Predestined...--Gabrielle's Scroll (Part 1)

I lived a quiet life, writing mostly. I had a wonderful view of the ocean from my bedroom window where I loved to sit and compose stories about the kind of love that so skillfully hid itself from me. I dreamed of finding love with destiny as its foundation. Love like that had to exist and until I found it, I would accept nothing less.

An unexpected knock came at my door one afternoon, and I was completely surprised by the opportunity waiting for me on the other side of the door. It was an invitation to the Emperor and Empress of Rome's Estate to conduct a performance of one of my plays.

Caesar and his wife, Xena, were quite powerful people. I had heard that she was very beautiful, yet a skilled fighter that could take a man's life in a matter of seconds. She had quite a reputation as being a remarkable woman in many forms. Politically, socially, and as commander of her own armies, it seemed there was nothing she couldn't do. I had only seen paintings of her, and had never seen a more beautiful creature. There seemed to be something I recognized about her, but couldn't decide what it was.

I traveled to Rome and gathered a company of actors and actresses to perform in my play, "Fallen Angel". I was personally escorted to Caesar's mansion and given very nice quarters, but didn't get to meet either Caesar or Xena. We had less than a week to prepare our presentation, and worked day and night with rehearsals and stage work. My time passed by quickly, and our opening night was upon us. Most playwrights were men, and I hoped my production was well received. The audience would surely be filled with many dignitaries and people of great influence, and I considered this an opportunity to become better known among the artistic community.

Opening night found me with a nervous stomach, but excited to look out from behind the curtain and see so many in attendance. And then I saw her.

She took her seat and was the most exquisite thing I had ever seen. Caesar looked as if he felt superior to every living thing on the planet, and I automatically had a dislike for him. But Xena…so many of the words that had poured from my heart through the years now had a dwelling place. A love that I had never felt before washed over me. Here and now was all that mattered, because my eyes beheld a true work of art. Her strength was undeniable. She carried her power like a weapon, but I could see that she was discreet in her choice to use it. Her body was lean, tall, and her eyes were almost clear from where I stood. But those beautiful eyes held a sadness and emptiness that I saw painfully in my own.

"Gabrielle? Are you okay?"

Vincent, the lead in the play, had stepped behind me as I peaked from behind the curtain.

"Oh…sure I am." I could feel my voice shaking, right along with my hands and legs. My heart was beating in my throat and attempting to drown out all the noise around me. I tried to plaster on a smile, knowing I had to gain control of myself because this production had to be as perfect as possible, especially now. I had to impress her and hopefully gain a personal introduction later at the cast party.

I tried to pay attention to my company's performance, but my eyes kept wandering to the balcony. The crowd seemed pleased with what they were seeing, and Xena never took her eyes off the stage. Her interest amazed me. I sensed that she was just as lonely as I was on the inside. I felt like a broken vessel…unfulfilled and dissatisfied with my life. Yes, she had everything imaginable at her command--wealth, authority, and the man who destined himself to rule the world. But I had something to offer her that no one else could.

What was I thinking? She was a married woman, for gods' sakes. And she was a she. But I couldn't deny the feelings in my body…my heart was racing, my stomach was tight, and my crotch was soaked. How could I experience all this by just seeing someone? She might not even speak to me…but I wouldn't give up until this night was over.

We were nearing the last act, and I saw Caesar yawn for the umpteenth time. Yet the more he endured, the more she was enthralled. The story of love and a love so strong it's worth dying for…it held her captivated, and that made me feel that she was identifying with my feelings. Why could I feel such a bond already? Maybe there is such a thing as love at first sight. I just hoped she had the same sight.

I hadn't necessarily considered loving a woman before. I had never experimented in that way, but did know of some same sex relationships. They weren't public with their affections, but I didn't mind if they had been. I had dated a few men, but was quickly bored with the pretense of being attracted to any of them. I kept waiting on the "right" man to come along, and had remained a virgin, and felt quite passionate about giving myself to someone who truly loved me.

