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Hi My Name is Geoffrey Hill, but I generally go by the name of Warriorbard or WB for Short in the Xenaverse :) I’m a 30 year

Hi My Name is  Geoffrey Hill,  but I generally go by the name of Warriorbard or WB for Short in the Xenaverse :) I’m a 30 year old male who works as a Cinema Projectionist in Guernsey in the Channel Isles off the coast of the UK. I’m also a very keen reader of books and using the Internet, as well as being, of course, a big fan Of Xena: Warrior Princess, the tv show :)

I started off watching the show back when it first came on Sky TV here in the UK in 96/97 and was quite happy watching this wonderful show but I felt something was missing and one day I decided to finally get online and find out about this great show I loved so. I did so and was browsing the net when I found out about the online Xenaverse. One day, I picked up a piece of fan fiction written by one of the first bards and the rest is history, so to speak :) Also over the years I’ve been reading Xena fan fiction, I have begun to really like the "erotic" fan fiction written about Xena & Gabrielle, the steamier the PWP (Plot, What Plot?) in my opinion, the better. Now I wonder why that is :)

One day in 2001 (I think it was in September) found this site featuring a bard called Shana & a bard called Kye who were going to write a series of erotic XXX Scrolls based on the Xena & Gabrielle journeys of the TV show, showing us what might have happened between X&G after the episodes and during scenes we didn't see in the episodes. With Xena & Gabrielle both showing the passion & desire they have for one another, they would sometimes get downright nasty & dirty with the sex that they just love to give to one another  :)

As to why I like Shana’s XXX Scrolls so much, I guess it’s because she has a really wicked sense of humour and likes teasing us readers, me in particular, with things to come. :) Bad Bard!! :) But foremost what I like about Shana’s writings is the way she weaves the sexual scenes into the story line which a lot of the time makes the whole story that much more interesting and exciting overall than just the sexual scenes by themselves :)

When it comes to her ideas for the scrolls she really has some hot & exciting, erotic ideas for sexual themes for Xena & Gabrielle to partake in :) Those are just some of the reasons I love the XXX Scrolls. It’s mainly because Shana & I seem to share the same love of the darker side of Xena & Gabrielle, and some of her darker ideas for stories are really right up my street :) So these will be my summaries of each of the scrolls & comments and opinion from the male viewpoint for each of the XXX scrolls :) I will try to be subjective of course, as we all have favourite scrolls and ones we don't like as much :)

I will be using a Star scale of 1-50 for how hot I feel the sexual scenes between Xena & Gabrielle are in each of their scrolls  :) I feel I must point out something here. If a scroll only gets 1 1/2 stars and another get 4 stars that doesn't mean I don't like the 1 1/2 star scroll. It’s really just because all the scrolls will receive 1 star to start with because they are just so well-written and well, hotter than most erotic short X&G stories. But some scrolls just have that little extra added kick to them :) I  will be adding  extra stars for the quality and content of each of the erotic scenes in Xena`s or Gabrielle's Scrolls.

Sometimes Xena`s viewpoint of the scroll will be rated higher than Gabrielle's viewpoint of  the scroll. That is mainly due to Xena being the more experienced one sexually at the start of their partnership, but some times that switches around in scrolls.

Hopefully, you will mostly like my comments and opinions on the scrolls, so please carry on to the first of my reviews of the XXX Scrolls.

If you would like to comment on any of my opinions then  please feel free to contact me at and I will attempt to reply as soon as I can.

Yours Faithfully,

Geoffrey Hill

Scroll 1: Hearts Under Siege
Based on the episode Amphipolis Under Siege, Xena & Gabrielle come to Xena’s hometown to stop Athena from destroying it and killing Eve Xena has to make a deal with Ares for his help in defending Eve, while staying true to her word to Gabrielle that she wouldn't cross the line with Ares. They then show the love and desire that both of them have for one another.
An outstanding start to the XXX Scrolls series here. Shana opts to go with outlining the characters that we all know and love and shows us Xena’s emotions that she is having to deal with about Ares’ continuing attention, as well as showcasing Gabrielle's total love for Xena :) Has a very hot scene with Xena attempting to string Ares along without breaking her promise to Gabrielle in the temple. It is very nice to read :) And the scene between X & G at the end with them reconfirming their love & desire for one another is just so damn nice :) A great way to start off the scrolls. It really sets the standard for the new scrolls to live up to.
My Star rating for this scroll is 1.5 Stars for Xena`s Scroll

