Devi in a Pearl Dress--Gabrielle's Scroll

I slept a couple of hours, opening my eyes to look at Xena sleeping quietly, yet with a troubled look on her face. My hand drifted up to brush the side of her cheek as I felt my heart swell with emotion. I knew there was no way I could ever feel this kind of love for another soul. I moved a little more to my side to get a clearer view, and was suddenly reminded of the sex we had just hours before by the soreness between my legs and elsewhere. I still couldn’t believe she just took me in that way, but could I have forgotten asking for it? I felt very confused.

She was turned slightly on her side facing me. Her breasts looked so enticing and I wanted to go directly to her nipples with my mouth. I felt like I needed to talk to her first about last night though, so instead I would just lie here and enjoy the view.

I must have dozed off, because I felt her get up from the bed. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I was seeing correctly. Xena’s back was covered in deep claw marks, the blood still fresh in places. I felt a knot in my stomach when I looked at my fingernails and saw the evidence of my ungentle treatment to her body. She went to stand in front of the mirror, reaching for the salve to put on the cuts. Why couldn’t I remember this happening? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time I had scratched her back in the throes of passion, but those scratchmarks were nothing compared to the deep trenches on her back that had to be hurting her. I got up to walk over and stand behind her. “I didn’t know I got so…zealous,” I told her.

She told me it was worth every mark, but I noticed something missing from the way she said it. Her voice had a certain emptiness to it, like she was speaking rehearsed lines. There was no doubt that something was happening with me…something I could feel almost controlling me. The people hailed me as their healer, but this feeling I recognized lately wasn’t one of goodness or virtue. It was an aggressive, self-seeking nature, feasting from the adoration of the ignorance of people’s faith in my new character.

My confusion continued to mount the next day. Every time I emerged into public, followers flocked to join behind and around me. They gave me gifts of all sorts, many of them pearls, and even made an outfit of pearls to cover my body. I knew this was only a temporary visit, and what harm could there be in giving the people what they wanted? But the longer I acted as their idol, the easier it was to take on the identity of their Devi. And the harder it became to remember my own identity. Their sounds of praises were constant, and never got old. I was feeding off them.

I had been out of contact with Xena most of the day, and by early evening I had retreated to our room, sitting in front of the mirror admiring this new image the people had given me. When I learned that Xena had taken some of the sacred water as insurance, I became irate. She and Eli actually thought I had some sort of demonic spirit within me, and the fact that she had sided with Eli was a huge disappointment. She tried to calm me down, telling me not to cry and that it would be okay. I knew that I had questioned what was happening inside me, but for her not to clue me in that she, too, was worried…I felt betrayed.

The way she held me let me know she was at least trying to understand my feelings. We had seemed to become somewhat detached since our visit here. So many things had happened around us, and we had never experienced this kind of spiritual power before. It was all very frightening to me, and sometimes I needed her desperately.

I pulled away from her embrace and told her it was okay, because I knew there had been changes in me the last couple of days and I could understand her suspicions. I walked to the dressing table and looked at myself again, seeing Xena’s eyes following me by the reflection in the mirror. I suddenly saw something in her expression that I hadn’t noticed before. “Are you afraid of me, Xena?”

“No…should I be?” she asked.

“I never want you to be afraid of me…especially in a beautiful bedroom like this.” I closed the distance between us and wrapped my arms around her neck. “It’s been a very long day, and I’ve missed you…can’t we just put all this unpleasantness behind us and be together?”

“Of course we can,” she responded, and I pulled her down to meet my mouth in a very warm, soft kiss. “Will you make love to me, Xena? I need to feel that you still love me.”

She pulled me more tightly against her and kissed me passionately. I went to work unfastening her scabbard and weapons, trying to rid both of us from the obstacle they were imposing. Her hands found their way beneath my shirt and to my breasts, feeling incredible as they massaged and teased my nipples. She was sucking my tongue in firm strokes, causing my clit to beg for the same treatment. Suddenly she pulled her mouth away from mine and just looked into my eyes, not saying a word. Her hands made their way down my back and to my ass, and I felt my wetness gush when she pushed my hips into her mound. She was looking to me for approval and I had no intention of withholding anything from her. I wrapped my legs and arms around her, and she lifted my body and carried me to the divan, laying me down and letting her body cover me.

