Reunited--Gabrielle's Scroll

Tears burned my eyes, as I urged Argo into a gallop. I wanted so badly to look over my shoulder at the camp I was leaving behind, but didn’t have the strength to do it. Instead, I kept my eyes facing forward…facing what I hoped was the right direction for Xena and me.

The first time Aphrodite had come to me in the camp, it was the day after I had been named Xena’s second-in-command. I had gone to the river to take a quick bath, and had just stepped back on shore, when there was a familiar pink flash of light.

“Gabrielle, I was beginning to think I’d never see you again,” the blonde goddess exclaimed. She gave my naked body a brazen once over, and held out her arms. “I’m glad to see you!”

I let her hug me briefly, then reached for my clothes. “Aphrodite,” I said, “What are you doing this far north?”

If she was hurt by my abruptness, she didn’t let on. Instead, Aphrodite wrapped her arms around herself, and gave a big shudder. “That’s a good question,” she replied. “I can never get used to how cold it gets up here.”

I was soon completely dressed, and I gave Aphrodite a hand. “It’s good to see you, Aphrodite,” I told her. “But I’ve really got to be heading back.”

“Where are you going?” she exclaimed, as I walked past her, trying to make a hasty and graceful exit. She sidestepped and was suddenly in front of me again.

“Shh…” I hissed, glancing around me again.

“Oh, don’t worry,” she replied, placing a hand on my arm. “No one can see or hear me but you. I’m not that stupid.”

I didn’t take the bait, and instead, tried for the pointblank approach.

“Look…Aphrodite…I’d love to catch up on old times, but Xena is going to wonder what happened to me…”

“Xena!” the Goddess of Love exclaimed. “Then she is alive!”

“Yes, she’s alive and she’s here,” I answered, my voice low. “But she’s not quite herself.”

“I know it!” Aphrodite raced. “Is she uh…a little darker than usual? And I don’t mean her tan.”

I nodded, surprised that she seemed to have an idea what was going on. “Yes…she’s very dark. But…it’s better than having no Xena at all. Now…I’ve really got to go.”

“Relax…” Aphrodite said, and with a wave of her hand, the woods suddenly popped out of my sight, and I was standing at the edge of camp. I stared, amazed, at the lack of activity around me. It seems as if everyone had been frozen in mid-action, including Xena, who appeared to have been striding in my direction.

“Now,” Aphrodite beamed at me. “Have a seat and let’s talk about the situation.”

I continued to watch the camp, as we talked, but I was really listening in amazement to what Aphrodite was telling me. What she said made a lot of sense, although it was so outlandish, I found it hard to believe.

She told me she had learned of Xena’s death in Jappa more than a month ago. After doing some research, she had decided to try to resurrect Xena on her own. but something had gone wrong. At first, she couldn’t figure out what.

She didn’t get an answer, until Odin, King of the Norse Gods, sent one of his ravens to her with the message that he needed to speak with her. She had been in Valhalla within the hour.

It had taken a lot of discussion, but finally, Odin and Aphrodite had come up with a reasonable theory of what had happened to Xena. News of her sacrificial death had reached Grinhilda about the same time Aphrodite heard it. When Grinhilda had learned the full story of Xena, s death, she had convinced Odin to restore Xena to life. Odin told the love goddess that the runes had worked…or so he thought…but it soon became apparent that something had gone wrong.

He had conducted the revival in a cave at the base of Valhalla, to insure no one else witnessed the actual words and actions that would bring Xena back. Before his eyes, Xena had materialized and took form. But as she began to breathe and then her eyes opened, she became wild and violent. Catching Odin off-guard, she had managed to escape the cave and disappear before he could stop her.

At first, Aphrodite couldn’t figure out why hear spell had failed so miserably, and why Odin had created a madwoman. Then, Aphrodite had received an urgent call to come to one of the temples. There, she saw the still unconscious Kira, and all the pieces began to fall into place.

