Jess and Melissa--Xena's Scroll

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Gabrielle beamed brightly at me, and stood on her tiptoes to press her lips to mine. “I know you didn’t really want to come here, and I will make it up to you, I promise!”

We had just entered our room in the inn in Athens, and had laid our saddlebags down when Gabrielle had thrown herself in my arms.

I gave her a slight shrug. Our travels brought us within a few miles of Athens, and it was Gabrielle’s favorite city, besides her hometown of Potodeia.

What was funny was I know she was aware of how close we were to the huge city, but she didn’t even ask me if we could visit. I guess she had decided not to, and now, I was very glad I had suggested it.

She kissed me once more, then twirled out of my embrace. “I’m going to order a bath to be brought upstairs. Do you think we could take a walk later on tonight, after we eat supper?”

Her eagerness was enchanting. “We’ll do whatever you want,” I answered. “The next couple of days are all about you. And what you want.”

She giggled at me. “That’s very sweet, Xena, but do you honestly think you’re going to make it through more than one poetry reading?”

I quirked a grin at her. “You’ve got a point, but you can do anything you want while we’re here. I just might not go with you to everything.”

She had her hand poised on the doorknob, ready to go downstairs and request a tub be brought up. “That’s okay,” she said, “as long as you spend your nights with me.”

I leered at her as I purposely raked my eyes up and down her body. “You can count on that.”

She gave me a little wave before disappearing out the door.

After we had cleaned up, Gabrielle again started talking about eating supper. One thing about Athens, there was an incredible variety of food types to choose from, and Gabrielle was having a hard time making up her mind.

“What sounds good to you, Xena?” she finally asked me.

“There’s a little place up the street a ways that specializes in Roman food,” I told her. “It’s really good…they have these little dumplings stuffed with meat and cheese that I think you’ll love.”

“Mmm…sounds good,” she said, taking my hand. “Will you lead the way?”

I led her to the small tavern, which was located in between two much flashier looking businesses. Gabrielle paused outside the door.

“What’s the matter?” I asked her.

She shrugged and grinned at me. “Delle’s place is just around the corner, isn’t it?” she asked me.


“I thought so. Can we stop in and say hello to her before we head back to the room?”

That surprised me very much. Delle ran the largest, most successful brothel in all of Athens. She was a loud, outspoken older woman whom I had known for years, long before Gabrielle. She was one of the few people who knew how agresssive and violent my sexual encounters of the past could be, and didn’t let it bother her in the least. She had met Gabrielle on two previous occasions, and they did seem to have taken a shine to each other, but for Gabrielle to want to visit the whorehouse…well, it still caught me off guard.

“Do you think we can just go see Delle to say hi?” I asked, with a wicked grin. “I walk in that place and my legs automatically want to take me upstairs.”

She laughed at me, and took my hand, pulling me into the restaurant with her.

An hour later, after declaring the meal one of the best we’ve ever shared, we were back on the street again. I had overdone it on wine and those meat dumplings, and was ready to go back to our room and call it an early evening.

“Can we go see Delle?” Gabrielle asked me.

One look in her bright green eyes, and I was a lost cause. “Sure,” I told her.

It only took a couple of minutes to arrive, and since it was early in the week, Delle’s place didn’t look too crowded. Most Athenians were paid on Thursdays or Fridays , and those were traditionally Delle’s busiest day of the week.

I pulled open the door, and swept my hand in a gesture for my lady to enter first.

I heard the usual swell of voices when I entered Delle’s place. Many of Delle’s girls knew me, and I’m sure a few of them recognized Gabrielle from our previous visits.

“Wonder where Delle is,” Gabrielle asked, as she smiled at some of the girls, looking around. “I don’t think I’ve ever walked in her and not had her meet me at the door.”

“Yeah, it is kind of unusual,” I answered. I pulled the door shut behind me and urged Gabrielle to walk toward the parlor. Something seemed wrong tonight; the atmosphere was unusually quiet.

I glanced around the parlor, looking for someone I knew by name. I felt a pinch on my ass, and whirled to see Monique, the extremely pretty brunette who had told me Delle needed to talk with me on my last trip to Athens. It had all been a ruse to get me there, as Gabrielle had a surprise waiting for me upstairs.

She grinned at me, holding her hands up as if to ward off a blow. “Sorry, Xena…I jut cannot resist that fine ass of yours.”

That brought Gabrielle attention, but I still had her hand, and I gave it a squeeze. “Hello, Monique,” I replied. “We wanted to say hi to Delle. Where is she?”

“She’s in the back office,” Monique answered. She took hold of my free hand. “Come on.”

I tried to give a casual grin to Gabriel, but she didn’t seem too upset by Monique’s forward behavior.

“She’ll be glad to see you,” Monique was saying. “She’s got a problem that no one else has been able to help her with. She kept saying she wished you were in town, because she knew you’d be able to help.” She led us through a doorway that seemed to be located behind the steps leading upstairs to the…business rooms.

I had just opened my mouth to ask her what the nature of the problem was, when Monique stopped in front of a heavy door. “Wait here,” she told us, and then she disappeared behind the door.

We were standing in a sparsely decorated hallway, dimly lit by a few candles.

“You ever been back here before?” Gabrielle asked me curiously.

“No, I’ve been in Delle’s main office a few times, but it’s located in the front of the house. I guess she keeps two offices.”

We stood in the hallway for a moment or two, and then the door flew open. “Well, I’ll be fucked by Poseidon’s trident, it really is you, Xena!” Delle was as exuberant as ever when she threw her arms around my neck and gave me a big bear hug.

“Hiya, Delle,” I answered, returning the hug. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Gabrielle was noting that Delle had grabbed a big handful of my butt, just as Monique had. She raised her eyebrows, but just waited for Delle to release me.

“Apollo’s asshole, but you feel good, Xena. Ever time I cop a feel, it’s like you’ve gotten a little more…muscle.”

“Thanks, Delle.” I pulled away and stepped back, so Delle could see who I was with.

“And there’s my sweet little Sugar Lumps,” she exclaimed, her eyes lighting up again when she caught sight of Gabrielle.

I quirked an eyebrow at Gabrielle. “Sugar Lumps?” I mouthed, but she just gave me a warning look with her eye before returning the hug Delle gave her.

Delle pulled away from Gabrielle finally, and still holding one of Gabrielle’s hands, she took one of mine, and said, “Come on in.”