She lay between my legs and kissed me, then sat up and began removing the rest of her armor and leathers. I just watched as her body became exposed, licking my lips as I saw her dark, tight nipples beg for my mouth. I held out my arms for her, and before she covered my body, I sat up and took one of her breasts in my mouth, a low moan escaping my chest when I felt how hard she was.

“You taste soooo good,” I whispered, and raised my thigh to relieve some of the pressure I was hoping her crotch was feeling. I could feel the damp material of her breeches against my skin, and I went back to nursing her breasts. Her breathing was increasing by the moment, and I could feel her grinding her pussy hard against my leg. I resisted as long as possible and finally let my hand touch her sodden center beneath her underwear. The touch of her hot, slick flesh made my center contract with desire, but I was determined to bring her pleasure first.

She arched her back the harder I sucked her breasts, and the harder I sucked her breasts, the harder she slid against my fingers. In a matter of seconds, she was coming on my hand and making me want to strip every pearl from my body and have her cover me with her wetness.

She let her body fall on top of me, my leg still being clenched between her own. I held her gently as her breathing calmed and her body relaxed. She kissed along my neck and ear, making my body squirm with desire for her. “Straddle my hips, Xena…please?”

She moved her body as I asked, but still not resting her weight on me. I asked her to take off my top, and she helped to free my top half. I watched her eyes follow the movements of my hand as I traced my own skin from my neck down to my breasts and stomach. “I want to feel your mouth on my breasts, Xena…”

Without hesitation she leaned down and lapped her tongue around my breast, making my body react with an increased lust for her. “Perfect…” I said, feeling her continue to make love to my chest, knowing exactly how to make me feel the effects much lower. I started moving my hips beneath her and laid my hands on each side of her hips, pulling her pussy down to rest on top of the pearls that separated her flesh and mine. She groaned with approval from the sensation, and I concentrated on moving my hips in a circular motion, feeling my clit reaching for hers.

“That’s it…ride me, Baby…” I told her, watching as her head went back with pleasure. She sat straight up and I held tightly to each side of her hips, pressing her harder into me and insuring there wasn’t one part of her center missing any action.

“Gods, Gabrielle!” I heard her rasp, and felt her begin riding her pleasure against my thrusts. My hands went to her breasts and she grabbed me into her arms, holding my upper body against her as she met my thrusts with her own. Her body shook with vibrations as she came hard on top of me, and I was very close to orgasm myself just imagining being inside her as she came. She continued to sit on top of me for a few moments, kissing me and telling me how much she loved me. Just feeling the warm pressure of her body on top of mine caused the urgency between my thighs to grow. She excited me that much.

I can sometimes tell though, that her body becomes so sensitized after a climax or two that she needs to give it a rest before I can touch her some more. She pulled herself off me completely, and I knew that was the reason why. But I wasn’t going to complain, because that incredible mouth of hers was now closing in on a nipple.

I heard her whisper some of my favorite words. “What do you want me to do to you, Gabrielle?” she asked. “How do you want me to make love to you?”

I wanted to answer her question, I really did, but I suddenly found myself without a voice or emotion or physical awareness. It’s difficult to explain, but it was like I was a spectator in my own body, knowing what went on between my body and Xena, but not being able to experience it. I realized then that there WAS a spirit in me, and it couldn’t be a healing deity. A Devi wouldn’t torture me by denying the sensations of my warrior princess making love to me.

I think Xena was aware that something else had taken control, because even though I couldn’t communicate with her, I could see somehow that her whole mannerisms had changed. Gone was the tender lover she had been a moment before. Now she was being cold and demanding, and when my body didn’t cooperate the way she wanted, she tied it down and had her way with it. Oh, how I wish I could have felt her peral-covered fingers deep inside me, but whatever was in control had stoldn all the sensation for itself. I was left floating in space…aching to break free, but not knowing how.

When I became aware again, Xena was gone, and I was alone in our room. I was cold without her there to keep me warm, and I dressed in my regular clothes. Catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I noticed I was still heavily made up from yesterday. It made me look more mature, and I quickly pulled my hair up in the same style it had been yesterday, out of curiosity. It too, made me look older. I was so sleepy, that I decided I’d get rid of the makeup in the morning. I curled back up on the divan, hoping Xena would come to me and hold me.

COMING NEXT WEEK: In the conclusion of the Devi trilogy, Xena convinces Eli to help her free Gabrielle of Tataka, as well as the throngs of followers she has amassed, so Xena and Gabrielle can have a little alone time.

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