I hadn't expected to be introduced on stage after the ending of the play, and was surprised to see that my play was worthy of the roses being thrown onto the stage. The cheering from the crowd was greatly appreciated on my part. It had been a remarkable night, but for the first time I had something else more important to dwell on. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a rose drifting down from the balcony…from Xena's hand. The moment I looked up and slightly to my left, our eyes locked. And for those brief moments that passed, I was aware of nothing else around us. It was only she and I in the theatre. My heart felt as if it stopped as well as time, and I knew that love had stopped hiding.

A loud, cheering whistle came from the front row and broke my concentration, which probably was a good thing. I gathered the roses and bowed humbly, greatly appreciative of the crowd's response.

At the cast party, I received many compliments on my work. However, I was waiting for the entrance of the Empress. My attention was being torn between the present conversations I was having and the racing thoughts in my mind…what would her voice sound like? What did her eyes look like being only a few steps away from her? What was her scent? Suddenly she appeared… seeming to float across the floor towards me as everything went to slow motion and then silent. Gods, my blood felt like fire running through my veins.

I felt awkward and shy as she closed in the distance between us. "Hello, Empress," I said, giving her a slight bow in honor. Much to my surprise, she placed her hand gently beneath my chin and lifted up my head. And there were those incredible eyes. Never had I imagined the beauty of the color and clarity of a person's eyes to be so captivating.

"Your name is Gabrielle?"

"Yes, Empress."

"Gabrielle…" She spoke it softly, seducing me unknowingly in a room full of people. "It's a beautiful name, fitting for a beautiful woman."

"Thank you, Empress…but you're the beauty. You're truly the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Your reputation is well-deserved." I hope I hadn't taken too many liberties and spoken out of turn. I was giving myself away, and making a fool of myself was the last thing I wanted to do in her presence.

She smiled gently and took my arm, guiding me to a corner so that we could talk more privately. Why did this feel so right? Why did I feel so undeniably connected to this woman? It's as if when she touched my arm; the current of love ran unstoppable within my soul. I could only hope she felt the same.

"Your play was the most remarkable play I've ever seen," she began. Her voice was enchanting and struck a chord within me. I could feel her. Our eyes remained locked the brief moments we were able to spend alone, and when I spoke of the depth of love in my play, it was as if I had written it with her mind. Fated love. Predestined. She felt it, too. I could see it in her eyes. The emptiness I once had was gone.

Caesar walked up just in time to kill the moment. She looked briefly frustrated, but left the party when he suggested they had a meeting with their army in the morning. He forced himself to tell me that my play was well done. It was extremely uncomfortable to be in his presence. He took her by the arm, and she thanked me for honoring Rome with my play. As I watched her leave the room, a piece of me went with her. How could I ever hope to find someone who made me feel the way she did? Her beauty was incomparable, unrivaled. But the most definitive thing was the bond I felt with her…the longing to feel complete had handicapped my heart for a long time. For the first time, I felt whole. But the person I had found wasn't available.

I stayed at the party out of obligation, my heart both excited and disappointed. I wanted to be alone so that I could think of only her. I wanted to picture her face in my mind, tracing over every detail and imagining the love I wanted to give her. I had never touched anyone, but I didn't feel incapable of knowing how to touch her. What I would give for just one night with her. If I couldn't have her by my side, then at least I'd like to give myself to her one time.

I finally made my way to my room. I undressed, lightly brushing over my breasts and burning for her hands on me. What was I thinking? I had to get these thoughts out of my mind. There was no need in making it hurt any worse. I walked out onto the balcony, thinking about how this had been an incredible night for my career. I had already made some contacts at the party that ensured me some future bookings. But all that I might become would mean nothing at all if she weren't by my side

I happened to look up and see her standing on the balcony directly across from me. I had no idea that was her room, but felt my heart leap in my chest. I had wrapped myself in a sheet before walking outside. She was wearing a dark-colored gown and had her hair in a braid to the side. She looked as gorgeous as before--more comfortable, and strangely vulnerable. Our eyes met again from the distance, and I didn't know exactly what to do. I wanted to stand there all night and just take in her beauty. But maybe she didn't feel the same as I did. I gave her a slight smile and decided to go back inside. I didn't want to intrude on her time alone.

