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Worth It
by Gypsy Gray

Xander took a deep drag on his cigarette. It had been a long night. The Slayer had fucked up...again. And he'd had to save the stupid bitch...again. Buffy's great-granddaughter was the doppleganger of his old friend, but the girl was a fucking moron. Sometimes having a soul really sucked.

"Don't get all broody about it luv. Price you pay for eternity."

"I think I'd be better off dead."

"Xan, I'm shocked. What would Angel say?"

"Like I give a flyin fuck."

"Come to bed pet. I'll make it all better."

Spike was the only thing that made this shit worth it. Nearly 50 years of passion, friendship, devotion, and total love was his reward for putting up with the Slayer. Fifty seemed like centuries. He had been so afraid of what the others would say, and even more terrified that Spike was only playing with him. He'd fallen helplessly in love with the blonde vampire after sharing his dingy basement room with him for only a month. And then Spike had moved out. The fiasco with Adam had been horrible. He'd had to accept the fact that the person he loved wanted him dead. 

But then Spike had shown up in his room. Neither of them said a word, Spike simply stripped and slipped into bed with him. The vampire had been tender and gentle, he'd made Xander's first time with a man everything it should have been. And when morning came...he was still there. For nearly two months they kept their secret together. Anya was gone by the end of the first week, and Xander spent every moment he wasn't with Spike fearing the worst.

Then Drucilla came back. She'd smelled the blonde vampire on Xander and ordered him killed. Spike had come from nowhere. He fought wildly, killing anything that crossed his path. When Dru bit Xander he staked her. There had never been a moments hesitation. He'd chosen Xander above all others. When the mortal started turning Spike convinced Willow to curse him. He knew it was the only way to keep the Slayer from dusting him. But there was a catch, instead of the happiness clause the little witch made Xander the guardian of the Slayer. He had to watch over and protect every Slayer for all time. It was a shit job, but it was better then being dust.

Giles had mysteriously found away to remove Spike's chip once the blonde agreed to be cursed as well. That was the first time Xander told the Watcher what an incredible bastard he was, it wasn't the last. As a vampire and with Spike as his friend, lover, and constant companion, Xander was no longer so desperate for the scraps of affection his friends offered. He had no qualms about telling each of them what he thought of them. Just because he had to protect the Slayer, didn't mean he had to kiss her ass.

They'd gone to her funeral ten years after her daughter was born. Riley had died two years earlier, Willow was killed five years before, and Giles was long gone with Ethan Rayne. In the end Cordelia and Wesley took custody of little Cassidy. They raised the girl to be level headed and responsible, with a wicked fashion sense. Unfortunately they were not traits she passed on to her own daughter. Christine was unmistakably Buffy's descendant. 

The only good thing, besides Spike, to come out of all of it was that Xander got to live long enough to see Angel become human. Two years ago the older vampire had completed his destiny, as a reward his humanity and his one true love were restored to him. Angel and Doyle were living quietly in a studio apartment in Manhattan. Doyle was completely human and teaching, while Angel ran a successful rare books shop. Cordelia and Wesley were retired and living happily in a condo in Florida. And Oz...

Oz had turned back up about four years before Willow's death. Tara had begun pulling away from them all, and Oz's arrival sent her packing. The werewolf returned with Devon at his side and a seriously improved attitude about his wilder side. He was still one of the good guys, but discovering that being what he was made him just as immortal as vampires had really improved his disposition. With Devon as his mate, he'd established a respectable sized pack in Sunnydale and they'd taken over guarding the Hellmouth. Both Xander and Spike were extremely amused when the Slayer and her band were "asked" to leave town. They were even more amused when Oz let it be known that they were more then welcome to stay. Unfortunately, guarding the Slayer meant living in the same city she did.

"I said stop brooding. Come on luv, it's not so bad. The little bitch won't live forever. And when she dies we can throw a party. Won't that be nice?"

"You have a seriously fucked up sense of the world."

"And you love me for it."

"I love you. For everything."

"Come to bed Xander. Let me hold you."

Fifty years...and he wanted fifty centuries more. His whole world had changed. Nothing was or ever would be the same again. And so much lay ahead. He wasn't looking forward to losing Cordy or Wes, and it would hurt Spike badly when Angel went. Doyle wouldn't last long without him, and then there would be no one left from the Scooby gang but he and Oz. But it was worth it. It was worth any price to spend eternity with Spike. Even putting up with the Slayers.

The End