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Welcome to the ZDTV Multimedia page. BRAND NEW: Money Machine Tax Guide 2000 promo, Battle Bots Webcast promo, ZDTV Coming Up Next video, ZDTV Draw Our Logo promo, ZDTV Supergeek Challenge promo, ZDTV Alien 2 promo, ZDTV Promos 2 & 3, ZDTV News Macworld promo, ZDTV Marching Cubes promo, the Internet Tonight Pledge, plus, a whole slew of new TechTV videos. And, re-encoded ZDTV On Demand video. To submit promos or other multimedia, please send them to If you have tapes, I will pay to ship the tape both ways - please contact me. ALL OF THE PROMOS ARE COPYRIGHT © 1998 - 2004 G4 MEDIA, INC., AND/OR THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS. I DO NOT CLAIM OWNERSHIP OR COPYRIGHTS ON THE MULTIMEDIA FILES CONTAINED WITHIN.

NOTICE:If you previously sent e-mail to, please send it again, it was not received due to errors. Thanks.

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ZDTV Promos/Station IDs/etc.

Download ZDTVPromos.rm (81K)
Download WhatIsZDTV.rm (510K)
Download (107K)
Download (110K)
Download (117K)
Download (124K)
Download (157K)
Download (291K)
Download (362K)
Download TBIPromo2.asf (375K)
Download ZDTVTeapot.asf (379K)
Download (377K)
Download (395K)
Download ZDTVRotate.asf (377K)
Download OldTSSPromo.asf (611K)
Download ZDTVPromo1.asf (745K)
Download CFHPromo1.asf (1.1MB)
Download TBIPromo1.asf (1.1MB)
Stream ZDTV Motel Ad (stream) Dead link; removing soon.
Download ZDTVLaunchAd2.rm (720K)
Download ZDTVNewsJECSummit.asf (371K)
Download ZDTVMicrochipsPromo.asf (1.1MB)
Download ZDTVComdexPromo.rm (860K)
Download ZDTVOnDemand.rm (412KB)
NEW! Download MoneyMachineTaxGuide2000.rm (32K)
NEW! Download ZDTVBattleBotsWebcast.rm (36K)
NEW! Download ZDTVComingUpNext.rm (288K)
NEW! Download ZDTVDrawOurLogo.rm (280K)
NEW! Download ZDTVSupergeekChallenge.rm (276K)
NEW! Download ZDTV Alien 2 (1MB)
NEW! Download ZDTVPromo2.rm (844K)
NEW! Download ZDTVPromo3.rm (856K)
NEW! Download InternetTonightPledge.rm (592K)
NEW! Download ZDTVNewsMacworld.rm (872K)
NEW! Download ZDTVMarchingCubes.rm (468K) or get the high quality version from Adam Gravois, who originally designed this promo.

TechTV Promos/Station IDs/etc.

NEW! Download (1.3MB)
NEW! Download (1.3MB)
NEW! Download (1008K)
NEW! Download (676K)
NEW! Download (988K)
NEW! Download (768K)
NEW! Download (852K)
NEW! Download LeoSellingCommercials.asf (2.6MB)
NEW! Download (5.3MB)
NEW! Download (956K)
NEW! Download (1MB)
NEW! Download (1.1MB)

ZDTV Show Openings/Bumpers

Download SiliconSpin.asf (136K)
Download ZDTVComdexOpen.rm (191K)
Download GamespotTV.asf (193K)
Download InternetTonight.asf (243K)
Download CyberCrime.asf (280K)
Download (634K)
Download CallForHelp.asf (1.2MB)
Download Blockhead.rm (311K)
Download FreshGear.rm (372K)
Download BigThinkers.asf (130K)
Download ZDTVHourlyUpdateIntro.asf (372K)
Download ZDTVHourlyUpdateEnding.asf (220K)

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