Devi in a Pearl Dress--Xena's Scroll

I was able to sleep a couple of hours, but when I rolled over in my sleep, I awoke abruptly as the stripes on my back made their presence known. I rolled out of bed, and looked at my reflection in the mirror. Gods, she had really scratched me deeply in some places!

I didn’t want to sleep anyway. I had too much to think about. I was spreading some of our healing salve on the scratches I could reach, when I felt Gabrielle’s warm touch reaching for the center of my back. I glanced at her and she gave me a wry smile.

“I didn’t know I got so…zealous,” she said slowly.

I reached back and patted her hand. “It’s okay…it was worth every mark,” I assured her. It wasn’t a lie exactly, it WAS worth every scratch when it came down to opening my eyes to the situation.

I couldn’t help but notice her touch on my back was becoming less healing and more enflaming, and I winced as I pulled myself away. “There’s still a few hours of night left,” I told her apologetically. “Why don’t we get some more sleep?”

She shrugged at me with a sly smile, and then turned to retrieve her clothes. I watched her dress for a moment, then did the same. “I don’t want someone to come in here looking for me and finding me…well…you know…” she said, by way of an explanation.

I nodded. “I understand.” I watched her finish dressing, and then lay back down on the divan. She was asleep again in moments.

I sat down on the other divan and watched her sleep. And thought hard.

What exactly had happened? One moment, Gabrielle had been telling me she thought she had a new gift, and the next moment, she was taking complete control of our lovemaking and me. It didn’t bother me that she took over; it was the fact that she had done it so damned easily. I obeyed her commands even though it had brought out a great deal of discomfort in me to do so.

Whoever I had been with had sounded like Gabrielle. She had smelled like her, tasted like her, even responded like her, but at the same time, she didn’t ACT like Gabrielle. She had been so cold and unflinching to my pleas, tormenting me long past the stage of pleasure and into the stage of agony. Then, at the end, almost before my eyes, she had changed again, becoming her loving, sweet self. The question remained, who had taken over and why had they relinquished toward the end. Was it the Devi spirit? Or was it some other spirit?

One thing was for sure, the spirit would be back. I had to make sure I was prepared this time.

Every muscle in my body felt stiff after last night, but I had to get moving. I watched the sun come up, and still sitting on the divan, I looked at Gabrielle who was still laying on the opposite bed. She was facing away from me, but somehow, I could sense her eyes were open.

“Gabrielle, are you asleep?”

There was a pause, then she answered me as she rolled over. “Not anymore…what’s up?”

I tried to be casual as I stood up, disguising my protesting muscles. “Us, or at least we should be. Come on, get up. We can go do some yoga, get something to eat. We can be on the road by noon.”

She stared at me, amazed. “Yoga? We’re gonna do yoga? As in, you and me?” She laughed a bit. “Okay, who are you and what have you done with Xena?”

It sounded very much like my Gabrielle teasing me. “Ha ha,” I countered.

She wasn’t amused though. “I know what you’re doing. You’re checking to see if I’m the same Gabrielle as always. Admit it, Xena, you’re afraid that the power I have is bad.”

Could I deny it? Not honestly. After the battle of wills we had entered into last night, I knew I had to be dealing with a powerful opponent. “When it comes to special powers, I’ve learned you can’t be too careful.”

At least I felt like she was listening to me this time, but she tried to placate me, telling me it was probably a fluke. “I’ll bet that people have probably forgotten it.”

I wished I could agree with that, but the moment she stepped out on the balcony, I knew the truth. I could hear the chant on the street immediately rise…”Devi…Devi…Devi”.

So much for them forgetting all about her. I figured she’d be safe amidst her throng, and left her there on the balcony as I took off to find Eli.

I located him in the temple, along with a dead Vikram. Someone had hung him above his own altar. One thing was definite, Gabrielle, and whoever was trying to control Gabrielle hadn’t done it. She…well…they… had been with me the entire time.

Eli claimed he was innocent, as well, and I was inclined to believe him, despite his weak defense. Call it intuition, but I sensed he was searching for the truth just as much as I was. He was terrified, and kept dropping hints that he was going to leave the city. I told him he couldn’t do that. The main reason was I figured I was going to be needing his help soon. I wasn’t about to tell him that though. I told him I could only offer him protection if he remained in the city.

