Kindred Souls--Gabrielle's Scroll

"Gods, Xena…I need more…" escaped with a harsh, raspy whisper not sounding exactly like myself, but I didn't take any further time to process that thought. My main concern was the throbbing between my legs, and Xena had the remedy for me. Her thrusting tongue was only making me want more and more of her inside me, so I began sliding down her chin, her chest, her stomach and then straddled her hips with my knees planted on each side of her waist, giving her plenty of room to invade my sex. I fully surrendered. I moved my hips backwards, making my cunt more open for her as I leaned over her chest, letting my nipples trail up her abdomen as my upper body clothed hers. Moving as slowly as possible, I felt myself dripping…the proof of my desire streaming thickly down my thighs.

I let my tongue lead the way as my nipples followed the moist path. I closed my mouth over her breast, my mouth filling with her luscious milk…a sweet treat indeed. Eve was napping safely wrapped in Xena's leathers. We had taken our own private field trip from all the inquisitive and adoring younger Amazons. They were very happy to have us with them, but Xena and I were feeling the urge to really let loose. It had been much too long.

I couldn't help but move in strokes as if I were fucking her. It was just the natural thing for my body to do when hovering over her…being inside her was an unexplainable paradise. Her hands came up to rub my ass in full, firm strokes and I felt her hips begin hunching forward. I wanted to sit on her mound and feel her hair against me, but I desperately needed her to fill me as much as possible. "Fuck me…please, Xena…"

"Are you sure you're ready for me to be inside you? Are you wet enough?" she teased, my tongue finding its way in her ear and then down her neck. "Why don't you check and see?"

"Gods, Gabrielle…" her mood becoming strangely more focused and serious. "You feel so good…" she said, as she plunged three fingers upward through my lips. I fucked her hand moving as much as possible. She reached between her own legs, moistening her pinky, and then reached behind me and entered my other small opening. "Xena…" I heaved, but passionately.

"Is that good? Hmmm?" she said, looking up into my eyes, revealing the animalistic hunger that was taking her over. "I'm fucking you, Gabrielle…I love you so much…just let yourself go. I've got 'cha…"

I placed my palms flat against the ground on each side of her shoulders, and let my body rock back and forth, taking her in with such fluid strokes. It felt incredible. "That's right, Gabrielle…fuck it till you come…" She was doing it again. Her talking would make this orgasm announce its arrival quite clearly in the midst of the forest. I had missed feeling her and being able to move freely and as loudly as I wanted. We had been walked in on by some of the Amazons, but not after Xena designed a nice lock for our yurt. But then our noises had to be so controlled or we'd be heard around the village. "Xena…that's it…" she had slipped one finger out and was letting it rub up my clit, so essentially she was filling me in every way and soon to fulfill me likewise. I came hard and watched the glitter before my eyes.

I collapsed on top of her and didn't take time to rest. It was chilly that night, but our campfire and bedrolls were sufficient with the body heat we were producing. Eve was still sleeping soundly, and I planned to enjoy my lover as long as possible.

I reached and hurriedly grabbed her thighs and spread her legs open, my pubic mound finding its place against hers. She pressed her strong legs tightly around me, and I began moving against her, fucking her as best I could, and then finally moving my hand to shove my fingers inside her. "Do you want it, Baby?" I asked her, as I wrapped my right arm under her neck. I always felt like I could get to her better with my left hand, and I was in the perfect position to fuck her hard the way she liked it.

"Yessss…" she gasped, her head bending back as if she were trying to get a better view of the stars. She was getting ready to let herself go, as well, and I loved to watch her while I fucked her. "Xena…you are so beautiful…I never want to be away from you…" I felt tears sting my eyes at the thought that we almost decided to part ways temporarily just a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I felt my need among the younger Amazons, but I couldn't accept life without Xena and our baby. They meant everything to me. I reached down and began kissing her gorgeous mouth, and she met me hungrily and welcomed me inside. I knew how sensitive her breasts had been, and I certainly wanted to savor her special gift while it was here. She was working on weaning Eve, but I felt the loss as well. I moved my mouth to began sucking her breasts, taking in her entire, large nipples one at a time and nursing her. "Gods, Gabrielle…it feels like you're sucking my clit…" I just moaned into her and moved my head back and forth, moving inside her forcefully. We had both needed a good, hard fucking for a long time…and we were both getting our needs met tonight. As harsh as it may sound, it was beautiful.

She began coming very hard, and I sucked her the entire time, pumping my hand into her and feeling her walls crunch down tightly to meet the resistance. She wildly reached for me and pulled my mouth to hers, grunting loudly into my mouth as her entire body shook with pleasure. She came very, very wetly all over my hand. Yes, truly paradise.