We dutifully followed Delle through the doorway, and into a lushly decorated room. A huge desk dominated the far end other room, and there was a mess consisting of pieces of parchment scattered all over the desk.

“Come on in, and have a seat, Ladies,” Delle said. There were two soft looking arm chairs in front of the desk, and Gabrielle and I each sat in one.

“Where did Monique go?” I asked, glancing around the room. I hadn’t seen her since she went into the office to retrieve Delle.

“She took the back way,” Delle replied, pointing to a door off to the left of the desk. “She said something about not being able to resist grabbing that sweet ass of yours, and being afraid of Gabrielle and her sais.”

Gabrielle laughed triumphantly at that. “She’s smarter than she looks,” she quipped.

Delle planted herself on the front edge of the desk. She looked at me, then at Gabrielle, then at me again. Her smile was totally gone now.

“All right, Delle,” I said, leaning forward in my chair. “Monique said you were having some kind of trouble, and I can tell by the look on your face that it’s true. What’s up?”

Delle looked me in the eye then. “Yeah, we’ve got a problem. Someone is robbing my customers while they are…uh…engaged in their business.”

“Robbing them? You mean picking their pockets?”

“I don’t know if you can call it that, “ Delle answered with a wry grin. “Is it considered pocket picking if you’re pants aren’t on at the time you are robbed?”

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Gabrielle flushing from the mental image. I found it endearing that she could still be so easily embarrassed even after all our past experiences. But now I needed to focus on Delle.

“SO give me the details, Delle,” I pressed.

“In a second, Xena. Do either of you ladies want a drink?” We both shook our head, still plenty full from supper. “Well, I’m going to have one.” She sat behind the huge desk, and I heard a drawer slide open. Delle lifted a good-sized bottle and glass and poured herself a drink. Even from where I was sitting, I could smell the strength of the alcohol.

She replaced the bottle in the drawer, and held up a long thin cigar. “Care to join me?” she asked. I laughed at the shocked expression on Gabrielle’s face, but shook my head along with her. Delle lit the cigar, took a long sip of her drink, and leaned back in her chair.

“Ready to tell me?” I asked, unable to curb my impatience.

“Ready,” she said finally, after a long exhale.

It took about a half hour for her to tell us everything she knew. The thefts had started about a month or so ago. The first one was a racetrack owner who noticed his wallet was gone when he pulled his pants back on. There was over 150 dinars missing. Of course, Delle questioned the woman he was with, but Diedre had been with Delle for close to ten years now, and I shook my head the moment I heard her name. Gabrielle eyed me curiously as I said I had no doubt Diedre was innocent, but she didn’t ask the question I knew she was thinking.

Delle had apologized profusely to the man, and then replaced the missing money. She really didn’t have to pay it back, but it would be best for business if she did.

The next robbery was eight days later. It was a local merchant angina, and the loss was a little over 100 dinars. This time the girl was a younger prostitute named Ellie. I didn’t know her, but Delle assured me Ellie had been with her for over two years now, and she trusted her implicitly.

There were two thefts the week after that, and there had already been one this week. All in all, it had cost Delle over 800 dinars. There was a different girl working during each theft. And no one had seen any strangers wandering around.

Delle poured herself another glass. “That’s pretty well it, Xena,” she said. “What do you think?”

“I dunno,” I mused my response. “The first thing we need to do is establish who the actual target is…the men…or you.”

“Whatta ya mean? The money’s being taken from the men, not me,” Delle protested.

“Yes, but you’re the one who ends up replacing the stolen money,” Gabrielle added. “If it’s someone who knows you well enough to know you’d replace the stolen money, then they’re actually stealing from you.”

I nodded, very pleased that Gabrielle had picked up on that.

“So you think it might be someone who’s out to get me?” Delle asked slowly.

“You or your money,” I answered. “It’s very possible.”

“How are you going to find out what’s going on?” Gabrielle was asking me then.

I narrowed my eyes and thought about it for a minute. Then a slow grin spread across my face. “Delle,” I asked. “Does the back way that Monique took lead to your wardrobe room?”

“Yes,” she answered.

“Good.” I stood and took Gabrielle’s hand. “We’d like to check out what you have to offer.”

We stayed at Delle’s for yet another half hour or so, and left the establishment with far more than we had entered with. I explained most of my plan to Delle and Gabrielle, while we searched through the extensive clothing collection Delle kept on hand. It drove Gabrielle crazy when I wouldn’t show her what I had picked out, but I wanted to have at least a little fun with this mission. After accepting another round of hugs from Delle, we left to go back to our room.

There was a three quarter moon that night, but the wind was cool, and there weren’t many people out this late. We strolled leisurely, our arms around each other. In some villages, two women walking the way we were was an invitation for rude comments, ridicule, sometimes even attack or arrest but Athens was a very liberal city. That’s why Ephiny had planned on moving there once upon a time. She and her centaur husband and son would have been accepted there, no questions asked.

There was a small park not far from our inn, and I asked Gabrielle if she wanted to check it out before we returned to our bedroom. The wine I had with dinner had long since worn off, and I was no longer sleepy. Gabrielle accepted readily.

The bushes and trees offered some protection from the wind. We sat on a bench in the middle of the park, not seeing anyone else around. For a while, we just sat there in a comfortable silence. I had my right arm wrapped around Gabrielle’s shoulders, and she was holding my left hand in her own. It was an incredibly tranquil moment in a normally noisy, bustling city. I closed my eyes and leaned back against the back of the bench comfortably.

Less that a minute later, I felt her lips on mine, and my eyes fluttered open. Her beauty in the moonlight stole my breath like a punch to the gut. I used the hand on her shoulder to pull her closer, so I could deepen the kiss.

“Do you remember the last time we were in Athens?” I whispered in her ear. “Do you remember what you did to me in that theatre?”

Her groan against my lips answered the question. I pulled onto my lap, so her lower legs would hang over my thighs and the end of the bench. Now her hands were joined at the back of my neck, and she was still tasting my mouth. I focused on returning the heated kisses, but let my hands begin to roam. I cupped one of her breasts, through the material of her shirt, and gave it a firm squeeze. She gasped against my lips, and arched her back into my touch. I felt her nipples pointing abruptly into my palm, and I chuckled against her mouth. She certainly wasn’t being shy about making her desires known to me tonight!