I went back inside my room, picking up my quill and deciding to write. There was no use. Although I felt as if I had thousands of words to write describing all my feelings, my hands were quivering. I laid my scroll to the side and just had to see if she was still outside on the balcony. I stepped out only to see Caesar embracing her. He looked over to see me standing there, making no doubt that my presence was unwanted. I wasted no time going back inside my room. Maybe she really was in love with him. Gods, I was going to go crazy. Why was she affecting me so much? I paced back and forth in my room, my mind racing with a hundred thoughts while my heart pounded in my chest.

I took a bath and tried to relax, drinking a glass of wine. I knew there was no possible way I was going to get any sleep. When I got out of the tub, I got dressed and began to go back onto the balcony, but I saw someone getting up from one of the stone benches in the courtyard and stepped back quickly. I peeked around the edge of the wall and saw that it was Xena. And Gods did she look amazing.

She was dressed in black leather pants and top, with black riding boots, equipped with her sheath and sword. Her hair was down, and I only thought I had fallen in love with her tonight. There was no doubt of the power she wielded seeing her dressed this way. She was a woman who knew exactly how to take command. That's what I was hoping for.

Maybe it was the wine. Maybe it was the increasing sensation building between my legs. Maybe it was my hunger for her. Whatever the cause and without thought, I climbed down the trellis attached to my balcony and decided to follow her. It would be the only chance I had to find out if she felt the same way I did, and it was worth dying for if need be. I had to know. I had waited my entire life to find this love, and I felt that sure about it.

She had entered a sort of maze of hedges, and I followed her very quietly. I made a corner and saw her standing near some flowers, appearing to be taking in the fragrance and finding a moment of tranquility.

It was now or never. "Empress?"

Her sword came around to point in my face in a split second. I quickly stepped back and weakly croaked, "It's just me…Gabrielle." My eyes must have been as big as dinars.

I was quite relieved to see a smile take over her features. She returned her sword to her back. "Sorry, you surprised me."

"I've never seen someone move so fast…or so lithely."

She said it was just reflex, but then stepped toward me and asked, "What are you doing here?"

I hoped I hadn't made a terrible mistake by following her. She was, after all, the Empress of Rome…I was just a common person. The knot in my throat grew larger as I tried to speak. "I uh…I couldn't sleep."

She was silent much longer than I expected. "Couldn't sleep? So you ended up here?"

"Yes, Empress."

"So you ended up here?"

Gods, what had I done? "Yes, Empress."

She laughed and placed her hand beneath my chin again, like she had at the party earlier this evening. "You don't have to keep calling me Empress…not when it's just you and I. I have a name, you know."

"Yes," I humbly whispered. "I know you do."

"I'd like to hear you say it."

I looked up into her eyes; numb from the effects it had over me. I couldn't turn my eyes away from hers, and suddenly felt so protected and safe with her. Several seconds passed before I could find my voice, and then I had to remember what I was supposed to be saying. "Xena."

She kindly smiled, saying, "And you're Gabrielle…doesn't that sound much nicer?"

"Much nicer…" I echoed, still lost in the flurry of emotion overtaking my body.

"Why did you come here, Gabrielle? You couldn't have gotten to this part of the garden without climbing down the trellis from your balcony."

I felt my face burning with blush, suddenly feeling like a child and hoping she wasn't angry with me for following her. I decided that the truth would work, and no matter if she denied the pleasure of my company, at least I would know I seized the opportunity. I would leave here with no regrets. "I don't know why I'm so drawn to you…but you're all I can think about."