Since then, it had been almost two weeks and we hadn't had much opportunity to be together. We were still able to sleep together, but we hadn't had much freedom when it came to expressing ourselves with our lovemaking. Maybe that's the way I should say it. Burying my mouth against her shoulder or even into hers was sometimes the only way I could keep from waking the entire Amazon Village. Things could be worse.

But I should have known. Xena is always such the romantic when I least expect it. I knew she had been questioning me about finding one of the young Amazons to watch Eve, because we both were very particular about whom we felt like we could trust. Cassia was my favorite pick, so Xena agreed that Cassia would be the one. She told me to take Eve to Cassia when she left this afternoon, because she may be bringing some members of another Amazon tribe back here to meet with me.

I was standing near the center of the village talking with Cyane when I heard Argo quickly approaching. I swirled to see what might be wrong. I knew that Xena had left to meet with members of another tribe, and I was afraid some kind of trouble had broken out. It was like watching her in slow motion as she rode near enough to my shocked body and snagged me around my waist, pulling me gracefully up into Argo's saddle in front of her. I was sitting sideways in the saddle, and finally it all registered with me as I heard a victory cry from the Amazons we were leaving behind. My knight had rescued me.

"Xena, what's going on?" I asked her, trying to keep from smiling over the excitement of what she had planned for me. She leaned forward and hissed in my ear…

"You're being kidnapped by a ruthless warlord. Now sit still and don't ask any questions."

I couldn't help it. I had to smile and just begin appreciating this special time she was creating for us. I had missed being close to her and open with her, and one of the very best parts about making love to Xena was her openness to doing whatever her body felt. I slid my arms around my shoulder and just held on for the ride.

We rode along in silence, deeper into the woods. It felt so wonderful to just be in love. I just leaned against Xena, taking in every detail of her scent with my eyes closed. I couldn't wait for my mouth to be experiencing the tastes that would accompany these scents. I felt Xena's hand brush against my cheek, and I sat back and looked at her. Her eyes were open windows, showing pent up emotion and love that needed to be released. I would do my best to help her feel much better before this day was over.

"I hope you don't mind," she said finally. "I thought you needed the afternoon off from your queening."

"It sounds good to me," I said, and accepted her kiss and embrace. She pulled my body tightly to hers, her tongue exploring my mouth only to find a matched desire of lust and want. She moaned loudly, which made my already soaked center gush with new wetness. She pulled back her head just long enough to tell me, "Turn around and straddle my waist."

I wanted her inside me so badly. Gods, she excited me beyond my ability to describe how she made me feel. I swung my legs around and wrapped them around Xena's waist, my back resting against Argo's saddle horn. Xena looked down, using a finger to raise my skirt to reveal my drenched underwear. "Comfortable?" she asked, and as soon as she received my nod, she firmly said, "Take off your top."

I obeyed immediately, my breasts hungry for what her mouth would offer. I leaned back, holding my arms down Argo's neck as I bent my back and raised my chest for my Warrior Princess to take.

Her mouth covered my breasts, and she leaned over me so she could make pressure against my begging cunt. "Yes," I said, my eyes involuntarily closing and opening again and again. The sensations she gave my body when she sucked my nipples hard felt so good. She spent quite a bit of time making my nipples swell and beg for more, and then she sat back and just looked at me. I had to touch her. I had to come. She had to come.

I helped her remove her armor, and hung it on one of Argo's saddle hooks. I pulled the leather straps of her battle dress down over her shoulders and then down to her waist. I needed her taste in my mouth, and it was way past my feeding time.

I literally devoured her chest…as if it were the first time I had ever planted my mouth firmly over so much of her. I tried to take all of her into my mouth at once. I bit at her, knowing I was leaving teeth marks and although I didn't want to hurt her, I just couldn't get enough. I felt a fresh stream of milk begin to flow into my mouth as I nursed her in a steady, firm motion, and her other breast was being attended to by my free hand. She threw her head back and said, "Gabrielle…I've missed you…" I only sucked harder, switching breasts and taking all of her in.

I felt her grind down into the saddle, needing me inside her. I managed to hold a mouthful of milk and went directly for her mouth, giving her a sample of what a wonderful thing her body produced. Her hands started moving up my skirt, and I knew the first thing she would find was my soaked underwear, much to her delight. She loved knowing she had such control over my body.

I tilted my hips for her to take me, and her hand pressed against the crotch of my underwear. "Think you can get these off?" she asked. "Not a problem," I said, and quickly worked my way out of them so that my body could receive her strokes and touches in any manner she wished to give. I crossed my legs again behind her back. "Much better," she smiled, as she looked down and just enjoyed the view of my naked center begging for her touch. She moved her fingers against me lightly, my juices coating her fingers.

