Preview for Scroll 56 --Xena's Scroll

“Gods be damned, but you excite me, Xena…I’m hard again already.”

I let him kiss me briefly. One thing about Wiran, he could kiss.

However, his performance tonight had been disappointing. I rolled him to his back, and grasped his erection in my hand. “I don’t care how often your meat gets hard,” I replied, with a sneer. “If you don’t keep it up longer this time, it’ll be the last time you get in my cunt.”

He grinned at me. “Oh, I’ll last much longer this time,” he replied, his handsome face confident. I parted my legs on either side of his hips, and he held his prick in his hand as I slid down onto it.

He really did have a wonderfully sized cock. It filled me just enough that I could feel a slight stretch in my vaginal walls, but not so much that I was uncomfortably full. I began sliding my hips up and down, fucking him hard and purposefully.

“Mmm…” we groaned in unison at the way we fit together so perfectly…despite the fact that this was our fourth time tonight. Wiran was one of my favorites for this purpose, but lately, he had been coming way too quickly for me. Oh sure, I could get off if one or the other of us fingered my clit, but that was beside the point. I wanted a man to be able to fuck me long enough to make me come without any other stimuli.

“Oh fuck…you’re so tight…so wet…so fuckin’ hot,” he was moaning, his hips moving in too fast a rhythm for him to maintain control.

Gods…he would just get me to the edge…and then I recognized the tightening of his features that signaled his oncoming orgasm.

“Wiran…”I growled. “Control yourself…”

“I’ll eat you out after this, Xena, I promise…” he answered between groans, as his hips began to pick up speed. I made my tunnel as lax as I could, hoping it would decrease the friction he was feeling, but he felt too good inside me to let me totally relax.

“Your pussy just milks the cum out of my dick…” he groaned his words, and then his hips were spasming out of control as she spurt his seed deep in me, putting me in a worse mood than before we had even started a couple hours ago.

He finished grunting, and kept his hips moving as best he could, but I was so pissed off now, I just rolled off him, letting his limp dick flop lifelessly on the bed. He followed instantly, putting his arms around me, burying his mouth in my neck.

His fingers were between my legs immediately rubbing against my throbbing clit in a persistent rhythm. I mentally shook my head, and then gave him a shove, pushing him to the floor.

“I told you, Wiran,” I barked at him. “You’ve just blown your last chance. I want you out of my camp by dawn, If you aren’t…you won’t have to worry about firing your cock too quickly…cause I’ll castrate ya.’ “

I saw him hesitate a minute, obviously thinking about using his charm to try to get me to give him a second chance. It was the wrong thing to do and he should have known better.

I wrapped a black robe around me and stepped out of the tent, barking for Ralston. I didn’t have to worry about his lack of performance in bed, I HAD castrated him, and he was the best second hand I had. He stood in front of me within 30 seconds.

“My Lord?”

I waved a hand toward my tent. “Get the mess in there cleaned up, immediately.”

“Yes, My Lord.”

I took a quick walk around the camp while he did as I bid. I wasn’t really looking at anyone in particular, but just having me saunter by was enough to make even the most relaxed of my men snap to attention, in more ways than one. I thought about Wiran laying dead in my tent. How would he explain to Cheron that he had been choked on his own dick? It made me chuckle, and then head back to Ralston and my tent. He should be finished by now. It wasn’t the first time he was forced to clean up the remains of a naked man (or woman for that matter) in my bedroom. Like I said, he was the best second hand I had.

Upon my return, he bowed again. “It is done as you ordered, My Lord.”

I dismissed him with a nod, and reentered my tent, removing my robe immediately. Sitting down at the edge of the bed, I looked at the floor and saw that he had indeed removed all traces of Wiran. I took a few minutes to do the same with my own body, washing every vestige of his semen and sweat from my body.

It only took a couple minutes of laying alone in my bed for me to realize that my body was still tensed for something other than sleep. I didn’t even bother dressing in my robe this time, as I stuck my head out of the tent and bellowed for Ralston.

“Yes, My Lord?”

I gave him my most wicked grin. “Go fetch me that little blonde slave we picked up in the last town…the one who claimed to be a bard. I have need of her oral skills.”

He grinned at me because he knew it was expected of him. “Right away, My Lord,” he answered.

COMING NEXT WEEK: The action heats up, when Gabrielle finds herself in the violent clutches of a conquering Xena who not only doesn't recognize her, but is intent on breaking her.

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