It was a remarkable story, and a lot of the things she told me made sense. The Xena here at the camp DID seem devoid of all goodness…all innocence…and any capacity to love. Kira, on the other hand, was very naïve…almost too naïve for her age. Aphrodite and Odin were convinced that their simultaneous spells had split Xena into two unequal beings, basically separating the first sixteen years of life from the Xena that now ran the camp.

When Aphrodite was done speaking, she put her hands on her thighs, and looked expectantly at me. “You know Xena better than anyone,” she said. “Do you think this is what happened?”

I nodded. “It could be,” I replied. “The Xena that runs the camp doesn’t have any of the kindness or gentleness that MY Xena had. She seems to be lacking any warm of loving emotion.”

“Then why are you still with her?” Aphrodite asked quietly.

That drew a ragged sigh from me. I hoped she would understand, but I guess it was too much to hope for.

Finally, I answered her question. “I love her.”

For a second, Aphrodite just stared at me, then I saw the usual twinkle in her eye return. “Duh…I should have figured out that one on my own.”

I gave her a half-smile, but couldn’t speak for a minute. The raw emotions were getting to me.

Aphrodite spent a few more minutes with me, asking if I thought I could hold out with Xena a couple more days while she figured out what exactly needed to be done to restore her. I assured her I could handle it, and had little doubt that I could.

Argo had kept up a brisk pace all day, but as the sunlight began to wane, so did her speed. I knew by now that Xena would be hot on my trail, but highly doubted her horse would have more stamina than Argo. She was the most powerful horse I’d ever heard of, and decided finally to stop for a few hours’ rest.

Argo was nudging me awake early the next morning, and after a quick breakfast of fruit and bread, we headed out again.

I know it sounds crazy, but I would swear I didn’t wake up in the same place I had fallen asleep. There were more cedar trees in this campsite, and there had been a fine covering of grass over the ground when I had made camp last night.

I figured my exhaustion from yesterday caused my mind to play tricks on me, so I didn’t give the change in my surroundings a whole lot of thought.

Argo seemed eager to go, and took off at a flying pace again, as soon as I was on her back. Her smooth gait and flawless sense of direction allowed my mind to begin wandering, as it had yesterday.

I know after Aphrodite’s first visit, that it would be only a matter of time before she was back with an idea of how to get Xena restored. More than anything, I would have loved to have Xena back, and our relationship the way it had been before Jappa. Gods, we had been so happy; our relationship solid, sensual, and rewarding. Xena and I had learned to form a balance with one another, and every day was a learning experience for us both.

We had laughed together, cried together, and pleasured each other frequently. But even more than all that, was the intimacy we shared. Intimacy in all things, not just our bedrolls. Growing up in Potodeia, I never thought I would find someone that I could tell my innermost thoughts and dreams to, and not only would she encourage them, but she’d do everything in her power to make them come true. Xena constantly tried to put my wants and needs before her own, and it made her happy to do so. She spoiled me rotten, and I loved every minute of it.

It made me both happy and sad to think of the Xena I no longer had. Happy just because I could so easily remember those times; which seemed like so long ago. Sad because they were gone, and although I had this Xena’s beauty and intelligence, I didn’t have her generous, loving nature.

That led me to more thoughts of the Xena I was with now. She was so much like her counterpart in a great many ways; at times, it was easy to forget the important differences.

The differences though, were stark and sobering. This Xena was as equally beautiful and as incredible alluring as mine, but she was also temperamental, impulsive, bloodthirsty, and perverted. She possessed my Xena’s keen intelligence and ability to read people, but seemed unaffected by any soft emotions. She responded to strength, courage, cunning, and passions. Qualities that were also predominant in her.

Aphrodite had visited me in the camp for the second time the night before I left. She had appeared to me when I was in the stable with Argo, and the serious, haggard look on her face told me there was trouble afoot.

The news she had was devastating. Kira had not begun to regain consciousness, nor was she showing much healing from her injuries. In fact, she was getting worse with each passing day. She had lost her desire to live, and Aphrodite was afraid she would only make it three or four more days. She then told me the horrifying news that Xena couldn’t live without Kira. If Kira died, Xena died.

