Sometimes A Dream Is Just A Dream--Gabrielle's Scroll

It is barely dusk, and I've been working on starting a new campfire. I am waiting on Xena to return from a nearby town with a sleeping remedy for my frequent sleepless nights. Xena doesn't know that I'm afraid to go to sleep because Athena appears to me in dreams, trying to seduce me. Xena has been asking me a lot of questions lately about why am I so quiet, am I feeling all right, and the list goes on.

Hearing Xena and Argo approaching, my stomach feels nervous. Should I just come clean and tell Xena the truth? I don't want to worry Xena with something that may be just my imagination. But the confrontations are too real. The sexual stimulation is definitely real. Gods seem to have extra power in that way. When they want a mortal, they can enhance the enticement factor. I feel such guilt.

"Here sweetheart, they told me this is the best stuff you can get. We'll make it into a drink, and within an hour, you should be sleeping like a baby. Xena handed me a small bag with a powdery substance inside. "Hold this and I'll get some water boiling." Xena was being so good-taking care of me when she saw me struggling with something, but still respecting my privacy. I eventually had to tell her what was going on, but I didn't want her to feel there was even one ounce of competition between her and Athena.

Xena started heating the water and prepared the drink. She looked up at me just sitting there on a rock in the cave. I know my eyes looked so tired, swollen, and I had a worried countenance on my face. Getting up, Xena came to the other side of the fire and knelt down in front of me.

Putting her hands around my waist and sliding her body between my legs, she went from warrior to lover, letting the barriers down around her heart and fully focusing on me. "Baby, are you sure there's not something you want to talk to me about? Are you sick, or did I do something to hurt you?" Handing me the cup, she told me to drink it all. "No, I'm all right. I've just got a lot of my mind. The loss of so many of our Amazon tribe has really made me see how quickly an entire nation can be wiped out." Making an awful face, I finished the elixir. While that was a true statement, I couldn't tell her the truth. "Gabrielle, what can I do?" I could not resist her. "Will you hold me?" I asked as my voice quivered. I felt like I could almost take off running and run until I collapsed. Moving beside me, she pulled me into her lap and held me like a child, completely encompassing my body with her long, strong arms. Rocking me and humming softly, I drifted off to sleep because of the extreme exhaustion that had hit my body.

Xena must have put me in our bedroll. I woke up wearing one of her sleep shifts and trying to figure out what had just happened. Who was lying beside me? Had I really almost made love? I came to my senses when Xena was asking me what was wrong. All I felt like doing was staring and not saying a word, but to stop her questions, I told her, "It was just a dream. I'm okay." I had to think about this before I told her any part of it. I was being tormented because I felt so unfaithful. I didn't know if some higher power was behind all this, or was it my own conscience creating the circumstances. I just lay back down and replayed the dream scene in my mind.

"Gabrielle, it's about time you came back and visited me. Believe me, I can make this worth your time." She moved in to face me closer, and rubbed her hand along my hair. "You realize I could make you a very powerful ruler, giving you your own domain, your own army…You have so many qualities that most mortals never possess. I admire that about you. After seeing your strategic thinking and actions in both Amphipolis and Helicon, I quickly saw you are a capable ally. You would make an excellent commander for me. And besides, the fringe benefits aren't so bad.

"Xena and I are quite happy, thank you. I believe it has been your brother who has offered some of the same things to Xena, but she has always turned him down. We all know that Ares has "a thing" for her."

"Always turned him down? How can you be so sure?" I hated accusations against Xena from anyone, even Olympian goddesses. I knew that anything Xena did with Ares would only be a part of some plan for the moment.

"How are you here? I thought Xena killed you on Mt. Olympus. Did Ares restore your life when he regained his powers?" "You're partly right. My spirit can't die, nor my powers, and while I can't come back in the form of a mortal, I can live quite nicely in your subconscious mind. I've wanted you for a long time, Gabrielle. And what I want, I always get. This doesn't have to be unpleasant. I intend to bring you to levels of absolute elation."

She had taken us to her bedchamber, the most magnificent setting. She had her servants draw a very warm bath. "Don't be shy. Join me for a bath. It doesn't have to go any farther than a bath if you aren't comfortable. Just be my guest for a little while. However, if you continue to turn me down, I don't have to remind you the chaos I could cause for Xena. I can also give Eve a very hard road to travel." I felt such resentment towards Athena, but I had to protect my lover and child. Whatever it took.

She helped undress me, much to my discomfort. We both stepped into the luxurious bath. Candles illuminated the room, fresh flower petals floated beautifully on the water, rich wine flowed freely, and I was the object of her desire. She was sitting to my left, but pulled me to sit in front of her, nestling my back against her naked body. She sat me between her legs, and began using the most sensuous massage strokes on my shoulders. "You are the one carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, Gabrielle. I'm surprised nobody notices your efforts. Xena gets all the glory." I could feel her mound pressing against my ass, and she reached around from behind, caressing very softly my breasts, and then her hands traveled down my stomach, and then both hands continued down to discover the wetness that had descended.

