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Before going to sleep, we talked about Cyrene walking in on us. Xena asked if it upset me with the way she found out about our relationship. I considered my answer and told her, “Not really…I knew I was taking a chance when I snuck in here tonight. I just couldn’t stay away.”

While that was the honest truth, I didn’t think it would really happen. I mean, what are the chances of Xena’s mom getting up in the middle of the night and coming into Xena’s room? Obviously better than I calculated. It was going to be very hard for me to face Cyrene in the morning. Not that I thought she would be cold or say something mean, because I felt that Cyrene already suspected we were together. She probably just didn’t think we’d be so bold as to sleep together under her roof. I had actually planned to return to my lonely room before morning, but now that she knew, why face a cold bed? Right here snuggled up with Xena was where I wanted to stay, and we went to sleep well satisfied and happy to be in a nice, warm bed.

We woke up to a very convenient position, and took full advantage of the quiet of the morning to make love once more. I straddled her thighs and felt her position her body so that her mound met my center, and with a slight adjustment of my body, it was perfect. My lips opened against hers, our wetness immediately giving me freedom to move my hips against her open cunt. Our moans of satisfaction at how good each other felt made me wetter, and I supported my weight by placing my hands on her shoulders so that I could concentrate on moving just right for both of us. “Mmmmm…that feels so good, Xena…” I told her, my breathing becoming labored as I worked my hardened clit against hers. I felt her hands come around to my ass, pushing down on my hips against hers, eventually sending us both over the edge, swallowing each other’s grunts with kisses of gratitude.

“Good morning,” she said, smiling as if she were the happiest warrior in the world. I knew I was in love, with all my heart, for the rest of my life. “Mmmm, good morning,” I told her, leaning down for one more kiss. I climbed off her body to lie beside her on the bed and felt the effects of our abundance of grinding since last night.

“Sore?” she asked, noting the frown on my face as I took my place beside her. “Yeah, a little…” I told her, and then moved to retrieve my underwear from the floor. After a playful pinch from Xena, we began getting washed up and dressed for the day.

I dreaded breakfast despite the rumbling in my stomach. What if Cyrene was so disappointed in Xena that she decided to turn against her again? What if she told me she’d rather I leave her home? I didn’t want to be the reason for any problems, but if given the chance to re-enact the scene, I’d make the very same choice.

“Hello? Gabrielle?”

Snapping to my senses, I realized I had been combing the same strands of hair over and over, looking into nowhere. Xena was now lying diagonally across the bed behind me, wrapping her arm around me and planting a kiss on the top of my thigh. “Are you okay?” she asked.

“Uh…yeah…I was just thinking.”

“I know that. My question is, were you having good thoughts?”

“You were in them, so yes, they were good thoughts. I love you so much, Xena. Thank you so much for bringing me here, and for granting my wish.”

She smiled up at me, looking so beautiful and happy. “It has been more than my pleasure, believe me.”

I was happy to hear that. She told me, “Come on, we need to tell Mother ‘Good Morning’ and find something to eat. I’m starving.”

“Can’t we wait a little while, Xena?”

“It would be better to get it over with now. She was quite happy to see us together last night. She won’t say or do anything to make you uncomfortable.”

I tried to accept her reassurance and followed as she took my hand and led me toward the kitchen. Cyrene was humming quietly to herself, cooking and appearing to be calm. She looked up and saw us, still looking pleasant. “Good morning,” she told us.

“Good morning, Mother,” Xena told her.

Gods, what if Cyrene was just forcing herself to be nice? I could feel myself becoming embarrassed, and then Xena nudged me, silently telling me to speak to her mother. “Good morning, Cyrene,” I said, my voice shaking a little.

“Good morning, Dear. Gabrielle, some of the townsfolk were wanting to know if maybe you’d tell a few stories after dinner tonight.”

“Sure! I’d love to.” How perfect was that? Everything was turning out much better than I had expected.

“That’s wonderful,” Cyrene said, drying her hands and coming over to cover my hands with hers. “Not to mention great for business.”

I helped her serve breakfast, and then she and Xena and I sat down to eat. Cyrene and I discussed which adventures I would share with the guests tonight, and Xena occasionally touched my thigh beneath the table, rubbing her hand almost to my underwear, making my voice threaten to heighten an octave the closer she got. Of course, she sat there eating her griddlecakes with a perfectly innocent look on her face, adding more to the conversation than Cyrene realized.

