Amazon Truths--Gabrielle's Scroll

"Fauna?" That was a name that hadn't came up in a long time. Ephiny so casually told Xena, "Fauna says hello." I darted my eyes to Xena to see her response. Of course, there was none. Xena could keep a straight face, showing no emotion quite well.

"Thanks" was all she said as she turned to walk off.

I followed her into the woods a few steps. What would make Xena so uncomfortable about that name? "Xena?" I grabbed her arm and she turned to face me. "It's all right. I just thought you and Ephiny would like some time to visit with each other."

"Don't you want to visit with her too?" I asked.

"I'll catch up with her tonight when she makes camp with us, which I'm sure she will." She told me to go on back and visit, giving me a reassuring smile. "I'll be along in a little while."

"All right, but you'd better be back soon." I squinted my eyes and gave her that look to show I meant business. She bent down and licked her tongue over my lips, changing my mood and making me a pile of mush as usual. "I will be."

I returned to the clearing where Ephiny was sitting on a fallen log. "What's wrong?" she asked, as I sat down near her. "I'm not causing any trouble between you and Xena, am I?"

"No…she's going to find some dinner for us. I assume you'll be making camp with us tonight? We'd enjoy the chance to talk about old times."

"Well…maybe not about all the old times."

I just looked at her not saying a word, but knowing exactly what she meant.

"Does Xena know?" she asked me then.

"No. I've never said a word. And always feel guilty for it. But grateful, too."

"Grateful?" Ephiny looked intrigued. "How do you mean?"

"Because if it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't know that two women could be together like that. And it made me finally identify the feelings I had been having for Xena. I knew I liked her so much, but it was far beyond like. I was in love with her, and didn't realize that women actually could share that kind of physical love."

Ephiny leaned back on the log and propped her head in her hand. "Well, I just couldn't stand to see such quality go to waste. Although…"

"What, although?"

She was smiling. "I would have loved to have been your first, but I'm very, very happy for you and Xena. It was so obvious that she loved you. Everyone at the camp was jealous of your good fortune. You had received Terrais' rite of caste and you had tamed the legendary Xena: Warrior Princess. You were more than a conqueror and, at least at that time, had no clue."

"Yeah, I have been pretty fortunate. I can't imagine my life without Xena. She really does mean everything to me, and I love her more everyday."

We got up and started collecting wood for a campfire. We talked about some of the other Amazons and just made casual talk. I had waited long as I could to ask her what was driving me crazy inside. "So… tell me about Fauna. Is she still single?"

Ephiny looked up at me and smiled, putting her hand on my shoulder. "Gabrielle, you have nothing to worry about. Fauna moved in with Shayla and they are quite happy. And besides, if anything did go on between she and Xena, I can assure you it was the one and only time. Xena is most definitely very faithful to you. All the rest of us can only hope for a love like that."

I looked down and smiled. I felt my cheeks blush, but my center moisten. Gods, I loved Xena. The way she made love to me and made my body explode into her was always a brand new experience. She was perfect. A perfect lover, perfect at understanding me, beautiful, and skilled beyond measure…I could never hope for more. And I certainly didn't want anyone else.

"And there comes your Warrior as we speak."

Xena proudly displayed her catch for tonight's menu…rabbit and pheasant.

We cooked and talked and then talked some more. Ephiny was on her way in the morning to retrieve Xenan, and we weren't sure when we'd see her again. It had really been a nice time this evening with just the three of us getting to catch up on old times.

Xena and I arranged our bedrolls near the fire, while Ephiny stretched out on the other side. Even during all the conversation tonight, I kept remembering how much I wanted Xena even then. We lied down, turning in for the night…but my mind was most definitely not going to let my body sleep.

Ephiny had started consoling me in my hut when Xena didn't attend my Amazon Princess Ceremony. The most important person in my life wasn't there for one of the most important things in my life, and I was crushed. Ephiny held me and let me cry, but then her mouth started moving lightly up my neck, and then to my lips. She softly pressed her lips to mine and kissed me. At first I just sat there, but when her tongue began making its way into my mouth, I accepted her in and I was amazed at how soft she felt. I immediately thought of kissing Xena and what it must be like. We stopped right after that, because I was not comfortable at all, and Ephiny apologized, but said Xena was letting a good thing go. She left my hut and I began processing what she had just said and what had happened.