She pulled me closer to her, and her hands were velvety soft and small. Xena had been the only woman to touch me before this. The natural reaction of my body gave my clit quite an erection. She kissed me along my ear and neck, moving her hands to my breasts and nipples. She ran her fingers through my center and came back up with enough wetness to rub very lightly around and around my nipples. I felt myself lying back against her, and she said, "That's it…just let me feel you. Let me give you absolute pleasure." I tried to keep my mind focused on Xena…how I would never allow anyone to touch me because I was completely devoted my warrior. Athena then asked, "Why don't we move to a more comfortable location…" Stepping out of the tub, I just wanted this to end. Her servants wrapped me in a towel, and she excused them from the room. I was afraid I would have to go through making love with Athena to ensure Xena and Eve remained unharmed.

She led me by the hand to her bed. It was a breathtaking scene. The silk, the décor in the room-- it was unlike any setting I had ever seen. "I'm not going to hurt you, Gabrielle. Just let me touch you." She backed me down onto the bed and opened up my towel. "You look incredible." She began licking me from my mouth all the way down to my throbbing center. She moved so slow and sensuous, moaning with her obvious approval. She kissed me up and down my stomach, and then finally dipped a finger into my lips, moving back and forth very slowly, moving around my clit in circles and strokes. I felt myself losing my bearings. Sitting up, I told her, "I can't do this. I love Xena. She is the only one I can love." In her matter-of-fact voice she said, "Very well then. I will be patient, but I will have you."

The next thing I realized Xena was rubbing my back, asking me if I was okay. I didn't want her to have any idea of what I had just been through…how real it seemed. It was still dark outside. I turned over, and Xena reached out to touch my stomach. I yanked away and still don't know why. Was it because I felt so dirty for almost being with someone else? For the pleasure the dreams were giving my body? I immediately saw what I had done, and my reflex was to pull Xena close and be covered by her. I held tightly against me, and hid my face and cried. I felt like I was going to lose my mind. She took care of me the rest of the night, letting me sleep and just lying awake and watching me. I didn't know how I was going to explain, but I definitely had every intention of remaining faithful to Xena.

The next morning, I woke up and decided Xena must have gone off to get breakfast. I got dressed and went outside the cave to considered starting a new scroll. It was a beautiful clear morning, and I began to think maybe I had been overreacting. I didn't have one dream about Athena the rest of the night. Of course, there's such protection when you warrior princess is guarding you.

She brought in quails' eggs, and my stomach was definitely ready for food. She smiled so beautifully and said, "You seem like you feel better this morning." "Yeah, I think I've just been dealing with so much about Helicon and I haven't been myself. I'm sorry, Xena." "You don't owe me any apologies. I'm just glad you are better." I hoped she was right.

Our trip to the next town went smoothly and at a slow pace. We cut through the forest saving several miles of walking. The forest was very quiet and shaded, and since I had woken up very horny and had mad missed being with Xena, I acted quickly, trying to catch her off guard and pinned her to a tree. "I want to make up for cutting you off last night." I spread her thighs apart, feeling of her muscular legs from top to bottom. I began touching her very lightly. She was breathing very hard. When I shoved my hardened tongue into her center and starting licking her sex from top to bottom, the juices flowed almost instantaneously. I rubbed her wetness all over my face, my tongue changing to meet her need at the moment. "Do you want me inside you, Xena?" I had become so horny. "Yes….." was all she could say. I looked up directly at her, and thought how beautiful this creature is. I slid 3 fingers inside her core, and she was very slick. There was no way I could ever want anyone else, and Athena's dream appearances had made me even more determined to hold onto what Xena and I shared.

I pleasured her for what should have seemed like an eternity, but felt all too brief. Finally, when I paused to catch my breath, she looked down into my eyes. Her hair was soaked, and she moved my hair out of my eyes. "What has gotten into you, my precious Gabrielle?" My heart sank, because I almost felt like I was hiding an affair. Even though I didn't love anyone else, it bothered me that anyone but Xena was in my dreams. I couldn't control Athena's appearance in my dreams, and I didn't know how to put an end to it. Maybe it was going to put an end to me. "I just love you so much, Xena. My body and my desire for you never are filled."

I didn't want this deep conversation to ruin the beautiful day, so I casually dropped the subject and we left the forest by midday. On our way to the next town, Xena had been very quiet. I could tell she wanted to talk about what was going on with me. "Gabrielle, tell me what's really wrong. Why haven't you been able to sleep, and when you do sleep, you're always waking upset and withdrawn. I think I may know what you're going through."

Xena always knows me. She may not know exactly what the problem may be, but she has a perfect sense of me and how I am feeling. She led us to a nearby stream so Argo could drink and we could sit and talk. She told me about her experience of dreaming of someone, someone whom had done nothing but hurt our relationship and us ever since we had known her. Callisto.

