Gabrielle's Scroll--Hearts Under Siege

I hold our child and feel complete. I call her ours, because Xena is the other half of my soul. My heart has never been so full, because Xena and Eve are the most important things in the world to me.

Watching her fight still gives me a rush-her warrior skills and instincts are unbelievable at times. I trust her with all that I am. She is my protector, my provider, and my teacher. She is, without a doubt, the love of my life. I can't imagine feeling this way about anyone else, ever. That's how I know that this love we share is true, and right. When I married Perdicus, I didn't realize the depth of all things. I loved him, but not to this extent. I wasn't yet capable, and possibly may have never been. That is something I will never know for sure, but I'm confident that I could never love anyone the way I love her.

It seems that Athena's archers have initiated the attack today. They are no match for my Warrior. Still, I wonder what, or who, is behind it all? There is always that little bit of fear when we encounter an enemy, especially since Eve's arrival. Hopefully when we get to Amphipolis and settle whatever conflict we are about to discover, Xena and I will be able to have at least one evening alone. It's been too long since I've had the chance to cater to her needs, and if Cyrene will watch Eve for us, I'll be able to do just that.

Damn it! Ares is appearing way too often for my comfort these days. I can't help but think that Ares has some sort of affect on Xena. He is, after all, very handsome and quite charming when he wants to be. I feel a bit jealous, but I know that her heart is true. Even if he tempts her, I don't think she'd betray our love. If so, she would tell me. As much as it would hurt, I'd rather know than find out later.

"What did he say to you?" I asked as we rode along on horseback to Amphipolis. "Ares is still making the offer concerning giving him a child. But you know I'd never do that." "Yeah, I know, but Xena, you can't even let him think for one minute that you would be willing to ever be on his side. Promise me that no matter what happens, you will always do what's good and what's right." Looking at me with those clear, blue eyes, she melted my heart and put to rest the insecurity rising within me. "Gabrielle, you are my only love. You and Eve are all I ever need. But Ares is the only help we have against the other Olympian Gods who want Eve dead. Try not to worry…I'll think of something."

I tried shifting my focus to the beautiful day and my beautiful warrior, thinking of how I wanted to make love to her when we finally got the chance to be alone. By the Gods, I love her more than I can say. My quill falls short in telling how I feel about this woman. Making the decision to leave Potadeia was the best thing I ever did. My parents must know that something has to motivate my drive to put my life in constant jeopardy…they don't understand why I'm not content to stay with them and settle down to a "normal" life, but the thrill of being with her, fighting with her, and loving her is not able to be compared with what they choose for me. I could never be happy there, especially without Xena. I'd rather choose Death than live without her a single day.

Riding into Amphipolis awakened me from my daydreaming. I could tell that Xena has been concentrating on the tasks ahead and how she will maneuver against Athena's strategies. She's got to keep Ares on her side, but without crossing the line of what's true in her own heart. Considering that the life of her child is on the line, I can accept anything that she has to do. What could be more important?.

"It's about time I met my beautiful new granddaughter", Cyrene said with the biggest smile I've ever seen on her face. She is always welcoming us with open arms whenever we arrive, and that is so refreshing to see and feel. Xena tells her that everyone is in danger and I can see the great concern on her face.

Meeting with the townsfolk proved to be a positive thing, even after Athena herself appeared and demanded that Xena hand over Eve. We split up-with me leading the men in battle against Athena's army and Xena traveled underground to sneak behind Athena's forces. Xena realized that she would have to agree to deal with Ares. When she told me that Alanis, Athena's chief archer, had cut them off in the tunnels below the city, I knew she'd be forced to bargain with Ares for contingency plans.

We had quickly moved our things to one of the rooms in her mother's tavern before the town meeting. I begged her for just a little time before we started another attack. She agreed, and I knew I only had moments to remind her that I would be waiting for her when she got back. Shutting the door behind us, I led her to the bed and motioned for her to sit down. "Gabrielle, this is not the time…" Stopping her speech with my mouth, I softly covered her lips with mine and we immediately were lost to the world. I had missed her this afternoon, and climbing upon her, I sat across her lap and simply relished her warm mouth in mine, feeling her tongue interlace with mine. She softly moaned and I immediately became wet from the passion we shared. It was much more than physical, this passion I write of. It's the passion of souls, being knit together more closely every day.

