Frustrations--Gabrielle's Scroll

It had been a comedy of errors, but neither Xena nor I was finding it very funny.

All we wanted was a little time alone, when we could spend a few hours wrapped up in pleasuring each other's bodies without having to worry about old friends showing up or emergency situations popping up or my getting sick or any other interruptions.

I was finally over my bout with the flu, and although I know Xena didn't blame me for being sick, I felt more than half the responsibility for our frustration level being so high. I was more than willing to make love to her even when I couldn't breathe and every bone in my body hurt, but she had a myriad of reasons why it wasn't wise. And she was right, of course, so it had been six long days since we had held each other naked and reaffirmed our love. Six long days, rapidly going on seven.

I liked Autolycus, and so did Xena, so we visited with him on the seventh night, despite the fact that we would have rather been somewhere else. Xena was drinking some sort of noxious concoction, matching Autolycus belt for belt, and for a while, I was thrilled with that idea. A few drinks often made her wild side wilder. But I could soon tell that she had flown long past the amorous stage and went to the barely coherent stage, and I knew we wouldn't be making love that night either.

Xena collapsed on the bed the moment we were in the room, and I wished then that I had been drinking all along with her. At least I could be numb along side her.

Gods, she was so cute when she was this drunk! I had only seen her like this a few times before, and I knew she would sleep late the next morning. But for now, her unconscious body was in a cuddly mood, and with a deep sigh, she rolled over and sprawled herself across me, one thigh resting between mine, and her hot breath blowing on my neck. Oh sure, real fair, Xena. I tried desperately to ignore the throbbing in my clitoris and instead, just enjoyed the closeness of her body to mine. It helped a little, and eventually, I fell asleep with her.

When I awoke the next morning, she was still stretched out over me, limbs akimbo, and it took me a few minutes to disentangle myself from her. She made a smacking noise with her lips, and then was motionless again. Even with her hair all tangled over her face and a slight odor of alcohol clinging to her, she was the most enticing creature in the world. I seriously considered straddling her stomach and rubbing myself to completion on her, but it just wouldn't be the same without her being awake to participate. Besides, my stomach chose that moment to growl loudly, and I decided to get some breakfast, while waiting for Xena to rejoin the real world.

I had talked with the innkeeper and his wife yesterday afternoon, and found them to both be delightful and full of kindness. For instance, I was too late for the breakfast hour that morning, but the innkeeper's wife told me she would take care of me. A few minutes later, I had a plate of thick bacon and steaming scrambled eggs waiting on the bar in front of me.

I was halfway through, when I heard a masculine voice calling my name. I didn't recognize the voice at first, but the moment I laid eyes on who it belonged to, I broke out into a wide grin.

Of all the people we'd met in our travels, Orion was absolutely one of my favorites. I had met him when I tried out for the Athens Royal Academy of Performing Bards, and we had hit it off immediately. He was a gentle young man, very polite and sincere, and yes, he was handsome. But I had Xena, so it really didn't matter what he looked like. Still, it was terrific to run into him, and when I heard Stallonus was in town with him, I was even more excited.

I was really kind of hoping Xena would still be asleep when I went up to our room to retrieve my scrolls. If she was still asleep, I could leave her a note and not feel guilty about taking off and leaving her for the afternoon. Gods, it was a hard decision to make when I opened the door and saw she was awake and moving around. But Orion and Stallonus were only going to be in Phillipi today, and I know she had to still be suffering from a headache, so I decided to go ahead with my plans.

She seemed a little upset at first, when I told her I wouldn't be back until that afternoon, but when I asked her if she didn't want me to go, she suddenly changed her tune, and let me know without a doubt that she wanted me to go. She knew how much I liked Orion and Stallonus from all the stories I had told, I'm sure, and she seemed genuinely happy to see me go.

I grabbed her around her neck and gave her a kiss of gratitude, then asked her what she was going to do while I was gone. She told me she didn't know, but would find something to keep her occupied. I gave her another kiss, a quick apology, and then was hurrying downstairs to meet up with my friends.

The time flew by as Orion, Stallonus, and I caught up on all we had missed, and it was later than I anticipated when I went upstairs to find Xena. Our room was empty. With a sigh, I looked out the window, hoping maybe I could catch a glimpse of my love, but no such luck. After all the excited conversation of the morning, I found the silence in the room was deafening me. I took out a scroll and left a note for Xena.

