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by Gypsy Gray

Xander turned his back on Spike to open the door. He stood on the threshold a moment then closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and forced his voice back into the low purr that worked so well on his chosen marks.

"Are you going to kill me?"

"Not tonight."

"You gonna fuck me?"

Spike pressed against Xander's back. The blonde wrapped his arms around the boy's waist and put his mouth against his ear. He was a cool weight, his breath stirring the hair at Xander's nape.

"Invite me in Xander."

A strong hand slid to the human's already hard cock and began a slow massage. The blonde's teeth nipped gently at his neck, and the boy could feel Spike's hard length pressing against him each time the vampire gently rolled his hips forward.

"Come in."

Xander hardly recognized that throaty husk as his own voice, but then were through the door. And then Spike turned him around and took his mouth. It was deep and hard and wet, but not brutal or cruel. The mortal slid his hands around to cup his soon to be lover's ass and pulled them together hard. The older man groaned into the kiss when Xander began thrusting hard against him. A sharp pinch to his ass sent him jumping backwards with a yelp.

"As nice as this is, I promise it will be better in bed. Besides, I can't go on stage with rug burns."

The vampire smirked and followed the boy upstairs. A wave of his hand and the fireplace was burning, a few mumbled words and candles were lit all around the house. Xander really had gotten quite good at magic. The bed was made with fine linen the color of emeralds, and it was big enough for four people. Spike raised an eyebrow at that, but one inhaled breath told him that Xander had never brought a lover here. He felt flattered.

The boy wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him. It was slow and seductive. Xander's tongue lapped at his mouth, soft little cat licks, until he parted his lips. Once inside it thoroughly mapped every inch of it's new home. They were touching then. Hands everywhere. Spike stepped back panting despite the fact that he didn't need to breath. Xander was in no better condition, and he moaned at the loss of his lover's mouth.

The older man stepped back to him quickly. Raising Xander's arms over his head he slowly pulled the boy's shirt off. He dropped to his knees and unlaced the boots, then allowed the boy to use his shoulders for balance as he removed them and his socks. His jeans came next, button then zipper. All slow, not a single hurried move. And then Xander stood naked in front of a kneeling Spike.

The blonde buried his nose in the black curls at his lover's groin and breathed deep. Arousal, sharp and clean filled his nose. He wanted more. Leaning back he locked his eyes with his lover's and then swallowed him to the root. He took the shaft in slowly, loving the velvet heat of it. The boy was delicious. He tightened his throat muscles and pulled the brunette's hips forward. His lover began to thrust gently, then with more force as Spike encouraged it. He took everything the boy had to give and loved every minute of it. Finally, Xander found his release. The blonde relished every drop.

He rose to his feet slowly, only to be pulled into another of those seductive kisses. Then his lover was nuzzling into his neck and nearly purring in satisfaction. The older man couldn't help the smug chuckle or the feeling of contented pride that filled him. The boy was like a prowling panther on stage, but here he was more like a sweet kitten. The Brit. couldn't say which he liked better. The younger man removed the blonde's clothes in between soft deep kisses and slow gliding caresses. And he purred through it all.

They found their way to the bed together and tumbled into it still wrapped around each other. Spike let his hands cup the sweet ass he'd been coveting since long before it's owner took off for New Orleans. He looked down into ocean deep eyes the color of the finest chocolate and spoke with out thinking.

"I wanted to be first. Since I saw you with Angel at the school. You were afraid, but you didn't back down. I liked that. You deserved better than that soddin git of a Watcher. He's the reason you ran, isn't he pet?"

"Yes. I don't wanna talk about this. But...if it could've been like this...I wish you had been first."

Spike kissed his lover again. He reached into the nightstand and found a vial of oil. Xander smiled gently and parted his legs. The older man prepared the younger slowly. When he entered him it was done gently and rewarded with a louder version of the earlier purr.

They found their rhythm almost at once and moved to it in perfect harmony. Slowly the speed and force built, and still they kept pace with each other. The lovers clung to one another as they moved, kissing deeply. After what seemed like not enough time and an eternity together, they climbed the last peak together...and stepped off locked in each other's arms.

Sometime later Spike was awakened by the sensation of Xander's hair tickling his cheek. They had fallen asleep. He pulled out of his young love slowly and kissed the small frown that accompanied his movement.

"Come on pet, up and about with you. We reek."

"That's definitely the sweetest pillow talk I've ever heard."

"Get your backside out of bed kitten, we both need a good scrubbin."


"Yeah. Wanna see why?"

"I can't wait."

Spike began nuzzling the boy's neck. Nipping lightly along the column of his throat, he couldn't help but smile as the skin underneath his lips began to vibrate with sound. He had always wanted a kitten of his own.