I urged Eli to follow me outside the temple, and after a little hesitation, he did. It certainly wasn’t hard to locate Gabrielle. She was walking toward us, a huge smile on her face. There was a huge entourage around her. Several little children, including the boy who had brought our meal to us were leading the way, sprinkling rose petals in her path. There were people surrounding her on all sides. One of them was carrying a huge umbrella, protecting Gabrielle from the sun. There were also four huge men flanking her on either side. It was unusual for people to display arms in India, but all four of the men were carrying huge swords. The crowd around her was swelling as people ran to join her, their cries of “Devi” filling the air.

Eli and I stopped dead in our tracks, amazed by the number of people around Gabrielle. “What’s with all the muscle?” Eli asked me, but I was too busy staring to try to answer him. Gabrielle was looking in my direction, but didn’t seem to notice I was there. A few excited people were suddenly in front of her, and for a few seconds, my short little bard was out of sight. When she was visible again, there were a couple of notable changes. One was a long pearl necklace she was now clutching in her hands, obviously a gift from one of her enthralled fans. The other, and the most disturbing, was the fact that the bodyguards had seemingly disappeared into thin air.

Eli seemed just as alarmed by their disappearance as I was, but I ordered him to stay put while I investigated where they had gone, and why they had left Gabrielle’s side. He agreed.

I didn’t get far when I heard a ruckus from a couple blocks away. Sensing someone was in trouble, I followed the noise until I ran smack-dab into Elis, who was being pursued by a pack of very ferocious looking dogs. I couldn’t take the time out to find how he had gotten into such a predicament just then, instead, I took his hand and urged him to try and keep up with me, so I could get him to safety..

We led the dogs on quite a chase, tricking them up several times, but still they persisted. Finally, I hooked my whip over a pole sticking out of a building, and grabbed Eli around his waist. I used the power in my legs to propel us forward, and we swung up and over the snarling dogs, and ended up running back toward the courtyard.

Still freaked out, Eli was running with his head turned, watching for the dogs behind him. He crashed into Gabrielle who had just accepted another gift. This time, it was a whole bowl of pearls, and she exclaimed over her loss, as the pearls scattered all over the ground.

In the long run, I suppose I should be grateful to Eli for what happened. He was knocked to the ground during his collision with Gabrielle, and rose immediately to his knees. The dogs skidded to a halt behind us in the courtyard, and then turned tail and ran from us, no longer growling and barking. That scared Eli even worse, and I watched in shock as he held his clasped hands out toward Gabrielle, crying out, “Please! Save me, Devi! The demons have me! Please! Free me! Please!”

I stood and watched Gabrielle staring at Eli in bemusement. I was relieved she was seemingly at a loss for a response. Then her eyes widened as I’m sure mine did, when Eli suddenly levitated over a foot off the ground.

Eli was ecstatic. “Bless you, Devi. Bless you.” He thanked Gabrielle over and over again, but I could sense only confusion in her expression. He began to shout about the Devi healing him, lifting him up, and ran into the crowd, crying out “Praise the Devi.” The enthusiastic people were, thinking they had witnessed yet another of “Gabrielle’s miracles”, shouted right along with him.

Gabrielle and I closed the distance between us. She looked frightened. “Xena, I didn’t heal anything,” she whispered.

I could only stare at her as the people around us continued to chant. Eventually, they surrounded her again, and she didn’t resist as they drew her back into their collective embrace.

Once again, I pretty well knew where to find Eli. He always seemed to gravitate toward the temple. I asked him why he ran off when I had told him to stay put.

I could have pretty well guessed his response. The vanishing muscled bound men had scared him badly, and then the dogs had attacked. He figured it all had to do with the killing of Vikram, attributing it to an evil spirit.

He had been filling a small flask with water from a basin in the center of the temple. I asked him if he had come back just for that.

He told me it was sacred water from the Ganges. He told me a priest could use it against any evil presence, no matter whom.

I wanted to know more specifically who, and he answered, “Against any demon you name. Take you’re pick…they’re all here. It’s evil incarnate.”

He was gesturing with his hand to a wall that was covered with pictures of all kinds of images. I glanced over them, and like it reached out and grabbed me, one picture in particular caught my eye.

“Who’s that?” I asked.

He followed my gaze, and then smiled knowledgeably. “Her name’s Tataka. She’s a conniving little demon who converted hundreds with her sweet faith and deceptive good works.”

Without volition, my brain flew back to my time with Gabrielle the previous night. Some people would kill to learn to prolong the time to reach a climax. Could that be part of what he meant?

“Deceptive how?”

