Findina a Balance--Gabrielle's Scroll

Her mouth felt so good on my chest…but I really wanted to bathe first, and we were hot, sweaty, and dirty. Fighting a group of nasty thugs had gotten her blood boiling, and it seemed to be occupying most of its space between her legs. It only fueled Xena's libido. She could be so butch at times. Not that I didn't love it…I just wanted to be clean.

She let out a moan when she felt my hand interlace in her hair, but when my grip pulled her head back, she had a slight look of confusion and disbelief in her eyes. "Xena…I'm serious."

"I know," she sighed. I didn't plan to disappoint her, only delay her a little. And I kind of just wanted some time to think to myself. It seemed that since we had met Najara, I had been soul searching more and more. Violence had always bothered my conscience, but with Xena I had learned that sometimes fighting was necessary, especially to protect the innocent. Someone had to make a stand, and I didn't want to feel guilty when I was the one involved on the fighting side. There had to be a balance somewhere…between peace and violence. I needed more inner peace, and for that reason, Xena had agreed to travel to India so that I could study this subject more thoroughly. She was so wonderful in that way-supporting me in things I really felt were important.

She told me that we could wait a couple of days and catch a boat traveling east, which would be faster than land travel. "Yeah, Xena, but I don't think I can wait two or three days. We could be making headway right now."

"It's up to you," she muttered under her breath, starting to remove her armor to join me for a bath in the pond. She busied herself unlacing her boots.

I watched her seemingly ignore me. "So we can leave in the morning? It's my decision?"

She acted deep in thought, but I could sense that she was letting me take the lead here. Finally, she answered, "Only if I get one of those first class backrubs tonight."

I slid my hands under the straps on her shoulder. "I'll massage more than that…" I whispered in her ear, rubbing her shoulders and taking the straps down with my hands. This gave me such relief and excitement at the same time. Maybe I could find the answers I was searching for, and knowing Xena was by my side all the way gave me much more confidence. Now our time could be more focused on the truly important issues.

Our next day on the road was faced again with fighting, and Xena seemed to notice my uneasiness with the situation and sent me on Argo to follow the women in the wagon to be sure they were safe. Xena had fought a larger group of men than I realized upon my return. Her left thigh had a huge gash. "You're going to need stitches," I told her, quickly jumping off Argo to look at her leg. She had bled a lot.

"Yeah, I know, but there's a storm on its way. Let's see if we can make it back to those caves we saw earlier."

"Come on," she said, hopping back on Argo. I knew better than question her keen sense of weather, and she swung me up into the saddle in front of her. Gods, I loved it when she did that. How secure I felt! In no time, the storm was beginning to make its arrival known.

"Do you have any idea where we're going?"

She wrapped me even tighter in her arm and lowly spoke into my ear. "We're heading back to that river we crossed a while back."

"Mmm…the cave." We had made some wonderful love in a cave not too long ago. "Maybe I can talk you into an extra day before we start back for India…" Xena said, still staying close to my ear. Our last outing in a cave had proved to be an extremely bonding time for us.

"Sounds wonderful," I said with a smile, and then just relaxed my head against her shoulder. The sun rested warmly on my face while my lover's embrace warmed my heart.

Our time spent in the cave this time was short-lived. I had started putting stitches in Xena's leg when we both heard a suspicious noise. I went to investigate and the next thing I knew, we were lying on a lush carpet of grass in the midst of a beautiful garden. It seems that we fell through some type of hole. "So what is it with you and holes, anyway?" Xena asked wryly.

It seemed too good to be true…ultimate tranquility and peace. Xena was extremely skeptical. I had learned to trust her judgment, but this place was absolute Paradise. How could it be anything but what it appeared? And then we met Aiden, the owner of this estate.

After a brief introduction and visit, he urged us to at least spend the night before leaving. Xena didn't want to, but with the luxuries around us, how could we turn this opportunity down?

He escorted us to our bedroom, which was beautifully decorated. Wonderfully scented candles were lit, and we drew a warm bath which was located in a separate room. The room had two beds. I loved the bed in the center of the room. It was round with one half white and one half black. I found it to be such a parallel to Xena and me. Our darkness and light met perfectly, molding and swirling together into one perfect circle. And a circle has no end. But the other bed… the most wonderful bed I had ever seen, was in a more private corner. It was full of various pillows and had lace curtains all around. Oh yeah…I would make Xena change her mind about not wanting to stay.

