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Name: Kitty Pryde

Age: 15

Powers: Corporal Intangibility

Origin: Chicago, Illinois in the USA

Relations: her parents who are both alive and well (non-mutants)

Grade: freshman

Hobbies: dance, trombone, in-line skating, cooking (she's bad at it), malling, Russian Club and yoga

Fav Foods: ice cream (she'd make a meal out of it if you let her), (vegetarian) pizza and salad

Fav Music: Country (go figure) and all the Divas (Cher, Celine, Mariah, etc.) She's Rogue's nightmare roommate!

Classes: Computer Sciences, Honors English, Honors Social Studies (Asia, India and the Middle East), Earth Science (she reads astrophysics textbooks instead of paying attention in class, yet follows what the teacher is saying anyway), Gym (with other X-Men) and Trigonometry (with Scott and Jean; she's the youngest in the class and outclasses everybody)

Kitty Pryde the kid in the class. She is young, naive and totally idealistic (probably a vegetarian - no, definitely a vegetarian). She's in it to fight the good fight and will need no convincing to rush off into battle, whereas whereas the more worldly/cynical Rogue and Spyke sometimes need to hear a good reason.

Kitty is young and impressionable and will bond with Jean, Rogue, Storm and Wolverine throughout the series. Because each of these characters is so different, Kitty's relationship with each of them will be unique - highlighting a different aspect of her personality, just as she will highlight different aspects of theirs.

Kitty grew up in Northbrook (an affluent area of town) - utterly normally suburban, with her utterly normal parents. They were shocked to discover how different their "little kitten" is, and they went into total denial. When Professor X offered to help Kitty and displayed his other students, the Prydes were utterly horrified and turned down the Professor. But after seeing the X-Men in action, the Pryde family did an about-face. Kitty joined the Institute, as well as the team.

Kitty is freaked out by Nightcrawler. Totally. Can't get past his exterior. Over time, they will bond like crazy, but getting there will be fun - and painful for both of them, in the most entertaining way!

Kitty's powers enable her to phase through walls. She does this by canceling out the space between atoms, and therefore should not turn transparent when phasing; she does not turn into a ghostly vision. Over time, Kitty will increase her skill set to include walking on air and phasing other people through walls with her. She also will learn that phasing through a machine will stop its internal mechanisms, thus (essentially) shorting it out. No sparks will fly - it simply will cease to function, because of a disruption in the electron flow.

Oh, by the way: She has a slight crush on Scott.

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