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First Impressions
by Gypsy Gray

"I've just come to a horrible realization."

"What's that Wes?"

"We haven't thought of a name for Spike."

"Shit! He's right. Think of a name blondie."

"I'm not blonde anymore Kitten."

They were thirty feet from Giles' house. Spike and Oz had confirmed that the entire Scooby-gang, as well as the delegates from L.A. were inside. Glamours firmly in place, plan on getting into the house worked out to the final detail, and they forgot to think of a name for Spike.

"What's a good Scottish name?"

"Duncan or Connor?"

"Funny Oz. Think of something."

"Relax Xander. Robert will do nicely. Spike?"

"Works for me Wes...sorry...Michael."

Crisis averted they moved out of the shadows and set things in motion. Wesley moved to the front door and knocked. The curious face of Buffy peaked through the door, and he slipped into the house.


"Evenin' folks. Is this the meeting of heroes anonymous?"

The room was full of people. People with their mouths hanging open. People staring in shock and fascination at living breathing sex in the form of a thin blonde perched on the arm of Giles' sofa. Angel recovered first.

"Who are you? Who sent you here?"

"Michael Pryce at your service. I was sent by our mutual employers...The Powers That Be. I received an ever so pleasant vision of you lovely folks fightin' some big nasty, and my friends and I came to help."

While the Scooby-gang attempted to recover from yet another fit of gaping mouth syndrome, Wes calmly strolled to the door and let Oz and Xander inside. Then he leaned out a little and sing-songed in a sweet contralto voice...

"Ohh sugar sugar, come on in."

Spike slipped inside and shut the door behind him. He moved to where Xander was perched on the back of the couch and sat down just in time to light the cigarette the warlock was pulling out. Lighting one for himself he turned an amused eye to Oz devouring Wesley in a room full of stunned slayerettes. Finally, Xander called them back to the matter at hand.

"Daniel, no fucking in front of strangers. We've got work to do."

"Sorry boss. Hurry this up though. Gonna need to fuck him soon."

The smirk on his face and the growl in his voice said he was anything but sorry, and Xander had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing at how much Oz and Wes were enjoying themselves.

"What the hell is going on here?"

Xander knew from Wes' description that the man who spoke was Doyle. He was undeniably cute, but Xander couldn't see what it was that would make someone pick him over Wes.

"I'll explain. My name is Xavier St. Martin. I am a servant of the Powers That Be and a warlock. This is Daniel Pryce, he is a werewolf and in my employ. You've met his mate and husband, our resident visionary Michael. And this is my servant and lover Robert FitzWalter. He is, as you have undoubtedly noticed a vampire. We were sent here to assist you in your current...difficulties."

"Yes, well, welcome Mr. St. Martin. We're grateful for any assistance. My name is Rupert Giles, and this is...."

They four friends sat through the introductions calmly. Xander acted as though he'd never met any of them, Spike remained impassive and completely ignored the glare Angel was giving him, and Oz and Wesley whispered and purred and petted each other until Willow was blushing the color of a tomato. When Giles was finally through talking Xander spoke up again.

"With the introductions dealt with I trust we can get down to work, yes? You should be aware, we are not here by choice. From our point of view we have been sent to help a Slayer with a reputation for murdering anything non-human whether they are truly evil or not. Add to that a rogue watcher who smells like a demon, two amateur witches, an ex-military operative with a history of killing first and asking questions later, a half demon who betrays his own kind for the sake of self-preservation, a cursed vampire with a penchant for taking over the world, and perhaps you can understand why we are less then enthusiastic about helping you. In short, we don't like you, we don't trust you, and the first time you attempt to harm any of my people I'll hand your asses to you on a tray."

The words had the effect he desired. Buffy charged forward with murder in her eyes. Xander gestured with his left hand and she was slammed into a wall and held there. The rest of the Scooby-gang got brave and Xander froze Angel in place while Wes sent Riley sprawling with a side-kick. Oz grabbed Giles by the shirt and sent him to slump with the ex-soldier. Spike rose from the couch and jerked Doyle up into the air with one movement. He shoved the Irishman into Cordelia and they hit the floor. Xander calmly sent a blinding spell to Tara and Willow, and the two girls were stumbling around sightless almost instantly.

When Riley tried to get back to his feet Xander rose from the couch and sketched a symbol in the air with the smoke from his cigarette. Instantly everyone was back in the exact place they had been standing before Buffy charged Xander. The brunette calmly put out his cigarette and took a place on the couch next to Spike.

"Now that this foolishness of proving who has the biggest set is finished, may I suggest that we get down to work."