Realizing we had little time to devise a plan, I had to refrain myself from going any further. I took her face in my hands and couldn't control the tears…"Please remember that I'll be right here waiting for you…whatever you have to do…I understand. Just please come back to me." The look she gave me was worth more than anything she could have said. I knew without a doubt that I was her soul mate, and the love we shared in that brief moment was more meaningful than a thousand orgasms. "I will…I'll meet you back here and we will finish this…maybe we'll make our own baby tonight."

I had to concentrate on implementing our plan more than my emotions. I watched her go and tried to reassure myself that this plan was going to work and we'd be in each other's arms again soon. Letting your lover go to possibly be with someone else, even if for business purposes only and for the life of your child, is a hard thing to do. Still, it's the right thing-the greater good-and I am so glad to know that she loves me just as much.

Finally, it was over. I regretted that any blood had to be shed, or even one life lost. True, that's the price of going into battle, but I was just so happy that it was over. I didn't ask a lot of detail, because at the time I didn't really care. All that mattered to me was having Xena back, and knowing that Eve was safe.

Cyrene was on her way to prepare dinner for us, and Xena decided to put Eve down for a nap. I went ahead to our room to wash up so I could help with dinner. I had missed Xena terribly. Never being fully certain that she is going to return each time she had to leave seemed to haunt my thoughts more often than not. I guess having a child who is completely dependent on you changes the outlook of your daily life-and we never know when we are going to face life-threatening situations. In a way, it made me sad that I lived with more fear than usual. Life used to be simpler, or maybe I have grown up. Probably a little of both.

I didn't hear the door to our room shut. At the same time her scent filled the air, I felt those familiar long arms wrap around me as she came to the water basin behind me. It felt so good for her to hold me. I knew this love was real, and it was forever. All that mattered was having Xena's body next to mine at this very moment, and feeling her strength and her love made me feel safe and happy…how could I ever be whole without her? Hating to the break the moment, we decided to hurry and help Cyrene with the chores and to spend some time with Eve.

During dinner, I couldn't help but look at Xena and fall in love with her all over again. The light by the lanterns and candles certainly gave her dark hair a shimmering glow, and her eyes were truly windows to her soul. I feasted more from her looks than from the delicious meal her mother had made for us.

Cyrene broke the foreplay and asked, "Do you mind if Eve stays with me tonight? It's been too long since I've got to care for a baby, and I'm sure you girls are exhausted from this very long day." It was all I could do to keep from taking Xena by the hand and running upstairs…but I refrained and simply smiled and looked at Xena, asking without a word if it would be okay with her. Xena looked at me with "that look", letting me know that it would be quite awhile before we went to sleep for the night. "Sure, Mom. We would really appreciate it, and I'm sure Eve would love the company of her grandmother." Cyrene seemed pleased, and I helped clear the dishes while Xena rocked Eve to sleep.

I rinsed and dried the dishes as Cyrene washed them. "You two certainly look very happy together," Cyrene said as she handed me a plate. It caught me off guard, and I didn't really know how to reply. It was spoken with a certain gentleness and even gratitude. "We are. Very happy."

"Gabrielle, are you ready for bed?" I heard my darling say from the doorway to the kitchen. "Yep, we're just finishing up…" my shaking voice replied. Cyrene looked at me with a certain little smile, and it was clear that she knew how we felt about one another, yet without hostility or judgment. Gods, I don't think I had ever been more ready to be loved by my warrior princess.

Xena quietly closed the door and I knew that she was ready to let herself go…completely. It had been quite some time since we had enjoyed this kind of luxury-the privacy of our own room, with a nice, soft bed. She stood with her long body alongside me, my back against the wall and she looked down into my eyes, letting me know that the fire within her was ready to consume me. She began kissing me…first on my neck, softly whispering to me, "Baby, I've missed you so much." I thought my knees would fold from the emotion that raced through my body. Every day that I spent with her only made my love grow-and every time we made love melted my heart even more into hers. This union was the sweetest thing I had ever known, yet the most powerful. "Make love to me, Xena", I barely spoke. It seemed that my voice was submerged under the passion in my veins. She picked me up and carried me to bed, undressing me with great care. It was amazing how tender her strength could be, and that excited me beyond my control.