I couldn't resist opening the doors and stepping onto the balcony to get an overall view of the gardens surrounding the palace. The colors of different flowers were stunning. "Gabrielle? Hey…what are you doing out there? Hurry up already."

"I'll be right there. Xena, I can't get over how I feel here. It's so refreshing…" She didn't want to talk about it. She was only here because of me, and I knew that to be a fact. I took in a couple of pure breaths of air and just held them as long as I could. We didn't have to subconsciously listen for intruders or worry about a fight breaking out any minute. I could just concentrate on making love to my Warrior for now.

I walked into the bathroom and saw Xena had already wet her hair and was leaning against the edge of the tub. I started undressing, already feeling an ache between my legs. "Hi, Baby…"

She held out her hand and took mine as I stepped into the tub. I lightly pushed her forward so I could sit behind her. I wanted her to feel my breasts against her back, and help her get in the mood for some playtime in case she wasn't thinking along those lines. I got a sponge and started washing her back. She leaned back against me and let herself relax. I took the sponge and rubbed it along her front…lightly across her breasts, down her stomach, then down her…cock? Oh my gods.

"Xena?" If she could have only seen the grin plastered across my face.

Nonchalantly, her reply was, "But it looked so lonely in my saddlebag."

I forgot the sponge immediately and began trailing my hands down both of her arms, down both sides of her waist, and then finally I reached in front of her, grabbing her cock and sliding up and down it in a circle formed by my thumb and fingers. I think her mood lightened a bit and soon we were on our way to finding our own taste of paradise.

I stayed sitting behind her, wrapping one arm around her to hold her tightly against me. I started grinding my mound into her ass, pressing my breasts against her back, and jacking her off more than once. I knew exactly how to move the phallus so that it gave her clit perfect stimulation. She turned her head so that she could bury her tongue deep in my mouth every time she came, letting me absorb her grunts and moans. Now I was incredibly horny, and a knock came at the door.

Xena stepped out of the tub and much to my surprise, pulled back the door. I thought she would remove the phallus at least before opening the door. Gar had brought us some towels and I think Xena scared him so badly, he forgot why he even knocked in the first place. He referred to her as "Sir", and I was completely at a loss for words. He quickly left and Xena shut the door…walking to me with that look in her eye. She knew I wanted it just as much.

By surprise, she pulled me out of the tub and laid me down on a fluffy rug on the bathroom floor. She laid me on my back, and wasted no time burying her face between my legs. Instead of drying me off, she was only making me wetter. She licked up my pussy over and over, coating her tongue with my desire for her. She left my center and kissed me all the way up my stomach, sucking and biting lightly at my skin until she reached my breasts. My nipples were swollen and erect, ready for her mouth to take me. I felt her erection between us, only making me more open and hot for her.

"Come here," she said, standing to her feet and taking my hands and pulling me up. She backed me a few steps to a cabinet and lifted me up to sit on it. It was the perfect height for her to spread my legs apart and then nestle herself in between them…ready to go inside me.

I scooted my ass to the very edge and then wrapped my legs around her, giving her perfect access to my pussy. Her approval came within seconds. "Oh yes…this is much nicer."

She ran her hands down my back and then underneath my ass. "Are you ready for me to go inside you, Gabrielle?" She was licking up my neck and chewing my earlobes, knowing I had been ready far longer than I had wanted to wait. "Yes…" was all I could weakly manage.

She slowly slid the head of her phallus up my sex, quickly covering it with the wetness pouring from me. "Gods, Xena…" I panted. She waited before entering me, and just continued rubbing the tip of the phallus along my lips, parting them and then coming back up to rub my clit.

"I wanna hear you say it…" she said, capturing my mouth and kissing me hard. I gave her my entire tongue and let her suck it, feeling like she had my clit in her mouth.

"Fuck me, Xena…please…I need you inside me…"

She thrust forward slowly, moving back and forth smoothly and gently. "Mmmmm…" escaped my throat.

"Hold your legs up," she said, and then placed her hands under the bend of each knee. I leaned back a little and placed my hands behind me, and threw back my head as pleasure filled me throughout.


"Yeah? What do you need?"

"Nothing…this feels better than it ever has. Please don't stop."

"Don't worry…" she said, as our breathing picked up. I noticed myself pushing my center forward even further as I arched my back. We both looked down and watched as she plunged in and out between my legs. "Gods…" she said. "You are so beautiful. Watching myself fuck you…seeing your pussy letting me slide inside you…I'm not going to let you come for a long time."

