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The Inevitable
by Gypsy Gray

Angel wasn't braced for the force Buffy hit him with. They went down in
a heap. Oz darted forward and pulled Doyle out of the way. Xander's
attention was divided between Angel and Buffy and helping Giles. Willow took
full advantage of his distraction. Blasting Giles with enough force to knock
him to the ground, she began screaming a spell.

"She's calling the demon!" Wesley recognized the spell immediately.
Rushing to Giles, he pulled the older man to his feet and the two of them
started chanting a warding spell.

Spike finally managed to pull his Sire away from a rampaging Slayer;
Doyle yanked a knife from inside his shirt and sunk it into Buffy's thigh.
He pulled the blood-covered blade out and tossed it to Xander.

"Kill the fuckin' thing."

Doyle's shout barely reached the warlocks ears over the roaring wind
that surrounded them. Willow's magic was fighting with the two ex-watchers'.
The force of the conflict was disturbing the atmosphere, the result being
one hell of a storm. Rain poured from the sky, in seconds everything and
everyone was soaked.

Xander skidded across the courtyard to Wes and Giles. He began screaming
the summoning spell in tandem with Willlow, Wes' trust in him was absolute
and he switched spells immediately. After the slightest hesitation Giles
joined them.

The rain was freezing and blinding...and slippery. Buffy squirmed out of
Spike's hold and made another charge at Doyle. This time Angel was ready for
her. He slammed her face first on the ground. Slayer reflexes saved her
broken ribs when Angel kicked out at her, but she wasn't fast enough to
avoid the punch he delivered when she made it to her feet. Whatever was left
of her mind snapped along with the cartilage in her nose.

Grabbing her stake off the ground, she darted forward and sent a kick
into the side of Angel's leg. He went down with a broken kneecap. Leaping
over him she tackled Doyle. The stake was inches from his heart when Oz sank
his fingers into her hair. Yanking backwards, he drug her off Doyle. Spike
grabbed the still fighting Slayer and began hauling her over to Willow.

Lightening was the newest addition to the evening. Streaks of it flashed
across the sky and down to earth. Thunder ate at every sound, devouring it
until all that could be heard was its growl. Willow's gleeful shriek was the
first clue that it wasn't all the thunder. The demon came from nowhere. It
was just there. A writhing roaring malignancy in a place that was empty
seconds ago.

Spike slung Buffy at Giles and Wesley. Ripper made his presence felt
when he slammed the Slayer face first into his knee. Stunned, it was easy
for he and Wes to hold her. Moving forward to stand beside his mate, Xander
passed him the knife covered in Slayer's blood.

Willow finally saw the knife. She immediately knew what it meant.
Summoning power from Buffy's pain and the demon's presence she tried to
literally pull lightening from the sky to fry Spike. Xander extended his
arms out to the sides and shouted a single word. A wall of energy surrounded
he and the vampire. The lightening was useless.

Knowing that he couldn't fight Willow's magic, Spike moved in on the
demon. From the corner of his eye he saw Oz and Angel moving up to join the
fight. The three of them moved in tandem and struck all at once.
Willow was seriously pissed. Her wonderful plan was shot to hell and it was
all Xander's fault. Rage fueled her actions; reason was a thing of the past.
She threw everything she had at her former friend. If she was going to lose,
she'd make damn sure he wasn't around to enjoy it.

Xander sensed the blast of energy before he saw it coming at him as a
ball of lightening. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he extended his arms
again. Saying the same word as before he summoned the wall of energy back. A
second word was whispered under his breath and the writhing light that was
the surface of the wall solidified into a mirror like substance.

The energy hit the mirror of light full force...and was reflected right
back to its source. Willow was totally unprepared and was hit full on by the
sum total of her own stolen power. Her lifeless corpse fell to the ground in
a singed heap.

Willow's death freed the demon from the spell binding it to her. The
aftershock of the magic's abrupt removal left it stunned for the one crucial
moment it took for Spike to sink the blade deep into it's hide. With a sound
like metal scraping glass it folded in on itself and disappeared.