I laid my left hand on her belly, massaging her tense abdominals for a couple of minutes. Then, before she could stop me, I snaked my fingers up underneath her shirt, so I could caress the bare flesh of her breast.

She moaned into my mouth as I caught her nipple between my second and third finger, and rolled it between them. I tore my mouth away from hers, so I could lick and suck at her neck. There was an area of flesh, just below her chin, that lately, when stroked, would make her tremble and whimper with sensation. I latched onto it, even as my hand was traveling across her cleavage to bring the same treatment to her other breast.

“Oh, Xena,” I heard her breathy moan, as my fingers began to tease just under the waistband of her skirt. I would have easier access if I went up under her skirt, but I opted for the more difficult path, beneath her skirt and panties. It would be more discreet, in case someone came along, and I know she was aware of that. I didn’t really care though; I just wanted to feel my hand trapped against the heat of her pussy.

“Do you want it, Gabrielle?” I whispered in her ear, before giving her a long sucking kiss just below it. “Do you want me to touch your cunt?”

“Yes, Xena, I want you to touch my pussy…please…” I pulled her comfortably into the crook of my left arm, giving her back support and my other hand free reign. And this time, I plunged my hand beneath her skirt and her underwear, and I left it there for quite some time.

“Oh yeah, Xena…that’s so good…” Gabrielle was moving her hips in time with my stroking fingers, her head lolled back in her pleasure. She had already come once on my hand, but I was determined to bring her over the top again.

I heard a noise then, and my hand froze, in mid stroke. Gabrielle’s head lifted, and her alarmed eyes told me she had heard the noise too. We both turned in the same direction simultaneously.

A young couple had stepped into the clearing that our bench was located in. They had approached so quickly, I was too wrapped up in what I was doing to pull my hand back, and now, it was too late. Gabrielle drew a deep breath, and buried her face in my shoulder.

The auburned hair woman’s eyes slowly traveled from Gabrielle’s midriff, up to my face. She smiled softly, and turned, taking the young man’s hand. “Come on, Telenthus, we need to find us another bench.” The man allowed himself to be led, but not before turning back to look at Gabrielle and me one more time. He gave me a wink and a nod, and I found myself grinning. Yes, I was beginning to love Athens more and more.

“They’re gone,” I whispered down to Gabrielle, giving a slight nudge with my shoulder. “You okay?”

The answer I got, was a sharp nip to my shoulder. “Finish what you started,” I heard her murmur against my neck, as she tightened her vagina around my fingers.

I grinned again, pleased she didn’t let our visitors bother her. I began to move my hand in earnest again, giving her just what she wanted.

“What time do you want to go to Delle’s?” she asked me the next morning, after breakfast.

“Not till after sundown,” I answered. “You should get there just after the sun goes down, and I’ll come along a little while later.”

“All right.” She bent and relaced her left boot, and I knew I was in for it when she straightened again. I could tell by the look on her face. “Please give me a hint of what you’re wearing tonight,” she begged me. “Please…”

I grinned at her. It had been quite a feat to secure some of the pieces of the outfit without her seeing, but Delle helped me considerably, using her substantial girth to block Gabrielle’s view as much as possible. That, coupled with a few acrobatic moves of my own, ensured that I was able to keep my outfit a secret.

We spent most of the day together, only splitting up every once in a while when something different caught both our eyes at the same time. The only thing we spent any money on today was a light lunch, but there was enough to see and do to keep us occupied.

Finally, it was getting close to the time we should be getting ready for the night.

I sat on the edge of the bed in my shift, and watched Gabrielle get dressed. My plan was simple enough. Gabrielle was to become one of Delle’s girls, and I was going to be the wealthy customer who hires her for the night. Delle, Monique, and a couple of Delle’s most trusted employees would keep Gabrielle safe and out of sight until I arrived. Once I was there, well, the rest was easy enough to figure out.

“I think it was a big mistake for me to watch you dress,” I moaned after a while. “That’s almost as sexy as watching you undress.”

She bent over, pointedly facing away from me as she pulled a pair of black stockings over her calves and up over her thighs. My eyes were riveted to her garter belt as she clipped the stockings into place.

“I am going to enjoy ripping those back off of you,” I growled at her.

She peered back at me over her shoulder, looking innocent. “You like this?” she asked, indicating her nylon covered legs.

I stood up abruptly. “I’m going downstairs,” I told her. “I don’t think I can handle this.”

I heard her delighted laugh as I retreated from her alluring presence quickly. I went down to the bar and cooled my hot face with a mug of ale. Unfortunately, it did nothing to cool certain other parts of my anatomy, but I planned on taking care of that soon enough. Gabrielle had the temporary victory, but it wasn’t going to be so easy for her to win this war.

I had finished my second mug by the time she had appeared at the top of the stairs. She wore her long overcoat, as I had directed. Even with me escorting her, there was no way I was going to let her walk the streets of Athens dressed the way she was. She spotted me at the bar, and made her way over to me.

“Ready to go?” I asked her.

“Yes,” she smiled.

“Okay, let’s do it.”

I walked her to Delle’s and we went in the back entrance, as instructed by Delle. She was waiting for us, and assured me she’d keep Gabrielle hidden, until I returned.

I gave Gabrielle a kiss, and fingered the collar of her coat. “Aren’t you going to take this off now?” I asked.

“Oh no, you don’t,” she laughed, wiggling a finger at me. “I decided that you don’t get to see anymore of me until I see what you’re up to tonight.”

I gave her a wink. “Fair enough,” I told her. “I’ll be back in less than half an hour.”

Once back in the room, I quickly stripped off my leathers and shift, and took a quick bath in the lukewarm tub. It took a few minutes longer than usual to dress, but glancing in the mirror on the dresser, I had to grin. Oh yeah, it was worth it. Even if it didn’t have the desired effect on Gabrielle, just seeing her reaction would make it all worthwhile.

I decided that I too would wear a long coat, but I decided not to take my chakram, even though I could have hidden it beneath the coat. I didn’t want to take the risk of someone spotting it while I was walking down the street with it strapped to my belt. Someone sharp might know there was something amiss…only Xena carried a weapon like that. So I tucked it carefully in the bottom of my saddlebag, knowing it would be safe, before heading downstairs.

I noted the responses of those who looked at me as I walked through the lobby and out into the street. Yep, this was going to work out well.

