Amazon Truths--Xena's Scroll (Conclusion)

She drew back a little, startled. "No!" she exclaimed…"Of course not!"

I felt relief wash over me. I nodded and offered an apologetic smile. "You were feeling guilty because Ephiny hit on you?" I asked then.

She nodded. "Yes, I felt like she had tried to take advantage of me, and I had responded to her."

"It's not surprising," I told her gently. "She found you very vulnerable, and tried to press the issue."

"Don't be angry with her," Gabrielle pled, when she took in my hardened expression. "It happened long ago, and she never bothered me in that way once I turned her down. Later, she apologized. In reality, I was grateful for what she did, because she made me aware of what I was feeling for you and what could happen between the two of us."

My memories went back to that period of time. I could remember Gabrielle beginning to show more of an interest in me, and became aware of her sneaking peaks at my body when she thought I wasn't looking. I could remember us arguing more, and my stalking off, supposedly in anger. In reality, I was relieving the tension between my thighs, seeking a little privacy in the forest to come on my own fingers. When I returned, more often than not, she was much more relaxed too, and I suspected she was using the same methods. I just had no idea who or what had inspired her to pleasure herself. I became aware of all these things after we had been together a while; and now realized it was after our first visit to the Amazon village.

She was drawing in a deep breath, and then her hands touched my face again, this time lingering there for a while before tracing over my lips slowly. "I feel so much better having told you," she said.

I smiled softly at her. "I'm glad," I said honestly. But my own heaviness of heart was still there. "But now, it's my turn."

She continued to smile gently at me. "It's about where I went that night."

"You don't have to tell me," she answered, surprising me. "I have a pretty good idea of what happened."

Gods, how could she know? Fauna had promised she wouldn't tell anyone. Gabrielle laughed at my startled expression. "I was made aware of a great may things that night," she told me. "When you came back to the hut the next morning, you had just bathed and was only wearing your shift. I noticed a lot of new marks on your face and chest. And when you changed shifts, your back was covered with all sorts of interesting scratches." I was listening to this in disbelief. I had no idea she was so aware.

"Did you know who I had been with?" I asked finally.

She gave me a smug look. "Fauna had a few new marks on her as well, and she had been nowhere near the ceremony. Plus, every time she looked at you, she flushed in pleasure. And she looked at you a lot."

I clucked my tongue at her. "very, very good." I had to admit. I felt the need to tell her the rest.

"So now we have no secrets about that night," she mused, pleased.

"Well, not exactly," I replied. Doubt flickered across her mind, and I could see it reflected in her eyes.

"There's more?" she asked.

"What do you know about what happened between me and Fauna that night?"

Any traces of a smile faded from her expression. "I don't know any of the details," she replied. "And I'm not really sure I want to."

I nodded. "I can understand why you'd say that. But…"

"But what, Xena?"

I could she was letting her own imagination run away with her now, as mine had earlier. I rolled onto my back, and stared at the star filled sky. "When we arrived at the village, I was already having very possessive thoughts of you and very sexual thoughts. I saw Ephiny pay a lot of attention to you, and it pissed me off." I glanced over and saw she was taking all this in out of amazement.

"You were jealous?" she asked.

"I can admit it now. I was ate up over it," I answered. "I was going to the stable to get Argo. I was going to go riding for a few hours that night, but Fauna was in the barn. We started talking, but that quickly changed into flirting, and before long, we were kissing. It was a natural reaction with me, and I didn't think anything about it at first." I turned my head to gauge my bard's reaction. Her look was difficult to discern, but at least part of it was curiosity.

"And then?" she asked.

"And then…" I paused for dramatic effect and smiled at her. "Reality kicked in. In my head, it was you I was going to make love to. Fauna's blonde hair and fair skin was close enough to yours. But your eyes…." I suddenly rolled over again to gaze deeply into Gabrielle's orbs. "No one else has eyes like your and it woke me up abruptly."