Of course, there was no way she could stop me, certainly as long as she kept talking to me that way and then watching it happen before my very eyes. Her dark hair behind the phallus was brushing against mine with every thrust, and then she leaned forward and took each of my nipples in her mouth in turn.

"Xena…you're going to make me come. I can't help it. Come with me, Baby…"

Every muscle in my body was flexed as I saw the effect of my words on her…she was just as close as I was. "Stay close to me…I need to see your eyes…" I told her.

She started thrusting harder and faster, and we both moved in perfect rhythm as one of the best orgasms I can ever remember took us both over. With the position of my body, she was hitting my spot perfectly inside, and I came from somewhere deeper than I had ever experienced before. I screamed out, not being able to conceal my passion. She covered her mouth over mine, swallowing my cries of ecstasy as she mixed them with her own. She began slowing down, and I quickly said, "Not yet, Baby…"

"Are you going to cum again? Please, come for me again, Gabrielle…" She was smiling through half-closed eyes, obviously feeling just as good as I was. Her movements had never ceased and another orgasm was building within moments. My body began to shudder and she grabbed me tight against her and fucked me until I came again.

I wouldn't release my grip on her, and wouldn't let her pull out of me yet. I held her as tightly as I could as my body calmed, listening to her tell me, "I love you so much…" It was beautiful.

Aiden was supposed to begin tutoring me the next morning. We would be working on some breathing and stretching techniques, by which supposedly someone is able to clear her mind and psyche. Xena didn't give me her opinion…verbally, anyway. I easily sensed she did not trust Aiden, and seemed a tiny bit jealous over the interest he had in me. At the time I thought he was happy to find an eager pupil to learn all he had mastered. That's definitely how I perceived it.

I was already awake before dawn. I looked over to see Xena sleeping. Most likely she had been awake almost all night worrying about my first lesson with Aiden. I felt my love for her coming from the depths of my soul and tears filled my eyes. How was it possible for me to love someone so much? I was a little bit sore from our bathroom scene yesterday, but I felt myself becoming wet just by taking in the incredible view that lay beside me.

We had slept on the round bed, and I decided to wake her up with a nice kiss someplace other than her mouth. I reached out to touch her, lightly brushing her hair back and seeing her sleepy eyes barely open. "Hey" she said in a whisper, letting a sweet smile form over her lips.

"Can I love you, Xena?" I asked, all the while moving the sheet off her and rubbing my hands down her already naked body.

I needed no response other than what her body gave me. She was in agreement.

"Lie on your stomach," I told her. We had both slept naked, enjoying a luxury we couldn't while traveling and sleeping outside most of the time. She rolled over and was trying to look over her shoulder to see my next move. "Xena, just relax, and let me love you…"

I spread her legs far apart and perched my body between them, planting my hands on each side of her waist. I slowly laid my body weight on her, nuzzling my mound into her ass and scraping my hard nipples up her back, knowing this alone would make her wet in an instant. I moved her hair back so that I could kiss her neck and whisper to her, continually hunching against her backside.

"I want you, Xena. Are you going to give it to me?"

"Yesss…I need you…"

It seemed that early morning sex was more uninhibited for both of us. Especially when she was the one being woke up. I licked around her ear, my hot breath only a portion of how hot I already was. "I love our skin touching this way," I told her. She had started moving her hips slightly, and I reached with one had and started touching between her legs. "Gods, Xena, you are so wet…"

"Mmmm…" she said, starting to really get in the mood. I sat up on my knees so that I could rub her pussy with one hand and massage her lower back with the other. I straddled one of her thighs and let her feel how wet she was making me, sliding my slick center on the back of her leg. I didn't want to go inside her yet, and just relished this freedom to touch her, taking all the time I wanted.

I finally moved to where I was lying on my stomach as well, flat on the bed with my legs hanging off the edge, but with perfect alignment for my mouth and fingers to devour her center. I rubbed over her ass with both hands, and then took my thumbs and pulled her lips apart, revealing her soaked center and inviting my mouth to make its move.

I slowly licked along her slit, feeling her already very open and ready for me to be inside her. She was moving her hips more and more, and I knew she was running out of patience.

I hardened my tongue and entered her hole, feeling her immediately clench down on my tongue. "Oh yessss…Gabrielle…." I was always glad to hear her approval.

I moved my head back and forth, fucking her with my tongue while I got to taste her incredible sweetness. I continued holding onto her ass with my hands, pulling her apart as much as possible to ensure she could feel everything I did to her. I then starting painting her pussy by tracing along inside her lips, making a perfect oblong trail over and over, sometimes dipping down to feel her hardened clit as it begged for attention. When she was ready, I would suck her hard.