I cut the ten minute walk to Delle’s down by half, by doubling the length of my strides. I saw several pairs of eyes follow me as I strode along, and that pleased me, but tempted as I was, I didn’t stop to flirt. My bard was waiting for me.

Finally, I was standing outside Delle’s front door, making sure everything was still where it was supposed to be. It was, so I pulled open the door, and walked in.

There were a few more patrons tonight than on the previous evening, but the place still wasn’t filled to capacity. A few heads that had been involved in conversation turned my way, and then went back to their transactions. The women who weren’t already engaged were giving the signals to each other, trying to decide who was to approach the newcomer, me. They were cut off though, by an enthusiastic Delle.

“Jess!” she hollered, closing the distance between her regular office and me effectively. “Jess, I can’t believe it!”

Jess? I could go with that. I let a seductive grin slide over my features. “Hiya, Gorgeous,” I replied, lowering my normally deep voice another notch or two. “Did you really think I could stay away?” I winked at Delle, then bent her over backwards, planting a solid kiss on her lips.

A smothered yelp came out of Delle at my sudden movement, and I heard the startled exclamations of many of her girls around us. Finally, I straightened, pulling Delle up with me. She stared at me, openmouthed for a few seconds, then seemed to mentally shake herself. “Well, it’s good to see you too, Jess,” she said, with a nervous laugh.

By now, several of the girls were approaching me. It was protocol for them to take turns when a new customer entered, but I knew they would forego the rules if someone particularly appealing came in. When I had visited in the past, in my regular guise, it would happen frequently. I had to grin just a little. I hadn’t lost my touch.

“Now, now, Girls,” Dells was saying, shooing the women away with her hands. “I know Jess is a fine hunk of masculinity, but I also know that his tastes are two things…expensive and unusual.”

I grinned at her, wondering how she would handle introducing Gabrielle out of nowhere. “And it’s been a while, Delle,” I added, milking the story. “Make sure she has lots of…energy.”

“You want a redhead, Jess?” Delle asked, primping her own auburn hair. The last time we had been there, it had been blonde, very similar in color to Gabrielle’s.

I pretended to consider it. “No, I think I’d like a blonde tonight…a little one.”

“Hades’ hardon, Jess! You aren’t planning on eating her alive, are you?”

I wiggled my eyebrows at her. “I won’t swallow her,” I promised. “but I will be chewing on her quite a bit.” I got a sudden idea. “You wouldn’t have a naughty girl for me, would you Delle?” I made it a point to look over each woman in the room. “Someone who needs a little…discipline?”

Delle chuckled at my scheming. “Most of my girls behave very well,” she answered, as if she couldn’t think of anyone.

Monique, who had appeared out of nowhere suddenly leaned in and whispered something in Delle’s ear. Her eyes were on me the whole time. “Good thinking,” Delle purred at her. She smiled at me again. “We’ve got just the right one for you, Jess,” she said then. “A beautiful little thing that just marched in here and demanded I put her to work. Then she wanted it to be on HER terms. I think she could be taught a lesson or two at the end of your whip.”

My hand instinctively stroked over the coiled leather at my waist. Then, on a whim, I readjusted my hand, and stroked it over my crotch. “I have the feeling I’m going to tame her with this instead,” I snarled.

Delle swallowed and nodded, and I don’t think it was entirely part of the act. She turned to Monique. “Go get Melissa,” she told her.

Monique gave me the eye one more time, then nodded, and went off to do Delle’s bidding.

“Come with me, Jess,” Delle said, wrapping an arm around my elbow and leading me into the parlor. “You can at least check out some of the other merchandise while you’re waiting.”

I allowed her to pull me to the far side of the room, where the shadows darkened the corner considerably. I slumped down in the corner, making myself as non-obtrusive as possible, and waited.

It wasn’t long before I saw her enter the room, right behind Monique. I thought my eyes would bug out of my head as I caught sight of the low-cut cream colored dress she wore. I was immediately torn by trying to decide which I found more luscious, the thighs that peaked out from the split skirt, or the swelling expanse of breast that gleamed at me, even at this distance..

I noticed all the male eyes and quite a few female eyes had turned to watch Gabrielle’s entrance into the room. I felt myself bristle as some of them whispered comments, but Gabrielle didn’t seem aware of them as she searched the room. I saw her eyes seek out Monique’s, then Delle’s, as she didn’t spot me. They both grinned and shrugged at her, obviously having fun with this.

I saw her steel her shoulders, and then she began a more serious, thorough search of the room.

I crossed my arms, and watched as her eyes looked straight at me, then continued to move. They didn’t get very far, before returning to look at me again. I saw them widen slightly, as she realized she had found me. I stood up straight, and gave her a slow nod. Monique reached out, and gave Gabrielle a slight push forward, and then she was walking toward me.

She was now standing a hairsbreadth away from me, but I realized there were still many curious gazes focused on us, so I continued the masquerade. “I’m Jess,” I told her, bowing my head ever so slightly.

I raised my head in time to see her eyes drinking in the length of my body, before locking into my own gaze.

“I’m Melissa,” she whispered. “I’ve been told I am to please you tonight.”

I gave her a long going over with my own eyes. Her breasts won the contest, no doubt about it, but they had help as the bustier pushed them up enticingly, offering them to me as though they were a feast. What a coincidence I thought to myself , as I soon would be feasting upon them.

“Do you think you’ll be able to?” I asked her.

“Please you?” She relaxed into a smile I was very familiar with. “I have no doubt.”

“Prove it”, I growled, and her smile never faltered as she lifted her head and pressed her mouth hungrily against mine. I wasn’t expecting the hunger in her mouth, at least not this soon, but quickly caught my breath and returned the kiss with an answering passion of my own. Just the feeling of her nipples pressing into my chest was enough to raise my pulse.

I didn’t hesitate to let my hands slip around her, and just see what kind of response I would get, I slid my hands down over her lower back and then grabbed her ass cheeks in either hand. I lifted slightly, and pulled her crotch toward mine. “Oh!” I heard her squeak, as she felt my hardness press into her.

“Can you feel that, My Sweet?” I rasped in her ear. “Just seeing your angelic little face and hot little body made me get hard.” I wiggled my lower half for emphasis.

It didn’t take long for her to catch on to what she was feeling, and she smiled seductively up into my eyes. “I can feel it,” she replied, her voice barely above a whisper, “and I can’t wait to feel it inside me.”

