Home for the First Time--Gabrielle's Scroll

I hungrily sucked her long fingers into my mouth, savoring the flavor of my Warrior Princess, topped with a bit of zesty, sweet orange. I loved it when she did special things for me, and surprised me with things she knew would make me terribly happy. It was also a great excuse to return the favor, and if I could work my mouth to my new favorite place, she’d have no doubt how much I loved my surprise.

Since Xena and I had become intimate, I was eager for any opportunity to make love. She was propped on her elbow just above me, watching as I licked her hand clean. I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks and most definitely between my legs. “Gods…” she said, her shaky whisper breaking me from my trance. I could imagine sucking and kissing over every inch of her body with little effort. I reached to pull her mouth down to mine, giving her tongue the same attention and loving her moan as it vibrated inside my mouth.

I felt her hand, still sticky from feeding me the orange, slowly rub its way up the inside of my thigh. She took control of the kiss with no complaints from me. Her mouth felt so good, especially when she thrust her tongue achingly slow back and forth. I loved sucking her in and just getting lost in the kiss. My center was saturated within a matter of seconds, and feeling her warm hand trailing up my leg, I wanted her to touch me right now.

“Xena…” I said against her mouth.

“Hmmmm?” she responded, repositioning her face to the crook in my neck, kissing my neck and still not touching my underwear.

“Please…I need to feel you…” My hips were moving slightly forward, searching for contact from her.

“Sshhhhh…be patient. We’ve got all night. Just relax and let me touch you.” She massaged over the muscles in my thighs, and came back to kiss me again. I could feel my nipples piercing the material in my shirt, and pressed my chest upward and tightly as I could against her body. I felt her hips move forward against my body, hoping she couldn’t hold out much longer.

She finally released the kiss and raised up to make contact with my eyes. She smiled slightly and traced my lips with her fingers. I didn’t move and let her make the decision of when and where she wanted to touch me. She ran her fingers down my neck and then outlined the hard circles that had formed beneath my shirt. I tried to maintain my breathing but felt my heart beating in my throat. She knew she was driving me crazy, but I loved every minute of it. I loved it that she had allowed me to come into her life, because never could I have imagined I’d be so happy and content. Or horny.

She reached for my bedroll and then proceeded to undress both of us. When we were both naked, she placed her body on top of mine, lying between my legs. I loved feeling her flesh against mine, her nipples hard against my chest, her mound moving into mine… our connection was perfect, both physically and emotionally.

The following morning I awoke feeling well rested, thanks to the extra sleep Xena let me enjoy. The extra orgasms the night before called for it. I was anxiously anticipating our arrival in Amphipolis. It seemed now that my relationship with Cyrene would be closer, and I wanted to tell her about falling in love with her daughter. But I wasn’t sure how she would accept it. With Xena’s past, Cyrene probably wouldn’t be surprised about anything. That’s where the difference was with my family. My parents would not be accepting of my relationship with another woman. I somehow felt Cyrene would be glad that Xena had me to love.

We arrived in Amphipolis and found things to be busy, yet a peaceful atmosphere. It was nice to feel secure and at home, and Cyrene really made me feel comfortable. We all three sat at the kitchen table and talked while we waited on dinner, or at least Cyrene and I talked. Xena didn’t have much input, but that was no surprise. Cyrene had to see my literal worship of her daughter. I didn’t mean to be so obvious, but the more I talked, the more her name was mentioned.

I was a bit disappointed with the sleeping arrangements. Cyrene told us to go on up to our rooms before dinner if we liked, and I immediately darted my eyes to Xena when I heard the word “rooms”. Cyrene had already walked into another room and Xena came over and took my hand, telling me “It’ll be okay. It’s only for a night or two, and we’ll find a way to be together.”

Xena led me upstairs and escorted me to my room, directly across the hall from hers. As soon as she finished dropping off her saddlebag in her room, she returned and told me she knew where we could enjoy a very private bath. “Sounds good,” I said, sneaking a quick kiss from her beautiful lips.

We rode Argo to a beautiful clearing in the woods, to what I soon discovered was a very special place that Xena cherished. She had only shared it with Lyceus when they were younger, and it meant so much that she chose to bring me here.

The dinner was perfect. We took care of the dishes, and I couldn't resist pulling Xena into the dining room so she could take in the view I had noticed. Cyrene stood outside the inn, holding hands with a drak headed man. Xena seemed a little disconcerted with the sight, but I thought it was kind of nice to see Cyrene had a fellow.

After we went to the stable and brushed down Argo, Xena walked me to my room, neither of us saying much. “Do you want me to build a fire for you?” “No. That’s okay. As long as I'm going to be uncomfortable not sharing your bed with you, I might as well be cold too.” “Okay, g’nite!” Gods I loved that woman.