The moaning noises were coming from me just as much as they were from her. She made me so wet by letting me love her this way, but I wanted to concentrate on her. We had tonight, and I had plans for the bed in the corner.

I raised up and told her, "Turn over…"

She did so, and I took her thighs and spread them far apart, raising her bent knees in the air. "Hold your knees for me…I don't want anything in my way. I only want to see your pussy…"

With no argument, I looked down at ultimate perfection. "Oh yes, Xena…this is exactly how I want to eat you."

I wasted no time planting my mouth over her clit, rewarding her for being so cooperative. "Suck me harder, Baby…" I heard her rasp, and I gave her exactly what she wanted. I ran two of my fingers through my own wetness, feeling as much heat coming from my center as hers, and plunged those fingers inside her. "More…."

I gave her a third finger, and then let my mouth have its way in my favorite paradise. With my tongue, I stroked up and down her lips as they outlined my fingers going inside her. "Gods Xena, you're so tight…" and she was. She felt incredible, and in this position I could literally eat her alive.

I returned to sucking her clit, amazed at how huge she had gotten. I felt her body responding perfectly to my loving, and soon she was on her way to finding a shock going throughout her entire body as she exploded into my mouth, holding her legs almost straight in the air above me.

That is what I call a perfect breakfast.

My practices with Aiden proved a little more than I bargained for, but I think it was making myself face the truth and the depth of that truth that hurt so much. Aiden wasn't to blame for the pain I unveiled. It was the past at fault. We worked all day together, but I had started missing my Warrior around noon, and now that it was nearing dusk, I was ready to see her again. I hoped she wasn't angry with me for being gone so long. I'm sure she was bored out of her mind all day. I would make certain she was rewarded very nicely.

I was starved, and was looking forward to freshening up and having a nice dinner with Xena. I really preferred for it to be in served privately in our room, but I had accepted Aiden's invitation for us to join him for dinner.

I walked in and saw Xena sitting in the chair, never moving when she heard the door softly latch. Maybe she was meditating. I walked up behind her and rubbed over her shoulders and down her arms as my mouth found its way around to her right ear. "I missed you today…"

Before giving her a chance to respond, I let both hands run down her chest to find their place on her breasts, finding her flesh beneath her leathers and feeling her nipples harden with my touch.

"I missed you too," she said, and ran her hand backwards to find my damp center. The knock couldn't have come at a worse time. "Dinnertime," Gar said through the door. Couldn't we have at least 30 minutes?

"I had planned on eating something else," she sighed. I was disappointed as well, but she made me feel much better when she said, "We'll go eat, and then I'll have you for my dessert." Yummy!

The food was delicious, but I found it odd that only the four of us were in the entire place. Xena leered at Aiden across the table, while more than once I placed my hand on her thigh, trying to pat her anxiety level down. I knew we couldn't stay much longer, but why not make the best of it? We had never had such lush surroundings. Maybe just one more day and then we would leave.

I loved the beautiful gown that was hanging in our bathroom. I had worn it last night briefly, before Xena kindly helped remove it. After dinner, we returned to our room, finally getting to enjoy some privacy. I came out of the bathroom and Xena was sitting in the chair again, and I lay down on the round bed and took in her beauty. I knew she felt very unsettled, and I really wanted to help settle her down.

She finally told me she thought Aiden had a "thing" for me, but even if he did, it phased me none at all. After several sit-ups, she agreed to let us stay one more day. I was very pleased, but very sleepy. I didn't mean to, but dozed off, only to wake myself to an aching in my crotch for a certain Warrior Princess.

She was sitting on the floor beside the bed, still fully dressed, tracing over my mouth with her fingertips. I held out my arms toward her. "Love me, Xena…"

And love me she did. We made incredible love once again, turning in opposite directions on the round bed and loving each other with our mouths. We enjoyed several orgasms, seeming impossible to get too tired.

Finally, I climbed off her body and turned to meet her mouth for a deep kiss. She pulled me on top of her and wrapped her long legs around me, pinning me against her mound, still sharing kisses flavored with each other's juices.

We shared wonderful time gazing into each other's eyes from only inches apart. Those few moments…her holding me on top of her, her arms and legs wrapped around me, looking into those icy pools of pure blue perfection…I will never forget that mental image.