I know she wasn’t lying, and I pulled her to me for another hungry kiss, threatening to devour her mouth with my own. My hands continued to hold on tight to her backside, but I became aware that her own hands had an agenda of their own. She was making little sounds in the back of her throat, as she reached up and grasped the pony tail I had tied my hair back in. It wasn’t unusual for a man to have very long hair, but they usually didn’t wear it loose, so I had restrained mine. Her other hand was on my chest, and I know she was feeling it to see how I had managed to conceal my breasts. The black silk shirt I was wearing was voluminous, but I had wrapped a swaddling cloth around my chest to make sure I appeared…flat enough.

I saw her eyes open slightly as she realized what I had done, and then I felt her hand give my breast a firmer squeeze. My nipple grew hard and pressed into her palm, despite all the barriers between us. As soon as she got the response she desired, I could feel her hand wandering south.

“Oh yeah,” I heard her murmur as she finally took hold of the lump at my crotch. “I like this a lot, Jess. Are you sure it’s all for me?”

Her blatant actions could have shocked me, but I just felt excitement instead. She had a firm hold on me, and was stroking the erection in a slow rhythm. Besides the sheer eroticism of the idea of it all, she was making sure to press the phallus I was packing into my cleft, causing it to press against my clit repeatedly. My hips began to move into her touch of their own volition.

I know we were being watched by others in the room, and perhaps that made it even better for me. At any rate, I melted into Gabrielle’s touch, and my eyes closed as she continued the movement. I lowered my head, and allowed her to hold me up against the wall, masturbating my wooden cock through the material of my leather pants. “It’s all for you,” I finally answered, and I grabbed her around the shoulders, and whirled around, taking her with me. I was on the verge of orgasm, and was afraid the sounds my body was dying to make might actually give my gender away.

Gabrielle squeaked in surprise when I pressed her up against the wall, but she didn’t make any effort to get away from me. “You are quite the tease, Little Girl,” I growled, lowering my head until my lips were just touching hers. “You need to learn to be careful when you tease me…I will only take so much.”

My eyes bore down into hers, letting her know it was all part of the act. Her own eyes smiled back at me, sparkling with excitement. I pressed my thigh upwards, until it was pushing into the juncture of her thighs. I watched Gabrielle’s eyes roll back in her head when I lifted upward. The thick leather pants I had on prevented me from feeling her moisture seeping through, but my nose told me it was there.

I couldn’t keep the desire from getting to me, and I kissed her again, as I continued to fuck my thigh against her. There was no hidden disguises to prevent her from coming in public, and I suddenly found my own crotch sodden with juices as I told myself I was going to bring her to orgasm right here, in front of the people around us. Many of them were continuing to watch us, most of them surreptiously, but they were getting a show they wouldn’t soon forget.

I’m not sure at what moment Gabrielle became aware that I had no intention of stopping, but she dug her fingers into my biceps, and began to whimper as the sensations began to increase. I could tell by her hip movements that she was very close. I knew how to bring her over.

“You are a hot little thing, do you know that?” I whispered in her ear. “I can feel your thighs clenching my own, not willing to let go until you’ve come all over it. I can’t wait to feel your legs wrapped around my waist as I give you a real fucking. It’s been a long time for me, and I intend to catch up on a whole lot of fucking tonight.” I punctuated my statement with a bite on her earlobe, and I felt her begin to spasm.

“Gods,” I heard her grunt, and I saw a myriad of expressions fly over her face, despite the fact she had her eyes closed. I know she was a little embarrassed by her public fulfillment, but at the same time, I could feel her body tremble with which I was very familiar with. It was a shiver of pure pleasure.

I held her in my arms, supporting her on my thigh for a few seconds, allowing her to calm down. “You see what happens when you play games with me?” I smirked, when her eyes had finally opened again. I kept my head bent over hers, so the wide brimmed hat I wore could protect her face from the stares of anyone else.

“I see,” she whispered, in reply. I slowly lowered my thigh, making sure she would be able to stand on her own two feet. She could. I could feel her hands creeping around my back again, this time finding purchase in the top of my ass. I felt a pulsating in my cunt, when I realized my little bard was now going to be bent on revenge.

“Hey, uh…Jess…”

I suddenly became aware that there was a hand on my shoulder, and someone was trying to get my attention. I turned my head and looked at Delle, not really trying to mask my irritation at being interrupted.

Delle smiled nervously at me. I realized it was an expression I had never seen on her face before. “Jess…I know the others have enjoyed watching you and Melissa, but…well…”

“I know, I know…gotta pay for the merchandise.” I took hold of Gabrielle’s hand. “Come on, I’m not letting you out of my sight.”

I followed Delle to the office located in the front of the building, keeping my eyes peeled for anything unusual. I suspected the thefts might not be taking place while the customer was upstairs, and this would be the first place they might happen.

I saw nothing unusual as we entered Delle’s office. I took a quick look around the room, and seeing that no one was hiding there, I grinned at Delle. “Well?…How are we doing so far?”

Delle fanned her face with her hand. “I swear by the Titans’ tits, Xena,” she exclaimed. “That was the hottest show I believe I’ve ever seen put on in my sitting room!” She winked at Gabrielle. “You didn’t have to fake any of that, did you, Sugar Lumps?”

Gabrielle grinned back at her. “Nope. Not a bit.”

Delle nodded. “I didn’t think so. Well, even if it doesn’t make another robbery occur, people will talk about this night for a long time.”

“We haven’t even gotten started yet, Delle,” I told her.

“Oh yeah,” Delle replied. She reached inside her desk, and pulled out a small money bag. “Here ya go…Jess.”

I took the bag and fastened it to my belt. Delle had said that two of the robbed men kept their money just like this. “I prepared it just like you told me to,” Delle told me.

“All right, great.” I did my best to concentrate on the matters at hand, but it was difficult with the tightened feeling in my cunt. In reality, all I was worried about was getting Gabrielle upstairs. and finishing what she had started earlier, in the parlor. “Well?” I asked Gabrielle, turning to look at her. “Are you ready to get on with it?”

Her smile answered my question. She was having trouble focusing on the mission as well.

Delle laughed at us, as we stood there and smiled at each other like a couple of lovesick kids. She stood up and wrapped an arm around each of us. “Go on,” she said, “before you start fucking right here on the desk. I do have some more transactions to conduct, you know.” She handed me a key. “You’re in room twelve.”