“She cured the sick and deformed, only to send them to the slaughter against the great god, Ramah. Oh she’s a real gem, duping people who need her. Yeah, she’s a real pearl.”

Eli seemed to dismiss her from his mind as he moved away. I continued to look at the painting, mulling over his words in my mind. “A real pearl.”

The artwork was primitive, but it was a beautiful young woman, her hair blond and wavy. The thing that really caught my eye, however, was the pearl necklace wrapped around her neck, as well as the abbreviated skirt and shirt the woman in the painting wore. It consisted of hundreds more pearls, strung together. I had never seen that many pearls in one place before. That was until today, when I saw them flying from Gabrielle’s hands onto the street.

The picture was etched in my mind as I left the temple. I was now officially scared, not scared like Eli, but frightened about what had happened to my best friend, and what would have to happen to stop it. I wanted to talk to Gabrielle and see how badly she was being influenced by Tataka’s presence. Gabrielle was a very strong person, inside and out, and maybe if I got to her in time, I’d be able to…

I stopped the second I saw her. The people had made some sort of structure for Gabrielle. It was like a gazebo, designed to hold a modest throne of some sort. And on that throne sat Gabrielle, her arms outstretched in a pose identical to Tataka’s pose in the picture. She was no longer wearing her regular clothes…instead she was wearing garments strewned in nothing but pearls. Her tight midriff gleamed amidst the jewels decorating her. And her hair had been pulled back severely so it was barely noticeable underneath the crown she wore. The crown too was heavily covered in pearls. Gabrielle wore makeup which made her seem both older and more seductive. Under different circumstances, I would have found her incredibly alluring. Who was I kidding?…I DID find her incredibly alluring. But I couldn’t move on those feelings. For the second time that day, she was looking through me as if I wasn’t even there.

Perhaps she didn’t see me.

I took off again, this time on a different sort of mission. I had to get to the stables and retrieve my wineskin.

I wanted to wait until she was safely back in our room before I made my next move. I searched for Eli, but he seemed to be gone. I knew he hadn’t left the city…I had made sure of that. Now, I had to approach Gabrielle and make sure the solution I had discovered was really the only option available to me. It was one I didn’t want to have to take, if I could avoid it at any cost.

The sun had disappeared by the time I reentered our room. I came in through the window, avoiding the bodyguards who had taken up residence in the hallway.

I spotted Gabrielle immediately, sitting at the dressing table, staring at her own reflection in the mirror. She seemed to be admiring her new appearance in the mirror, but when she turned to face me, the smile she gave me was chagrined.

I didn’t try to hide my own expression, but at that point in time, I don’t know what I was thinking, or what my face would reveal.

“That bad, huh?” she giggled nervously. “Okay, it’s a bit much, I know. What can I do? These are all gifts from the people that I’ve healed. Now, how can I refuse that? Besides, I think the more that I dress like them, the more they seem to turn to me…for my help.” She had removed the crown as she spoke and now she handed it to me. “ I mean…underneath all this…I’m still me.”

I tried the soft approach. “Oh…thank goodness…for a moment there, you had me worried.” I know the smile I gave her was weak.

I was still holding the vial I had confiscated from Eli, and took a chance, pretending to fumble with it as I examined the crown. It clattered to the floor. Gabrielle picked it up immediately.. “What’s this?”

I shrugged, trying not to look too guilty. “A little insurance I took out…sacred water from the Ganges.”

I saw a spark in her eye I couldn’t identify, and noticed she had adopted a defensive stance. “Insurance? Against what? Against me?”

The way she said it made it sound so ridiculous. I felt a little uncomfortable. “Gabrielle…”

But she wasn’t done. “Against my being a demon?”

Well, there it was…she had hit the nail right on the head. But I hedged a little. “That’s ridiculous.”

She turned to look at me. “Is it? Why else would you have it. This is a test. Fine. You wanna test me. Let’s do it. Let’s see if sacred water eats through my skin, shall we? Huh?” She was suddenly standing in front of me, still clutching the vial. She sprinkled the water on herself, the whole time her eyes shooting dares at me. “Am I sizzling now? Am I burning? Am I still evil incarnate, Xena?”

The words “evil incarnate” were identical to those used by Eli. I tried not to let it bother me as I grabbed the vial back from her, irritated with both her actions and my suspicions. “It was not a test. It couldn’t be.” I could have left well enough alone, but I pressed the issue further. “Ganges water only burns in the hand of a priest or exorcist. I took all the holy water cause I knew that Eli wouldn’t leave town without some.” I held up my wineskin to emphasize my point. I had drained all the water from the basin in the temple.

