Finding a Balance--Xena's Scroll (Conclusion)

But after dinner, I felt the darkness in this place again threatening to overcome me again. It was in the way Aiden looked at Gabrielle. I know Gabrielle thought he was watching her with a teacher's eye, perhaps planning his lessons for the next day. But I was seeing clearer, and could tell she was being examined like a fine piece of cloth, before it was modeled and sewn into something else.

I started when I realized Aiden was now watching me watch him. Slowly, he dipped his head without lowering his eyes. It was a silent challenge, and one I wasn't about to back down from.

Later, back in our room, Gabrielle laid down on the circular bed, her mind and stomach both filled. I waited for her to digest, and was suddenly filled with excess energy again. I sat down beside the bed, and began doing sit-ups.

Zeus, but that girl could talk me into anything! Every fiber of my being was telling me to get away from this place as soon as possible, and I found myself agreeing to stay yet another day. Gabrielle had greatly relieved my trepidation when she assured me she didn't have a romantic interest in Aiden, but I still didn't like this place.

I continued to do sit-ups as she drifted off to sleep on the bed. Every time I pulled myself into the upright position, my eyes were glued to her. It's the power of her effect over me. At that moment, the power she held over me was the strongest power in the world.

She sighed, and stirred in her sleep, her hand reaching out toward the bed beside her. I stopped in mid motion. She was reaching for me.

I felt a wave of comfort and sunlight wash over me when I heard her whisper my name, her voice all breathy. Her legs parted slightly, and I could smell her fresh arousal. I moved far enough to let my fingertips brush over one corner of her luscious pink lips. Her head turned toward me, and then her eyes were smiling at me.

She held her arms out toward me. "Love me," she murmured, and I melted into her touch, my lips pressing down on hers. Whatever Gabrielle wants, Gabrielle gets.

"Mmm…yes, Gabrielle," I moaned against her heated flesh a little while later. I turned my head to kiss the inside of her inner thigh, and for a moment, just concentrated on what she was doing to me. It had been a long slow climb for me, but now, I was ready to spill over at any second. She had pried my labia open, leaving me exposed to her tongue which was continuously sliding up and down the length of my slit. Her thumb and forefinger had encircled my clitoris, and she was continuously tweaking and twisting it. She normally used a gentler touch on my sensitive little bud, but I liked the authority she was using to play me tonight. It was if she was staking her claim on me, and with all the doubt I had been combating, I needed this reassurance.

Her tongue was increasing its pace as my hips ground upward, wanting the pressure intensified even more. I was well aware of her own dripping pussy hovering above my face, and as much as my mouth watered to continue tasting her, I found my own release becoming too imminent. I slid my hands around her ass, and didn't let her stray too far, letting her know I hadn't forgotten about her in entirety.

Keeping her mouth planted on the top of my cunt, Gabrielle reached underneath me and slid two fingers inside my depths. She began fucking in and out in a twisting motion, and that did it for me; my eyes clamped shut as I finally reached my fulfillment.

She rode out every movement of my hips, never losing contact with my pulsating center as I soared. Gradually, though, I calmed, and then I was able to refocus on her own need, which was still inches out from my face and weeping out its desire to me.

I heard her give a groan of pleasure as my hands tightened their grasp on her backside, and pulled her down to my mouth once again. This time, I was determined not to be distracted by my own body.

Gods, the taste of her is indescribable! Salty and sweet and tangy and subtle all at the same time. I opened my mouth wide and took in as much of her cunt as I could at once, before settling down to returning her loving. I knew I was being successful when I heard her gasp out my name, and her hips began to rhythmically roll toward my face. My hands moved from just holding her to stroking her, one over her delectable buttocks, while the other dipped lower to the opening of her vagina.

