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Tentative Alliance
by Gypsy Gray

The fab four from New Orleans were hiding out in Spike and Xander's room. After Angel's confession Wesley wanted desperately to be alone with his family. He knew that he couldn't leave Sunnydale without telling Angel the truth. It was frightening...but necessary. He needed to confront the vampire wearing his own face. He needed for that part of his life to be over so that he could completely move on to the next part.

His heart wasn't with Angel anymore. He was truly Oz's mate, and he'd never been happier. He was also part of a family. Spike and Xander would always be there for him. And he needed to take back that part of himself that was still with Angel...his hatred. If he let Angel have that much power over him, he would never be able to move on. Besides, there were better people to save his hate for. Xander's parents for example. He was well aware that Spike meant to pay the Harris' a visit before they left town. Wesley and Oz had discussed it, and they intended to be there.

But for now, he was sitting on the bed watching Spike and Oz play blackjack while Xander practiced floating things across the room. Boredom caused him to pick up the other deck of cards and start lobbing them at the warlock one at a time. Xander flexed his power enough to catch each one and make them orbit around the bed in elaborate patterns. Spike and Oz finally noticed when the Queen of Hearts and the Jack of Clubs starting doing the macarena. It looked like something Walt Disney would produce...if he were on acid.

"Kitten, I love you but that's a bit odd."

"Umm, Xan why do you know the steps to the macarena?"

"You're missing the point here furball. He's got the people on the cards movin."

The knock on the door was quiet but unmistakable. Xander quickly stilled the cards and stacked them back neatly on the bed. The door opened a little and Doyle's head popped through. He slowly came into the room and then seemed to be frozen by the door. Wesley stood up and the half-demon shut and locked the door behind him. When he heard the lock click the ex-watcher reached up and took off the choker he wore. The glamour disappeared almost immediately.

"Hello Francis."

"Hello Wesley."

"Are you sure you want to do this here? You're at a distinct disadvantage."

"Are we gonna fight?"

"I thought you might want to."

"No. I wanted to say I'm sorry. What he did...well he said it better then I ever could. If I were a different person I'd leave him, but I'm me. I love him Wesley. I can't let him go. I came back from the dead for him."

"Tell him that."

"I'm going to. As soon as we're done."

"We are done Mr. Doyle. You and I aren't enemies. We won't be. Someday we might be friends. But this...for me it has very little to do with you. Angel is the reason you're involved at all."

"Yeah. Goodnight Wes."

"Goodnight Doyle."

The smaller man slipped from the room, locking the door behind him again. Wesley put the choker back on and the glamour reappeared as quickly as it had vanished. Oz was holding him just as quickly and when the Englishman was able to look at his family he knew they were aware of his decision. They were willing to expose themselves to these people that had caused so much help him.

They slept in the same bed that night, just as they had in the hotel room. Tomorrow night would be the time. Now that the choice was made there was no point in putting it off. Tomorrow they would drop the glamours and let the others see who they really were. For the first time since arriving in Sunnydale, Wes had only one minor worry floating in his thoughts as he drifted toward sleep. It was nice change from the hundreds that usually crowded out his thoughts. And it was such a small concern...How to keep Spike and Oz from killing Buffy?