I could see a glint of hope appearing as she spoke…"You mean you didn't…"

I shook my head regretfully. "No, we did," I answered. "Fauna might be very quiet, but she's very observant. She knew what I was going through, and she told me to pretend she was you." I stopped for a moment.

"And you did?" she asked incredulously. "You pretended it was me?"

I nodded, ashamed. "It wasn't that hard to do," I answered. "I had been desiring you so much, and didn't think I could ever have you. It was your name I screamed out that night."

Her eyes had widened in amazement. "Really? I'm taken aback by that. Thank you…"

"Don't thank me!" I snapped back, more roughly than I had intended. "I basically used Fauna. And I was rough with her, very rough. She got her fulfillment from it, but she deserved much more tenderness from me than I showed her. I think I fought my own guilt by taking it out on her."

"I don't think she noticed," Gabrielle whispered. "Every time we've seen her since then, she's looked at you with nothing but awe. Even when you are very rough, you are the most exciting creature alive."

I relaxed a bit. "Thank you," I told her.

"Thank you," she replied gently. For a moment, we were completely silent, and I felt my love for her wash over me in waves. Simultaneously, we reached for each other.

Our lips met immediately as our arms reached to pull the other close. I reveled in the softness of her lips as they parted and our tongues met in a dance of mutual love.

I could sometimes tell much about the level of her excitement by our first kiss, and tonight, I sensed she was in a cooperative move. Her tongue licked at mine when it entered her mouth, but it didn't follow the trail back into mine. And one of her hands was kneading the back of my shoulder while the other tangled in the hair at the base of my neck. Sometimes, by now, she was already stripping my clothes from me, but tonight, she was let me willing to take the lead..

I urged her gently to roll with me, and moved onto my back, loving the feeling of her body pressing into me. I parted my legs, and her thighs nestled in the cradle of my hips, and the kiss continued on and on.

For a while, I considered seeing how long I could keep kissing her, without her demanding more. There were times when one or the other wasn't up to making love, and we would spend the night just holding each other, using our mouths to express our mutual love in ways other than our voices.

But tonight, we were both healthy and well, and even if Gabrielle was content with just our kissing, there was no way I could be. No, I was feeling overloaded in desire, and there were strange urges filtering through my brain. I hadn't felt these particular urges in a long time, but the more I tried to put them out of my head, the stronger they became. I was either going to shock my lover right out of the bedroll, or teach her some new sexual techniques this night. Either way, it was sure to be an adventure.

I wrapped one of my thighs around the back of hers, and wrenched my mouth from hers. She moaned at the loss of contact on her lips, and moaned again when I slid my head down to her neck. Her head arched back and offered me a long delectable column of flesh. I licked at her sensitive spots, then gave a little growl and bared my teeth. I nipped at her, hard enough to leave a mark, but not break the skin. She liked to leave bruises on me by sucking on various parts of my anatomy; when bite marks or scratches marred my flesh, it was usually given to me in the heat of her passion, when she was beyond her control. I, on the other hand, was more likely to mark her with sharp little bites, which made her squirm and grow wetter beneath me, and that's what happening now.

She yelped each time my teeth grazed her flesh, and then shivered against me. Her hands were stroking aimless circles over my shoulders and upper arms. I decided to assert myself. "Show me your tits," I demanded suddenly, taking great pleasure in her response to my choice of words. No doubt she assumed what kind of mood I was in, but I was sure I was going to be surprising her tonight.

Her hands rushed to do as I had ordered, and within seconds, her top half was bared to my gaze.

"You are so beautiful," I couldn't help blurting, before I buried my face in her cleavage, shaking my head from side to side as my tongue flailed out wildly against her. I heard her whimper, and allowed her to guide my head to her left breast, but she released me abruptly when she felt my teeth closing around the nipple. I held onto her firmly, and continued to shake my head tugging at the nipple simultaneously like a dog toying with a bone.