Could I really have this kind of kiss with Xena? And would she even want to kiss me? The things I knew for sure was anytime Xena was away from me, I felt completely alone even if standing in the presence of 50 people. And yet if she was by my side and we were alone in the wilderness, loneliness could not find its place with me. I couldn't imagine loving a man the way I loved Xena. We connected in a way that I couldn't really describe. We had a perfect love.

All these thoughts had stirred up these feelings inside me, and I really didn't think I could wait until tomorrow after parting with Ephiny to have Xena inside me. I would just take my chances. Ephiny seemed to be sleeping soundly, and it would only add to the thrill of making love with my Warrior.

I turned to face her and decided to wake her up without a chance to say "no" to me. I removed my underwear and left on my skirt. Xena was lying on her back with her hands folded behind her head. Easy access.

I placed my left hand over her mound, feeling her heat against me. I started grinding softly against her with the palm of my hand, and then ran my fingers up her slit, inviting her juices to soak through her breeches. "I want you…"

I had already touched myself and told her, "I want you inside me, Xena, while I'm inside you…"

It didn't take long for her to awake. "What about Ephiny?" she asked

"She'll have to find her own lover to fuck her," grinding harder into her. "I've got dibs on you."

She turned on her side to face me and moved my hand away from my own center. "Mmmm…you're soaked, Baby", she whispered in my ear, thrusting two fingers inside me.

"No fair…I want to touch you too." She still was fully clothed from the waist down.

"Find a way," she whispered gruffly, and she began stroking my clit, knowing she had complete control.

"Oh gods, Xena, you touch me exactly the way I need." I tried to get her to lift her hips so I could remove her breeches, but she was not cooperating. She loved giving me the challenge of getting to her while she had me literally in the palm of her hand. She forced me to concentrate on more things than one.

I simply dove my hand down the front of her breeches and smeared her juices all around. I think she was wetter than I was. She had lifted her leg for me, but that was all the room I had to move. I filled her core with three fingers, but didn't couldn't move my hand back and forth. I started only moving inside her with my fingers, and the effect seemed to work quite well. Her walls clenched tightly on my fingers, urging them to stay for a while.

She just had to outdo me…she added a third finger inside me and continually stroked my clit. "Baby, you're gonna make me come…" I whispered in her ear. "I know," she confidently whispered back, and then I hid my mouth inside hers as my hips bucked back and forth, fucking her as hard as I could. I could feel her tighten even more inside, and before I was finished, Xena began climaxing and made me come a second time by refusing to leave my sex with her thrusts. It was intense, to say the least.

I rested with my head on her shoulder for a bit, and leaned up for a kiss. Tasting one another on each other's lips was always the dessert for me.

"What brought that on, my little bard?" she asked with a smile, her bangs still sweaty from the heat of passion.

"I love you," I said, and pulled the fur up to cover us both again. That was the last thing I remember until the sun made itself known to my sleeping eyes.

We shared a great breakfast with Ephiny the next morning and parted ways. I was glad that I woke up before Ephiny due to a call from nature, because my underwear lay perfectly exposed on the ground away from our bedroll. We parted ways, and Ephiny waved her hand in the air and told Xena, "Take good care of her."

We began walking opposite ways from Ephiny, and I took Xena's hand in mine. "Everything all right?" I asked.

"Uh huh…everything's just fine. I love you too."

I just looked up at her, loving her with my heart and using no words. "Let's go."

By nightfall, we were still a good way from Phillipi. "Wanna make camp here?" Xena asked. It was a beautiful spot, and one of her favorites. A lake was at the edge of our clearing.

I cooked dinner while Xena repaired a lacing on Argo's saddle. We were both kind of quiet, but enjoying the tranquility of each other's love and the peaceful night blanketing us. After eating, we rolled out our bedrolls by the fire and just laid back and took in the night sky.

It was driving me crazy. I had to tell her about Ephiny. Even though nothing had happened more than a kiss and a few caresses, I felt that I needed to come clean with Xena about this. I guess my sigh even surprised me. "What's the matter, My Love?"

I turned on my side to face her, propping my head in my hand. "I uh…I sort of need to tell you something, but it's hard to tell you, and I'm not sure how you'll react."

We just exchanged looks and waited for the words to spill.

