Jess and Melissa--Gabrielle's Scroll

Xena was now Jess. My leather-clad Warrior Princess was still just that, but wearing a different color leather and donning a certain extra body part that seemed to be attracting more attention from my crotch than she realized. I could have stripped her naked and fucked her brains out right there in the main parlor, but instead she brought me to a subtle arousal and climax with the eyes of strangers as our witnesses.

She looked incredible. She had surprised me with a visit to Athens, and we had stopped in to see Delle since we were in town. Our timing seemed to be right on target. Delle had a serious matter on her hands, and accepted Xena’s offer to help catch a thief that had been frequenting her establishment. Xena had come up with a plan to pose as an employee and customer of Delle’s in order to catch the robber in action. And that’s when I first had the opportunity to meet Jess.

Delle had allowed us to borrow clothes for our masquerade, and this was the first time I was seeing what my warrior princess had chosen to wear. Xena had on tight black leather trousers and a beautiful black silk shirt. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail, and a wide brimmed hat to help conceal her beautiful feminine face. Delle and Monique had hidden me in the back and called for me when “Jess” arrived. I would be “Melissa” for the evening. When I first entered the main parlor, I scanned the room for my Warrior, but could not locate her. Finally I saw her leaning up against a wall in a dimly lit corner, and by the time I had walked up close enough to feel her breath on me, I was totally at her command.

She reached and pulled me close to her, letting me feel that she had worn the phallus as part of her wardrobe. Yummy. She whirled me around and put my back against the wall, leaning down to kiss me and then placing her thigh between my legs. The aching I felt needed more than a little friction, but this would have to do until she decided I could have more. I was a tad preoccupied with all the eyes on us, both men and women. Somehow, the more she pressed her hard thigh against my cunt, the less I paid attention to my surroundings.

“You are a hot little thing, do you know that?” she husked in my ear. “I can feel your thighs clenching my own, not willing to let go until you’ve come all over it. I can’t wait to feel your legs wrapped around my waist as I give you a real fucking. It’s been a long time for me, and I intend to catch up on a whole lot of fucking tonight.”

She knew by feeling my body shudder that I responded perfectly to her selected verbiage. She supported my weight as I came for her, chalking up yet another new experience in the lovemaking field.

Delle didn’t give us a chance to continue our game, and called for us to meet her in her office. Xena and I both were more interested in carrying on with our attention to one another than with taking care of business. Delle finally told us, “Go on…before you start fucking right here on the desk. I do have some more transactions to conduct, you know. You’re in room twelve.”

We entered the hall and made our way to the second floor to our room. Once past the first room, Xena personally escorted a drunk out to the street. She told me to meet her in number twelve in five minutes.

My hands slightly shook as I unlocked the door. Xena, or Jess, had gotten me quite excited. I lit a lantern and put another log on the fire. The minutes were achingly creeping by. My body flinched when I heard the doorknob turning. I was ready to see those black leather pants again, and more importantly, the woman wearing them.

“Hello there, Jess, isn’t it?” I lay across the bed with my head propped in my hand, not undressing because I wanted to see what Jess had in mind. No matter what it was, I knew we were in for some very hot sex tonight.

“Uh huh,” she answered, shutting and locking the door behind her. She walked over to the bed, her visible erection only inches from my face. “And you’re Melissa, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Well, Melissa,” she said, reaching down to touch my hair, “how about returning the favor I gave you downstairs by sucking my cock?”

How did she know? My mouth was watering to suck her in, eagerly searching for the best movement to turn her on. “I’d love to.”

I reached to unfasten her belt, but she backed away, and told me to remove my dress, which I did hastily. “Mmm…yeah, Melissa, you are gorgeous.”

I urged her to step closer to me, but she insisted that I show her my naked center. “I wanna see that pussy you were rubbing against my leg earlier,” she told me, her low voice tickling my ears.

I removed my underwear, and already knew she’d want me to leave on my stockings and bustier. I leaned back on the bed, spreading my legs just enough for her to see my dripping cunt, and I’m sure she knew that every drop was for her.

She leaned over me, looking deeply into my eyes and let her hand trail down my stomach and then through my center. Her fingers slid through the evidence of what she did to me. She reached to unbutton her trousers, but when she moved to lower them, I felt bold enough to make a request of her. “Please, will you leave them on for a while? Please?”

“You’ve got it.”

“Come up here,” I told her, patting the bed beside my head. She climbed on the bed and stood on her knees, with me helping her move to the perfect spot. I raised up slightly and unbuttoned her pants, feeling her hands in my hair and pressing her center toward me. We both felt the yearning to satisfy each other’s cravings. I reached inside her pants and brought the phallus out through the slit in her underwear. Gods, she was so hot. I felt down her legs and discovered her underwear was mid-thigh. “I can’t wait to see these,” I told her.

I leaned forward and took the phallus in my hand, being sure to press it firmly into Xena’s clit as my tongue licked up the length of her erection. I looked up and saw the desire in her eyes.

“Oh yeah, suck that prick, Melissa,” she moaned, turning me on with her arousal. “You like that? You like the taste of my cock?”

“Mm hmmm…”

“Is your cunt getting wetter?”

I didn’t ignore my task at hand, and spread my legs wider for her. I heard her gasp of approval.

“I wanna see you touch yourself…I want you to play with yourself and make yourself come while you’re giving me head.”

I moved my hand from my thigh to my center, having to imagine it was Xena’s hand touching me. “Oh, gods yeah, that is so hot,” she groaned, making me gush with excitement. I was able to touch her behind the harness, and found that she was as wet as I was. She loved to see me touch myself. I was more than ready for it to be her touching me, making wonderful love to me.