Thanks, Delle,” Gabrielle said then, and we left the office, with my arm around her.

We were careful to take on our personas again as we stepped out into the hallway. Several people in the parlor, many of them new, looked over at us, as we started upstairs, but we ignored them.

Room twelve was located on the second of three floors, down at the end of the hall. Sounds coming from the first two rooms we passed told us that the other rooms were being put to good use.

I could hear a woman’s voice shouting as we neared room ten, and as we started to pass by it, the door flew open suddenly, and a man was sent stumbling out of the room. He bumped into Gabrielle, who nearly lost her footing, but I steadied her. The man collapsed face down on the floor. A young woman, unfamiliar to me, was standing in the doorway. She had tears in her eyes.

“What’s the problem?” I asked her. She was fully dressed, and appeared uninjured.

The woman drew a shuddering sigh, and then said, “Partides has been here many times,” she said, “but I’ve never seen him this drunk. He requested me for tonight, and that’s fine, except…I didn’t want to do what he wanted me to do.”

Delle ran a regimented place, and I’m sure it wasn’t the first time one of the clients had unexpectedly gotten rough with one of the girls. In my sordid past, I had paid good money to get rough with some of the ladies, in fact. But not all Delle’s girls would do that, and they were never expected to submit, unless they were being paid to do so and had agreed to it.

I nodded at the girl, and then glanced at Gabrielle. “I’ll take this bum downstairs,” I told her. “You get her,” I indicated the redheaded girl “settled in, and be in room twelve in five minutes.” I handed her the key to the room.

I escorted Partides downstairs by hanging on to the collar of his shirt. He didn’t put up any resistance as I dragged him into Delle’s office. Her door was open, so I walked right in. I let go of Partides and he landed on his face at the floor in front of Delle’s desk.

She didn’t look very surprised to see him. She came around the desk and lifted the fairly handsome guy by his hair, so she could look him in the face. His eyes were open, but were glazed over. “This is it, Partides,” she told him. “I’ve given you enough warning and I told you the next time you cause a problem, you’ll be banned from here. I don’t want to see your drunken carcass in here again.”

“You want me to show him out the door, Delle?” I asked her with an evil grin.

“Thanks, Jess.”

“My pleasure.”

She followed me to the doorway and watched me toss the drunk out, then shrugged at me. She leaned in close enough to whisper, “I haven’t seen him in at least two months,” which told me that he wasn’t our culprit.

I returned the shrug, then readjusted my crotch, and headed back up the stairs.

I noticed the door to room ten was still open, and glanced in on my way past it. The girl was sitting at the foot of the bed, but called out “Wait!” as I walked past.

“Yes?” I turned to see what she wanted, trying not to let my impatience dominate me.

The woman stood, and then approached me. “I wanted to thank you,” she said. “I’m Janneret, and I know you’ve apparently already arranged a night with that pretty little blonde, but a big handsome guy like you might enjoy two women better.” While she spoke, she ran a hand up over my shoulder, while the other hand pressed against my crotch.

I gave her a polite smile and a tip of my head. “Thanks, Janneret,” I answered slowly, “but I’m going to have my hands full taking care of the little spitfire waiting for me.” I disentangled myself from her, and closed the remaining steps to room twelve.

“Maybe next time?” I heard Janneret ask, and I turned my head to see she was staring wistfully at my ass.

Knowing there would never be a next time, I nodded with a sexy smile. “You got it,” I told her.

Finally, I was able to enter the peace and quiet of Gabrielle and my room. I opened up the door, and the smile that still flirted on my lips deepened considerably.

“Hello there, Jess, isn’t it?” came her seductive voice.

I took in the form of my love, stretched out on her side on the bed. She had her head propped up on an arm, and I felt more wetness gush from my center, just from taking in her beauty.

“Uh huh,” I answered, shutting and locking the door behind me. I walked over to the bed, and stood at the side of it, her face even with my upper thighs. “And you’re Melissa, right?”

She grinned at me. “That’s right.”

I reached down and wound my fingers through the blonde hair on the side of her head. “Well, Melissa,” I rasped, “how about returning the favor I gave you downstairs by sucking my cock?”

She giggled and then looked up at me, licking her tongue over her lips. “I’d love to,” she told me.

I had to return the smile, and leaned down and gave her a quick kiss. I loved it when she was as into our games as I was.

She reached for my belt, but I took a step back, making her eyes open wide in surprise. “Wait a minute,” I drawled.

“It’s going to be kind of hard to suck your cock from there,” she told me with a mischievous glint in her eye.

I made a show of stroking the phallus which was laying along my right thigh. “I want more than that,” I told her. “Take off your shoes.”

She obeyed immediately. “Now,” I told her, continuing to stroke the bulge, “Take off your dress.”

She watched my hand as she undid the sash on the dress. I was pressing a little harder now, making sure my crotch could feel the pressure from the movements. The dress wrapped around her body, and as she pulled it completely loose, her eyes locked with mine.

“Mmm…yeah, Melissa, you are gorgeous,” I crooned, as she bared herself to me.

“So are you,” I heard her respond. “Won’t you come a little closer now?”

“Not yet…” I pulled the hat from my head, and tossed it to a chair in the corner. Then I took off the coat I was wearing.

I stepped closer to her again, but when she reached out toward my crotch, I pushed her hand away. She looked up at me, surprised, but I twisted my mouth into a reassuring smile. I reached down, and tweaked the nearest nipple, which was poking out over the material of the bustier. She gasped at the contact.

“I wanna see that pussy you were rubbing against my leg earlier,” I told her then.

Her eyes told me she was a little confused as to why I hadn’t asked her to touch me yet, but she obliged me, hooking her fingers through the waistband of the light colored panties, and shimmying out of them. She kicked them free, and still clad in the stockings and the bustier, she laid back on the bed, spreading her thighs slightly.

Gods, but she excited me. I leaned over, and stroked my fingers down her stomach, then dragged a finger through the valley of her center. She was soaked.

I reached up to my own fly, and unbuttoned the pants I was wearing. They seemed to be getting tighter by the moment. I started to lower them, but Gabrielle reached a hand out to rest on top of mine. “Please?” she asked.

“Please what?” I repeated, expecting her to take over my undressing.

“Please, will you leave them on for a while? Please?”

I knew what she wanted. “You’ve got it,” I answered.