Gabrielle was obviously relieved by my explanation. I felt a twinge of guilt because I had only told her the partial truth. “I’m sorry,” she was saying. “I just know that you have your doubts about me. And I tell you that this power is good, that it’s my calling. And instead of being happy for me, you think that I’m evil.”

I decided to try a different approach. “Gabrielle…Eli told me about the picture in the tem.-“

She was on the defense again immediately. “Eli? You’re taking the word of a street magician over mine?”

I shook my head. “It’s not that…”

This was not going the way I had intended at all. I had hoped to draw Tataka out to play, but instead, she seemed to be retreating, leaving me with a very hurt bard whose eyes were sparkling with tears. “Why is this so hard for you to accept? Xena? I do not hurt people. I heal them.”

I couldn’t stand to watch her get upset, especially knowing I was the cause of it. “Hey…” I took her in my arms, rubbing my hands comfortingly over her shoulders, even as she shook against me. “Oh, no, don’t…don’t cry. Don’t cry now…I’m sorry…I’m sorry.”

For long moments, she stood there in my embrace, seeming to seek comfort from my arms. She shuddered against me a time or two, then quieted, and just let me hold her. We stood just like that for a couple of minutes, and then she was drawing away from my embrace.

“It’s okay, Xena,” she said, smiling despite the tears that still lingered in her eyes. “I mean, I can’t blame you for reacting the way you have. I’m sure all the changes in me have been…startling…”

I nodded dumbly, and tried to determine who was speaking to me now. From the little bit Eli had told me, I knew Tataka was very devious, and would be able to use people’s emotions against them. Gabrielle sat down at her dressing table once again, and turned to her reflection. From my vantage point, I could see she was studying herself, and then her eyes were on my reflection.

“Are you afraid of me, Xena?” she purred.

My eyes widened at her tone of voice. It was the same she had used last night when she was taking…command. Was I afraid of her?

“No,” I answered. “Should I be?”

She smiled ferally at me, and I accepted the challenge, returning the expression with one of my own. “No, Xena, I don’t ever want you to be afraid of me,” she answered. “Especially in a beautiful bedroom like this.” She stood up again, and walked slowly toward me, purposely swaying her hips in a manner that would captivate my attention. She was standing in front of me again, and her hands slipped up over my shoulders. “It’s been a very long day…and I’ve missed you…Can we put all this unpleasantness behind us and just be together?”

I swallowed hard. “Of course, we can,” I answered.

She pulled my head down, and met my lips in a slow, languid kiss. Then, still holding my bent head, she continued. “Will you make love to me, Xena? I need to feel that you still love me…still desire me.”

A thousand thoughts raced through my mind at the implications of what she was asking of me. If I refused her, I knew that would be stirring up all kinds of trouble, and would more than likely, the situation would end up in more tears for her, and me feeling horribly guilty. If I accepted, and it was just a ruse that Tataka was cooking up, I could be in for another night of sexual torture, and maybe worse. Tataka knew my weak spots…she knew just how to make me most vulnerable. This turned my thoughts in a new direction. I began to wonder what Tataka’s weak spots were and whether or not I’d be able to exploit them. I’d have to do it without hurting Gabrielle, of course, but I suddenly felt the need to try and draw Tataka out to play.

“Of course, My Love,” I answered, drawing her tightly against me. “You never have to ask me to make love to you.”

I pulled her lips to mine, and answered her kiss with a firm one of my own, stroking my tongue over her lips repeatedly until she opened her mouth to me. Her tongue came out to meet me, and I pulled it into my mouth, nursing strongly on it, as my hands began to trek down over her shoulders.

Her fingers unfastened my scabbard, and she let it drop on the table behind me, and then she was reaching for my chakram and whip, both of which were on my belt. Her fingers took the wineskin from my own, and relieved me of that weapon as well. Then her hands slid up my arm, and under my shoulder straps, massaging my muscles there as I continued to massage the muscle of her tongue with my mouth.

Eventually, I released her tongue from the suction I had created, but she didn’t withdraw from my mouth. Instead, she explored the recesses of it, tickling over my gums and palate, probing beneath my tongue, touching me everywhere. I felt goosebumps form on my skin from the intimacy of it, and I felt lips on two different parts of my body tingle with expectation.

