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Day Off
by Gypsy Gray

Xander was asleep. and he was going to stay asleep. He was not going to open and his eyes and see that it was a dream. Or worse, that it was real and now the same thing that always happened was going to happen. It happened with Faith, with Cordelia, with always happened. So, Xander was asleep, because if he didn't wake up it couldn't happen. The only problem was his hand and stomach were awake. 

"You'd better put something in there before people start panicking." 


"From the earthquake." 

"We had an earthquake?" 

"You really aren't at your best in the mornings are you luv?" 

Xander opened his eyes. He was lying in his bed with his head on Spike's chest and the vampire was playing with his hair. Xander raised his head to look him in the eye. What he saw made his heart skip. Spike was smiling. Not the mean, snarky, you really are a loser smile he had gotten from Faith, but a real smile. An honest, happy, chuckly kind of smile. He smiled back. 

And wow, oh wow! Spike's smile got bigger. And now he was being kissed. Soft, slow, sweet kisses. And he sighed in happiness. Then Spike rolled them over, and he opened his legs and let the other man's hips settle between them. And now the kisses got deeper and the sighing turned to moaning and...Xander's stomach was not pleased. 

"I'd say that makes about an 8.9 on the Richter scale." 

Xander would have been embarrassed. He would have turned bright red and stammered out an apology. But Spike's voice was all warm and chuckly, and he was still smiling. So Xander just smiled back. And then he stretched. And spike just smiled more. And kissed him again. 

"Alright you, that's enough of that." 

"Enough what?" 

"Enoug kitty-cat stretches and looking all sweet and kissable." 

This time it was Xander who chuckled and stole a kiss on the way to the shower. When he came out the sheets were changed, and Spike stole a kiss on the way to the shower. So Xander ate a frozen pancake and bacon microwave breakfast, and Spike drank his blood. It was Xander's day off, the Scooby-gang hadn't called, and it wasn't going to happen again. 

So they watched videos, and laid on the bed and argued about music. Then they ordered Chinese and Spike feed him orange beef, and then they read fortune cookies. And when the food was gone they kissed some more. Then they were naked again. Only this time it was slow. An Xander saw every inch of Spike. And Spike saw Xander. And then there were more kisses, followed closely by touching. And after the touching came more moaning, only this time nothing interrupted. 

But there was still soft sweet smiles and chuckly voices whispering. Voices saying nice things. Things about being happy, things about where to touch, things about how beautiful someone looked when they smiled that way, things about staying as long as they were wanted, and things about being in love. 

And if one of the voices had a British accent, it only made it sound sweeter. And if one of the voices was soft and gaspy, it only made it sound more honest. And if they were both a little breathy and shaky, well, all that mattered was that the other voice understood. That was all that mattered in the world.