The Furies Revisited--Xena's Scroll...Part 1

For the third morning in a row, I woke up abruptly, my whole body drenched in a cold sweat. My heart was pounding in my chest, but even more incessant than that was the itching in my nipples and the pounding between my thighs. My brain was racing with certain thoughts, and I suddenly found myself having to clench my teeth to keep from acting them out. Gabrielle, as usual, had draped herself over me in our sleep. Her shiny blonde hair barely tickled my nose, and her arm was wrapped firmly around my waist. It took just a little bit of my focus to realize her mouth was very near the peak of my right breast. I could feel the heat of each of her exhaled breaths, even through the material of my shift.

I fought back a shudder, and then gave her a slight shake. She grumbled something in her sleep, and rolled off of me, her subconscious familiar with the routine. I freed myself from her embrace, and quickly made my way away from the camp.

I didn't like what was happening, but didn't know how else to handle the situation. The images I had been dreaming about were beginning to sneak into my wakeful moments. I had walked a distance from where Gabrielle lay sleeping, and leaned back against a tree. It was the exact same kind of tree I had used with Gabrielle. It wasn't a coincidence that I chose it.

Gods, I no sooner had my back against the tree before the images started. They infiltrated my thoughts like a fever. Yes, I was as sick as the time I got hit with the poisoned dart Callisto shot me with. That time, I was able to slow my life's functions to the point that I was scarcely alive. I used that conserved energy to heal myself. I couldn't do that this time. I knew there was no way I could heal this particular fever on my own.

I couldn't hold back the groan as I lost my battle with my own body. It was with great shame that I reached underneath my shift with my right hand. My breeches were sodden with my excitement, as they had been constantly the last few days. I shoved my hand underneath them, and my fingers came into contact with my own swollen flesh. A shiver ran through me, and I didn't fight back the visions this time.

Another groaned bubbled forth as my arousal increased impossibly more. I reached up with my left hand and pushed it under the top of my shift, latching on to a nipple, pulling sharply at it. Damn Ares and those Furies! Gabrielle's face, her voice, the vines, my desires…everything flashed before my eyes in a series of images that enflamed me beyond reason. The final image came…the one that had been accompanying my climaxes the last few days, and with a grunt, I came, my inner muscles clamping down on my own fingers. The orgasm was strong, and helped me curb my lust a small amount. But this wasn't the first time I had done this the last few days, and each time, my lust was eased a little bit less. It was only a matter of times before my fingers wouldn't help at all.

I heard Gabrielle calling my name, and I jerked my breeches back into place. Without thought, I called back, "Over here!" I felt dirty. Dirty for what I had just done…dirty for hiding the evidence…and most of all, dirty for the thoughts that where bringing all this on. I wiped my sticky fingers on the grass around the tree, and glanced down at myself. Gods, my nipples had constricted so hard they looked like dagger's points. The flesh surrounding them was so blood-engorged; the dark circles were clearly evident through the material of the shift. Gabrielle was almost there, and I hastily crossed my arms to cover the telltale signs.

"There you are!" she smiled as she approached me. Zeus, but she was even more alluring beautiful this morning than ever! Her hair was sleep tousled, and shone brightly as shafts of sunlight hit it. She was wearing one of my shifts, which was way too big for her. It made her look more petite and more like a little girl than a woman. I held my breath, fighting my impulse to grab her.

"Xena?" she was saying as she moved nearer. I tried to back away, but the tree was still supporting me. My eyes darted from side to side as I sought an escape route. She asked what was wrong, and I saw fear in her eyes as her legs covered an amazing amount of space in just a few strides. She was in front of me almost instantly.

I took another deep breath, and somehow found the strength to relax. I forced a smile across my face. "Nothing's wrong," I answered. I couldn't stop the quaver in my voice, and it was so low that it vibrated my chest. I shrugged. "Nature called.'

In a sense, it was true. Gabrielle peered up at me, her emerald eyes sparkling. She nodded, and then said brightly, "Good morning."

My smile didn't falter until she stood on tiptoes to press her lips to mine. Her mouth was warm and soft under mine, and opened hungrily to me. I heard a moan, and knew it came from me. I wrenched my head away suddenly.