The pearls she was wearing rolled and pivoted beneath my hands, creating an interesting sensation on my hands. Even when I delved my hands beneath the shirt, I could feel the tiny orbs working against the back of my hands, and I was suddenly eager to feel them against other parts of my body. I wrenched my mouth away from hers, and gasped at the feeling of loss.

She was looking at me startled, but when she felt my hands on her ass, urging her to let me have her, she wrapped her arms and legs around me, allowing me to support her weight. I turned the half step needed, and then bent down, laying her out one of the divans. I bent with her, and then moved so I was kneeling between her bent legs on one knee.

She smiled tenderly up at me, and didn’t say a word, just watched as I began to pull my armor off my body. Usually, she would take an active roll in this particular ritual, but this time, her eyes were just following my movements, humming in approval as each piece was removed. I undid the fastenings of my leathers, and pulled them off my body, leaving me clad in my boots, breeches, and shift.

I moved to sit at the end of the divan, and pulled off my boots, then reached and slipped the slippers she was wearing from her feet. My eyes got caught up in her gaze again. Her tears were long gone, but her eyes still glittered and dazzled me in the candlelight. I watched her pink tongue come out to lick over her lips, and felt my mouth water from the action. When she lifted her arms out, I didn’t hesitate to cover her with my body, and let my mouth cover hers.

“Gods, you are so beautiful,” I whispered, framing her delicate features between my forearms as I hovered over her. “I don’t ever want to make you cry.”

“Crying comes with being in love,” she answered back. “But I’m done crying now…kiss me some more, Xena.”

I reached for the fastener at the back of her hair, and her hair sprung free. I wound my fingers through the golden tresses as I kissed her, loving the silky feel of the strands against my fingers. I wanted to take this very slowly, loving each and every inch of Gabrielle and no one else. If Tataka would allow me.

Her fingers were scratching lightly up and down my back, making the scratch marks she had left the night before throb, but not with any pain, just …awareness. I didn’t resist when she grabbed the hem of my shift, and wiggled obligingly so she could pull it up off my body, leaving my upper half bared. I shrugged the rest of the way out of the shift, and was going to lower my head to hers again, but she stopped me mid-arch by half sitting up, and closing her mouth over one of my nipples.

“Mmm…” she knew it drove me crazy when she made that little noise in the back of her throat, and I felt her arms wrap around my midriff as she tongued and teased my already erect nipple. It swelled and pulsed and I groaned as she worked at me, giving me no indication I was going to be denied my pleasure this night. Her teeth nipped at me, but not too hard…just hard enough to drive me to greater heights.

“You taste sooo good,” she murmured against my breast, then she turned her head to lave the same attention to the other one as well. She was still fully dressed, and all I could do was continue to hold her head as I rocked my body against hers, my cunt weeping out its need to feel a similar touch. She raised a leg, and I clamped my thighs around it immediately, rubbing my enflamed core back and forth over it. My eyes closed as I writhed in the erotic inundations.

“Yes, Gabrielle, yes…” I mumbled, while I still had breath. She was showing no sign of stopping, and I was determined that I would reach this orgasm quickly, safe in the knowledge that she wasn’t going to torment me by delaying my climax on this night. My movements picked up speed, and became more erratic, as she pressed her hard thigh deeper into the vee of my crotch, allowing me to gather even more friction. My breath caught in my throat as I felt my clit begin throbbing with the impending orgasm.

Her mouth gave a wet sucking kiss to my midriff before returning to the first breast, as I hunched against her. Her moist oral cavity seemed to be drawing in as much flesh as it could, causing me to arch my back harder against her, trying to thank her with my actions. When I felt a hand slip beneath my breeches, and a finger trace its way over the cleft in my ass, my climax began. Something in her movements reminded me of what I had done to her on the previous night, and the image of the phallus slipping in and out of her nether entrance was enough to send me screaming over the abyss.

I landed hard, but was careful not to crush her with my weight as my overtaxed lungs fought for air. I heard her giggle, and forced my head to raise so I could see what she was finding so humorous in the situation.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, chiding myself for sounding so suspicious.

She smiled sweetly at me. “You acted like you were in a race,” she answered with an innocent shrug. “I’ve never seen you so determined to come that fast.”

I raised an eyebrow at her, then lowered my head to her neck again. Did she have any clue why I had acted the way I did?

Apparently, she did. “Don’t be embarrassed, My Love…I’m very sorry for the way I treated you last night…I don’t know what made me act the way I did.”

