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by Gypsy Gray

The old woman removed the implant and he immediately made a kill. Of course the guy he killed was trying to rape a 13 year old girl, and he let the kid go, but he still killed the bastard. Made him suffer a little first too. It took Spike another week to find out what he wanted to know, after that. Apparently, Xander had come straight to New Orleans after leaving Sunnydale almost ten months ago. He was using the name Xavier St. Martin, and was the featured dancer at "the" club in the old French quarter. 

The boy was just 19 by Spike's count, and everyone believed Xavier St. Martin was 23. He'd had a crowd of admirers, both male and female, but his reputation said he only went for the rich and/or beautiful. He was known to be a rude, moody, bastard with no loyalty and no heart. He was also rumored to be a very powerful wizard, who conjured demons and consorted with all things evil. The truth of that rumor turned out to be that Xavier St.Martin was known to sell the occasional spell for the right price, no questions asked. As for all the rest...

The club was crowded with people waiting to see the boy dance. The minute he took the stage Spike saw his chance, the backstage bouncer was in the front row watching the show with everyone else. The blonde slipped backstage and into Xander's dressing room. At least ten minutes passed while he hid in the shadows, finally the boy returned. He wasn't alone.

"Xavier, baby please."

"Please what Steven?"

The boy pulled out one of the ever popular clove cigarettes and lit up with expertise. He wore an open black silk robe and the g-string he finished his act in. Leaning against the table in front of the mirror, he regarded the other man with cold disdain. Spike had never seen a look of complete contempt on Xander's face before. He never wanted to see it again. When he continued speaking a shiver ran up the vampire's spine. It was the smooth velvet voice of a snake charming it's prey.

"Please don't tell your wife you let a male stripper fuck you in her mother's antique brass bed? Or please don't show her the pictures of you blowing the same male stripper in her daughter's canopy bed? You'll have to be more specific."

"You fuck! I loved you!"

"Bullshit. You loved having the most sought after dick in New Orleans up your ass. Well, you've had you pay for it. Money Steven. Now."

The other man bowed a middle aged head full of salt and pepper hair. He took out a bulging envelope and handed it to Xander. Xander took the money and passed him a strip of negatives. The man, Steven, held them up to the light. 

"These are blank!"

"Of course they are. Where could I possibly have hidden a camera? Stupid little fool."

"You son of a bitch! I'll..."

"You won't do anything. Tur es de culpay edem."


"Steven, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at home with your wife?"

"I..yes. I'm sorry Xavier. I'm not sure what...I really must be going. I could've sworn..."

"Goodbye Steven."


Steven left in a staggering daze. As soon as the door closed behind him Xander sat at the table and started counting the money. He drew deeply on his cigarette then gazed into the mirror. For a moment he was still, then a slow smirk spread across his face.

"You can come out now. Spike."