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by Gypsy Gray

The drive was a blur. He could remember stopping at an army supply store and buying a tarp. He could remember covering his lover in it. Then the next thing he really knew it was dusk, and he was parked in front of Angel's. And Spike was worse.

Xander didn't let himself think about what they would do if Angel turned them away. He picked Spike up and headed for the door. The boy was saved the trouble of figuring out how to knock when a slim figure opened the door.

"Hurry. I've what he needs in here lad."


"In the flesh. And that'll be more than you can say for him if you don't get a move on."

The boy was put at ease by the soft lilt to the other man's voice. He had spoken to Doyle once before on the phone. He had called to speak to Cordelia. The two of them had patched up their differences and become friends. It was more then he could say for his relationship with Angel.

"You've nothing to worry about. He's gone to find more of what your friend needs."


"Aye, Angel's son."

"You knew we were coming?"

"Aye. Put him there."

Xander carried Spike over to what he presumed was Angel's bed. Doyle came over with a bottle. Both of them knew what it was, and that there was no way Spike would be able to drink it on his own. Xander didn't hesitate. He did exactly what he had done for his lover before. The mortal straddled his lover, took a mouthful from the bottle, and put his lips over Spike's. It seemed to take forever to get that one taste in, but the second didn't take as long, and the third was easier than that, by the fourth drink the vampire was lucid enough to open his mouth and swallow on his own.

"I need to get the rest of the wood out of him."

The brunette slowly looked over his shoulder. Angel stood just behind him. So close to the bed that he could reach his arm out to touch him. Xander looked the vampire in the eye...and waited. For a moment no one moved. Then Angel dropped his eyes. Both of them understood. It wasn't about dominance, it was about respect. Angel dropped his eyes to allow Xander to help Spike turn over in privacy.

The elder vampire ignored the gentle murmurs and reassurances coming from the bed. When Spike's first question was if Xander was alright Angel had no more doubts about Doyle's vision. His child had found his mate. It was time.

Doyle changed the water again. Xander had lost track of the number of times the other man carried away the pan full of red liquid, and came back with fresh water. Angel had blood from his wrists to his elbows. And all Xander could do was stroke Spike's hair and tell him how much he loved him. The blonde vampire was mostly unconscious, but everytime Xander let go of his hand he moaned and thrashed. So Xander knelt on the bed beside him and watched.

It took three hours. Three hours of blood and pain to get out all the pieces. 84, there were 84 pieces of wood in Spike's back. When he was done, Angel told him that Buffy had used a stake treated in holy water, and made of brittle wood that would splinter easily. Xander was familiar with the type; he had designed them to use against the mayor's cronies at graduation. And the Slayer had used one on his lover. Some thing would have to be done.

But for now, Spike was all that mattered. With the treated wood out and his back sewn up, he was healing quickly. Angel said it would be no more then 2 or 3 days before he was completely well. As soon as Spike woke up Angel would decide if he was well enough to be moved, if he was he and Xander would be staying in the apartment Doyle and Cordelia had set up over the garage. Which brought Xander to his next concern....

"You saw me coming here. Saw us."

"I knew you would be coming. And I knew Spike would be hurt, aside from that..." As the half-demon trailed off, Angel picked up the conversation.

"Xander, what happened to Spike?"

"Your ex."

"Buffy did this?"

"Got it in one Deadboy."

"Huh. I never thought I'd miss hearing that."


"Don't be. I did miss it. So, even though she knew Spike couldn't defend himself, Buffy tried to kill him."

"That would be a big ol' yep."

"Tell me the whole story. Everything from when Spike first came to you with the implant."

It took two hours this time. And Xander told them everything. Oh, he didn't give details about the private bits, but he told when he and Spike became lovers. He talked about being a little surprised that the fact that Spike was a guy didn't bother him. He talked about Spike taking care of him, about how things were with his own father, about how afraid he had been when Spike was hurt, about how he didn't think he could live without the other man, about how he wasn't sure he wanted to...

And then Angel was holding him, and whispering that everything was alright. And Doyle was petting his hair and making soft shushy noises. And he felt himself drifting, and he was so tired, but he couldn't go to sleep. And then Angel promised to take care of Spike, and then he was asleep.

Waking came slowly. Like swimming against the current in a river of molasses. But the more awake he became, the more aware he was of what was happening around him. He was lying next to Spike, in Angel's bed. Spike was awake. Awake and talking to Angel, who was checking his stitches.

"This should be completely closed by tomorrow."

"When you'll send me on my merry way, while keeping Xander here for his own good."

"You are what's good for Xander."


"You love him. You let him love you. That's good for him."

"I don't...what's going on?"

"When you're healed you and I and Xander need to have a long talk. In the meantime, you're both to consider this your home. No one will bother you here."

"He told you about the Slayer."

"Yes. She won't get near him, or you."

Xander heard Angel walk to the door. He felt the tension in Spike's body and knew his lover was deciding whether or not to do something. He kept still...waiting.

"Thank you....Father."

"You're welcome Wil. Now get some rest. You have a lover to reassure."