Dear Xena,

I assume you've lost track of time and are off making mischief. I waited for you for an hour, but got lonely, so I'm going to go spend a little more time with Orion and Stallonus. I'll be back by sundown…I promise. I just hope you are back by then too.



I left the parchment on Xena's pillow, and then hurried back downstairs, to see if I could catch up with my friends.

We visited for another hour or so, and by then, the sun was starting to go down. I returned to our room, fully anticipating Xena to be there this time. Well, at least she HAD been there, and she left me a note on the back of mine:

Dear Gabrielle,

I am naked, and waiting for you in the bathing room. You wouldn't want me to have to take matters into my own hands, would you?


Gods, she was wet and waiting for me! I don't think there was anything hotter in the world than my warrior princess wet, whether it be due to sweat, bath water, or other things. I made my way down the hall, realizing I had a 50/50 chance to guess at the right bathing room.

Luckily, someone was coming out of one of the rooms, so I knocked softly on the other door. I heard her voice call out, "Who is it?" and grinned to myself, pleased she was in such a good mood.

"It's your woman," I answered, letting her know I wanted to play as well. "Now how about letting me in so I can prove it to you?" I heard her sloshing her way out of the tub, and quickly struck a seductive pose in the doorway.

Gods, my cunt was instantly as wet as her entire body as I took in her incredible statuesque beauty. When she pulled me into the room with her, and began to kiss me, I melted in her grasp.

Oh gods, her mouth had just closed on my needy nipple when the first knock on the door came. I saw Xena's mood go from playful and erotic to surly in less than a minute. Somehow, though, I found her rantings humorous. I'm sure it had something to do with the fact that she could handle herself in the face of twenty soldiers, but one irritating fat man made her lose her cool. I really thought she was going to tear into the guy in the hallway, so I took her hand, dragging her toward the room. If we were going to love each other tonight, she would have to avoid going to jail.

I got her back in the room, and urged her to sit in front of the fireplace, so I could work on drying her off. Yeah right, it was just an excuse to touch her. She calmed instantly beneath my fingers, and it wasn't long before her moans weren't just of being made more comfortable, but more of the arousal that was building again in both of us. I slid her leather straps down off her shoulders, and massaged the incredibly firm smooth flesh there, wanting so badly to be able to continue undressing her and stroke every inch of her body. But this just had to be the teaser.

I know I was turning her on, and could smell the proof of it, but I didn't want her to get too worked out. We were still going to have to wait a few hours before we could be together. "What did you do today?" I asked, trying to put her mind on something else.

She didn't answer, instead she grabbed me and pulled me down on top of her. I smiled at her, and couldn't resist kissing those luscious lips of hers.

When I felt her hands beginning to undo my shirt, I realize that she must have forgotten I had to tell stories tonight in the inn's dining room. It made me groan a little bit, slightly afraid of how she was going to react to being frustrated this time.

I saw her temper flare and then almost as quickly, the fire disappeared from her icy blue eyes. I think she was resigning herself to more thwarted efforts at this point. "Let's hide when they come up for you," she whispered, and it made my heart swell.

"You're just full of good ideas tonight, aren't you?" I responded, trying to help her laugh off the situation.

Her eyes suddenly bore into mine, pinning me in place. "I'm full of lust. And all kinds of ideas to get you in bed."

It really did my heart good to hear that. "Believe me, I've been missing you just as much as you've been missing me, Especially…when we're alone like right now. But I did make a commitment to the people here." I hoped my face was communicating the regret I felt.

"I know, I know," she replied, but she said it gently.

The innkeeper's wife came to the door to let me know she was ready for me to come downstairs. I told her I'd be down shortly. I was feeling very guilty about not being available for Xena…again.

The expression on her face didn't make me feel any better. I tried for the soft expression, getting close to her and asking her if she was angry with me.

I was surprised and relieved when I saw her smile at me. "No I'm just…anxious, that's all, and it makes me grumpy. Nothing an extended licking of some delicious bard pussy won't cure."

Oh gods, when she said things like that it did funny things to my cunt. My eagerness to be with her suddenly intensified even more. "I'll only be gone for a couple of hours. Can you hang on that long? Then you can have all the …well… all you want."

She put on airs as she sighed out, "I'll try"

"Goody." It was time to go tell a few stories.