It was long seconds before I could compose myself to look at her again. I didn't know what expression to expect from her.

Finally, I opened my eyes. She was still studying me, her face full of concern. She told me my face was flushed. She reached a hand up, and it felt so cool against the heat of my face. "You feel feverish," she told me.

Once again, I abruptly pulled away. I snapped at her that I wasn't sick.

She murmured that something was wrong, and she reached for my face again.

This time I sidestepped her, growling, "Don't touch me." My voice sounded dangerous.

Her eyes grew wide as she realized I was being deadly serious, then I saw the hurt there. Gods, I couldn't stand that look!

"Sorry," I stammered, with what I hoped was an apologetic smile." I just feel uncomfortable without my weapons close by. Let's get back to camp."

She hesitated a second, then took my outstretched hand. We didn't speak as we walked. I suddenly didn't trust my own voice, and she seemed lost in thought. The air was pregnant around us.

We began to break camp in a routine that was very familiar, and required no talking. After making sure the fire was out, I whistled for Argo, and saddled her, then climbed on her back. Gabrielle walked along side, and we resumed our travel toward Paone.

Silence reigned for quite a while, but I was growing increasingly more uncomfortable. I glanced occasionally at my partner, and each time, she was looking back at me, her eyes wide with confusion. She was probably thinking the worst of me, and my impulses went beyond that even. Now not only did I feel guilty for what I wanted to do with her, but I also began to feel guilty for confusing her so much.

"Look, I'm sorry," I finally said.

Her eyes widened as my words sunk in. She knew apologies didn't come easy for me. But she didn't speak; she just turned her head pointedly and watched the path ahead of us. She wasn't going to let me off that easily.

I sighed, feeling her irritability from my perch on Argo's back. I tried again. "There is something wrong, Gabrielle, and it's not a fever. It also has nothing to do with you. It's me, and it's something I have to work through on my own. I'm trying…"

Gabrielle muttered something, and I thought I knew what she was asking, but I made her repeat it. "Are you sure the problem doesn't involve someone else?"

I couldn't believe my ears, and swung down out of the saddle to land in front of her, startling her. She didn't have fear in her eyes though, now they were just blazing daggers at me. "How can you ask that?" I demanded, more harshly than I would have liked.

Her voice was just as angry now. "What do you think, Xena? In the last three days you have changed! You don't want to touch me, you don't want to talk to me, and when you look at me, you look as if you want to chew me up and spit me out! If it doesn't involve me, then it has to involve someone else! Did you meet up with an old friend in Amphipolis that reminded you how things used to be?" Her voice faltered on the last words, and I realized she was far more aware of a problem than I had thought.

I saw her tears then, and softening, I pulled her to me. "No, My Love, there is no one else," I promised her. "I love only you." I wrapped one of my hands in her hair, and made beseeching moments on her back, comforting her. The lust that had overpowered me the last few days abated a bit. A bit.

She was sobbing now. "You don't want to make love, and I smell you on your own fingers. What have I done that makes you want yourself more than me?" I groaned, knowing I had been had. She was far more observant than I had given her credit for. I had to find some way to make it right.

"Gabrielle," I began, my voice soothing, and she clung to me tighter. "It's difficult to explain…I want you more than ever…but I'm afraid…" What was I afraid of? Frightening her? Letting myself go? Losing her?

She was studying me intently. "Xena, does this have something to do with the Furies?"

Gods, she was so good! How she had figured this one out was beyond me, and she could tell by the way that I stiffened that there was truth in her own words. Her demeanor suddenly changed, and she began tracing a finger over my breastplate. Her voice held a chuckle in it, as she breathed a sigh of relief and continued, "I think I'm getting closer…I knew it was one of three things…either you were sick…there was someone else…or…not all the things the Furies did to you were that unpleasant, were they?"

I released her abruptly and pushed her away, so I could stare into her face. Her lips were parted, her eyes narrowed, and she was looking at me with that combination of love and lust I had learned to live for.

"Do you have any clue what you are saying?" I asked her, when I finally found my voice.

"Oh yes," she purred back, and her hand was suddenly hovering below my nose. "I've been thinking about it too."