"You've been thinking about me?"

I told her yes, and then turned my back to hide my embarrassment. "You're all I've been thinking about…and all I want to think about. When I first saw you in that balcony, so many thoughts went through my head…your beauty…your power…your eloquence…and…"

"And?" She urged me to continue.

"And your touch…forgive me, Xena, but I wanted to know what you felt like. You're so compelling to me…I've seen people before that I've wanted to know better, but with you…it's like I want to know EVERYTHING about you…and at the same time…"

"It's like…you already know." She stepped in front of me and made me look at her.

"Yes! Yes, that's exactly what it's like. You feel it too?"

"From the moment I first saw you…It's like I've known you forever…but I couldn't have, could I?"

"No, I don't think so…" We were standing only inches apart, her beautiful blue eyes looking down into my mine. My nipples felt hard beneath the thin material of my shirt in the cool night air.


Gods, the way my name came from her lips. Her voice captured it perfectly.


"What would you do if I said I really wanted to kiss you, just now?"

"I could never refuse you anything."

"No, that's not what I want to hear. I want you to be here because you want to be with me."

"I'm here because I want to be here…with you…and I very much want you to kiss me." I stepped even closer and gave her the chance to make her move. "Please?"

I'll never forget the anticipation I felt as I saw her hands reach for my each side of my face, not being able to wait to feel her hands on my skin. She so delicately touched my face and bent her head, her warm lips making contact with mine. We didn't move for quite some time, and then her tongue came out to lick over my lips very slowly, from one side of mouth to the other. I could feel my center start to expand, desiring this kind of attention from her mouth. A moan escaped my throat, and I felt my hands float up to circle around her neck, feeling her silky hair with my fingers.

I forgot everything except Xena. I couldn't believe I had the lover of my dreams in my grasp, and if I could persuade her, I wanted to give her my virginity. Even if I never touched her again, or was able to see her again, I would be able to give her something that I had saved for the most special love I had ever felt.

I was under her spell, feeling her mouth on mine, taking control. I loved it. I finally began exploring her mouth, and she let me have time to feel how wonderful it was to truly kiss someone. I could feel the effects of this kiss deep within my spirit, like I was being fused as one with this other soul. It was the most incredible experience I had known, and the physical aspects it was having on my body were making it hard for me to stand.

I heard her moan, her voice laced with want, causing my desire for her almost more than I could contain. I longed for her touch between my legs, to feel her deep inside me. Her hands went over my shoulders as she pulled me closer to her, our mouths still sucking each other, the intensity surreal. Her hands were on my back, massaging firmly into my skin and muscles, making me absolutely weak with desire.

She could feel my body trembling, I'm sure. My head was spinning, and happiness was no longer a stranger. Holding me tightly against her, I simply closed my eyes and tried as desperately as possible to remember everything I was feeling. I couldn't believe this was happening. She kissed me as if she desired me as much as I desired her. "Gods." My head was leaning against her arm, my voice warming her skin. "I never imagined it could be that powerful."

"Are you all right?" she softly whispered, her voice low and making me want contact with her in any way.

"Yes…" I shakily replied, but then lost my breath completely when I felt her tongue trace over the top of my ear. Oh to feel her tongue on my chest…

"Is it enough?" She ran her hands down my back and on my ass, pushing me up to her mound as she knelt down slightly.

I let my tongue trace along the flesh of her arm, desiring her taste. "No…"

She pulled away from me and for a moment made me think she was going to end this here. But she placed both hands on my shoulders and looked seriously into my eyes. "We can't continue here. I don't want to ruin this by being interrupted. Will you come with me?"

"Yes…" Gods yes! She grabbed my hand and we quickly and quietly walked to a doorway hidden behind some thick bushes lining the corner of the mansion. "What is this place?" I asked. We walked down a dark hallway.