"Xena…" I moaned, pressing my upper body back further and bracing my body weight with my hands behind me. I pushed my center into her hand as hard as I could, letting her know I needed her desperately.

Argo was still moving through the woods, but I had forgotten about it. Xena's fingers brushed against my hard clit, and in a matter of seconds I felt her fingers begin fucking me in firm, hard upward thrusts. "Fuck my hand," she said, knowing this would give her exactly what she wanted…me coming in her hand. My hips moved up and down against her thrusts, and groans had already begun escaping my lower chest.

"Gods, you look so hot like this," she told me, her eyes glued to me streaming down her hand, my walls sucking her fingers in tightly.

"Really? Because I feel so hot like this," I whispered back, my eyes squeezed shut. My body began trembling all over, and I wrapped my legs even tighter around Xena's waist. My breathing had turned into panting. I moved as hard against her body as I could.

"Are you going to come?" she asked.

"My clit, Xena…please…touch my clit…"

She turned her free hand so that she could rub my clit in a downward position. "That's right…Xena…harder…" She gave me exactly what I wanted, and I when I started to climax, I just let go and let her watch the fruits of her labor. I wanted her turned on as much as possible, because I planned on taking full advantage of her and this opportunity to be alone and private. I thrust wildly against her, fucking her hand and saying her name over and over. Finally, as my body began to relax, I opened my eyes and sat up. I opened my eyes to a smiling, beautiful Warrior Princess. She was still inside me. She knew I loved her staying inside me long after we had come.


She smiled even more. "Wow, indeed," she echoed, slowly pulling out of me.

She pulled Argo to a stop, and before Xena started to help me down from the saddle, I leaned over and licked up the remains of her excitement that had bled through her breeches. She had her hands around my waist ready to lift me down from the saddle, but I told her, "Wait a minute. I want your mouth on me…will you eat me from up here?"

She ran her hands from both sides of my waist down to the tops of my thighs, and then under my thighs to bring them to rest on top of her shoulders. "You mean like this?" she asked, her eyebrow raised and no smile whatsoever on her face. Yes, she liked this idea very much. "Yeah. Just like this…"

I still had on my skirt, but she folded the front of it back to reveal my dripping center and wasted no time burying her mouth into the folds of my sex. She hardened her tongue and ran it up and down my slit over and over, not taking long to bring me to a second orgasm. "Yes, Xena…I'm going to shoot in your mouth…"

I heard her grunting and felt her hold onto my thighs even tighter as I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her as hard as I could into my center. She sucked my clit firmly into her mouth and in no time, I had found release again…but the lust was still not sated. I needed even more of her.

She grabbed my hips and pulled me down into her arms, pressing our breasts together. "Xena, your nipples…I don't think I've ever felt them so hard…" She felt incredible pressing against me. Our mouths met and battled forcefully…licking and biting and sucking each other. The desire was only increasing by the second.

"I want to suck you," I told her. "That taste on the saddle wasn't enough."

Xena quickly yanked our bedrolls from Argo's saddle and spread them out on the ground. We didn't even bother helping each other undress. Like new lovers, we were just ready to be completely naked and to begin our exploration of one another's bodies. She gave Argo the okay to roam freely for awhile. We were both naked within seconds.

"Lie down, my warrior."

As soon as I had her lie down, I went to work, finding my place between her glorious legs and my mouth seeking its way to bring us both pleasure. I loved tasting her, drinking her…feeling her pussy open and close, needing me inside her. I turned my head to the side and sucked all of her in-even the outside of her lips. I moved my head back and forth and felt her hand come to rest gently on the back of my head. I stopped for just a moment and asked, "Is that okay, Xena?"

"You know it is, Baby…"

"You like me to suck your dick, don't you? I know I love doing it." I spoke in a whisper, never moving my mouth away from her center. My voice had suddenly disappeared and was trembling from the effect she had over me. I wanted to bring her ultimate pleasure and satisfaction. I loved her with all my heart. And I wanted her with all my strength.

"Mmmm hmmmm…" she responded, enforcing the weight of her hand a little more strongly on my head. "Suck me harder, Gabrielle."

She had me so close to coming again, and I had to try to ignore the growing orgasm quickly building between my legs. Gods, she excited me. I furiously sucked her and licked inside her hole. I moved back a little and hoisted her thighs apart, exposing her begging cunt to my accommodating mouth, and then held her ass off the ground. I felt stronger than ever. This was bliss. I watched as her hands came up to pinch her own nipples and then saw her tongue licking in and out over her lips. I wanted to be all over her, but I committed to my present privilege, resuming my position and bowing between her legs again…bringing my warrior over the top in such a way that she fucked my mouth for quite a long time, her thrusts subsiding only after rain had started slowly covering us both.