Gods, the scent on her fingers was her own! I grabbed her hand and sucked three fingers into my mouth, violently licking at the flavor of her desire. The images flew into my mind again, but this time, they were different, as Gabrielle wasn't whimpering in fear, but moaning in pleasure. I felt my juices flowing freely. Once again, I thanked the gods for finding such a perfect match for me.

I released her fingers, and gave her a smoldering look. "Not now," I promised her in my low voice. "Tonight…we'll see if we both want the same thing. Just remember, I love you."

"And I love you. I trust you."

I let myself go and chuckled menacingly. "We'll see," I said, and swung back up into the saddle.

We continued to move along, not discussing that particular subject any more, but moving on to other more familiar topics of conversation. I felt as though a great curtain had been pulled from my eyes, and could breathe easier as the day ebbed on. Gabrielle may not know exactly what she was in for, but she was at least willing to give it a try, and it was far more than I had dared to hope for. I prayed I could stop myself if she didn't like what happened, but the glances she continued to give me were sending signals that I underestimated my bard, and that I may have missed a few signals of her own she been sending.

I thought back to our relationship over the last six months, since we had finally consummated our love in that tavern in Pergos. Our expressions of love were often, and the most intense I'd ever had. Sometimes Gabrielle took the lead, teasing and tormenting me with her hands and mouth until I was squirming for release beneath her, but more often it was the opposite. The few times I had gotten really excited and held her down to the ground, restraining her arms, she had mewled and fought and finally succumbed with great fervor. But it was a matter of letting her hands go, and she would pounce on me with the same eagerness, sometimes doing a little restraining of her own.

Gods, it was a mistake to think about this! The steady gait of Argo rubbed the saddle against my sensitized core, and I was beginning to wonder if I could make it until tonight. I wanted the cloak of darkness to offer a bit of mystery and some privacy, but nighttime seemed so far away.

In the long run, I should be grateful for the interruption the group of attacking highwaymen provided. There were ten of them, and they weren't particularly skilled, but as Gabrielle and I crashed and bashed, one of them got through my distracted defenses, and cut a wide gash down my thigh with his sword. It bled profusely, but didn't hurt much, and it was only a matter of time before the thugs turned tail and ran.

Gabrielle grinned triumphantly, savoring another victory, then whirled toward me. "You're hurt," she stated the obvious. "Let me check it out."

"It's okay," I said, through clenched teeth. "Let's get off the path before we clean it."

She took one look at the hazy state of my eyes, and nodded, as if in a trance. I led her through the brush, and we found a clearing. I sat down on a fallen tree, and reached into my saddlebag, to retrieve my healing kit. Gabrielle knelt on one knee, and placed a hand on my good thigh. "Let me take care of that," she said, her eyes glowing. She could see the cut wasn't that serious.

The combination of lust from the last few days egged on with the brief fight and her loving touch was quickly taking its toll on my newly restored sanity. "Go get some firewood," I told her. "And make camp. I'll take care of this…and don't touch me again until I tell you."

She jerked her hand back as though it had been burned, but I could see she wasn't going to question me. She had to be aware of the passion that was flowing through me in waves. I could sense her own.

Without another word, she moved to do my bidding, while I cleaned the cut. It wasn't deep enough for stitches, so I bound it with a clean cloth and immediately forgot about it. Gabrielle was back with an armload of firewood, and watching her bend to build the campfire became a most pleasant task. Her breasts strained against the material of her shirt, offering me a wonderful view of her ample cleavage. And she pointedly walked to the near side of the campfire, so I could get a view of her backside as well. I could feel my hands tighten into claws, wanting to sink my fingers in her flesh, burrowing my face in the cleft of her perfect ass. But not yet…

I stood up. "I'll be back later," I growled. "Be ready."

I could feel her eyes follow me as I strode purposely from the camp. That ought to make her stew! Let her figure out what "Be ready," meant. As far as I'm concerned, she was quite ready as it was.

I didn't go far…just far enough to think through what I intended to do. This wouldn't be the first time I had used these tactics. Not by a long shot. But this would be the first time I had done it with someone I loved. Someone I would never hurt intentionally. Someone I wanted to bring to the point of ecstasy repeatedly. I suddenly realized that I didn't want this for me. I wanted this for her. I wanted to bring a new realm to our lovemaking that would open up many many doors for us…for her.

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