I had a difficult time understanding that at first. Xena was so vibrant, so full of energy, that I didn’t see how she could possibly die, because of Kira. Aphrodite was extremely unhappy when I told her I was considering staying at the camp.

Aphrodite and I had been friends for a long time now, and she loved Xena very much too. I know she was worried about Xena’s…stability and couldn’t help but wonder if that’s the reason she said that about Kira.

My suspicions grew even more when Xena had flown into the temple, accusing me of seeing a blonde on the side. It had only been a couple of minutes before that when Aphrodite had been there, but she had vanished from sight in her usual manner…just popping out of view.

When I told Xena she was mistaken, I really believed at first that I was telling the truth. I didn’t think Aphrodite would betray me by allowing herself to be seen. Now that I had time to think about it more though, I began to realize that’s exactly what must have happened.

When she had seen her efforts to talk me out of leaving weren’t having much effect, she might have appeared, knowing it would stir up Xena’s jealousy. Rousing her jealousy would show me the worst side of her, and I think Aphrodite thought that would chase me away.

It didn’t work however, and had led to a night of some of the most amazing, pulse pounding sex I had ever experienced. I think what make it so remarkable is how much Xena seemed to get into it. I had been really wanting to be the one in charge for a while, much as I had been that night I killed Raab, and she had not only allowed me to do so, but apparently, had very much enjoyed it, if her noisy climaxes were any indication of it.

What was even more amazing was later on that night, when she had admitted to me that she didn’t know how to make love. My heart (and other body parts) had rejoiced at these words, for it sounded as if she wanted more than just physical sensation with me. It was more like she wanted to share something special with me…that intimacy that only a mutual giving during love making can bring. It had been the best thing to happen since I had come here.

And just as quickly as everything had come together, my world fell apart. Xena had woke up, shivering, and after some coaxing, she told me she had a bad dream. After a while, she finally told me what she was dreaming about.

I was horrified when I learned she had been dreaming of being raped as a teenager. She had been traveling with a woman warrior whom she was falling in love with, only to have the warrior attack and violently steal her virginity.

Xena’s words caused my heart to leap into my throat. I felt horrified to realize that the rape she remembered was the one I was responsible for.

Her echoing words before heading back to sleep were the ones that made up my mind. She told me that she felt like she had died that day. Aphrodite’s words of Kira’s dwindling condition, played through my head once again. If Kira dies, Xena dies.

The thoughts came in the rush as I realized once again that I had to be doing the right thing. Xena couldn’t live without Kira, and I couldn’t live without Xena. I had to save Kira to save Xena.

And I had to save Xena to save myself.

That night, I stopped Argo a little earlier, knowing she had to be wearing down. I found a small cave along a riverbank, and started a fire near its entrance. Night times were the hardest. I would lay there waiting for sleep, missing the feel of Xena’s arms around me. She always made sure my stomach was full when we went to bed, and she kept me warm all though the night. She was my favorite pillow, and I always slept safe and secure when she was with me.

I made it through the night alone, and I KNEW something was up the next morning. I was no longer asleep in the cave, but now was camped out near a large pond. The area I was in looked familiar to me, and I figured it out. It was further south than I had been last night, by at least a few hours.

Argo approached me then, and I mounted her. “Have I been climbing on you and riding in my sleep, Girl?” I asked her.

I heard a giggle then, floating down from the air above me, and I knew what was going on. Aphrodite was staying out of sight, but she was still with me. That made me feel a little better as I urged Argo into a canter.

By the end of the third day, I was in very familiar territory. I knew it would be a couple more hours till I reached the temple just outside Amphipolis.

I was expecting it the next morning, and wasn’t surprised when I woke up to find myself curled up in a warm bed inside the temple. I wiped the sleep from my eyes, sitting on the edge of the bed.

It took me a couple of minutes to assess the situation, and then I felt butterflies start to flap their way through my stomach. No doubt, Xena would be here soon, and she would be on a murderous rampage. There was no way I’d be able to survive without Aphrodite’s continued help.

