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Seeing the Truth
by Gypsy Gray

Four days. Four days in Sunnydale. Four days trapped in Angel's mansion with the Scooby-Gang. Four days of tension and distrust. Xander was trying his best to keep Spike from killing Buffy every time she made some smart ass comment about French fags. Of course, she only made them when she thought no one else could hear. Spike was doing his best not to beat the shit out of the lot of them and take his family back home. Oz was snarling at anyone who got close to Wesley, especially Angel. And Wesley...Wes was discovering that the person he'd once thought responsible for his pain was a nice guy.

When he'd initially gotten involved with Angel, Doyle had been his competition. Competition in the form of a ghost that died a tragic and heroic death, the worst possible opponent. The ex-watcher had convinced himself that if weren't for Doyle's memory Angel would love him. Later, he'd been forced to accept the truth. Angel had never and would never love him. He did not even care for him, the vampire would never have used any of the others the way he did Wesley. The at-the-moment-blonde had accepted that he was a convenience and nothing more, not even a friend. 

And still, a part of him had blamed Doyle for his pain. But this man was so different then the image of a rival his aching heart had conjured. The half-demon was funny, charming, clever, and sweet. He spent his time being nice to the group from New Orleans and trying to keep the peace. He was a terrific poker player and knew more dirty jokes then Spike. The more time Wesley spent talking to him, the more he liked him. And now they were almost friends. The situation was awkward to say the least. 

"So the chaos demon says to the waiter...AAAHHHH!!"


There was no warning. There was never any warning. Two men who had been swapping dirty jokes over a pile of books, were on the floor screaming. Oz was holding Wes to his chest before the others saw him move. Angel was almost as fast. The vampire and the werewolf held their respective lovers while the two men twitched and jerked, lost in their visions. After minutes that last centuries, they grew still. Wes relaxed into his mate's arms, but Doyle stiffened and sat up and away from Angel.

"You alright?"

"Yes. Help me up?"

Oz all but carried the shaking Brit. to the couch. Spike handed over a class of brandy and sat beside them. It was Xander who helped Doyle to his feet. The Irishman gave him an odd look and then simply nodded his thanks. His silence was beginning to disturb the warlock.

"Well darlin's our wait is over. I, we saw what all the fuss is about. It's a demon. And not any pissy little earthbound thing. I'm talking the high-court of hell here. It's stuck in this world, pissed off, and lookin to get back home. And it may have found a way to do it."

Giles and Willow went for the books immediately. Spike and Oz continued to fuss over Wesley. Buffy started counting weapons. And Xander, Xander kept his eyes on the trio from L.A. Doyle hadn't said a word since the vision. Every time Angel or Cordelia tried to touch him he slipped away. The warlock could see the explosion building in him. 

It was Angel's hand on his shoulder that finally triggered it. Doyle jumped to his feet and shoved the vampire as hard as he could. Angel landed on his ass. When Cordy tried to interfere, Doyle spiked out and sent her sprawling. After all this time, Angel still wasn't smart enough to know when to quit. He got to his feet and reached for the Irishman again. Doyle's fist made an interesting crunching sound when it broke the taller man's nose. The noise seemed to trigger something. Doyle went back to his human face and started talking again.

"You cocksucking bastard!! Rat-fuck shit for brains moron! Lousy no good two-faced cunt licking pussy!!! You motherfucking jizz ball!! You fucking shit smear of a man!!"


"Shut up Angel! Don't you say a fucking word to me. Not one damn word!"


"I said SHUT UP!!! But you can't can you?! Fine then, you wanna talk asshole? Talk! Tell me about Wesley. I'd really like to know what you have to say about him. You worthless son of one toothed whore!"