After breakfast, Xena volunteered her repairman services to her mother. Cyrene had a list ready, and I followed behind Xena, watching her muscles flex as she worked with her tools. Gods, I could eat her up.

I had a full day of reunions and meeting new friends. But the most important part of the day for me was getting to spend one-on-one time with Cyrene, especially since it was now confirmed that I was sleeping with her daughter.

I helped her peel a small mountain of potatoes, and omehow, the conversation landed on my parents and how much I didn’t see them since I had started traveling with Xena.

“Do you get homesick very often, Gabrielle?” she asked, taking a washed plates and placing them back on the shelf. “Not really…” I hesitated with what I had started to say, but decided to finish. “Xena is my life now, and yes, I miss my parents and Lila, but I could have never imagined that my life would end up being so full. I just want you to know what a good person she truly is. You should be very proud of her.” That was about as obvious as I could get without saying, “I’m fucking your daughter and never getting enough.”

“I have never seen her so settled and content, not since she was much younger. I can see that you a very good for her, and it causes me much less worry knowing that she has you by her side.”

I smiled, feeling tears threatening to cover my eyes. Fighting them back, I looked at Cyrene and told her, “Thank you. Your blessing means a lot.”

She came over and wrapped her arm around my shoulder. “You and Xena are welcome anytime, especially since you have shown me how much I miss having some help around here.”

A knock came at the back door, and it was my friend Dena from Poteidaia. She had just moved to Amphipolis with her family and had heard that I was in town. I went with her to visit her parents for a while, and after that, Xena took me to visit one of her old friends, a older man named Will. He helped train Xena for horseback riding when she was much younger.

On our way back from his place, it was nearing dusk and a thunderstorm was moving closer. I wrapped my arms tightly around her waist, leaning into her body and just holding her close. I told her I almost regretted that I had committed to telling stories at the Inn tonight, because I especially enjoyed making love with the rain as our background noise. “Maybe it will rain all night,” she said, turning her head to the side so we could share a kiss. We got Argo situated for the night in the stable, and ran the short distance to the Inn right before the rain started pouring down.

Dinner was delicious, and our crowd of listeners gave me their undivided attention as I told of some of the things Xena and I had experienced. I think it made them see a different Xena and just how much she had changed, for the better. It was going to take some time, but people would eventually see her inner strength just as much as the outer.

After my barding experience, some of the members of the audience were placing dinars in my hand, taking me quite by surprise. Xena went ahead upstairs as Cyrene and I argued about who was going to take the money. I felt pleased that I could bring her some increased profits, and she felt that Xena and I needed to take the money. I was more interested in joining her gorgeous daughter upstairs in our room, and told her we would discuss this later. I had no intention of keeping even one dinar. This had been a wonderful visit in so many ways, and I had received plenty of payment from the fringe benefits, like sleeping with the owner’s daughter.

Climbing the stairs, I could feel my heart racing as I neared our door. We could finally be together, and the few kisses we had shared today were enough to string me along until now. No more waiting to be with my Warrior.

I entered our room and found Xena on the balcony watching the rain. We were happy to finally be alone. It had been a nice day, but I had missed having much time by ourselves. “Xena?”

She turned and saw me walking towards her, and held her arm out, circling my shoulder as I walked into her embrace. I wrapped my arms around her waist and raised my head up for a kiss. Her lips were warm against mine, and the kiss was very bonding. She wanted to know who won the argument about keeping the money, me or her mom. After a few more bits of conversation, I told her to make love to me. “My pleasure,” she said, unlacing my shirt and peeling back each side to expose my bare chest to her wandering mouth.

“Oh gods, yes,” I said, grabbing her hair and pushing her head more firmly into my chest. She finally licked up my neck and then over my lips, pressing my hips into hers as her tongue sought control inside my mouth. She lifted me and I wrapped my legs around her waist. “I want you…” she said, making me melt into her touch immediately. “You’ve got me…” I replied, and without breaking a heated kiss, she carried me to the bed and laid me down. My thighs hugged her body tightly against me, her leathers scraping over my hardened nipples. She then kissed me all over, and then went back to my breasts. Gods, her mouth on me was driving me insane. I felt my back arching, begging for more contact.

I felt her fingers slip beneath the waistband of my skirt, pulling it and my underwear off. I kicked off my shoes and lay beneath her completely naked. I started trying to unfasten her leathers as she covered me once more with her body, but she took my wrists and held them over my head. I broke away from her kiss. “Xena?”

