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Traumatic Events
by Gypsy Gray

"Gentleman, we need to talk."

Once again they were in the kitchen. All the great tragedies of life were played out in the kitchen. So the three men playing go fish at the table were justifiably nervous when someone told them they needed to talk while in the kitchen. The fact the Wesley knew all this only served to make Spike, Xander, and Oz more on edge. Their reactions were thus, understandable. Spike growled, threw his cards down and pulled Xander into his lap. Xander yelped and wrapped himself around Spike. And Oz...pulled Wes down next to him and buried his nose in his lover's neck. Even Wesley wasn't immune, as he immediately sat next to Oz and held his love as closely as possible.

"Bloody hell, Wes. Don't say that when we're in here."

"Sorry. It just slipped out."

"Hmmph. You alright Kitten?"

Spike glared at the ex-watcher and began easing his neck out of the chokehold Xander had on it. Oz pulled away to look at the older man, then he leaned forward and kissed him gently on the forehead. Wesley melted into his younger lover's arms.

"Something's got you freaked. It's in your scent."

"I really didn't mean to frighten you all. But something has happened. Something...not good."

"Something Sunnydale."


"I dreamt about Sunnydale last night. I told myself it was just because of Willow's phone call last month, but..."

"I can assure you it was not because of Willow's phone call. I saw...that is to say..I..."

"You had a vision?"

"Yes. As I was closing the shop. They were fighting...something. Buffy and Giles. They can't beat it. There's no way. Angel and Cordelia and Doyle are already there, they still can't fight it. They need help."

The silence that followed was heavy with pain and tension. Memories flashed in all their eyes. No one was prepared for this. They'd cut all ties with their pasts. The only one of them who still used the same name was Spike. Xander had become Xavier St. Martin as soon as he arrived in New Orleans. To keep from having to explain to the council what he was doing living with a vampire and a warlock Wesley was using the false name Xander bought the store in...Michael Pryce. Two weeks after their first night together Oz introduced himself to someone at the bookstore as Daniel Pryce. Wes had been delighted. Spike and Xander teased them gently and then took them out to a huge dinner. And now this...

"We have to go."


"Don't get me wrong , as just as soon have Slayer truffles for desert. But the Powers sent Wes a vision. Same as the ones that brought him here and brought Oz to him. We can't ignore that. "They" may not care for it. And I don't think ticking them off is the smartest thing to do. Still...might be worth it to see Giles a bit crispy."

"They won't let us help them. They'll take one look at us and laugh. Especially me."

"I think it's safe to include myself in with you Xander."

"Yep, and Buffy's gonna stake Spike. She'll figure out the chip is gone and she'll stake him. And what about Oz? It's not fair to make him go back there. Back to Willow and her bullshit. And why should you have to face Angel? He treated you like shit Wes. Why would they want you to have to watch him and Doyle? And I don't give a damn if they need help. I don't wanna help them. I don't even like them! Fuck them!! I hope they die!! It's time for a new slayer anyway. Let Angel take his narrow ass back to L.A.! And he can take his bracken bitch with him! I don't care what happens to them!! Fuck them all!! I hope they burn in fucking hell!!!"