battle Experiences at Cross Keys, Va. & Honey Hill, SC
Link 6 - A Secret Coded Letter to Soldier's Sister, Showing Humor used to Counter Battle Strain
Link 7 - Privates Record their Daily Duties
Link 8 - 25th Ohio's Encounter with Stonewall Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley
Link 9 - 25th Ohio Captures the SC "Clarendon Banner" newspaper
Link 10 - 25th Ohio Transforms the "Clarendon Banner" into the "Clarendon Banner of Freedom"
Link 11 - The 25th Ohio Captures the SC "Sumter Watchman" and Re-publish as the "Banner of Freedom"
Link 13 - Special Link: The 25th OVI as Seen through the Eyes of Soldiers
Link 14 - 1864 Troop Recruitment Needs
Link 15 - New Link: 25th Ohio Soldiers' Photo Gallery

In 2005,I had the honor of publishing an edited version of former 25th Ohio commander Lt. Col. Edward C. Culp's 1885 book, "The 25th Ohio in the War for the Union." I was inspired to do so, knowing that my g-great grandfather Lt.James A. Driggs had proudly served in this regiment and having in my possession the Bible he carried through the war. Col. Culp had stated in the preface of his book that it was his intent to publish a second edition, incorporating input from fellow soldiers. Moving to Kansas had prevent him from doing so. In tribute to his wish, I received permission from the National Archives to personally view all 25th OVI documents in their possession. In additiion, further research found the writings of officers and enlisted in personal letters, diaries, memoirs, and letters to newspapers. In addition to these soldiers' writings, battle maps, soldiers' pictures, and regimental memorialbilia were added. The book was named "Banner of Freedom" after a newspaper published by the 25th Ohio, re-naming the "Clarendon Banner" and using that newspaper's equipment to print an edited version honoring the freedom of blacks from slavery. This book is now available online from publisher, and online book sellers (new & used),,, etc.. A complete collection of the 25th Ohio Volunteer Infantry research is available for public view in the Firelands Museum,Norwalk, Ohio; former home of Lt.Col. Edward C. Culp. (special credit it due to the Wisconsin 42nd Volunteer Infantry Website for their attractive column graphics which I adapted to the 25th Ohio's Website)