I had asked Xena if she would come listen to me, and she said she would be there more than likely, yet as I continued to speak, there was no sign of her. Even as I was speaking, in the back of my mind, I was wondering why she didn't show up. I would have liked to think it was because she thought she might be too tempted by having me so close by. But more than likely, she didn't show up because she knew I really wanted her to, and just like I had disappointed her, she was going to disappoint me.

Finally, I had told my last tale, and I was very pleased with the generosity of my audience as they slipped many dinars into the small box the innkeeper's wife had set up for me. It always took a while for everyone to leave, but as the last patron finally left, the innkeeper gave me a piece of parchment. It was a note from Xena.

The night air was cold, and I hoped Xena had brought my coat with her, as I went to the stable to meet her. I opened the heavy door, then shut it against the cold I spotted Argo and walked to her, but was puzzled to see she was unsaddled and Xena nowhere in sight. "Hello, Girl," I patted the golden horse. "Xena said to meet with her here…she had a secret place she wanted to take me, but you aren't even saddled. Have you seen her?"

Xena can understand Argo's language, but I don't know what the horse had answered. I knew Xena wouldn't call me out to the barn to play a joke on me, and figured she must have gotten sidetracked. I decided it was time to go back to the inn room, knowing Xena would return there for me eventually.

I was just starting back toward the inn, when I suddenly felt something being tightened around my waist. Looking down, I realized a rope was looped around me, and I quickly looked up. There was Xena peeking over the edge of the loft, a mischievous grin on her face.

"Hang on," she told me, and I soon found myself being lifted through the air to land on the loft beside her.

I asked her what she was doing as she untied me, and she answered with "Cover your eyes, my busy little bard," and a laugh.

I was extremely curious to know what she was up to, but I obeyed. I heard her tell me to keep them covered, and I head a soft sound that told me she was leaving the loft abruptly. It only took a moment, and she was back at my side again.

She told me I could uncover my eyes, and as I did so, I looked around the loft in surprise. It didn't take me long to realize this was the secret place her note had promised to take me to, and she had spent some time and trouble getting it ready for us. She had laid out blankets, food, and drink for us, and she knew I was a sucker for the ambiance that candles provided.

"This is great!" I told her. "But what about the stable boy? Doesn't he sleep in here?"

"Usually. But I swapped with him,:" was her response.

I had to laugh. "He's staying in our room?"

It was so good to see that genuine grin on her face again! "Uh huh, and I told him to feel free and take a nice long bath as long as it wasn't longer than fifteen minutes."

I tried to pretend I was exasperated, but I couldn't hide my grin. "I can't believe you did all this. You're so silly tonight."

It wasn't the word I had wanted to use, but I was glad I did when I saw the response it drew from her. "Silly? Silly? The Warrior Princess is never silly."

"Don't worry. I get turned on when you're silly. I find it very…arousing." I spoke the words in a voice so low it tickled my chest.

She reached out and took hold of my upper arms, and I couldn't stand the torment anymore. I pushed my body up against her, and grabbed hold of her backside, wiggling my stomach against her crotch. With my height, that was the best I could do, but I could see she liked it a lot.

Xena suggested we get undressed, and it didn't take long. I took in the state of her hardened nipples and sucked in stomach, and knew she was as excited as I was. When we kissed this time, her cunt pressed into my stomach without any coaxing from me, and she was rubbing herself up and down hard against me. I could feel her wetness cover me in streaks, and her movements became faster and more frantic. Her eyes were closed tightly, and I felt she was close to coming from just that touch. It was too easy.

When I suddenly jerked my abs away from her, she moaned in disappointment. But I didn't waste time in paying a different kind of attention to her, standing on my tiptoes so I could suck at the salty flesh of her neck. I let my teeth grab hold of her, and I sucked hard, knowing it would leave a mark of possession behind on her.

I nursed at her neck for as long as I could, but her movements were becoming more demanding, and my mouth was watering for the taste of her breasts. I finally released hr neck, and wrapped my hands around her left breast, looking up over it to see what her expression was. She was staring at me, her eyes bright blue with arousal, and she moaned that she couldn't take much teasing.

Gods, I felt like a kid hanging on to a piece of candy, as I licked and nibbled over her quivering nipple. I felt her head press me closer to her, and knew she was enjoying what I was doing. And when I felt the back of her hand brush mine, I glanced over, and almost let go of the nipple I was suckling. She had begun to tweak and stroke her other nipple.