I knew…but something in her tone of voice told me now wasn’t the time to bring it up. My thighs slowly unclenched from hers, but she didn’t seem in any hurry to remove her leg. It still continued to press into the sodden crotch of my breeches. “Will you forgive me?” she was asking me in that sweet voice of hers.

“Already done,” I whispered against her, and then I began to kiss and nibble at the flesh my face was buried against. Her body began to wiggle against me, and the pearls she was wearing seemed to grab at my nipples, arousing them to an even more fevered peak. I wanted to feel their influence down lower, and maneuvered my way out of my breeches.

“Straddle my hips, Xena,” I heard her whispering from somewhere below my mouth. “Please.”

Something in her voice was full of erotic promise, and I did as she asked, raising my head again to see what she was up to. Her fingers traced over my face, starting at my forehead, and ending up at my collarbones, before she continued, her voice still gentle. “Take off my shirt, Xena…”

She moved her body accordingly so I could undo the laces at the back of her shirt, and I pulled the garment free from her body. I looked at her eager to see what she wanted next. THIS was the kind of Gabrielle in control I liked to see, even longed for. A Gabrielle whose tender tones and hungry eyes made me respond immediately and to my fullest.

She bent her back so her breasts were pointing straight at me, making me salivate with the need to taste them. I watched with widening eyes as she swept her hands down her body, starting at the collar bone, and ending with her nipples poking through her splayed fingers. “I want to feel your mouth on my breasts,” she said, her tone still beseeching.

I felt my eyes narrow with pleasure as I licked over the fingers of her left hand, then nudged them aside with my tongue. Her hand caught in my hair as I sucked her nipple in.

“Perfect…” I heard her sigh, and I moaned my agreement as I laved the crinkled flesh of her areola with my tongue. Her erect nipple constantly poked at me, as I circled it, tightening the circle with each pass, until finally, I was licking right over the tip of it. I heard her gasp, and then her hand left my hair to brush over my back and press into my butt. She pushed, and I followed, allowing my hips to lower. I hadn’t been prepared for this.

My moan intensified as I felt the pearls on the front of her lower half of her outfit abruptly make contact with my clit, and then begin rolling beneath it. She moved her hips, and the white spheres moved erotically against my hardon, sending sparks of sensation through my whole body. It took me little time to find that by rocking my hips from side to side, I could further intensify the already breathtaking rapture her circular moments were bringing to me.

I found the presence of mind to switch to her other breast, but I’m sure I couldn’t be pleasuring me to near the extent she was pleasuring me. The strung together pearls seemed to grab hold of my erection, stretching and massaging it, and pulling it in ways I had never felt before. When I felt her hands urging me to sit up straight, I didn’t hesitate. I’d make sure she was well satisfied when I was done here.

“Ride me, Baby,” I heard Gabrielle chant over and over again, as her hands urged me to slide my body back and forth over her pearl covered mound. She was smiling gently up at me…I could make that much out before my eyelids grew too heavy to hold open anymore, and I did exactly as she said. The pearls continued to vibrate my clitoris, and now were working their magic against my inner labia and the entrance to my vagina, causing me to gasp for air that I was suddenly having trouble getting into my burdened lungs.

“Gods, Gabrielle!” My voice had a desperate tone as my hips began to buck uncontrollably and I pressed myself harder into her undulating body. Once again, there was an orgasm just beyond the horizon, and her hands on my waist urged me to reach it. This time, my climax was almost violent in its intensity, and I grabbed her up into my arms as my lower half continued to spasm in pleasure. I felt my pussy gape open and closed from the strength of the palpitations.

My thighs shook as if made of rubber when I pulled myself off her, but I was afraid she was going to want to continue, and I didn’t think I could take anymore right now. Besides, I know she had to be feeling a little left out, and I aimed to do something about that.

I laid myself out beside her, and let my mouth immediately take up the spot it had occupied before, this time on her right nipple. I propped myself up on one arm, and let the other hand stroke over the most sensitive areas of her body. When I felt her shiver and moan, I knew I was accomplishing my goal. I slid my hand beneath the cloth covering her pubis, and tested the waters.

The waters were flowing freely, and left a well lubricated path for my fingers to follow. I slid two of them down over her clit, and nestled them between her labia, just barely entering her vagina with the tips of them. “What do you want me to do to you, Gabrielle?” I whispered directly into her ear, before licking over the inner rim. “How do you want me to make love to you?”