Scroll 2: Coming Clean
Starts with X & G on the way from the fort in which they survived the Horde heading towards a new town for some rest and food. Xena is suffering from battle lust and is being teased by Gabrielle all the time. Xena thinks Gabrielle doesn't realise what she is doing, Xena goes to a tavern to release her battle lust but Gabrielle comes to the tavern and intervenes and tricks Xena into a passionate kiss to reveal each other’s desire for one another.
Now this is a rare Scroll in that there are actually no sexual scenes at all between Xena & Gabrielle. Well, other than the bathing in the pool scene and the kissing scene at the end of the scroll :) Though both of them do have thoughts of the other throughout the scroll :) I really liked the way that Gabrielle was teasing Xena with her body even if Xena didn't realise that Gabrielle knew what she was doing all the time :) The lack of sexual action in this scroll is okay as the setup for the first kiss needed to be done well, and thus to set up the third scroll :)
My Star rating for this scroll is 1 Star because of no sexual scenes between them I will have to give the 1 Star for the teasing by Gabrielle :)

Scroll 3: Breaking Down the Barriers
Gabrielle & Xena go back to their room in the tavern after kissing at the end of the previous scroll and realising that they both desire the other :) What's follows is the first erotic scene between X & G in the scrolls where they express their love and get very hot & sweaty together :)
Well, I have to admit I enjoyed reading about Xena & Gabrielle's first time. It was exciting, hot, and steamy, And frankly those two go at it like rabbits in heat :) I loved the fact that X & G were finally sharing their emotions as well as their love/lust for each other. I liked the fact that Gabrielle had planned on seducing Xena from the start of the previous scroll, then it switched to Xena being in charge of things :) I actually found Gabrielle's scroll to be more enjoyable than Xena`s for some reason this time perhaps because it’s more intense because of it being Gabrielle's first time :)
My Star Rating for this scroll is 3.5 stars mainly because of all the sexual antics. Xena & Gabrielle really get to grips with their lust :)

Scroll 4: The Furies Revisited
This Scroll is set after the episode The Furies when Xena is still feeling the effects of the curse. This time she is having lustful thoughts of Gabrielle in bondage, with Xena in control of teasing her until she submits.

But Xena is trying to resist these thoughts, as she doesn't know If Gabrielle would be interested in bondage games :) Little does Xena know that Gabrielle has been having fantasies about been dominated by Xena.

Warning! Mild Bondage erotica ahead. Do not read at work or in public :)

Well, Shana is continuing to surprise me with the scrolls. :) The opening scene was very hot with Xena needing to take care of her needs. :) And the whole scene with Xena controlling Gabrielle by restraining her and teasing her the whole time until Gabrielle submits to Xena is extremely hot. :) The final scene with X & G, when Xena brings Gabrielle to orgasm is a great end to an outstanding Scroll. :)

A great first bondage scroll with many more to come :)

My Hot Star Rating for this scroll is 4 Stars.

Scroll 5: Sometimes a Dream is Just a Dream
Xena helps Gabrielle deal with her disturbing dreams of Athena trying to seduce her. Xena does so by telling Gabrielle about a disturbing dream of her own that she had never told Gabrielle about before. In it, Callisto was restraining and pleasuring her until she submitted to Callisto`s touch.

A very interesting scroll this is, as we have on one hand Gabrielle's dream in which Athena is slowly seducing Gabrielle with soft touches and words, whereas the difference in the dream that Xena relates to Gabrielle is rough, frantic, and raw sex with between her and Callisto. This shows a great contrast between the two dreams :) I have to admit I loved the scene between X&C where Xena is restrained while Callisto pleasures her until she submits :)

Warning: Some readers may take offence at the sexual scenes of Xena being seduced by Callisto and Gabrielle being seduced by Athena in dreams.

