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Musings of A Blonde and A Wolf
by Gypsy Gray


     The trip was accomplished by the simple expedient of Wesley buying a car. Spike slipped into the trunk and the other three took turns driving. At sunset they stopped to eat and Spike took over driving. The only slightly difficult part was finding the local bloodbank or hospital in each town they passed. It wouldn't due to leave a string of dead bodies behind them. After all, they had to come back through these towns to get home when this mess was over.

     When three stiff and still exhausted mortals woke up they noticed three things. One it was at least another two hours until sunrise, two the car was stopped, three Spike was smoking and staring intently out the front window. From his spot in the passenger seat Xander was able to see what had attracted his lover's attention, a huge green and white sign that read "Welcome to Sunnydale."

         "We can still go back Kitten. I'll turn this fucker around ad we can be home before you know it."

         "We need to find a hotel before the sun comes up. You better get moving."

     They found a ramshackle motel with one room left. It took a few minutes to get the windows blocked and the door barricaded, none of them were taking any chances with Spike. Exhausted and tense about what was ahead all it took was a shrug from Oz and a push from Spike and they were all laying in the huge old bed. Spike lay on the left spooned behind Xander, while Oz was on the right pressed against Wes' back. The warlock and the Englishman shared a brief smile before they all fell asleep almost at the same time.

     Spike was the first to wake, or so he thought. When he sat up he saw Oz leaning against the headboard watching Wesley sleep. The blonde sat up and fished a smoke from the pack on the nightstand and then looked at the other occupants of the bed. His beautiful mate and his children. He had absolutely no idea when he'd come to think of the werewolf and the ex-watcher that way, but he did. He'd made it clear to all of them before they left home that if anyone was hurt beyond help they would be turned. It was not open for discussion. They were his family and he would not lose them. After nearly two centuries of being alone in his heart he'd finally found what he needed to fill it.

         "You won't let me lose him will you? I mean you'll turn him like you said if something happens?"

         "Yeah. And you too. I'll turn everyone of you if I have to."

         "Eventually you will."

     Spike said nothing. This was an unnecessary argument. The fact was that he would eventually turn them all. Xander would be the first unless one of the other two were injured. He was fairly certain his mate already new what he intended and if he didn't Spike would convince him. Oz would come willingly, he'd be happy to be a vampire when he learned that it would give him absolute control over the wolf. Wes would be the hardest, he was still so unsure of himself and it was going to take alot to convince him that he could control his demon. But with Xander and Oz already turned he'd give in eventually. None of them wanted to be separated. None of them wanted to be alone, and becoming vampires would ensure that no matter what they always had each other.



    It was a soft whisper, spoken on waft of clove smelling smoke. But Oz heard it...and smiled.