"I'm close," I heard her whisper somewhere above me, but she was telling me something I was very much aware of. I could feel her juices pouring out even more furiously into my mouth, and her movements were becoming less controlled, more instinctive as she hunched against my face. For a second, her body froze against me, only the muscles inside her cunt contracting around the tips of my fingers, and then she began to come. Her sopping core came down to press hard against my mouth as she writhed out her pleasure on my face. I pointed my tongue and the second her swollen clit found it, she rubbed repeatedly against it, the whole time grunting out her rapture.

Finally, her movements stilled, and she rested against my body for a second, before rolling off me. I missed the feeling of her body on me, but turned myself on the bed so I could pull her into my arms. Our mouths met in a kiss of gratitude and the knowledge that neither of us were sated yet.

She was still quaking from the aftershocks of her climax, and I wrapped my legs around her, pulling her center so that it was cradled in my hips. I rocked us both, continuing to taste her mouth and look into her eyes. They always had a special look after she had reached an orgasm…a deeper, more sparkling green that any other time.

Thinking about what had just happened, I pulled back my head so I could talk to her. "That was a switch," I told her, my voice sounding slightly sheepish.

"What was a switch?" she asked, her voice cracking slightly.

I felt a smile warm me as I took in the sound of her question. Her voice had been fine just moments ago when she had been in the throes of her climax. But she had asked me something, "I love it when we both use our mouths at the same time, but usually you're the one who loses her concentration first…this time…it was me."

"Hey, yeah!" She beamed proudly at me, as if she had accomplished something great, and I guess, in a sense, she had. "It's hard to give while you're receiving, isn't it?"

"Very," I nodded, and she knew we were talking about more than just reaching our orgasms simultaneously. We could do that fairly easy by using our hands on one another, and even sometimes with the phallus, but with both of us receiving an equal kind of oral pleasure, it proved to be much more difficult.

"I have an idea," she said then, and I saw her eyes were glowing with mischief and a rapidly returning lust. I grinned at her, waiting for her to speak.

She gave me a wink, then pulled herself from my embrace. Standing beside the bed, she wiggled a finger at me. "Come with me, Xena," she purred.

I got to my feet, and took her outstretched hand, very curious as to where she wanted to take me. It wasn't far, just to the corner of the room where the other bed was waiting. "Lie down, My love," she whispered, and I hurried to do as she bade, watching her every move. My head rested against the pillow, and for the billionth time, I was struck by the perfection of my bard's beauty.

I didn't have to wait long to see what she had in mind. She climbed onto the bed beside me, and then threw a leg over me, straddling my midriff. "Let's make love to each other," she whispered, leaning in for a searing kiss. Our lips clung together as though magnetized, but then she was pulling her head away slightly.

"Spread your legs a little further apart. I want to feel the inside of your pussy. Hold yourself open…"

No one could ever accuse me of being slow to catch on. I reached between my thighs and held my slippery labia open, watching as she did the same before letting herself settle her weight on that most demanding area of my body.

"Oh gods," We both breathed out the familiar words immediately as we felt the warmth and wetness of the other merge with our own.

"I think I achieved the effect I was looking for," Gabrielle told me, just before she began to slowly slide up and down against my cunt. "Does it work for you?"

I'm sure I answered in the affirmative, but I have no idea what I actually said. She was taking my breath away with the sensations coursing through me. We had rubbed our centers before, and I found it exhilarating to feel her clit pressed against mine, but that couldn't compare to what I was feeling now. It was if I were inside her, and at the same time, she was inside me, and the more slick our lubrication made us, the more enflamed I was becoming.

Gods, it was making me lose awareness, this blissful sharing of our passion. My hips began to move of their own volition, and I immediately felt her own begin to move in a circular motion, bearing down a little harder with each completed motion. I bent my legs and concentrated on maintaining that incredible contact between our pussies.

I swallowed back an intense moan when I felt her fingers probe the wet flesh I was still holding between my veed fingers, and the pleasure increased as she brought her fingers up to rub the moisture into my nipples. How did she know they were itching for her touch?