“Come up here,” she said then, indicating where she wanted me on the bed. I obeyed, and was soon kneeling so my center was near her mouth. She reached inside my pants, and I watched her eyes brighten even more when she felt what I had underneath them. I wore a pair of men’s breeches, that went about mid thigh. She discovered that for herself as she explored with her hands.

“I can’t wait to see these,” she whispered, but now she was reaching through the hole in the front of the underwear, and I felt her fingers close on the phallus. I gave a grunt of relief, and she gave a sigh of pleasure, as she finally exposed it to our gaze.

She licked her tongue over her lips again, and then she was leaning forward, still half on her side. When she was very close to the head of the wooden dick, she stuck that erotic little tongue of hers out, and gave a long lick up the length of the phallus.

I held my breath as she grasped it by the base next, and then lowered her mouth onto it.

“Oh yeah, suck that prick, Melissa,” I moaned, entwining my fingers in her hair again. I stared down at her hungry little mouth working over my new appendage so frantically, loving the slurping noises she made as she laved me with her tongue. Lower still, I saw she still had her legs parted, and it would take very little effort for me to bend down so I could touch her.

I had another idea though.

“You like that? You like the taste of my cock?”

“Mm hmmm…” she answered me with her mouth full, and even as her fingers were burrowing themselves beneath my pants and into my underwear.

I made a show of taking a deep breath. “I can smell how much you like it,” I continued. “Is your cunt getting wetter?”

“Mm hmmm.”

“Show me.”

She obligingly spread her legs even further, letting me see the glistening flesh there. “Lovely,” I crooned.

“Mm hmmm…”

She lifted her hips a little, inviting me to explore for myself. But I wanted something else.

“I wanna see you touch yourself,” I told her. “I want you to play with yourself and make yourself come while you’re giving me head.”

I saw the pink coloring stain her cheeks, but her left hand was soon lying on top of her right thigh, just below the bottom of her slit. “Go on,” I whispered, and my eyes were riveted to her hand when she did as I asked.

“Oh, gods yeah, that is so hot,” I groaned, feeling her movements increase with her mouth. She had a firm hold on the phallus, making sure I could feel every tug she made against it, and finally, her other hand had reached its goal and was inside my breeches. I felt her fingers working their way through my vulva.

She moved the fingers of both hands in unison, stroking over my clit beneath the harness at the same time as she stroked over her own little bud. I broke out in a sweat, the heat of the clothes partially responsible, but mostly it was due to the increased blood flow in my body. Seeing her stroke herself was a rare treat for me, and one that I knew I’d be playing over and over again in my mind.

My own clit was throbbing mercilessly, and I didn’t even notice when her mouth lost the rhythm her hands had taken up. She still held my cock in her mouth, but was concentrating on touching my pussy directly. Everything I felt her do to me, I saw her do to herself. One finger, then two, then three, slipped inside both of us.

She began to wriggle around more, and I could see her orgasm approaching at the same time mine was building. I desperately tried to leave my eyes open, but had to shut them as the waves of ecstasy began sweeping through me. My legs threatened to give way as I climaxed, and I grasped the headboard behind me to make sure I didn’t fall.

I forced my eyes open just in time to see Gabrielle’s roll shut as she reached her own fulfillment. Her thighs tightened around her own questing hand, and her mouth released my hardon. She gasped for air, twitching on the bed as she moaned out her pleasure.

For a moment or two, we both held the positions we were in, as we regained control over our bodies. Then her eyes met mine again. I smiled at her, letting her know with my eyes how much I loved her. Then I reached down, and took her hand from between her thighs. I lifted the hand to my mouth, and licked each finger clean, taking my time in doing it.

“I knew it,” I told her, after I had finally completed my task.

“What?” she asked.

“You taste delicious. I could get used to that flavor real fast..”

She nodded solemnly at me, and her hand had a hold of the phallus again. “I want you to fuck me now,” she said…”Please…I need to feel that beautiful cock inside me.”

“I want that too,” I answered, and I climbed back down off the bed. She allowed me to move her the way I wanted her, and soon, she was laying back across the bed, while I stood at the edge of it. I pulled her legs around my waist.

I ran my hands over her sodden center, lightly brushing her clit to see if it was too sensitive to continue so soon. She whimpered and tried to press into my touch, letting me know she was more than ready.

“You want it?” I asked her, holding the cock so I could slide it around her swollen labia. “You want this inside me?”

“Yes, please…I need you inside me now, Jess,” she answered.

I was surprised she was still able to keep the ruse up, as turned on as she was, but was pleased that she could. “Put me inside you,” I told her, “I want you to do it.”

We both groaned as she finally did, grabbing onto my ass and pulling me forward so I’d penetrate her fully with the first thrust.

“Yeah, just like that,” she murmured when I began to stroke inside her. I felt her thighs involuntarily tightening around me, pulling me a little closer.

I fucked her strongly for some time, in the same driving rhythm that wouldn’t allow us to come so soon, but would draw the level of pleasure to its utmost height. Gabrielle mewled and squirmed, and ran her hands over the parts of my body that she could easily reach, encouraging me to keep it up.

I found that the leather pants were constricting the movement of the nub at the base of the phallus against my clit. Besides that, I missed the feeling of her silken thighs gripping my own, so I reached down and pulled the leather pants down off my hips. I heard the deep moan, and glanced up at Gabrielle. She was looking at the white breeches I wore. I know they hugged my thighs in a way that she would like, but just seeing the fake cock sticking out of the peehole was enough to make my own hips give a shudder. My movements lost their smoothness, as the stimuli overwhelmed me.

“I’m gonna come in you,” I began to chant, bending down so I could rub my face across her hardened nipples. “I’m gonna plant my seed deep inside your hot little pussy. Oh yeah, Little Girl, are you ready for me to shoot my cum deep inside you?”.

“Gods, yes!” She cried out. “Fill me with your cum! I want to feel it!”

Her demanding tone was enough to send me over the brink, and my clitoris galvanized as I gave into the pleasure. I hugged her tightly to my body, and rolled my hip in circles, dragging the exposed part of the wooden cock over her own clit, and then she was tumbling with me, screaming out her pleasure with abandon.

Later, when we had both calmed down, I flopped myself down on the bed next to her, and drew her into my arms. She crawled more fully on top of me, and then laid a forearm on either side of my head so she could look down into my face.

“Every time we come to Delle’s, the experience gets a little more…memorable,” she said before leaning down and pressing her mouth to mine.