I actually liked Xena`s dream more than Gabrielle's as it showed Xena at her weakest and was a lot more detailed and steamy with Callisto in it :)

My Hot Star Rating for this scroll is 3 stars

Scroll 6: Who Is Conquering Whom?
In the aftermath of defeating the Persian army, Xena’s battle lust is overwhelming her but she has to wait until Gabrielle is well enough to help with it. :) They finally visit a town where X&G get a room and Xena introduces Gabrielle to the pleasure of Xena using a phallus on her to the delight of both of them :)

Has a great set up being it is set in the aftermath of one of the greatest episodes of the tv series ever :) And when Xena decides that Gabrielle is ready for the introduction of the phallus, she sure knows how to show a girl a good time. Outstanding heavy hot sex between X&G: the scene with Gabrielle sucking on Xena’s phallus was extremely hot! Loved how even since Gabrielle didn't have the experience she was enthusiastic. :) I also liked the fact that Gabrielle was aware enough to know that Xena needed the sex to be a lot more rougher and harder than they had done before due to her battle lust :) So Gabrielle's demand of Xena to be as rough as Xena wants to be with her i.e. :) hard, hot and down right frantic :) was very much needed by Xena :) At the end, Gabrielle gets a chance to be on top of Xena and it puts a nice cap on the scroll.

My Hot Star Rating for this scroll is 3.5 stars

Scroll 7: Hands On Experience
X&G are spending time recovering after Shark Island as Xena discovers Gabrielle is embarrassed about playing with herself in front of Xena, So Xena decides to help Gabrielle over her embarrassment by openly playing with herself. Finally after Gabrielle can’t take any more, she takes charge and tells Xena what to do and how to touch herself and finally joins in herself

An interesting Scroll…this one with Gabrielle being caught playing with herself by Xena. This shows that Gabrielle is at the early stages of the exploration of her body and is still a bit shy as it comes to masturbating in front of Xena. I found the scene with Gabrielle instructing Xena how her hands would touch & explore Xena`s body was very well done, but what gets the scroll going for me was Gabrielle using the phallus on Xena and teasing her until they both came together.

My Hot Star Rating for this scroll is 2.5 stars, mainly for Gabrielle's scroll which is the more exciting of the two scrolls :)

Scroll 8: Blondes Wear Leather Too
Gabrielle gets jealous of the attention Xena gives a leather-clad blonde stable girl so she decides to surprise Xena by buying a pair of leather pants & silk shirt as well as being in charge of pleasuring Xena for the night. She makes sure Xena will never forget this night.

Well, this is one very well-written scroll with a very nice seduction of Xena by Gabrielle after she goes and buys the leather pants. :) After she walks in on Xena talking to the stable girl, Gabrielle`s green eyed friend comes out and she feels the need to make sure Xena is excited & hot by her and no one else. :) An extremely hot scene with X&G when Gabrielle takes charge of the action :)

While this isn't my greatest fave scroll, it is in my top ten and deserves all of your praise and it will surely put a smile on your face after reading it. :)

My Hot Star Rating for this scroll is 4.0 stars.

Scroll 9: Got Trust?
Xena and Gabrielle got to Egypt to help find Cleopatra's killers while Xena makes Gab very jealous by her attraction to Marc Antony and as a result, Xena has to make Gabrielle see that she only loves her. Xena has to ask Gabrielle to trust her with being in control of bringing her pleasure tonight by restraining and blindfolding Gabrielle body, even the parts she hadn't explored before. Xena excites and torments Gabrielle as she takes her to new heights of pleasure..


Wow!This is one hot scroll! :) First we read in Gabrielle's scroll about Gabrielle and Xena's late night passionate scene at the campfire while they are together with Joxer and Eve sleeping near them.

After they have defeated Cleopatra's killers and sorted out the Romans, Xena has to go into her warlord mode to teach Gabrielle that she loves her and only her. :) I loved the whole blindfold and restraining of Gabrielle on the bed. :) I really loved the whole submission by Gabrielle to let Xena touch her in places that she hadn't want to explore before which really shows the trust that she has in Xena, Xena wouldn't do something that she wouldn't like. :)

This scene is one of the hottest I have read so far in the scrolls. :) It really is powerful, erotic, steamy, and demonstrates the trust that is between the two characters :) and as such it deserves the full rating I'm giving it.

If I could give it more stars, I would. :) Oustanding scroll!

My Hot Star Rating for this scroll is 5.0 stars.