I covered her with my body, going for those luscious lips and sharing with her the sweetest taste I had ever experienced.

"Are you cold?" she asked, rubbing her hands up and down my back and then over my naked ass.

"Not at all," I confidently told her. Xena rolled us over facing each other. I propped myself up on my elbow, and watched the raindrops fall from her nipples. I had to touch them. Only the luckiest of raindrops got to experience such a delicacy.

"How long have you been planning this, Xena? You always surprise me beyond my imagination, and I love it every time. Thank you."

She shyly shrugged. "A few days. You've been working so hard, and I know you'd never admit to needing a break, but I was missing you."

"I was missing you too."

She told me she was proud of the work I had done here. That meant a lot to me. She pulled me against her giving me a wonderful, strong kiss. No sooner had my lips met hers did I feel my need for her kick back into action. I started touching her body all over, and my hand found its way back to her center. She opened her legs for me, and then mirrored my movements with her hand between my legs. We began slowly and tenderly stroking each other, until our hips began moving back and forth, asking for more.

We never stopped making love even thought the rain came down much harder. There was such an earthiness about making love in the forest in the middle of a daytime rain shower. Refreshing, renewing, regenerating…just what we needed. We both started climaxing at the same time, and didn't hold back vocalizing our ecstasy.

After our knees gained enough strength to walk, we found a dry place under a fallen tree wedged between two others. Xena lied down and pulled me on top of her, and then covered us with my drier bedroll. "Comfortable?" she asked.

"I feel right at home." I kissed her and felt our body heat begin to rise. And so did our desire. Our saddlebag was within my reach, and I found the phallus inside.

"And what do you think you are doing, My Love?"

"Fucking my Warrior Princess, if she will allow me the honor."

I raised to my knees and straddled her hips, rubbing the dry phallus through my slit and immediately covering it my thick, warm juices. "I promise to make it good…"

I moved back between her legs and she took her hands and pulled hard against my ass, shoving my mound into hers. "Oh, you better…"

I didn't bother finding the harness. I held the phallus firmly in my right hand, bracing my weight with my left hand on the ground beside Xena's waist. I let the small nub touch my clit every few strokes, making sure I moved my hips in ways that would give her incredible sensations inside her sweet walls. As I parted her lips, she moaned loudly, "Yessss, Baby…fuck me…" I gave her a few thrusts and decided to have her move to her hands and knees. When I pulled out of her and backed away from her, I noted her quick impatience. I quickly and gently told her, "Get on your knees, Baby…let me have you from behind."

She moved without hesitation and at first I rubbed my erect nipples all over back and down her ass. I took the phallus and started sitting down in it…knowing this would excite Xena, yet also give me a small amount of relief. "Xena…I want my juices inside you…"

She was already hunching the air, and I brought the phallus out with my streaming juices and entered her pussy in one thrust, staying pressed firmly inside her and only moving my hips from side to side as I ground my erection into her. "Gods Xena, it feels like I'm fucking you…you make me so hard." I had to back off or I was going to come right now.

She started meeting my thrusts with those of her own, throwing her hips backwards as I shoved my cock deep inside her. I could feel her walls accepting me inside, and I moved with a roll of my hips to make sure I left no place untouched inside her perfect cunt.

My left hand came around to her front and started lightly, very lightly, letting her clit stroke against my fingers. "I can feel you reaching for me, Xena…" and it was true. Her clit was so erect and so hard, I had no trouble holding my fingers into a "v" and rubbing up each side of her clitoris. This was perfect. I never lost my physical strength and steadily fucked her hard, sweat starting to pour from us both. I threw the blanket off us and just fucked her, both of us completely revealed in the daylight.

"That's it….I'm gonna cum, Gabrielle…" she panted, and suddenly she sat up and backed down onto the phallus, riding me and yet letting me jack her off at the same time. I sucked hard on her back and bit her skin…because when she pressed so hard onto me, I began coming at the same time and the unity couldn't have been more perfect.

She moved forward very slowly, and I followed her, not wanting to pull out of her cunt just yet. I moved just enough to have her roll over, still staying inside her with the phallus. I finally pulled out of her, and then had her sit up. She looked at me with curiosity, but felt as horny as I did. I could see it in her eyes. I placed my thighs on top of hers again, like we were on Argo's saddle, and handed her the phallus. "Now…it's my turn."

Xena's Scroll
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