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Princesses Episode Guide

by Tom Walsh
  1. Pilot

  2. Two American "princesses" become roommates with a real, down-on-her-luck princess.
  3. Her Highness For Hire

  4. With her money almost out, Georgy agrees to her roommates' suggestion that she get a job, but she thinks it will be easy to find one as a dancer on Broadway.
  5. Someday My Prince Will Gum

  6. Unavailable synopsis
  7. Luv Leddahs

  8. Melissa discovers her dentist brother-in-law may have been carrying on with his hygenist; Georgy wants to attend the Periodontists' Ball.
  9. Georgy Sings the Blues

  10. Unavailable synopsis
  11. The Showuhs in Yonkuhs Fall Mainly on the Flowuhs

  12. Melissa convinces Georgy to give her elocution lessons after a publishing tycoon asks her out

    Note: these episodes were written and probably produced, but never aired
  13. Tall, Dark and Handsome
  14. The Snob Who Came to Dinner