Almost instantly, I sensed a change in her. The change I had been expecting, but had been hoping against hope that it wouldn’t happen. What brought about the change? Was it something in my words or actions, or was Tataka just tired of letting Gabrielle be herself? I listened to her pattern of breathing change, and felt her opening clench hard around my digits, not allowing me to move them any deeper.

“I’m not done making love to you,” I head her purr, in a voice that was an octave lower than her usual dulcet tones. “I don’t want you to feel neglected like you were last night.”

Oh Zeus, I was afraid of this! The dangerous glint in her eye told me that Gabrielle was gone now, and Tataka was the one in control of my bard’s movements. I felt my heart race with the knowledge that she was once again threatening to take complete control of me. Was I willing to let her? I could stop her, of that I had no doubt, but I didn’t want to risk hurting Gabrielle in the process. And I’m talking about not just physically hurting her, but mentally as well.

I tried to bow out gracefully at first…”No danger of that,” I told her, letting my fingers stay put, but allowing my thumb to brush over the elusive little nub of her clitoris, which had constricted into a pearl like formation of its own. “I just want you to share in some of what I’m feeling.”

“No, Xena.”

Her strong tone of voice and steely expression could have caught me off guard, but I realized this was my chance to assert a little control on Tataka. She seemed to think she could have total command over my actions, and this time, I was going to make sure she learned the truth.

“Yes, Gabrielle,” I told her pointedly, before plunging my mouth onto hers. I didn’t want Tataka to know I realized Gabrielle wasn’t in charge anymore. I licked over her lips and sucked her bottom lip into my mouth, being careful to keep my tongue out of reach of her teeth. I wouldn’t put it past Tataka to try to bite me.

I kept my left hand where it was, buried beneath the material of her skirt, and pushed myself up so I was sitting next to her on the divan. I could see she was gearing up to attempt to escape my touch, and wasn’t going to give her the opportunity. Quicker than even a demon could react, I had reached down and grabbed Gabrielle’s discarded shirt, and used it to tie her hands together. I looped the material around the frame at the head of the divan a few times, and effectively secured her hands.

“Xena, this isn’t funny…”

I looked up into the angry eyes of my lover, and allowed my intense gaze to bore into hers. “I don’t mean for it to be funny.”

She twisted and turned, struggling to free her hands, then stopped moving, seemingly sizing up the situation. I saw her eyes soften. “Come on, Xena…you don’t have to tie me up…I was just kidding you.”

“Just relax,” I told her, before bending to lick over a nipple again. “Just relax and enjoy what I do to you.”

Something in my voice seemed to calm her somewhat, and she relaxed the tense hold she had on my fingers long enough for me to slip them from her tunnel. I smiled against the nipple I was sucking on, and languidly made my way to the top of her slit, grabbing hold of the garment by the waist band. I heard a vague tearing sound as I pulled downward, and the material gave way, showering pearls onto the floor.

“What have you done?” she demanded, trying to pull her body upright again, and I silenced her by pressing my soaked hand to her mouth. I kept my fingers, lubricated with her own excitement pressed into her closed lips for long seconds, until she finally stopped trying to open them below me. I released her nipple with a resounding pop, so I could look her in the eye.

“Are you going to keep protesting?” I growled at her.

Her eyes were trying to defy me, but she shook her head no.

“I’m going to release your mouth,” I told her. “But if you start to resist again, I will gag you, do you understand?” She shook her head beneath my hand, and I slowly released her. She continued to glare at me, but she didn’t say anything. Satisfied that she was going to be quiet for a while, I smiled fiercely at her.

My wet fingers slowly stroked their way over her chin, until I was fingering the string of pearls that was looped numerous times around her neck. “Your people have been extremely generous to you,” I mused, fingering the necklace. “This is lovely, don’t you think so?”

She nodded again, apparently afraid to speak at all. I chuckled and began to remove the pearls from her neck, watching her anger flare, despite her silence.

“I think it would look even lovelier in other places,” I told her, showing her what I was doing. I wrapped the necklace repeatedly around my right hand, until it was covered in the gleaming white pearls. “The pearls felt wonderful against my clit,” I whispered, as I stroked my hand over her left nipple, letting her take in the unique sensation I was subjected to earlier. “How do you think they’ll feel inside?”

“Oh…” I heard her groan it softly, as I began to move my hand lower, leaving her no doubt of my intentions.