"I think you may already have an idea about Ephiny and me."

She then turned from her back to her side and put her head in her hand to face me. I couldn't quite detect the look on her face, but it seemed more like fear than anything.

"Do you remember when we first met Ephiny, in the Amazon village, when Terrais gave me her rite of caste?"


"The night of the ceremony, I finally figured out you weren't going to show up. I couldn't figure out why, and thought you were angry with me for something. I got upset and left the party early."

She waited for what seemed like minutes before she responded, like she was afraid of what she was about to hear. "Where did you go?" she finally asked.

"Back to the hut. I knew it would be useless to try and follow you; I would never be able to track you. So I wanted to be alone so I could cry myself to sleep."

Her face revealed the regret in her heart that she had not been there for me. I could see the disappointment in her eyes.

"Xena, I'm not telling you this to make you feel guilty. I'm telling you this to relieve my own guilt."

"Guilt over what?"

"Like I said, I meant to go to the hut and feel sorry for myself. But…Ephiny followed me."

"And what happened?"

"She told me she was there to comfort me. She held me in her arms and let me cry…for awhile."

"But she wanted more than that?"

"Yeah…she began telling me how beautiful I was, and how you were a fool for going off and leaving me. I didn't understand what she meant at first, and then she told me she wanted me. I was still confused, but then she began kissing me. It wasn't long before her hands were stroking over my breast, and she was whispering she wanted to see me naked."

I told Xena how I was so overwhelmed. I was becoming aware of other feelings, sensations I had never felt before.

"You were aroused," she said, to which I had to agree.

"Did you make love with her?" she asked.

"No! Of course not! Xena, I'd never lie to you about you being my only woman. There's no way I would have given that to anyone else."

"You were feeling guilty because Ephiny hit on you?" she asked then.

"Yes, I had gotten wet from someone else's touch. But please don't be angry with her. It happened a long time ago, and she never bothered me again once I turned her down. Later, she apologized. Actually, I was grateful for what she did, because she made me aware of what I was feeling for you and what could happen between the two of us."

I touched her and traced over her lips slowly. "I feel so much better having told you."

Xena was very serious. "I'm glad…but now, it's my turn. It's about where I went that night."

"You don't have to tell me…I have a pretty good idea of what happened. I was made aware of a great many things that night. When you came back to the hut that morning, you had just bathed and were only wearing your shift. You had several new marks on your face and chest. And when you changed shifts, your back was covered with all sorts of interesting scratches. I didn't figure you had been wrestling a panther or anything."

"Did you know who I had been with?"

"Well, Fauna had a few new marks on her as well, and she had been nowhere near the ceremony. Plus, every time she looked at you, she flushed in pleasure. And she looked at you a lot. For a long time, I was pissed off whenever I thought about it.."

Xena was quite impressed that I had noticed so many details and observed things almost exactly as they had happened.

"So now we have no secrets about that night?" I was so relieved. But not for long.

"Well, not exactly."

"There's more?" Great. Not that it mattered now…but the next time I saw Miss Fauna FuckMe, I might have to give a her a lesson or two about keeping her hands off my property.

Xena asked me, "What do you know about what happened between me and Fauna that night?"

"Nothing detailed, but I'm not really sure I want to know."

"I can understand why you'd say that. But…"

"But what, Xena?"

I was actually feeling quite aggravated. I mean, why rub it in my face? She slept with the bitch, to which she had every right since I was too ignorant to recognize that I had been in love with her since the first time our eyes met. And besides, who knows if she would have had me back then?

Xena rolled onto her back and seemed to be carefully choosing her words. "When we arrived at the village, I was already having very possessive thoughts of you and very sexual thoughts. I saw Ephiny pay a lot of attention to you, and it pissed me off."

She really was quite the oracle at times. Trying to hide the shock in my voice, I asked, "You were jealous?"

"I can admit it now. I was ate up over it. I was going to the stable to get Argo. I was going to go riding for a few hours that night, but Fauna was in the barn. We started talking, but that quickly changed into flirting, and before long, we were kissing. It was a natural reaction with me, and I didn't think anything about it at first."

"And then?" She had just stopped talking and looked over at me.

"And then…reality kicked in. In my head, it was you I wanted to make love to. Fauna's blonde hair and fair skin was close enough to yours. But your eyes…."

