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The Talk
by Gypsy Gray

The oracles hadn't said a word. They just stood there and watched. Then the female touched Spike's forehead, when she opened her hand the chip was in it. She dropped it in Spike's hand and the blonde crushed it into dust. She smiled at him. And then he and Angel were back in the real world.

They were quiet on the way home. Xander was waiting at the door. Spike swept him into a hug and then swung him around in a circle. Xander laughed like a kid. The rest of the night was a celebration. Not a huge party, just a group of friends sitting around the kitchen table eating popcorn and playing poker. Bad jokes were told, teasing was rampant, and laughter filled the room. 

But every night comes to an end. Still, the day that followed was a quiet one full of peace and affection between all the members of this new family. It was Doyle who brought the peace to an end. They were once again around the table, eating Angel's cooking. Doyle got right to the point.

"Angel, it's time."

"I know. Cordelia..."

"No way. If this is a we're fighting bad guys as a group thing, then I'm not leaving."



"Fine. Cordelia stays. Wil, Xander, I need you both to listen to everything I'm about to tell you. The Slayers...are demons."

"Bloody hell. You've gone round the bend mate."

"I know this is hard to believe , but..."

"No it isn't. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense."


"Look, they're stronger and faster then humans. They're more aggressive then an average human and they can instinctively recognize vampires and other demons. Of course they're not human. They couldn't be."

"Smart lad. Slayers are the result of a breeding experiment by the watchers. A long time ago.."

"In a galaxy far far away..."


"Sorry Deadboy. Go head Doyle."

"Longer ago then I'm sure of...the Watchers decided to see if they could find away to fight the forces of evil. That is a better way then getting themselves slaughtered everytime they fought. So they took a certain type of Demon, nobody's sure which anymore, and breed it with human women. Eventually they came up with Slayers. But the design was flawed. See when a Slayer is called, the demon inside her wakes up. After awhile it starts to take over. It drives the human part out and turns the Slayer into a killer."

"Like Faith?" 

"Aye lad, like Faith. The thing is that the Watchers found away to stop it. They used spells to keep the demon under control. The field Watchers like Giles don't now anything about it. It's the lads in charge that run that show. The problem is Buffy left the Watchers."

"So no spells. So she's going all demony and has been since she kissed off the Watchy guys."

"Nicely put Cordy. Any ideas what the hell this has to do with us?"

"We're suppose to help them stop her. Right Dad?"

"That's right. About two months ago Doyle had a vision. He saw all of us together fighting Buffy. The only way to stop this from happening over and over again is to find away to make the spell permanent. For all Slayers."

"There's something else."

"Yes there is. In Doyle's vision, you were the one who had to work the spell. It has to be you Xander."

"You want me to save Buffy."


"She tried to kill Spike. She is gonna try to kill me. You want me to take a chance that William will get hurt or staked to help Buffy. I can't do that. I won't do that."

No one said a word. They just watched Xander leave the kitchen. Spike was on his feet and heading after him when Angel caught his arm. The two vampires looked at each other for a moment. In the end Spike nodded and followed after Xander. Angel sank to his chair and put his head in his hands. He had just asked his child to convince Xander to help them. He had asked his son to put himself and his mate at risk. And all on his faith in his own mate's visions. He was tempted to start praying. They were probably going to need it.