“Oh yes,” I continued, letting my hand make its way over her mound repeatedly. I stroked a couple of times over the top of her thighs, which she had clenched together. “You’d better spread those legs, Gabrielle,” I admonished. “Unless you want me to tie your legs apart. I promise you, you’ll regret it if I have to do that.”

Almost immediately, her thighs parted, leaving me a clear path to reach my goal. I was a little surprised that Tataka wasn’t putting up more of a fight. But apparently, she was a demon who never passed up a chance for sexual pleasure, and I would use that to my advantage.

The first pass of my pearl covered hand passed over her clit lightly, and her entire body tensed. I had barely touched her enough for her to feel it, yet she acted strongly. I laid my hand along the length of her slit, and began to rub up and down.

“Oh…” she repeated the sound again, and I saw her glancing unsure at me, as if afraid to let it go.

“It’s all right,” I told her. “I want to hear what I’m doing to you.”

“Thank you…” she hissed out the words, and her legs spread wider to welcome my invasion. I don’t know who was responding to me at that moment, but whoever it was, it was most favorably. I rubbed along her folds again, and this time, she gave me a heartfelt groan of appreciation.

“Good, isn’t it?” I asked her, pressing harder.

“Yesss…very good,” she answered, her stomach dancing sensuously.

I could see she was holding her breath as I narrowed my four fingers into a wedge, and lightly pressed into her opening.

Her pussy had been drenched before, but now, as I stroked inside her with gradually lengthening movements, it began to pour out her arousal. Her slippery juices effectively lubricated the pearls, causing them to move against each other as well as the inner surfaces of her body. Even the feeling against my fingers was incredible…I could only imagine what she must be experiencing.

“Very good,” she whispered again, as my fingers finally reached all the way inside her, filling her completely.

I noted with pleasure that she had broken out into a sweat from her efforts, and bent over to lick the salty perspiration from her cheek, before covering her lips with my own. The whole time, my hand was maintaining a steady pace, knowing I was driving her to her peak.

She was groaning and moving her hips up to meet each downward stroke of my hand, her sounds and movements telling me she was very close to spilling over the edge. I seriously considered doing exactly to her what she had done to me on the previous evening, teasing her to the very top and then not letting her achieve her climax. It was one of the cruelest tricks ever played on me, and I was sorely tempted to seek my revenge.

But Gabrielle was in there somewhere, and I just couldn’t do it to her.

“You’re so wet and tight,” I whispered into her ear, when she could no longer maintain enough concentration to return my kiss. “You are so close to coming…do you want to come for me?”

“I want to come,” she echoed, her body beginning to shake with the effort.

I wasn’t going to settle for that…I wanted her full cooperation. I stroked her a bit harder, allowing a twisting motion to accompany my hand. She gasped again.

“Who do you want to come for?” I asked, lowering my voice even more.

She continued to resist, and just tried to push even harder against my questing fingers. I responded by pulling out slightly, and stopping the movement of my hand.

“No!” she cried out, her hips continuing to buck, but I made sure she couldn’t get the stimulation she needed.

I sneered at her, knowing exactly whose body I was fucking right now. Gabrielle would have already told me what I wanted to hear.

“Not until you tell me,” I snarled, pulling my hand out a little bit further.

She froze the movements of her lower half, her chest heaving as she tried to stare me down. Confident who I was facing, I wasn’t going to let her get away with it.

My fingers had just slipped back a little further, when I head her cry out…”For you, Xena…I want to come for you!”

I winked at her. “That’s better,” I said, and I fucked the full length of my fingers into her again, watching her cunt come to life beneath my fingers once more.

“For you,” I heard her repeat softly, and when I stroked my pearl covered thumb over her clit, she sucked in her breath for a second, and then came in a long howling sound, her eyes clenched tightly shut.

I helped her stretch out the climax as long as I could, and when all her movements had stopped, I removed my hand from her body. She continued to lay there, breathing hard, but not moving other than that. I removed the pearls from my hand, and studied her for a long time, confused. What had I managed to accomplish?

I tried not to notice how my hands shook as I reached up and untied her hands. She still didn’t move.

Standing up, I reached for my clothes, wondering if I had made a terrible mistake. She was fast asleep when I left the room, once again, using the window as a door. I’m not sure who I was running from, Gabrielle, Tataka, or myself.

COMING NEXT WEEK: In the conclusion of the Devi trilogy, Xena convinces Eli to help her free Gabrielle of Tataka, as well as the throngs of followers she has amassed, so Xena and Gabrielle can have a little alone time.

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