She found amusement in my obvious fear. "Don't worry," she chuckled…"I'm not leading you to the dungeon. I have a special place I want to take you."

We stopped as she unlocked the door, and told me to stand still for a moment. She began lighting candles all around the huge room. It was decorated beautifully with dark wood furniture, silk bedding, fur rugs, and the most interesting paintings. It was a very masculine setting, yet with a hint of femininity.

"This is beautiful…" I told her. And it was. It was completely quiet and peaceful. I made my way over to the one thing in the room that captivated me more than anything. I walked slowly to the wall where it hung, not believing my eyes. It was of two women, one blonde and one brunette. They were sleeping holding each other, completely naked. The blonde happened to be much shorter than the brunette, and their faces lacked detail.

"Can it be like that?" I quietly asked, not moving my eyes from the painting. Not only was I asking if it could be like that between two women, but could it be the two of us together forever.

I felt her stand close behind me, wrapping her arms around my waist. I placed my hands on top of hers, lightly touching her soft skin. "It can," she whispered in my ear. "And I want it to be. Do you?"

I turned around, looking seriously into her eyes. There was nothing I wanted more. I reached my hands forward and pulled her mouth down to mine and kissed her, never wanting to let go. This time it was more calm and we just explored one another's mouths, feeling the heat rising from our breath and definitely rising lower down.

Gods, I was in love with this woman. But how did she feel? Did she think I was just interested in sex? She didn't kiss me that way. It felt that we were feeling one another's thoughts. I finally ended the kiss, swallowing hard and trying not to tremble so much.

"What's wrong?" She held my hands in hers.

"I'm so confused." I hung my head low so that she couldn't see my blushing cheeks. This was the proving point. I would just go for it and tell her how I felt. If she didn't feel the same way…then I would convince her otherwise.

She lovingly led me to sit on the bed beside her. She held my hand and wrapped her other arm around me, stroking my back. "Confused about what?"

I took a deep breath, scared to say it, but more scared to let this moment slip by. "I'm sorry, Xena…but I love you. I loved you the moment I first saw you, and it felt like I suddenly knew what my purpose in life was. To give you my love. But you…you're the Empress of Rome. You have everything and everyone at your fingertips. So much power…" I traced my fingers along her hand. "How could I be so selfish to think that you could love me in return…the way I dream of?"

I watched as she lifted our hands together, kissing my hand and then pressing it to her cheek. "I think I understand what you're telling me. But I have to tell you something…something that I was born to tell you…and could never tell anyone else."

"Tell me, Xena."

"I've never been truly happy. I've been satisfied, pleased…even ecstatic sexually…but never truly happy. Until…"

"Until?" Oh my gods. Was she going to say until she met me?

"Until I saw you. It was if I never was aware of how miserable I've been until I saw you…and suddenly, I felt happiness…true happiness. And it's overwhelming."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, coming from that gorgeous mouth. But reality kicked in…in my stomach.

"But you're married. Caesar scares me…there's something cruel in his eyes. I've noticed it when he looks at you too. Do you love him?" He was a total prick, actually, but I left it as said.

She looked down at our hands still intertwined in my lap. "No, I don't. I may have at one time, but I think I was just captivated by his bearing and power. I don't love him at all. I love YOU."

There could be nothing sweeter I'd like to hear, but Caesar would never allow it to be. "I'm afraid for you."


"Because I believe what you're saying, and I'm afraid for you when Caesar realizes it too. I'm afraid he'll hurt you."

"I can handle Caesar," she said confidently. "He doesn't have the same effect on me he does on others. And the ugly truth is, he does still love me."

I couldn't stand the thought of him fucking her…it made my stomach hurt thinking about it. I sat quietly with my head down for a few moments. How could I be so happy and yet so sad at the same time? I had found the prize I had searched for all my life, and it looked impossible for me to have it.

"Does the fact that I'm married make you not want to be with me?" Her question startled me from my thoughts.

