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by Gypsy Gray

The glamours took only minutes to prepare and then Xander was ready to put them in place. Oz first. Height was too difficult to alter, and would create problems with movement and consistency, so instead of making him taller, Xander broaden his shoulders and filled in his chest. The whipcord muscles that encased Oz's arms and legs were inflated to match the chest. The warlock coaxed the wolf just a little closer to the surface and black curly hair covered Oz's chest and arms and legs. His canine's elongated to an obvious point, not as big or pronounced as a vampire's but obviously not human. He raised Oz's forehead and lowered his cheekbones. Thin lips were filled in and a neatly trimmed goatee was added.His nails also lengthened and grew a point, and Xander gave them the appearance of being perfectly manicured and painted with a metallic silver that caught the light. The brunette coaxed Oz's hair to lengthen on top so that it fell in jagged sections across his forehead, then he turned it jet black. And then he turned the werewolf's pale skin to a deep golden color. 

"Ok, try the voice."

"What do you think Wes?"

Oz's new voice was an octave deeper and held a low growl. Xander frowned for a moment and the t-shirt and sweat pants Oz was wearing disappeared. In their place was a pair of faded jeans torn at the knees and frayed at the cuffs. A skin tight dark gray tank t-shirt displayed the new chest and muscles and a pair of motorcycle boots completed the outfit. Spike handed Oz the small vial contenting the potion that would alter his scent and his anchor. Downing the vial smelling liquid and placing the wolves head stud in his ear Oz felt the spell settle into place, it would remain there until he removed the earring.

"Wes, you're next. Step up future blonde boy."

Wesley took Oz's place and the werewolf stood back to watch what Xander did. First the body. Wes' chest narrowed, his arms and legs became thin and the full muscles were replaced with ropy thin ones. His skin became milky white and translucent enough to see veins through. All body hair disappeared except for white blonde eyebrows and lashes that brushed his cheeks when he blinked. Next his eyes became a clear blue like water and Wes felt the part of the spell that would allow him to se without his glasses take effect. His hair was made short and spiky on the top and sides and the back grew in shaggy layers down to his waist. Then it turned the color of new snow during a full moon. His teeth and nails were a match for his lover's, but instead of metallic silver they were covered with gold and silver glitter. His cheekbones sharpened and his forehead raised. The ex-watcher's ears took on a slight point and his lips were formed into a perfect cupey-doll bow. 

"Should I try my voice now?"

The Englishman's voice was a purring lilt, complete with a slight southern drawl. His slacks and sweater were replaced with skin tight silver leather pants and a white mesh shirt that was too big in just the right way. Under it was a tight tank shirt showing off a wolf tattoo on his left shoulder blade. Black combat boots completed the look and when Spike stepped forward with the potion Oz growled and snatched it from him. If Oz's new look screamed "Don't fuck with me!," then Wesley's purred "Please fuck me...hard." and the werewolf wasn't about to let anyone get too close to his lover. The ex-watcher drank the spell and smiled as the younger man put the silver choker with the sapphire stone setting around his neck. He felt the spell take hold and then he was pulled into a deep kiss.

"Ok, guys you have two hours to get as much of each other's scent on you as possible. After that the potion will lock your new smell in place. And remember to change you clothes just form a clear picture of what you want and touch your anchor. And don't take them off. The whole thing will disappear, even the scents."

With Xander's words following them up the stairs the lovers fled. His voice was still echoing when they shut the door. The wolf in Oz could sense Wes through the glamour and the other man no longer smelled like him. This would not be tolerated. Touching one hand to his earring and the other to the stone in Wes' necklace he turned the illusions off. They could be reactivated the same way as long as neither man removed their anchors. 

The ex-watcher was shocked to feel his clothing ripped from his body and he was flat on his back before he had a chance to protest. Oz gave his own clothes the same treatment and then pounced. He rubbed his body against the other man from head to toe and then straddled his chest. Running his fingers along his lover's lips he smiled when Wes opened his mouth and licked his lips. The older man's hands guided him in and then swallowed him whole. When Oz felt his lover's throat relax he began to thrust. Winding his hands in the soft thick hair of his love he started moving faster and deeper. Holding his lover's head in place he came down that wonderful throat and then pulled out. Stopping for a deep long kiss he left the bed and stood at the foot.

Wesley took the lube from the nightstand and crawled to the other man. After quickly slicking his lover up he turned around and braced himself on his hands and knees. Oz leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on his shoulder, then placing his shaft at the opening to his lover's body, he thrust in. Hard. Buried balls deep inside the other man he waited until Wes pushed back and then he moved. His thrusts were hard and fast and deep. This was not sex or making love, this was a brutal claiming fuck. 

Oz rammed his cock in and out of Wes' hole. He forced the other man to take everything he had to give and when the other man began to whimper he only pounded him harder. He wrapped his arms around his mate and used his body weight to force himself deeper. His thrusts were vicious and Wesley collapsed under them. The older man's orgasm ripped through him like a tornado and he was left barely conscious in it's wake. The were wolf continued to savagely fuck his mate. Finally, after what seemed like hours he came. Shooting his cum deep into his lover, he was at last satisfied that the other man was his again. 

When Wes came to he was lying in the tub filled with warm water and cuddled against a shaking Oz. Looking into his lover's face he was heartbroken to see tears. 

"I'm sorry. I hurt you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

"Oz, it's alright. I'm alright. I knew it would happen."

"You knew? You knew I'd claim you?"

"Yes. I wanted it."

"But...Wes wolves mate for life."

"I know."

"I love you."

"I know that too. It's alright Oz. I wanted to be yours. All I've ever wanted was someone to love me the way you do. Someone who would let me love them back."

"You love me?"


"I knew that."

Soft kisses were exchanged and then they settled back down to enjoy their bath. Tomorrow would come too soon as it was, there was no need to rush it by sleeping the hours away.