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by Gypsy Gray

Spike found his lover laying on his back in their bed. He shed his clothes and climbed under the covers with the already undressed boy. Xander immediately moved to lay with his head on Spike's chest. The blonde ran his fingers through the dark hair at the base of his mate's neck. He said nothing, and would say nothing until the brunette was ready to talk. He didn't have to wait long.

"You think I should do it."

"I think you need to do it. You need to help."

"Not her."

"No, not her. But if you could've helped Faith before it was too late. If you could stop it happening to the next slayer."

"You're gonna kill her aren't you?"

"If I have to."

Xander sat up to look at his lover. There was no bloodlust in his eyes. He wouldn't hesitate to kill the Slayer, but only if he had to. 


"Because she was your friend. And because of Angel."

"You don't want to hurt him?"

"I don't want to make trouble with my father. We're gonna be here with him for awhile."

"You're gonna work for TPTB."

"Yeah, I'm not thrilled about it, believe me luv. But...better one of the good guys then..."


"Away from you."

"I hate her."

"I know."

"I love you."

"I know."

"If she hurts you I'll kill her."

"I know."

The boy leaned down for a kiss then. It was more reassurance than passion, but that was what they both needed now. They drifted into sleep that way, Xander sprawled on top of Spike, and awoke again in the same position. From the quiet around them they knew it was sometime in the late morning. Angel and Doyle would be sleeping and Cordelia wouldn't come in until late afternoon. 

The kisses began again. Slow kisses, that built into passionate ones. The vampire rolled his mate beneath him and slipped into game face. Xander ran his tongue over the tip of one fang and Spike thrust down hard. The boy stilled then and pulled away. He looked up into the face of his mate and smiled softly. Then he spread his legs and canted his hips up.

It was the same movement Spike had made two nights ago. It was the same offer. The blonde had never asked for this from his lover. He'd known that when Xander was ready he would offer on his own. Two nights ago he'd been claimed. The next morning he'd woken up with Xander still inside him. They had made love again. Slowly, sweetly. And now Spike wanted, needed to give his love the same gift.

He took the oil from the nightstand and coated his fingers. He kissed and nipped and petted his mate as he slowly worked one then two then three fingers into him. When he pulled them out Xander moved to turn onto his stomach but Spike stopped him. Getting on his knees between the boys spread legs, he pulled Xander's hips onto his lap and put a pillow under him to help support his back. With his hands holding his mate open, he looked directly into his eyes and slowly entered him.

Xander gasped and he stilled. The muscles holding him relaxed and he moved forward again. Another gasp and another pause. Again and again this was repeated until he was inside his lover. Xander moaned and arched against him. Spike reached down and linked their left hands. He leaned forward and braced his weight on his right arm. Then he moved. 

Slow and deep. Out until just the head was inside. In until he was pressed against his lover. Over and over, their eyes locked on each other the whole time. With every thrust the blonde stroked his mate's prostrate. Xander writhed against him, wrapping his legs around his lover's waist he tried to pull the other man into a faster rhythm. Spike would not speed up, but his movements gained force. And now his hips snapped forward and glided back. The sweet spot inside Xander was being pounded. He screamed and reached for his own aching flesh. 

Spike used their joins hands to knock his away. And now his did pick up speed. He was slamming into Xander with a force that nearly lifted the boy off the bed. His mate screamed and moaned and pressed back against him as hard as he could. The vampire growled low in his throat and placed his mouth against Xander's ear.


Xander howled. His orgasm slammed through him with the force of a freight train. Spike roared and struck. His teeth sunk into the soft flesh of his mate's throat. He drank his love's pleasure as he emptied his own into him. The body beneath him spasmed and jerked and he tasted the second orgasm in the boy's blood. Slowly, he eased his spent cock out of Xander's shaking body. A moment later he did the same with his fangs. 

They lay together drifting in and out of sleep in each other's arms, until finally Spike got a cloth and cleaned them. He checked his love to make sure he hadn't hurt him. While the wounds on his neck were all but healed, his opening was red and swollen. The boy would be sore the next day. As much as Spike wished that weren't so, he could never regret what they'd done. Two days ago his mate had claimed. Tonight, he claimed his mate.

"You bit me."


"I didn't know you'd do that. Will you always?"

"Only when you want it. I should have warned you, but I needed it this time luv."


"You're marked now. No other vampire will try for you. They'll now you belong to me."

"So...To them we're like, um.. you know..."

"Married luv, or mated if you like."

"I like married. Married is good."

"I think so."

"You were married to Dru?"

"No. I never marked her like I have you. Dru was my lover, not my mate."

"You have to buy me a ring."

"I'll buy you a bloody diamond mine if you want it Alex."



"I have everything I want."