I was careful not to break the skin, and knew this assault on her nipple would be the kind of pleasure/pain she would enjoy. I was right…I had begun the same tactics on the other breast and I felt her hand grabbing for my own. "Fuck me…now," she commanded. I knew she was trying to match the authority I had just exhibited, and decided to play along for the time being….my own passion was rising quickly and I would show her who was in control this night.

"Can't fuck you if you don't take your clothes off," I told her simply, and then she was tearing the garments from her body. She reached for mine, but I slapped her hand away, and told her to get on top of me again. This time my hand was waiting, and she laid on my arm which was on top of my body, my fingers curled up to insinuate itself into her dripping cunt.

"Yes," I heard her soft voice, as I let my fingers tickle along the length of her slit, and the middle finger slipped inside. She closed around me readily, and when two more fingers entered her, she gave them a squeeze of gratitude, and began to ride my hand. Her hands came up to rest on my shoulders as her lower body moved against me.

"Kiss me," I told her, and her mouth pressed hotly to mine. I sucked in her tongue, and continued to hold it between my lips, sucking strongly at the muscle. Lower down, my thumb lightly brushed her clit, not hard enough to make her come, but hard enough to cause her excitement to build further.

Her eyes were searching mine, pleading me to bring her relief, but she must have read the look in my eyes that told her she was in for a night of torment. Did she have any idea what I was really feeling?

She must have, because her own look of stubbornness kicked in, and I could tell she thought she could end this game at any time. She pulled herself totally from my questing fingers, and as she was going to move off me, my left hand which was kneading her ass suddenly flattened and smacked down hard on the silky flesh. It stung, and she jerked away right back down on my fingers…a flood of juices pouring out over my hand.

I released her tongue and for a moment she stared defiantly into my eyes, shocked that I had dared to slap her. I smiled fiercely, and smacked her again, this time on the other side. I felt her cunt convulse around my hand, and she began to move again, her face pinkening with pleasure at the disgrace of my spanking her. When she raised off my fingers this time, she wasn't trying to get away from me…and she plunged herself willingly onto my digits as I smacked her again.

I know her butt was stinging now, but she was enjoying the heat of my palm and I felt her pussy gush more fluids than I had ever felt before. She was moaning now, her body beginning to jerk in those tell tale signs of a looming climax. I smacked her again, and this time I took in part of both cheeks as my hand smacked across the enticing cleft, and then she was spasming against me, her cunt grinding down hard on me. I bucked my own pelvis up against her to pinion her, and a rain of smacks hit her ass as she continued to come.

She began to calm finally, and I relented, letting her absorb what had just happened. She still had her eyes closed, but couldn't keep an occasional moan from slipping from her, as she fought with powerful emotions. Then she was rolling off me, and she gave a whimper as her sore bottom hit the bedroll.

I was there instantly. "On your hands and knees," I told her, and again there was no hesitation. She flinched when she felt my hand touch her, but she relaxed when she felt my tongue touching the red imprints, soothing the heated flesh. Her skin was so fair, I could see where each finger had made contact and I diligently stroked her flesh until the marks had faded considerably. It was more of her dignity that was hurt than her body, and we both knew it. I watched the juices drip from her still excited center, and then I was laying beneath her, pulling her beckoning center down to meet my mouth.

She remained resting on her hands and knees as she moved her cunt against me, basically directing me to where she wanted my mouth most. I chuckled into her soaked flesh as I repeatedly refused her, making my own agenda. I allowed only a touch or two to her clit, before my tongue was plunging inside her, licking downward, toward her knees. This drove her crazy, and as my hands stroked over the small welts I had risen on her flesh, she began to cry out into the night sky.

"Gods, Xena, please!" I shook my head under her, my nose brushing against her clit a couple of times, but continued that insistent fucking with my tongue, stretching the opening of her cunt. She tasted so sweet, and I couldn't get my fill.

