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BRB_TheFireball's Netgames!

BRB_TheFireball's Netgames!

Please keep in mind that all games listed here are played only for pride and bragging rights. No real cash or prizes are offered at any time. I might be rich... but I'm not that rich. OK, Voltaire's dad?

My TPIR Play Along Hosting Gigs

Lifetime Winnings and Statistics from my TPIR Play Along hosting gigs

My Play Along Winnings

See what happened in the chatroom during the October 10, 2006, episode of TPIR

"VI", the new Netgame based on the popular British game show "QI"

Netgames on Indefinite Hiatus

Fireball's revival of CBS's "Double Dare" (airs sporadically on, TPIR '10, WOF, and Countdown chats)'s version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"

Fireball's "Don't Forget the Lyrics!"

Fireball's "The Rich List"


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