I couldn’t sleep, and that was to be expected. I just couldn’t get comfortable. All I could do was lie there and imagine Xena’s long, firm body stretched out in her bed, and my mouth could start at her feet and work its way up to a certain warm spot I had recently discovered. I knew I could be really quiet if she’d let me touch her. I could taste her on my lips from just thinking of licking her. There was no way in Tartarus I was going to get any sleep. If I could at least just lie next to her, maybe I could relax a little.

I opened the door very slowly, terrified that either the door or the floor would squeak. Cyrene’s room was just down the hall, and I was trying to be as stealthy as Xena. It was definitely time to attack my prey.

I stepped as lightly and quickly as I could the few steps across the hall to Xena’s door. Turning the knob very carefully, I slid through a small crack and then turned and shut the door behind me. Tiptoeing to the bed, my heart fluttered when I saw her lying there.

“Did the room get colder than you thought?” she whispered, making my stomach drop when I realized she knew I was standing at the foot of the bed. Why should I be surprised?

“No…it’s just…I couldn’t sleep knowing you were right across the hall.”

I was standing there silently begging, and she granted my wish. She lifted up the edge of the covers and said, “Come on.”

I nestled in close to her body and wrapped my arms around her neck. “Thank you! That is so much better!” She had made me a very happy camper.

I seemed to go to sleep without much trouble, but staying asleep was another issue. I woke up, my body draped slightly across Xena. I watched her chest rise and fall as she slept peacefully. It was terrible of me to think of waking her up, but I couldn’t stop the throbbing between my legs.

I started undressing, and I knew I would wake her up. I had already removed my top, and was taking off my skirt and panties. “What’s going on?” she asked, her voice sounding sleepy.

“Just getting more comfortable.”

She rolled over onto her side and looked at my body. She didn’t seem to disapprove of my idea. “Let’s get you more comfortable too,” and I helped pull her shift over her head. “I want you to touch me, Xena…I want you to make love to me, right here in your bedroom in Amphipolis.”

“Are you sure about this, My Love? My mother is only a couple of doors down, you know.”

I looked up at her as she hovered over my face. “I know…but I can’t think of anything else. Please, Xena.”

She lowered her mouth to mine very gently, and kissed me with such softness and warmth. I felt her hand move to cover my breast, rubbing her flat palm over my nipple. “Do you want me to use my mouth?” she asked.

“Yes…on my mouth…I want your fingers inside me, Xena…please.”

Our eyes remained locked, and she didn’t hesitate to give me what I wanted. Her fingers trailed lightly down my stomach and then she pulled my left thigh to drape over her waist. The moment her fingers brushed against my center, I was close to orgasm. It was very important to me to have Xena make love to me in her bed.

She had no problem sliding her fingers along the outside of my cunt. I could feel the thick wetness that had collected for my Warrior, and when she went inside me, I had to remember to be as quiet as possible. When a slight moan of pleasure escaped my chest, Xena covered my mouth with hers, which only made me want to moan more loudly. She continued to move back and forth inside me, and my hips were meeting her thrusts. “Come for me, Gabrielle…” she whispered seductively into my ear. Her thumb now brushed against my clit with each thrust, and she knew exactly when to cover my mouth with hers. Even though we had not been lovers for much more than a month, I was completely hooked with what she had to give.

I finally rolled onto my back and just enjoyed the tingling all over my body. I couldn’t help but smile. I would never forget this night. And that would end up meaning more than just romantically.

Xena had scooted a little closer and was leaning over me, kissing my neck and bringing me back down to earth, just so she could launch me into the heavens again. Her hand was going back down between my legs and we both froze when we heard a door being opened nearby. Xena’s eyes widened when we heard Cyrene whispering, “Gabrielle?” at my room.

“Uh oh…” Xena said. I suddenly felt numb with fear and panic, not knowing how to read Xena’s reaction. Before we could move, I heard the doorknob to Xena’s room turning, and there she stood. By the gods…

“Gabrielle?” we heard Cyrene whisper.

Xena very calmly turned and said, “Gabrielle’s fine, Mother…go back to bed.”

I waited for a response. Anything. I had never heard such silence. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Cyrene’s kind voice said, “All right…sorry to bother you two,” and dismissed herself from Xena’s room.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I would just follow Xena’s lead. She straightened the covers a little and looked back down at me. “Are you okay?” she asked.

Sensing that Xena knew things were okay, I let it go. Why waste valuable time in such a perfect setting? “Yes, and now it’s my turn to touch you.”

COMING NEXT WEEK: Xena and Cyrene discuss the secrets they’ve both been keeping, and Xena introduces Gabrielle to an old friend, as the bard learns more about the warrior princess’s past.

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