It wasn't the first time I had tormented her like this, teasing and arousing her until her need drove her to demand relief. Her body was jerking hard against my face, but I held her firmly with my hands wrapped around her ass. Her strength surprised me though, when she suddenly pressed harder to me, and my tongue slipped from her. She began to rub her pussy hard over my nose and mouth, and this time, there was no way I could avoid touching her clit.

"Gods yes," I heard her gasp as she rode herself hard on my face, exciting us both greatly. I opened my mouth a bit, to catch the flow of her juices, but allowed her to finish in this manner. She collapsed heavily on my face, her chest heaving with her lost breath.

"You're incredible," I heard her gasp, but I just held her to me, still licking at her enflamed cunt. I wasn't finished with her yet.

"No more, please," I heard her beg, but even as she said it, her center began to pulse anew with sensation. I held onto her ass, and rolled us both over, so I now lay on my stomach between her spread thighs. My own cunt was demanding to be touched, but I ignored it, knowing the torture I put upon myself would be worth it.

I lifted my head to peer over her mound and see what her expression held. If she was really in distress, I would have stopped, but she had an arm flung over her face, and her mouth was drawing in deep gulps of air. I reached up and pinched a nipple which had tightened into a small pebble.

"Still with me?" I asked, and I waited, letting my voice penetrate her haze.

"Very much so," I heard her whisper back, and her mouth smiled. "You're not finished, are you" she added. It was a statement of fact.

With a growl, I lowered my head again, letting my mouth answer her question. Time for a new tactic. I loved the sound of her moan when I moved my mouth directly to her clit. It had retreated into its fleshy hood, but I pursed my lips and sucked hard, drawing it right back out of its hiding place. I slid two fingers inside her vaginal opening, and began to thrust as I released her clit only to lap at it, like a kitten, over and over and over again.

I heard her answering grunt of pleasure, and wasn't surprised to feel her thighs closing around my upper back. Her body had just thought it was sated, but her hunger rose anew as I continued to lick her little bud, my fingers drawing more and more moisture out each time they emerged from her depths. I knew this direct stimulation on her clit would make it exquisitely sensitive, and my free hand came up to stroke over her belly, urging her to let me continue. She was moaning with every breath, her thighs tightening involuntarily around me, and her sights and sounds made me wiggle my own flaming pussy into the bedroll-covered ground beneath me. She was so close, and so was I…

Her sharp scream pierced the night sky suddenly, as her upper half drew up to wrap around mine, and she writhed hard against me. Her fingernails dug into my shoulders, as her body galvanized out of control, and she called out my name over and over again. It wasn't until I heard a sob in her throat as she begged me to stop that I moved my mouth and fingers from her.

I sat up on my haunches and quickly began to strip my leathers and shift from my body. My nipples had been rubbing nonstop against the material as I moved my body, and now, they were itching furiously with the need for more contact. But the real problem was down lower, where my vagina was clamping at itself as it sought out its need to be filled.

She was watching me, her eyes sparkling with pleasure, as she realized I was going to cease my bombardment on her for a while. She knew me well enough to know when I had pushed my body beyond its limits, and it was well past them at this point.

I flopped on my back next to her, and she was leaning over me instantly. "What do you need?" she asked me, sensing it was more than pure want at this point.

"I need you inside me," I wheezed, "And don't be gentle."

Gentle seemed to be the furthest thing from her mind when I felt her hand reach down and clamp down hard over my drenched cunt. She pressed hard, giving my mound a tight squeeze, then I felt the blessed feeling of three of her fingers, moving inside me.

"Like this?" she asked, a note of conquest in her voice. She began pumping her arm hard, making sure I was feeling everything.

"More…" came my pained response, and without hesitation I accommodated her fourth finger. She was still watching my face, but I reached up and pushed her head downward. "Chew on my tits," I moaned, "Please…make them hurt."