"I've got an idea…" I told her, a smile refusing not to build on my lips. It was time to check out the other bed. She let me up, and I held out my hand for her. "Come on, Xena."

We turned back the covers and saw wonderfully crisp, ivory sheets. I had her lie down and wasted no time straddling her hips. I leaned down and let my breasts trail along her stomach while I made my way to the top, coming back for another kiss. "Let's make love to each other," I told her, biting her lip with my teeth and pulling it into my mouth.

I sat back up, resting my hands on her knees behind me. "Spread your legs just a little further apart…" I told her. My thighs were spread over her hips bones, causing my knees to rest on each side of her body. We were both unbelievably wet, but I needed more. "Xena…I just need to feel more of you. I want to feel the inside of your pussy. Hold yourself open…"

She took her hands and spread her lips apart as I stood a little on my knees to give her room for her hands. I did the same, holding my lips apart, and then sat gently down against her red, luscious, wet pussy. We both immediately caught our breaths…"Oh gods…"

I looked down and smiled at her. "I think we achieved the effect I was going for. Does it work for you?" I asked, beginning to slide forward and then backward, very slowly.

"Oh yeah…Mmmmmm, Gabrielle…that is so good…"

I saw her eyes roll back and close slowly as her mouth gaped open, and then felt her hips begin to move beneath me. I started moving my hips in a circular motion, but never losing contact with her pussy. I reached behind myself and wet my fingers from her dripping core, and then brought them back around to massage and moisten her nipples.

"Yesss…" she hissed, obviously enjoying the attention I was now showing her chest. I began to knead her breasts and still twist her nipples, keeping my fingers wet with her juices so I could touch her very smoothly.

"Do you think you can come, Baby?" I asked.

"Mmm Hmmm…" was her only response. She opened her eyes and looked at me. She removed her hands from her holding her lips apart and raised her hands up along my stomach and then began touching my breasts. She loved to touch me there, and I loved it, too.

I leaned down over her and kissed her, giving me even better movement against her sex. I whispered in her ear, "Can you feel my cunt rubbing against you, Xena?"

"Yes. Harder…please…"

"You like me on top of you, don't you? You like me to ride your cock."

"Yeah…" she panted.

"I can feel you growing inside me, Baby." And I could feel her clit harden and become more erect. "You're inside my pussy right now…you're reaching for what's yours. And it's all yours. No one else's…."


"What Baby? What do you need?"

Her hands were on my hips bones, guiding me and pushing me harder into her. We had both produced so much wetness that our cores made sounds as I moved back and forth on top of her…each of our delicate skin making continual contact, our clits moving against each other.

"Nothing. Just talk to me some more…I love it when you talk to me that way."

And she did. She loved for me to talk about her huge cock, about me taking it all in, and how she could shoot inside me. Gods, she made me so horny and out of control, I was ready to come every time she did.

"Can you hear us making love? That's my cunt dripping out over your cock, squeezing you hard, and begging you to shoot off inside me…I'm taking all of you in, Baby…is it good?


"Are you gonna come, Xena? Come on, Baby. I'm ready…please…come inside me…"

And with that little coaxing, she began bucking wildly beneath me, moving both our bodies off the bed, sweat rolling down her temples and between her breasts. She had me so excited that I came with her, still grinding and sliding as hard as I could against her.

As soon as we finished and before we completely quit tingling, I hurriedly turned around and jerked her thighs far apart and sat my cunt down on her mouth. We both lapped fiercely at one another's' juices, mixed perfectly together by being in contact for so long, and we both began thrusting two fingers into each other's cores.

"I'm going to suck your cock now, Baby…" I said, lifting my mouth just enough to speak, and went right to her hardened clit. I sucked hard and fucked her hard as she did the same to me. Both of us were not muting the grunting and moaning noises that were coming from deep within our throats. I continued pumping more fingers into her, and in a matter of seconds, we both came again, flooding the bed with the passion of two women who loved each other more than words can say.

Exhausted for the moment, I just lay lifeless against the bed and finally rolled to her side, still lying in opposite directions. Xena's hand rested on my thigh, and we just stared at the ceiling and tried to calm our breathing. "Gods, that was great…"

Xena sat up and pulled me into the center of the bed, and then straddled my hips like I had ridden her. She leaned over me, her long black hair draping on each side of my face. She tenderly looked into my eyes, loving me from her soul. She smiled so beautifully and said, "You are the only thing in my life that really matters, Gabrielle…please don't ever leave me."

"I won't…I will never leave you." The emotion of the moment was thick, and I meant every word I said.

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