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Tweety Sounds!


Description Format
I've got an admirer! wav
That bad old puddy tat had an accident.... wav
Baby, it's cold outside! wav
You see i've been sick wav
Bombs away wav
You are so clever.... wav
I am working over a four leaved clover..... wav
I hurt my little cranium wav
Hey kid, ask your mamma to sit down again..... wav
That bad old puddy tat never gonna...... wav
Goody, goody for me wav
Help, help, somebody save me! wav
Hello puddy cat..... wav
Bad old puppy dog, give him another hit..... wav
How many time do we....... wav
Kiss me sweet....... wav
Helo moo moo cow wav
I'm getting no place fast wav
Gimmie a P, gimmie a U, gimmie a DDY wav
Don't worry little chickadee...... wav
I a cute little bird in a guilded cage..... wav
I tawt I taw a puddy tat wav
I did! I did taw a puddy tat wav
Poor puddy tat wav
I think he mad at me wav

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