For a while she let me continue what I was doing, and then her hands were moving me so I could give the same treatment to her other breast. Once again, I took hold with both hands and began sucking hard.

I hadn't been working on the right breast for very long, when I felt her whole body tense beneath me, and she emitted a long loud groan. I peaked up to look at her face, and caught her in the throes of an orgasm. She had come from just stimulation on her breasts.

I swear her breast had hardened beneath my grasp when she came, and I continued to hold on to her. "Gods, but you're exciting to watch," I had to tell her.

"I'm even more exciting to play with," I heard her growl, before she had a tongue in my ear, licking over the inside.

I lowered myself to the blanket, pulling her down with me, and she let me position her so she was straddling me on her hands and knees, her breasts dangling just above my mouth. I was warmed from the inside out when she lowered one of my favorite toys to my waiting mouth.

As much as I would have liked to continue nursing at her, I was suddenly aware of the fragrance of her pussy, which hovered above my stomach. "Move up," I directed her, and she did so immediately. My mouth salivated at the sight of Xena's shiny clit just above my mouth. "Gods, Xena, I love it when you're dripping wet like this," I whimpered.

I could hear her heavy panting, and her cunt wiggled enticingly above me. A fat drop of juice was swelling from one of her labia, and I opened my mouth to catch it when it fell. That was it for me, I dove in and went to work on her with a mission.

She was riding my face hard, and I could feel her clit swelling beneath my tongue. Her movements were losing their regularity, which was a sure sign of an impending climax. I know her first one hadn't been terribly strong, and I wanted her to really feel her next orgasm, so I intentionally backed off her clit, letting her anticipation build some more.

I shortened the strokes of my tongue, and instead of licking her from clit to vagina, I began concentrating on licking her labia and poking my tongue inside her opening. I know she was aware of what I was doing, but I felt her hips get back into the routine, and soon she was grinding her hot wet pussy hard against my mouth.

I heard the grunting sounds in her throat which told me she was flying toward her climax, and once again, I relented, slowing my movements down and pulling my head backwards slightly when she tried to press harder on her own. She grumbled out her frustration, and I began to work on her again.

I was beginning to feel a bit mean preventing her from climaxing, even though I knew it would be well worth it, when she did. But I heard her whispering in a soft voice, "Please, Baby…please let me come. I really need to come," and I couldn't say no to that. My own pussy galvanized as I grabbed her clit with my lips and sucked strongly. She was coming immediately, pouring out the thick liquid that I could never get enough of.

I loved the sound of her gasping above me as I continued to milk her climax for as long as I could. When she finally stopped moving, I slipped my hands around to grab onto her ass, preparing to do the same thing all over again.

She forcibly pulled herself away from me. "Xena, I wasn't finished," I whined, as she lifted herself off my body.

"It's my turn," I heard her, and on her knees beside me, she reached down below me, and grabbed hold of MY ass cheeks with her hands, lifting. My cunt tilted up toward her, and her tongue was there immediately. "It's my turn to torment you for a while," I heard her. I swallowed hard. As Xena was so fond of reminding me, paybacks were a bitch.

There are some nights where a certain need gets into one of us that we can't explain, but just have to fulfill. Tonight, I found myself filled with an insatiable urge to wear the phallus and fuck Xena over and over again. I don't know why, but I just had to keep filling her cunt, my eyes riveted to the sight the whole time. Maybe it's because she was being so complacent under my ministrations, but even after we had slept for a while and woke back up, I still wanted to wear the dick, this time with her on her back, and me kneeling between her muscled thighs. I made sure to slap my mound hard against hers, making us both gasp and groan at the intense contact. Xena reached down and her fingers gripped my clit beneath the harness, and she gave it a hard pinch, skillfully sending me over the top yet again.

Then, before I had fully come down from my climax, she was rolling us both over, so she was on top, the wooden dick still buried inside her. "You've been fucking me all night," she growled in my ear. "Now it's time I fucked you." Using the strength of her pussy muscles on the phallus, she thrust herself hard against me, making sure my clit received the blunt of her motions.

"Paybacks are a bitch," she whispered again to me, before her mouth came down hard on mine.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Gabrielle leaves the prearranged signal telling Xena she wants to play rough tonight, then changes her mind halfway through.

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