She began caressing my body, and kissing me all over. She had already taken off her armor, and I began undressing her as she climbed onto the bed. I felt so small against her, but we fit perfectly together. She gives me such a feeling of freedom…making me feel beautiful and sexy. I can always express myself when I'm with her, and there's great satisfaction in that alone. "Lie on your stomach and let me massage your back," she said as she reached for some scented oil she found on the nightstand beside our bed. Knowing how good her hands felt on my body, my wetness increased by the minute. She sat naked across my legs, and as she rubbed my back so slowly, I could feel her wetness against me.

"Gabrielle, I've waited so long to be with you like this. I love you so much…" I couldn't stand it any longer. I turned over, moving her long body between my legs, and pulling her mouth to mine. "You're all I ever think about, especially when we're apart. I can't stand the thought of losing you, Xena." My eyes welled with tears from the intensity of emotions I was experiencing. She kissed me like never before. It was one of the most exciting moments of passion, but it was also a moment of reassurance for me. Being inside her mouth was where I wanted to stay-I wanted the moment to last forever.

She began moving against me, knowing exactly how to make me want her. I could barely hold back the urge to roll her over onto the bed, but tonight I wanted her to be in control. I wanted her to know for certain that I was hers, and she could do with me and to me anything she pleased. I was her lover, her bard, and nobody in the entire world loved her like I did. I reached for her breasts as she moved on top of me, wanting to give her pleasure all the while she touched me. Her hands moved beneath me, down me, and inside me. "You're so wet…" was all she could say, and her breathing became harder by the moment. I didn't want to close my eyes, because her beauty was something I didn't want to miss-the look on her face and in her eyes-the look I had waited for all day was finally within my sight.

"Can I taste you?" she asked with that raspy voice that turns me on. How could I say no? Of course I wanted her mouth on me, all over me, but I didn't want her leaving my sight. I didn't stop her from moving her mouth between my legs, and the point of ecstasy she brought me to was absolutely explosive. As soon as I came, I wanted her on top of me, and brought her mouth back to mine, and as she pressed herself hard against me, again I came again--with her name on my lips. I could have melted into the bed, but I desperately wanted her…

I guided her to spread her legs and hover over me, perfectly aligned with my mouth. She was literally dripping-which I found so incredibly sexy. "Are you ready for me to taste you, Xena?" "Yes…please…now, baby", was what she managed to heavily breathe. I tenderly rubbed her thighs, around to the back of her ass, and from behind, I touched her wetness with the tips of my fingers. Her tall body shuddered from the anticipation, and I lowered her while reaching her with my mouth. While sliding my tongue into the core of her juices, I remembered the taste that hooked me from day one. She was the most sensuous creature ever created, and this was my creature, my incredible lover.

I began moving my mouth and tongue very wildly, and then going to almost a standstill. She moaned with pleasure, not wanting me to stop. I guided her hips very slightly, rocking them back and forth, while licking her and going inside her wetness in a steady rhythm. She was so ready, and I brought her to a climax of sheer gratification. For once, the warrior's legs shook with weakness, and I kissed her all over-her inner thighs, drinking her moisture, savoring every moment.

She lay back down on top of me, stretching her long body on top of mine. Our sweat mixed, our smells intertwined, and our exhaustion overcame our passion, but only for a moment. I rolled her onto the bed, moved her long legs apart, and rested myself between them. I pressed myself against her, and our obsession regained control again. I wanted her so desperately, like it was the first time. She let me touch her, and by the gods, how I loved touching her. Moving my fingers in and out, rubbing her clit, sucking her breasts, kissing her mouth, and literally giving myself for this woman's ultimate desire became my mission for the moment. She gave herself to me completely, and in doing so, I brought her once again to an ultimate level of ecstasy, leaving nothing but my name on her lips in the end.

Lying in her arms, feeling her skin against mine, and knowing that forever we would be one left me to dream peaceful dreams about the one I call my own. She is the love of my life, my ultimate desire, and the reason I live.

Xena's Scroll--Hearts Under Siege
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