Telling me her experience, I just sat beside her in awe, not believing what I was hearing. The woman responsible for murdering my husband of one day and for nearly killing Xena more than once had made love to my soul mate-dream or no dream. I had never had hatred in my heart for any one person more than I had for Callisto. Especially now. But Xena was right; she was only there in a dream. And Callisto had also found redemption and then caused Eve to be born to us. She had hurt me worse than anyone, but had made me happier than anyone with the birth of our beautiful daughter. As Xena talked, she lost herself in the story, telling me every detail and even crying through parts. I held her close, and told her it was okay. Sometimes just because we have a dream doesn't mean it's something we want ourselves. I could only look at the ground, and Xena gently asked me, "Gabrielle, what's going on?"

All I could feel was shame. I would never choose to hurt Xena by even flirting with anyone else. I didn't welcome the appearances Athena had been making in my dreams, but I was dealing with something more than human. The force of her power was evident by the fact that I couldn't stop what was happening.

"Xena, it's Athena. She is tormenting my mind during my sleep, or what little sleep I get lately, threatening to make things bad for you and Eve if I don't obey her. I almost feel like I'm a victim of rape. She says she always gets what she wants, and she wants me."

Furious, Xena stood and said, "There's got to be something we can do. I will call on Ares!" "Yeah, but if you ask him for help, he will expect something in return, and I just can't handle that right now, Xena." She was clearly determined to find out what was going on. Maybe it was Ares behind it all.

I walked up behind Xena and buried my face in her back, wrapping my arms around her waist very tightly. "Please know that you are the only love for me, Xena. I didn't want to tell you any of this because I don't want to hurt you. I don't want this to happen any more than you do." Turning around and drawing me close, she said, "I know."

When we arrived at the next town, we checked into an inn, both of us feeling our mental exhaustion and sexual needs weighing more than what was comfortable. We took a wonderful bath, went downstairs for dinner, took a walk along the town, and turned in for an early but exciting night. We undressed kind of silently, just ready to connect heart, body and soul. We were determined that nobody or force would drive a wedge between our love.

I felt so vulnerable…maybe more so than ever. I wanted Xena to take me and make love to me, to claim me as her very own. I wanted her to fuck me, to fill me inside and to experience my love for her in its entirety. I was lying on the bed, and Xena started crawling up the bed from the end. The look of passion in her eyes was magnificent-the power she was feeling even stronger. Like a lioness moving effortlessly to claim her prey, she knew that I needed her desperately. When she had straddled my thighs with her own, she leaned over me so that her breasts touched mine. She whispered in my ear, "Just close your eyes and let me touch every inch of your skin. Totally relax, and think of how much I love you."

My center flooded at her words. She was an incredible lover, sensing where she needed to be and what she needed to do in order for my body to completely disconnect from my mind. I was ready for her to consume me. The consumption I was looking for wasn't necessarily of lust. It was a consumption of our unity. I felt that I was hers. I wanted her to show me she wanted me more than anyone else. We both felt this sensation, and it cast a completely new light on our relationship, how we felt about each other, and about the love we were about to make. Sweet love. Nobody could ever take this away from us.

I arched my pelvis upward, to meet Xena's already saturated cunt, and the feeling of our walls rubbing together almost made me come immediately. I told her, "Hold yourself open." She was so warm and wet, making me wetter by the minute. She sat straight up on top of me, riding my movements beneath her, and my hands were on her breasts. She had her head thrown back, enjoying the movement and sensation we were feeling from being inside each other. "Can you feel me inside you, Xena?" "Mmmmm, yes. It's so good." She bent back down and started kissing me, all the while she was moving her lips against mine. I let her tongue find its desired path inside my mouth…sucking her lips, biting her lips, and then she moved to my neck. The harder she sucked on my neck, the more my center craved her inside me. "I love you, Gabrielle. Let me change directions."

Xena turned around, facing the end of our bed, and spread her legs even farther apart. Holding herself up with her arms, she began fucking me, moving her hips so wildly, humping me. I touched her ass all over, and then moved my fingers beneath her vagina so that I could feel her clit, and press on it hard as she pumped back and forth. Bringing her to an orgasm gave me such satisfaction. The speed of her movements increased, and I heard her say, "I'm going to come for you, Baby….you've got me, and you always will." I could rub inside her lips and touch myself at the same time, and we both came with such force. She finally just leaned over my legs, laying her face against the bed. We didn't move for several minutes, and then she turned back around and pulled me close to lie on her shoulder. "Athena has no room in our world, Gabrielle. Just go to sleep, know that I'm here, and I will never leave you." She covered us up, and I had a wonderful dream about marrying my warrior princess. She was breathtaking and valiant in black leather pants and a white silk shirt. How could any dream be better?

Xena's Scroll--Sometimes a Dream is Just A Dream
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