I know she was shocked by this, but she did as I ordered, her teeth working harder than normal on my aching nipples. She nipped at me with her teeth, and continued to plunge hard inside me, but somehow, it still wasn't enough.

"I need more, Gabrielle," I whispered, and her face flushed hot as she released my nipple and stared at me.

"Xena, I've already got four fingers…"

"Give it to me!" I cried out hoarsely. "I want your whole hand inside me…please!"

Her brain processed the thought, and she looked frightened. I felt the glaze of lust slip from my eyes, as I realized it was my face that had frightened her. Fear was the last thing I wanted her to feel. "It's all right," I told her, my voice sounding thick. "I can take it…and I need to feel it…please?"

She took a deep breath, and then I felt it…her thumb tucked into her hand and she began to push inside me with a twisting motion. The stretching sensation was incredible, but I was careful not to let any pain I might be feeling creep into my eyes, as she was still staring at me for my reaction. The wide part of her fist was inside me now, and the rest slid through my lubrication immediately, and then we were both experiencing my fullness from different perspectives. I gave her a reassuring smile as my eyes rolled back in my head, and my pussy walls began to milk her hand.

"Now fuck me," was the last coherent words that slipped from my lips for some time.

Her movements were tentative at first, as she drew back slightly and then thrust forward again slightly, but something in the sounds I made told her she was doing the right thing. I know what an amazing sight it was, seeing her hand buried past the wrist inside me, but now all I could concentrate was on how full she made me, and how close to her it made me feel. I started when I felt her tongue licking at my clit, but I shouldn't have been surprised. I knew she was accepting of this new thing, and was now determined to bring me to my long denied orgasm.

My now neglected nipples were still throbbing, so I reached up to cruelly pinch them as I writhed beneath her fucking arm. I growled deep in my throat, as she tightened her mouth on my clit, and then her teeth were scraping over the shaft of it. I had warned her in the past that I demanded a firm touch at times, and I know she realized this was one of those times. She was being rougher in her movements now, and I heard her own sounds that she was beginning to find this exciting. She knew how much she was bringing me joy.

I was so close…just hovering on the brink of tumbling into a massive orgasm, but I was still struggling to reach it. it wasn't until I felt her hand stop moving and felt a finger of her other hand tracing around my overtaxed entrance Her teeth had released my clit, and she was whispering…"You're so full…can you take anymore?" Her voice was full of wonder, but at the same time, there was a note of self-assuredness, and I felt a finger from her other hand slide into my rear entrance, which was coated liberally in my excitement. I tried, tried so hard to let her experience the sensation of feeling her fingers move against each other through the thin membrane, but it was too late. My own voice burst from my chest as I screamed out her name in pure ecstasy.

She was frozen in midaction by my intensity, but her tongue came down to lick more gently at me, this time in a more familiar pattern that helped me ride out my climax forever it seemed. It was a long time before my eyes opened, and I realized the stars were still merrily twinkling, there was still the night sounds around us, and my love was still buried deep within me.

She wasn't moving her hand now, but I could feel her fingers wiggling a bit as she relished the sensations. She had already slid her finger from my ass. Somehow she must have instinctively known not to withdraw her fist too quickly, but now she slowly did, as my inner muscles reluctantly released their hold on her. She moved slowly, and my body shivered as she slipped easily from me.

She sat up between my thighs, and wiggled her fingers before her face, as if making sure they were all still there. I watched her, and we shared a smile before she began to lick off the secretions on her hand. She hummed happily as she did it, and I fell in love with her all over again. When she was finished, she threw herself onto me and gave me a sound kiss. "You are just full of surprises, aren't you?" she asked me.

I felt exhaustion kicking in, but managed to pull the bedroll fur over us both. I stroked her hair, just connecting with her own drooping eyes for a moment. "I'm full of love," I told her finally. I pulled her head to rest on my chest, and in moments, we were both asleep.

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