And then, I saw Kira. She was lying on a cot against the dimly lit far wall. Like I was under a spell, I was drawn to her side.

Aphrodite seemed to have taken good care of her. The bruises were beginning to fade, and the cuts on her face looked clean, despite the swelling still present. There was a particularly rough gash on her left cheekbone. It was located just below an eye that was swollen completely shut. She was breathing easily, but her breaths were short and shallow, as thought she wasn’t taking in much air.

Even with the condition her face was in with its swollen discoloration and the unnatural pallor, she was still incredibly beautiful. She had that natural unforced quality that Xena had…the kind of looks that made both men and women turn and watch as Xena or Kira would walk down a street.

I reached out and touched Kira’s unhurt cheek. “I’m sorry for what I did,” I whispered to her. “I will never forgive myself for hurting and betraying you.”

Kira gave a small sigh, but no other indication that she was aware of my presence.

There was a flash of light behind me, and I turned to see Aphrodite standing before me. She had her arms crossed, and a very sad expression on her face. My stomach suddenly heaved with the knowledge of what was affecting her so.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked quietly.

I bent my head, swallowing down the bile that was still accumulating in my gullet. “I couldn’t,” I finally answered. “I just couldn’t.”

There was a long pause, then Aphrodite asked me. “What happened?”

I felt tears prick my eyes. “Xena wasn’t there for me,” I responded finally. “She promised me she would never leave me and she did.” It might not be fair to blame Xena for what I had done, but I was telling the truth.

Aphrodite didn’t say anything else for a while. I’m sure she was disgusted and angry with me, but hoped she would still be willing to help Xena.

“There have been a few pairs,” she said finally, “that are so in tune with each other, that they cannot be separated. One of them dies, and the other dies a few days later. Sometimes, the partner will kill himself, and sometimes, he just dies of a broken heart. They are true soulmates, obviously, and it is very rare to find two people so attached to each other, but it does occur.”

“Xena and I are soulmates,” I volunteered.

Aphrodite was nodding. “Exactly. And with Xena…gone…you wanted to be gone too…only you aren’t willing to kill yourself, so instead, you were just going to live dangerously until someone did you in.”

“You mean I have a death wish?” I asked.

She shrugged. “Maybe. You have to admit, your attitude has been pretty low since…well since Jappa.”

I thought briefly about what she was saying. It was true. When I had first been taken by Xena’s soldiers, it was because I allowed them to take me. Later, when I thought their leader was some brutish warlord, I had changed my mind, and decided I would never go down without a fight. Still, there was that period of time when I was ready to just give in.

“That still doesn’t excuse what I did to Kira,” I told her.

“No…” Aphrodite shook her head in agreement. “And you’ll have to live with what you did, but I told you the soulmate story for a reason. Xena offers you balance, Gabrielle, and without her, you’re out of whack. You never would have done something like that if you were in your right mind.”

I had to nod in agreement. “That doesn’t help Kira though,” I said softly.

“Once Xena is here, Kira will be just fine,” Aphrodite replied. “You’ve got to trust me on this one.”

I was dubious, but didn’t have any time to express it. Aphrodite suddenly cocked her head, then said, “Be right back.”

She disappeared from the temple in a flash of light, and was back no more than five seconds later. “Xena’s coming,” she told me. “She’ll be here in a few minutes.”

Aphrodite nodded at me as I took my place kneeling before the altar. I watched as she became a vapor form, and somehow, was able to merge with Kira’s body. She would be able to speak through Kira for a few minutes, and I hoped it would be long enough to distract Xena.

The next morning we said our goodbyes and offered plenty of thanks to Aphrodite for her help in bringing Xena back to this life. She had just as much saved me, whether anyone realized that to be true or not.

Riding behind Xena and wrapping my arms loosely around her waist, we kept our silence for the better part of the day. We both had so many thoughts and emotions to process, but we could feel the love between us in abundance and the peace that filled our minds helped to make it a perfect day. Last night was wonderful, and making love again with my Warrior had gotten better than ever before. She really was my life.