"No…even if it should." It didn't bother me. As long as I knew that I was the one she desired, I trusted her care for me.

She asked if I had ever been in love with anyone. Sadly I replied, "I've dreamed of it. I've thought about it, I've even written about it. But I was never able to picture it…until now."

"Did you dream of a man?"

I just looked at her. I guess my dream was like the painting on her wall. Faceless, yet I knew it had to exist. "I dreamed of a lover. I don't think I ever had the courage to put a face on them…until I saw yours. Can I love you like I could love a man?"

I wanted her to take my virginity, and I wanted it to be as real as possible. I wanted her body pressing into mine, moving in and out of me, exciting her as much as it would me.

"Yes," she smiled. "It is very possible for us to be together…if you truly want it." I don't think she realized how much I wanted it. It would be something I could share with her that would make a lifetime memory.

Our mouths met again, kissing with more passion and enjoying the total seclusion and privacy from the mansion. She pulled me into her lap, holding my body tightly against her own, making me feel secure and loved. I sucked her tongue in firm, long strokes, feeling very capable of making love to her.

This time she ended the kiss, and moved me back to the bed. She stood and removed her scabbard. Then she asked me, "Would you take off my belt?"

Oh Gods. This was absolutely the best night of my entire life. I reached out the unfastened the buckle on her belt, letting it fall to the floor. I reached up beneath her shirt and brushed my fingertips across her stomach. "Yessss…." barely escaped my throat. "I knew it would feel like this…all muscle and yet so smooth. I have seen paintings of you…some of them magnificent, but they couldn't do this justice."

I slowly continued caressing her, and then asked, "May I continue?"

"You have to." She looked down at me, cupping my face in her hand and smiling at my innocence.

I unlaced her leather top and drew back the sides, finding a white undershirt beneath, rather thin and revealing. My eyes were automatically drawn to her hardened nipples. They protruded through the soft material, showing their dark color. My mouth began to water, and I swallowed hard. "Gods…"

She reached and pulled the shirt over her head, giving me a perfect view of what I had wondered about since seeing her earlier this evening. The golden colored gown she wore to my play made her breasts look incredible, and I couldn't keep the picture out of my head of my mouth on her, sucking and biting her breasts and nipples, bringing her close to orgasm just from the intensity of my mouth on her.

"No justice at all…" I stammered, still thinking about the paintings I had seen of her. "How could they? My own words would never be adequate to describe this sight." I finally looked up to see her eyes staring down at me. I was happy to see her smiling.

She leaned over me and kissed me as I felt her slide her hands down my shoulders under the robe I was wearing. I had on a gown underneath with thin straps, which she also moved so that the top fell to my waist, leaving my breasts bare and completely revealed for her eyes.

"Don't be afraid," she gently spoke. She laid me back on the bed and removed the gown completely. "You are perfect…" she said, looking at me from head to toe. All that was left was my underwear. I couldn't help but feel shy and tried to cover my breasts, but she pulled my hands back. "Please?" she asked, and I tried to be comfortable. I had never been naked in front of anyone before. She wanted to look, and that was very exciting to me.

She slipped a finger beneath the waist of my underwear. "Will you take them off for me? I have to know you want to do it for me."

I wanted her desperately, and even though I was embarrassed, I never flinched as I lifted my hips and removed them for her. My hands rested on my lower stomach, and I watched as she reached for my hands to move them. "You ARE perfect."

"Are you cold?" she asked, noticing the goose bumps all over my body.

"Sort of…my body wants to feel the warmth of yours."

She lay down on the bed next to me, pulling me into her strong arms, baring her gorgeous breasts and letting me feel them against me. It felt better than I could have ever imagined. Her warmth, her embrace…it was what I had missed. I had ached for this feeling. She kissed me with more force than before, and I never wanted it to end.

"Tell me what you want, Gabrielle…I need to hear you tell me what you want."

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