“It does seem that way,” I agreed. I started to unbutton the shirt I was wearing, but Gabrielle took over, then slid the white constricting cloth from my body. Her fingers were immediately on my nipples, soothing them. I reached up and touched the edge of the bustier that was still donning her top half. “Are you going to be comfortable like that?” I asked her.

She smiled down into my eyes. “For now,” she answered. “I’ll let you take it off in a little while…if you’re really really good to me.”

I was as good to her as I could be.

The sun was high in the sky before we finally bothered to come down the stairs the next morning. I had once again dressed as Jess, and Gabrielle was dressed slightly more demurely than last night in a light blue dress, but she still looked as enticing to me. We found Delle in her back office, and she smiled warmly at us when we entered.

“I hear you had quite a night last night,” she said, winking at us.

I could have predicted the heat would flush over Gabrielle’s cheeks, but she held her ground. “We did, thank you,” she told Delle.

“I’m glad,” came the answer…”but no luck on the thefts huh?”

“On the contrary,” I said, enjoying the looks of surprise from both women.

“Where’s the money bag, Xena?” Gabrielle asked then, suddenly noting it was missing.

I grinned at her. “It was stolen last night.”

“Last night? When? You didn’t leave the room, and I know someone couldn’t have gotten inside the room without you knowing.”




Delle shook her head and raised a hand in protest. “Please Xena, no riddles. Do you know what happened to the money?”

“Yep. It was stolen last night before I even entered the room.”

I could see Gabrielle’s brain was working hard on this information, then her eyes lit up. “You either lost it in the room or when we helped that girl with the drunk.”

“Right.” I beamed at her, pleased.

“And since you said you didn’t lose it in the room, then it had to be the hallway…but which one the girl or the drunk?”

“The girl, I think she said her name was Janneret.”

I could tell Gabrielle was wondering how I knew her name, but I turned back to Delle for now. “How long has she been working for you?”

Delle thought about it. “About six months,” she answered finally, “but I never would’ve suspected…”

I nodded. “I understand…but after I showed the drunk out, as I was going back upstairs to Gabrielle and my room, Janneret came out, introduced herself, thanked me, and then…uh…tried to interest me in a threesome with me, her, and you.” I offered a weak smile at Gabrielle. “She…well…she sort of pressed the merchandise up against me, while she was talking, and she took the money bag then.”

“And when did you notice that?” Gabrielle asked. I could see she was curious about the encounter, but she knew there wasn’t any reason to be jealous.

“Not until…well…until I took off the pants,” I replied. She returned the fond smile. “And I didn’t want to say anything then, because I didn’t want to ruin the mood.”

“And you’re sure it’s Janneret?” Delle asked.

“Yep, quite sure. Call her down here, and check out her hands. I guarantee you they’ll be covered in the ink we left in the money bag.”

Delle nodded thoughtfully. “I’m sure you’re right,” she answered. “Janneret was a sweet girl, attractive enough, but not much of a worker. She did fine during the night shift, but when it came to day chores, she was no where to be found.” Part of the stipulation of working for Delle included certain chores allocated to each employee. Most of the chores were light housekeeping duties, but Delle was a stickler for the girls doing a good job.

“She’d probably rather be using her days spending her dinars,” Gabrielle mused, and I nodded my agreement.

“Do you want me to go upstairs and get her?” I asked Delle. I would kind of enjoy being the one to burst Janneret’s bubble.

“No, thanks, Xena, I think I’ll do it,” Delle answered. “If there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s fire someone.”

We said our goodbyes at Delle’s, and promised to visit the next time we were in the area. Delle insisted she owed us a night on her, whatever we might desire, and although I tried to convince her that we had exactly that on the previous night, we finally accepted. Delle was generous to a fault, which was the one thing that angered me the most about Janneret. She had been taking advantage of Delle’s optimistic nature

Gabrielle and I ate lunch in the dining room at the inn we were staying in, and discussed what we might do that day. After a while, she changed the subject though.

“There’s something I still don’t understand, Xena,” she said finally.

I used the bread to sop up the rest of my stew and replied before popping it in my mouth. “What’s that?”

She set her cup down. “Didn’t you say that Delle said that Partides hadn’t been at her place in a couple of months?”


“Well, then, how did Janneret use him to distract the clients so she could…uh…get up close to them?”

“All sorts of ways…I asked around and put some pieces together. She’d pretend to fall on the stairs, and some nice rich man would help her back to her room…she’d have a spider in her room, and some nice rich man would look for it…and the way I understand it, sometimes, she’d just stop the man in the hallway and suggest a little extra bonus. Unfortunately, when a man is…errr…aroused…he sometimes doesn’t think too clearly.”

“And that’s what she counted on, huh?”

“Yep, and it worked…for a while.”

“Do you think Delle will tell her who stopped her finally?”

I shrugged. “I doubt it. She’ll probably just credit it to a couple of friends, and let it go at that.”

“Good!” Gabrielle drained her glass with an enigmatic look of bliss in her eye.

That confused me. “Why does that make you so happy?” I asked, “Don’t you like to get credit every once in a while?”

She shrugged. “Well, sure I do,” she answered. “But if Delle doesn’t blow our cover, then maybe sometime we could visit her again…”

“As Melissa and Jess,” I said with my own grin, catching on.

She returned my grin and raised her eyebrows. “Yeah,” she replied. “I found that Jess to be rather…uh…”

“Yes?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

She took my hand. “Intriguing…hot…incredibly sexy…shall I go on?”

“Nah, I get the picture.”

“You’re not jealous, are you?” she asked, cocking her head to look at me.

“Jealous? Nah…I just don’t relish the idea of wrapping that cloth around my breasts again. That hurt like Tartarus after a while.”

Gabrielle nodded sympathetically, “Hopefully, next time we won’t be working, and you won’t have to go to such lengths to disguise yourself. I’d rather like to see those nipples of yours pressing through that black silk shirt.”

I thought about the shirt that was upstairs in my saddlebag. “That can be arranged,” I said with a private smile. “Whenever you say the word.”

“Consider it said,” Gabrielle answered, before leaning in for a warm kiss. “Consider it said.”

We stayed one more night in Athens.

COMING NEXT WEEK: After being resurrected by Eli, Xena wakes up to find her memory of her history, with the exception of Gabrielle, gone. Gabrielle does her best to help Xena regain her memory.

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