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Decision Made
by Gypsy Gray

Xander's words had sent them all into silence again. Spike had lead his lover into the den and the others had followed. For two hours they sat together without a sound. Xander rested his head on Spike's shoulder as the two sprawled on the couch. Wesley and Oz were curled up in each other's arms in the over sized recliner across from the couch. In the end it was Oz who said what needed to be said.

"It's not about them. I don't wanna see Willow, and Xander has a right to hate Giles, and I'm thinkin Angel would look really good minus a head...or two. But they aren't important. What we do, what they do is. We're not who we used to be, but they won't be any different. It doesn't matter if they want our help or not...we can't let innocent people die because it's easier then dealing with our pasts. I can't accept that. I know Wes can't accept it, I don't think you'll be able to either Xan, and Spike..."

"I aint' gonna let him sit around feelin bad cause those pissheads fucked it up. Right, we're going. Now how do we get the asshole family to let us help?"

"We could knock them senseless and tie them up in a dark room until it's over."

"A good plan from the Brit. Who's got a good club?"

"Cut it out guys. We need a real plan."

"But we already have one."


"You said it Oz, we're not the same people. My driver's license says Xavier St. Martin, it'll be easy to get I.D. for you guys. Except Spike won't need any, but we will have to put some kind of whammy on him so Angel and Buffy will sense it. The glamours will be easy. They'll think what they're picking up from me is cause of my being a warlock, and they'll put you two down as Oz being a werewolf and Wes being his mate. This should be easy. I can make the spells in about an hour, we'll start it up just outside of town."

"Uh, Kitten, luv...what are you talking about?"

"It's so easy. We're not going back to Sunnydale, Xavier St. Martin, his geas bound vampire servant, and Daniel and Michael Pryce are. We'll use glamours, illusions to change the way we look. I'm strong enough now that I can set them to be self-generating. That way they'll stay in place until we take them off and I'll only be expending a little energy to keep them going. The Scooby-gang won't let us help, but they won't know it's us."

"That's brilliant. That is absolutely brilliant. But..."

"What is it Wes?"

"Can I be a blonde?"