She was pressing deeper into me, the tips of her labia actually entering the opening at my cunt on occasion, and I knew I couldn't last much longer with the intensity of it all. Her fingers continued to torment my nipples, so I fought fire the only way I knew how, by releasing my vulva and using the moistened fingers of my hand to do the same to her breasts. Even the flesh surrounding her nipples had hardened with her passion, and for long seconds, the only sounds in the room was our coarse breathing and the wet sound of our cunts sloshing against each other.

Her mouth was moving down to meet mine then, and she left her head against my chin, rubbing herself erotically over me. "Can you feel my cunt rubbing against you, Xena?" she asked.

"Yes. harder…please…"

"You like me on top of you, don't you? You like me to ride your cock," her words had taken up the unconscious staccato in time with her moving hips.

All I could manage was a "yeah."

"I can feel you growing inside me, Baby," she was purring to me. "You're inside my pussy right now…you're reaching for what's yours. And it's all yours. No one else's…." Her words managed to do what I didn't think possible…excite me even further. I felt my clit swelling and lengthening, as if it were trying to grow into that cock we both loved her to refer to.

"Gabrielle…" I began, wanting to match her words with my own, and finding it impossible. My brain only had enough originality at that time to form her name.

She was asking me what I wanted to say, but I had totally forgotten. "Nothing. Just talk to me some more…I love it when you talk to me that way."

She gave me a small confident smile, obvious satisfied she knew how turned on she had made me with this new style of lovemaking. "Can you hear us making love? That's my cunt dripping out over your cock, squeezing you hard, and begging you to shoot off inside me…I'm taking all of you in, Baby…is it good?"

Oh, gods, it was more than good, but I don't know if I was able to tell her that right then. "Are you gonna come, Xena? Come on, Baby. I'm ready…please…come inside me…"

Yes, I was so ready and I felt my body galvanize as my sex sang out its pleasure to me. I held on to Gabrielle tightly, and was thrilled when she tremored and cried out her climax simultaneously, her body still moving in tune with mine.

My breath had barely returned to me when I felt her pulling herself from my grasp, and then lowering that luscious pussy of hers to my face once again. My cheeks flamed with wicked heat as I tasted the combination of our flavors on her body, marveling as always how two different flavors could blend together to create a third even more powerful one. I slid two fingers deep inside her, and felt the answering thrust in my own vagina as she mirrored my actions.

"I'm going to suck your cock now, Baby…" I heard her say, and the warmth of her mouth closed solely on my clit which I know had swollen huge by the way her lips were able to grab on to me. I found her own hardened bundle of nerves, and pursed my lips, this time determined that we would both finish at the same time. The sounds she made as she guzzled and nursed me added even more to my excitement, and even as I slid another finger in her, I felt the waves start in my toes. I gave her clit a gentle bite, and then her thighs were tightening around my head as she soared at the same time I did. Her wetness spilled into my open mouth, and I drank down everything she offered. She was doing the same with me, and that encouraged the climaxes to stretch out even further. When we finally relaxed, the peace I had been searching for since arriving here finally made its presence known.

With a moan of satisfaction, she rolled off me, and lay on her back, the only contact between us being her hand on my thigh. My pussy was exhausted for now, but I wasn't done loving my bard. I moved to take a similar position to the one she had taken, my knees resting on either side of her waist while my upper body rested on my forearms on either side of her head. Just as the white material formed a canopy for the bed, my long hair draped down to form a curtain of privacy for our heads. My head was scant inches above hers, and for long seconds, we just studied each other's eyes.

Then I smiled. I couldn't help it. I adored her so much, and only she could make me feel the way I was feeling right now. "You are the only thing in my life that really matters, Gabrielle," I told her. "Please don't ever leave me."

"I won't," she assured me, and the bright warm look in her eyes told me she meant what she said. "I will never leave you."

With a sigh of relief, I leaned in closer to press my mouth to hers, determined to hold onto her all night and forever.

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