She rolled onto her side and looked closely and deeply into my eyes. "No one else has eyes like yours and it woke me up abruptly."

My heart had hope for a brief second. "You mean you didn't…"

"No, we did…Fauna might be very quiet, but she's very observant. She knew what I was going through, and she told me to pretend she was you."

If anything with a bad result could have something good about it that was it. "You did? You really pretended it was me?"

"It wasn't that hard to do." She had kind of dropped her head in shame, but our eyes met and our conversation didn't last much longer.

I wanted my lover to take me…to have me as she wanted. I would be at her every beck and call this night. There were times I needed and wanted Xena to have complete control, and whatever she desired from me, I would do. I would prove my love for her.

She pulled me closer into a kiss and then we rolled together until I was lying between her thighs. Our kiss never parted, and I felt her wrap one of her thighs around the back of mine. She finally left my mouth and began licking along my neck, causing my center to gush even more wetness. She began biting at my flesh, not breaking the skin, but nipping me hard enough for me to feel the lingering sensations..

"Show me your tits," she commanded suddenly. Oh yeah…this was gonna be good tonight.

"You are so beautiful," she told me, burying her face between my breasts.

"Fuck me…now, Xena."

"Can't fuck you if you don't take your clothes off." I practically tore my clothing off. When I had undressed myself, I reached to help her do the same, but she slapped my hand away. "Get back to where you were." I mounted her once again to find her fingers ready to plunge inside me.

"Yes," I whispered. She filled me inside and I placed my hands on her shoulders to balance my body weight, getting ready for the ride.

"Kiss me…" she urged, and I leaned down to give her my mouth, letting her suck my tongue like it was a cock.

Gods, she had that look in her eye! That look that told me she was going to tease and torment me until I was begging for her to finish. I loved it when she played that game with me, usually, but all our confessing tonight and the stirred up feelings of how strong my love was even then were too much. I couldn't conceive being able to let her hold off my climax for too long, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I was going to change positions so I could bury my head between her thighs. Her own search for relief would aid me in mine, but the moment my cunt had pulled free from her fingers, I felt a hard stinging sensation on my ass cheek. I instinctively jerked away, and right back onto her long fingers.

It took a moment for me to realize what had happened, and when it sunk in, I stared into Xena's face. She gave me that wicked smile of hers, and I felt a twin pain on the other cheek. Her eyes were silently daring me to raise a protest, but I felt the warmth flowing over my bottom, and suddenly had nothing to complain about. Her hand was rubbing over my ass now, and I hovered above her stretched fingers, suddenly craving the smack of her hand. When it came almost immediately, I plunged downward, impaling myself on her fingers.

Gods, I hadn't been spanked since I was a naughty child, and the smack of her hand on my flesh made me feel naughty in a different way. A good way, somehow. She continued to spank my ass, and it excited me beyond belief. Her hand was connecting solidly with my flesh, but I could tell she wasn't bruising the flesh. Her flattened palm caught me across both cheeks, and that was all I could take. My body seemed to arch toward her, seeking out more of the stinging blows from her hand as I writhed in pleasure from the intense climax.

I relaxed finally, still amazed at the response of my own flesh, and started to roll over, but my stinging butt made me stop quickly. Gods, it was worth any pain to feel Xena's mouth on the globes of my ass, sucking and licking me. I was on my hands and knees, and just rocked to and fro in pleasure.

I stayed on my hands and knees as Xena's mouth and tongue urged me to move against her. "Gods, Xena, please!" She tormented me by shaking her head and mouth beneath my cunt, avoiding my clit and not allowing me release. Her arms were wrapped around my ass, but I finally started bucking wildly against her mouth and nose until I could find contact for my clit.

"Gods yes," I huffed, riding her face harder than I had before, and finally finding what I needed.

"You're incredible," I told her as I collapsed above her, but she didn't stop her licking. "No more, please, Xena…" but I could tell my pleas would not help. She was determined tonight, and she rolled us both over so that her face was perfectly cradled between my legs.

She began coaxing my clit out of its hiding place with her mouth, and then rubbed her strong hand along my stomach, caressing and loving me so tenderly. Her contrast was one of her best qualities as a lover. She made me come again, this time not making me wait--sucking me and fucking me, guaranteeing I wasn't going anywhere except into oblivion.