“Keep your hands above your head,” she said, and then loosened her grip and began sliding down my body with her mouth and hands.

She moved my legs farther apart and I then felt her warm center grinding into mine, but she was still not naked. She was determined that I was going to come this way, and I could no longer argue. She moved her hips into my cunt, one of her hands beneath my ass, helping me thrust upward into her. “Oh yeah, Xena, I like that…” I panted, feeling her grind even harder against my mound. Her low moans were enough to make me come, but added with her movements, I came hard against her, my pussy begging for more contact.

She held me close for a few minutes, and then sat up and started taking off her clothes. Her nipples looked amazing, and my mouth watered from the view. She jumped on the bed and rolled me on top of her, kissing me with definite desire.

“It’s my turn now,” I told her as I looked down into her eyes. She rubbed her fingers lightly along my back, letting her eyes close as I began kissing her neck, sucking and feeling her body respond to my mouth. I pressed my center harder into hers, and sucked on her neck. “Your neck taste sooo good…I wonder how you’ll taste lower?”

I moved down to her breasts, licking over those delicious, hard nipples. I placed my mouth over as much of her breast as I could and sucked painfully slow, circling her nipple with my tongue. I noticed her hips moving beneath me the longer I traced her body with my tongue.

“Please Gabrielle,” I heard her whimper.

“Please what?”

“I need your mouth on my cunt…please, Gabrielle.”

I didn’t wait any longer, and began kissing down her stomach, taking my hands and pushing her legs up so that her knees were bent.

I moved so that I was lying flat on my stomach, lightly kissing the insides of her thighs. “You ARE soaked, Xena…”, I told her, running my tongue over her pussy but not touching her very firmly.

I closed my eyes and just felt how incredible her body was. I ran my hands up her waist and touched her nipples, enjoying the immense wetness that had collected between her legs. I finally pressed my tongue into her opening, moving my head back and forth as she met my rhythm. “Mmmmm….”, came from the back of my throat as her taste coated my tongue and mouth. I moved my head from side to side, feeling her pussy tighten on my tongue. “Yessss”, I heard her rasp, as I determined to make her orgasm last as long as possible. I became totally aware of her body, what she needed from me, and then sucked her clit in hard, long strokes as she came in my mouth. The rain was falling steadily outside, helping cover her cries as we rode out her explosion together.

I stayed attached to her until her body stopped trembling. I pulled my tongue from the depths of her tunnel and began licking up and down the length of her slit, drinking her in. Feeling her hips moving slightly, I began touching her, covering my fingers with her juices as I held her lips apart. I watched as she opened her eyes, looking down at me still perched between her legs. “You’re not done, are you?”

“Nope,” I told her, holding up three very slick fingers. “There’s too much here to waste, and I’m still hungry for the rest of my dessert.”

I locked eyes with her, and went inside her with one of my fingers. She slowly closed her eyes, relaxing her head on the pillow. “Yeah, that’s it Xena…just let me feel you…”

I added a second finger, pumping a little harder, watching and learning how she responded to my touch. I watched as my fingers moved in and out of her body, coated with a glistening sweetness that I craved to taste again. “Gods Xena…you’re clit is so hard…”

I lowered my head once more, covering her erection with my mouth, sucking her firmly as I thrust inside her. Her breasts were so full and gorgeous, and I watched as her chest heaved from the desire building within, still never abandoning her pussy. Her body quickly began to tremble, and I felt a sharp pain as her hips bucked forward as the inside of my lip and front teeth had a collision. She wildly thrust upward again and again, grabbing my hair and holding me in place as she rode out her climax. I became aware of the taste of fresh blood from my lip as I enjoyed sucking her clit. My main focus was making certain she enjoyed every additional second she possibly could from the love I made to her.

When her body finally calmed, she pulled me up beside her, kissing my forehead as she covered us with a nice, cool sheet. I nestled closely into the crook of her shoulder, wrapping my arm around her waist. “I was right…”

She raised her head from the pillow, trying to see my face. “Right? Right about what?”

“Right about this bed. I knew if we could make love in your bed, it would be the best love we had ever experienced.” And it had been. Even our relationship had been the best yet. We felt very at home and the past couple of days had been filled with happy memories.

“I’m really glad we decided to visit,” she said.

“Me too.” I wasn’t ready for it to end.

COMING NEXT WEEK: In the third part of the trilogy, Xena loses her underwear while patching the inn’s roof. Gabrielle doesn’t seem to mind though.

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