We had stopped a couple of times and ate a light meal, resting a little and just taking our time, destination nowhere. Sometimes we had walked and let Argo rest. But now it was nearing dinner time and the sun was starting to set. I leaned against Xena’s back, closing my eyes and squeezing her a little tighter thinking back on that night…when the Conqueror mounted my cock as my arms and legs were restrained. This scene kept flashing through my mind over and over and finally throughout my cunt. I scooted myself closer to her on the saddle and pressed my mound snugly into her ass, making sure to grind my hips just enough every now and then to remind her I was still back there.

Taking my crossed hands into one of her larger ones, she squeezed, saying, “You’d better stop doing that or we’re going to have to setup camp before dark.”

With my eyes still closed and my head resting against her back, I smiled and asked, “Promise?”

She took me quite seriously and before I knew it, Argo was turning left and we had pulled off the main road and Xena had found the ideal setting for our first romantic night in the woods in a very, very long time.

We fell right back into our routine it seemed, and the small things seemed to mean so much more. Cooking together again was a luxury, and just stealing looks at my beautiful Warrior across the campfire sent chills down my spine.


“Yeah?” She had been conditioning her blade, seeming completely content with our quiet and peaceful surroundings. Stopping all movement, she looked at me with complete attention, never blinking an eye.

“I really would love to make love to you right now.”

A full-lipped smile overtook her stoic look, telling me before she spoke that she agreed to my proposal. “Well what a coincidence…I’d love for you to make love to me right now.”

With our bedrolls already in place and I made my way over to them, wasting no time in removing my clothes. She watched my every move, replacing her blade in the scabbard and seeming to wait for what was next.

I pointed to my saddlebag as I leaned back, spreading my legs wide for her to see my dripping cunt. “Would you mind handing me that bag?” I asked, noticing her mouth opening just a bit as her chest seemed to take in a little more air. Looking over her shoulder, she stood and retrieved my bag, bringing it over to the bedrolls and dropping it beside me. “This bag?”

“Thanks.” I sat up and started digging through it, saying, “If I remember correctly, there’s something that belongs to us in here….”

Kneeling beside me on the blankets, she stopped me and gently took my face, looking much too serious for the mood we were supposed to be in.

“Gabrielle…I need to know something…”

I heard myself swallow hard, wondering what could possibly be wrong now. “Xena? What? What’s wrong? You don’t want to be with me?”

I could feel the tears welling up, but I refused to give them free course. “No, no…it’s not that.” She finally sat beside me and took my hands in hers, saying, “I’ve just got to know.”

“Know what?”

“I’m not trying to spoil our evening…but…”

She locked eyes with me and I was dreaded what she might say. “Xena…”

Looking down at her hands, she seemed almost embarrassed to tell me what was bothering her. “You didn’t use our phallus with anyone, with Kira, while I was gone, did you?”

“Gods no, Xena! There’s no way I would have done…”

“Sssshhhh…” she said, holding her fingers up to my lips. I know my eyes must have been huge. She continued, “I’m sorry…it’s just been bugging me all day. I didn’t really think you had, but I just needed to know.” Her face was already showing signs of relief.

I was disappointed that she had to even wonder, but I tried putting myself in her place and understand how she felt. It was “our” phallus. It felt almost sacred and would have been blasphemy to use it with any other.

I moved to sit on my bent knees and began unfastening her armor. “No, Baby…I haven’t used it with anyone else, and would never want to use it with anyone else. Only you…” I kissed along the areas of delicious skin I uncovered, managing to find goose bumps when I hit certain spots of her neck. Feeling her hands start to rub along my back, I found her mouth and began taking control of a heated kiss, feeling the throbbing in my clit increasing the more I sucked her tongue. I pulled her down to the bedrolls with me, feeling her nakedness rubbing against mine, my thigh clenched tightly between her legs.