I felt her thrusting lightly toward me, and I went inside her with three fingers. I felt her clench down on me, and I sucked her cock harder and faster. Her building climax was evident by the movements of her body, and soon I was following with the same incredible waves. It had been a long time since I had come on my own fingers.

She looked down into my eyes, loving me and not saying a word. Reaching down, she took my hand from between my legs and lifted it to her mouth, licking and sucking the remains of absolute ecstasy.

I reached for the phallus again. “I want you to fuck me now,” she said…”Please…I need to feel that beautiful cock inside me.”

“I want that too,” she said and climbed back down off the bed. She pulled my body facing her with my legs wrapped around her waist. Perfect.

I closed my eyes and felt her hands on me, running up my stomach and over my breasts, and then through the wetness between my legs. “Please…” I heard myself beg.

“You want it?” she asked her, sliding her erection through my pussy.

“Yes, please…I need you inside me now, Jess.”

“Put me inside you…I want you to do it.”

She turned me on just when I thought I couldn’t want it any worse. I reached behind her, firmly grasping her ass and pulling her inside me, taking it all with the first thrust. She had plenty of lubrication to work with.

“Yeah, just like that,” I said, feeling her stroke take on a steady, firm rhythm. I closed my eyes and just felt her make love to me. My hands wandered where they could reach, and I felt like I couldn’t get close enough to her.

I looked up and saw sweat trickling down her temples. She quickly reached and pulled the leather trousers off her hips, exposing her fabulous underwear and her permanent erection. Soon we were both holding onto each other’s bodies, scratching, biting, and swallowing screams of pleasure.

The next morning, we met with Delle, and that was when I noticed Xena’s money bag was missing. She knew the girl in the hallway last night, Janneret, had taken the money, and Delle’s case was quickly solved, thanks to my Warrior’s ingenuity. Delle insisted that we accept her generosity and let her treat us to an evening in Athens at the restaurant and hotel of our choice. We both felt like it was too much, but Delle would not back down. Later, I was very glad for her stubbornness.

I could feel a steady stream of sweat rolling down my back as I worked hungrily with my mouth buried deep in Xena’s cunt. I ran my hands along the inside of her thighs, spreading her further open and assuring perfect access for my mouth and tongue into her warmth and softness. I was lying flat on my stomach, my erection reminding my clit that we had work to do. “I want to be inside you, Xena…”

I felt her grab my shoulders, reaching for me to cover her body with mine. “I want you inside me…” she said, and I kissed my way up her thigh as I crawled to my knees. I let the phallus lie between us as I laid my body along hers, feeling her nipples press into mine. I licked lightly over her mouth, feeling her tongue come out to meet with mine. The taste and smell of sex lingered in the air, making us even more driven to find that ultimate release and incredible bond all at the same time. They complimented each other perfectly.

I pushed forward and sunk into her depths, hearing her moan of gratitude. “Yesssss…” she hissed, and her hips immediately started grinding into me. I wrapped my hands under her body and pulled her tightly against me as I pumped back and forth inside her. “Gods, Xena…you feel so good…” No matter how many times we made love, I would never be able to get over the fact that she often liked me to be on the giving end of the phallus. She would open herself wide to me, and encourage me to take the aggressive role quite often, and I relished these opportunities to take command and demonstrate how much I loved her.

“You fill me so perfectly,” she moaned, her eyes screwed tightly shut. I could see the look of supreme concentration on her face that told me she was trying not to come so quickly, allowing me to gather my own pleasure from the phallus. Her hips bucked up to meet mine as I began a strong rhythm, not too fast and not too slow. I couldn’t resist taking them into my hands as I rode her.

I was mesmerized by the movements of her breasts, in time with the rest of her body, and I leaned over to take a nipple in my mouth. She growled deep in her chest, and I felt her hands tangling in my hair, holding my head to her chest.

Gods, she was making such delicious sounds in her throat, I threw myself forward and began to pump my hips erratically. The nub on the phallus was vibrating strongly against my clit, and just watching her being so into our lovemaking was going to rapidly bring this to an end. Xena pulled my head up slightly, and dragged it up to her mouth for an erotic kiss, her tongue plunging in my mouth in the same rhythm the wooden dick was plunging into her opening. I whimpered into her mouth as the tension in my clit became unbearable and I split apart.

I screamed out my sudden pleasure and she swallowed it down, then her mouth grew lax beneath mine. I could tell by her uneven movements that she wasn’t going to last much longer, and lifted my head slightly so I could watch her climax. It would bring me almost as much joy as my own.

I watched as her brow wrinkled and her face drew up tight, almost as if she were in pain, and then she gave a long gasp, and her lower half spasmed erratically. A long groan issued from her throat, and her thighs clamped hard against me, holding me in place. I wasn’t planning on going anywhere, but I loved the incredible grip of her muscles on my legs.

Eventually, her thighs relaxed, and her eyes opened. I was smiling down at her, and she returned the expression. “Wow,” she said, and then she chuckled.

“I’ll second that, wow.”

Xena drew in a deep breath, and then rolled us to our sides, the phallus still buried deep within my cunt. We stroked each other’s bodies, as our breathing and heart rates returned to normal. It wasn’t long before I felt Xena reaching between my legs from behind, wiggling the phallus repeatedly against my clit. I felt the rapture escalate quickly when she lifted her thigh up over my hip, and opened herself wide to me. I immediately began to move my hips again, determined that this time, she would climax first.

COMING NEXT WEEK: After being resurrected by Eli, Xena wakes up to find her memory of her history, with the exception of Gabrielle, gone. Gabrielle does her best to help Xena regain her memory.

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