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by Gypsy Gray

"Spike's back."

Oz was laying next to Wesley. The two men had curled up with their heads on the same pillow. Laying close together, drifting in and out of sleep, they were comfortable and able to sleep. It was something that happened, but was not discussed. Since Oz had moved in whenever either of them had trouble sleeping they went to the other's room. Somehow, just lying next to each other made things better.

Wesley was attracted to Oz, but after what the younger man had confessed... Any notion he had of deepening his growing friendship with the younger man was pushed away. Oz needed a friend he could trust, not an older Englishman with inappropriate ideas about him. But on nights like this, when they were more awake then asleep, when they spent the time talking or just lying beside each other... It was so hard not to pull him close. In his wildest dreams Wesley had prayed for someone to love him as Oz had loved Willow. He knew the younger man would never betray him. Oz was exactly what he wanted. And exactly what he was sure he could never have.

"They're making love."

The werewolf's voice was a husking whisper, blowing hot moist breath into Wesley's ear. When he opened his eyes Oz was propped on his arm leaning over him. His eyes were focused on the older man's face, and there was no mistaking the need in them. Slowly, like he was moving through cold molasses, Oz leaned forward. The kiss was warm and tender, but when a tongue slipped out to stroke against his mouth Wesley pulled away.

"Oz, I don't think..."

"I need you. Please Wes, I need you."

The next kiss was just as tender, but this time neither of them pulled away. Oz's hands were gentle and hot as he took off the older man's clothes. When Wes reached for his in return, he gently press the other man's hands down and above his head. When his soon to be lover left them there he rewarded him with kisses down his chest to the perfectly round silver dollar sized nipples waiting there. Soft licks and gentle nibbles produced deep sighs and low moans that were the most wonderful sounds Oz had ever heard.

By the time the younger man got rid of all their clothes, they were both hard and aching for each other. They lay side by side together, kissing and caressing every part within reach. Arms wrapped around each other, legs tangled together, Oz began slowly thrusting against his lover. He growled softly when Wesley whimpered and starting moving with him. It was slow, and gentle, and exactly what they both needed. Released found them both at the same moment, and neither man said anything about the tears on the others face. 

"Thank you."

Oz brushed soft kisses over Wesley's face while he repeated those two word over and over. For his part, Wesley could only hold the younger man close and give his own thanks with the kisses he placed on Oz. They slipped into their dreams that way, and for the first time in weeks Oz slept through the night.