I just lay there with my arm flung across my face, trying to control my breathing. I peaked through one open eye and saw her maddeningly stripping her leathers off, which brought a newfound desire within me and I knew she was ready for me to fuck her…hard.

She lay beside me on our bedrolls completely naked, completely beautiful. I hovered over her instantly. "What do you need from me?"

"I need you inside me…and don't be gentle."

"My pleasure…" I smiled and immediately began carrying out her orders. I squeezed her mound tightly and then thrust three fingers deeply inside her. "Like this?" I could feel her surrender and I planned to conquer with ultimate success.

"More…" she panted, and I immediately added a fourth finger. I pumped easily inside her, feeling her flowing juices making my entrance easy.

"I need more, Gabrielle."

"Xena, I've already got four fingers…"

"Give it to me!" she cried out. "I want your whole hand inside me…please!" It was the fact that she didn't demand that I did this…she was pleading with me…and I knew in my heart she wanted it more than anything at this moment.

Just as I was ready to move inside her, she said, "It's all right…I can take it…and I need to feel it…please?"

For some reason, I felt that Xena wanted to prove her love for me as well. I didn't want to hurt her, and that was my main thought at the moment. As thrilling as this was going to be, I would be very upset if I didn't bring her pleasure.

I didn't want to leave my present position, so I told her, "Xena…touch me and get the rest of my hand wet. I'm sure you'll find just what you need in your favorite spot." I sat up on my knees and pushed my center towards her, my lips opening slightly. She raised her head and looked, licking her tongue over her lips as she raised trembling fingers to dip into my core. "Gods, Gabrielle…"

I threw my head back and let her fuck me for a few moments. After all, she did need a good coating of bard juice to help the entrance of my hand. My nipples hardened as she thrust inside me and the night air blew lightly across them. I opened my eyes and looked at her. "Get my hand wet, now, Baby…we're both ready…" She could have had me in about 3 more plunges, but I wanted her concentrating only on herself.

She withdrew her fingers and rubbed all around my exposed hand. "Touch yourself for me, Xena…" I watched as her hand went from rubbing over mine and moved to her own lips which were holding my fingers tightly in place.

I took a deep breath and tucked my thumb and pushed slowly inside. I took my other hand and moved hers. "Just relax, Baby…let me touch you." I began stroking her clit lightly, and then carefully started twisting my hand as I entered her deeper and deeper. "Xena?" I was so afraid and yet completely turned on at the same time. Seeing her take in my hand was a sight that will forever be etched in my mind. And the feeling of being inside and touching her everywhere…oh my gods.

She looked up at me and smiled, and I loved her at that moment so incredibly much. Feelings overwhelmed my heart and soul and tears begged to roll.

"Now fuck me," she said, as she laid her head back and closed her eyes, letting me lead us to a new experience. Her trust and love for me was made evident in ways that bonded us closer each and every time we made love.

I moved hesitantly at first, trying to be certain she wasn't uncomfortable and just not telling me. A deep, sensual, urging moan escaped her chest, and when I saw her hand go to her own mouth and start to suck and chew, I trusted it was good.

I knelt and licked my warm tongue over her tightened clit. My hand inside her had her vagina stretched, and with her clit being so erect, I could easily lick her and she could feel the sensation even greater than usual.

I saw her hands move to her nipples, which always drove me wild with desire. I bit down harder on her clit, and stroked underneath it with my tongue. She was so hard.

"You're so full…can you take anymore?" Being inside her this way made me want to be inside her in every other way. I usually didn't touch her there, but tonight I desired it very much. I took my pinky and coated it with her juices and slid into her rear entrance. Her juices had ran down and made a path for me. Just as I began entering her, she began climaxing wildly and screaming out my name. I concentrated on her clit and licked at her, causing her to reach even further for me as she came. I wanted her to come as long as possible.

Xena's body finally lay very still, except for her breathing, but it soon gained ease. I was still inside her with my hand, just writing in my mind how wonderful she felt inside. I started pulling very, very slowly out of her, and I felt her shiver with my departure.

I laid my body on top of her and met her mouth for a kiss. "You are just full of surprises, aren't you?"

She was already almost asleep, I think. She pulled me into our sleeping position and then reached and covered us with our blankets. "I'm full of love." I smiled and closed my eyes, feeling exactly the same way.

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