“Get the phallus…” she whispered a few moments later, my hand blindly reaching behind me for the edge of the bedroll where my saddlebag had been tossed. I finally separated myself from her embrace just long enough to locate what we needed, and once I was in her arms again, the kiss resumed. Gods, it felt good just to have her body against mine.

“Gabrielle….” she muttered between our joined mouths.

“Mmm hmmm? Are you ready for me now? Are you ready for me to give it to you hard?”

She didn’t answer, and I pulled myself away from her so that I could see her face. Her eyes were filled with desire, and I knew she was soaked because my thigh had already been coated with her juices.

“Not yet.”

“What?” I was feeling unhappily confused because I had planned on this being another perfect night of lovemaking.

“I want you to show me…”

“Show you?”

“I want to watch you fuck yourself with the phallus. Did you at least do that while I was gone?”

“Xena…no I didn’t do that.” I was shocked and embarrassed by her question.

“Come on, Gabrielle…I want to see you bury it inside you. Please…” She raised herself to her elbow and began kissing my neck. “Show me how sexy you look…make me want it even more…”

She reached over me and took the phallus, placing the end in her mouth and sucking on it slowly, and then placing it in my mouth and urging me to follow her actions. “Trust me…” she whispered, watching as I sucked the phallus deeper while she held it to my mouth. I could do anything for my Warrior, and was more than willing if it was her request.

Spreading my legs and bending my knees, I took the phallus and rubbed it through my soaked cunt, not going inside just yet but collecting plenty of fluids to give Xena a good taste of what she was missing. She moved to sit between my legs, just watching as I continued rubbing the cock up and down my slit, arching my back every time the head would rub over my clit. I opened my eyes to see Xena’s hands on my knees, watching my body react to the setting we were creating.

I raised the tip of the phallus to her mouth and watched as she feasted from the desire I had coated it with. “Oh yeah…you taste so good…”

Pushing my hand back down, she said, “Go inside yourself…I want to see your pussy take it all…”

Never taking my eyes off hers, I did as she asked, putting the phallus to the entrance of my cunt, but stopping before going any further. “I need to feel you Xena…I need your touch…”

Moving to lie on her stomach, she positioned herself between my legs, her face only inches from my pussy. With my hand grasping the base of the cock, I felt her hand cover mine, and together very slowly, we pushed the entire length of it inside me, both of us groaning from the excitement we were building.

Again and again, we thrust the phallus inside me, my wetness coating its length and Xena’s hand never leaving mine. Her encouragement only made me want it more, and when I felt her mouth cover my clit, everything felt perfect again in our world.

“You like me to suck you, don’t you little Slave?”

Gods, there was that incredible, low voice…weakening me like a wilted blade of grass.

“You know I do, My Lord.”

“Mmmmm…” she said, grasping my hand around the base of the phallus even harder and sucking me in long strokes, her tongue making its rounds and quickly driving me to the verge of a powerful orgasm.

As it built, I continually called her name, feeling her body move closer to mine as she moved to her knees and then finally behind the phallus. Holding it firmly in her hand, I moved mine away and pulled her down on top of me, finding her mouth and begging her to come with me…

“Please Xena…I’m so close…but I need you to come me with me…”

She pumped harder and faster, grunting her pleasure and biting at my neck, kissing me and sucking my skin, until finally the timing was perfect. I could feel her body tensing up, and as she drew her hips back again, she exploded with me. I clawed at her back, not able to get close enough…always wanting to be closer and holding her as tightly against me as I could.

As her thrusts became a little slower and spaced farther apart, we took all we could from our climax and collapsed in each other’s arms. Minutes passed before she pulled the phallus from me, and then more minutes passed before I let go of her.

Finally she rolled to her side and I reached over and brushed back her wet bangs.



“Now can I ask you something that’s been bugging me?”

Looking at me with the most serious look, I couldn’t resist. I had to know.

“I was better than Raab, wasn’t I?”

COMING NEXT WEEK: Xena and Gabrielle spend some time in a Roman palace doing what they do best. The title, “X Marks the G Spot” says it all.

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