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by Gypsy Gray


"So what are these Oracle thingies, huh?" 

"They're not Oracle thingies. They're the voice of TPTB. At least that's what Angel says." 

"And he thinks they'll take the chip out of your head?" 

"He says Doyle told him they want to see me." 

"So, if they do it, what do they get out of it?" 

"Why Alex, what an alarmingly cynical thing to say. I'm so proud." 

"Be serious. There has to be a catch." 

"I figure it'll have something to do with me helping Angel fight the baddies. You know become a soldier in the fight against evil." 

"Duh, you think? I mean what else will they want?" 

"Like what? What's got you in such a twist luv?" 

"'s nothing." 

"Bloody hell!!" 

Spike flipped Xander onto his back and crawled on top of him. They had been laying side by side in bed talking about Angel's idea. The elder vampire suggested that Spike ask the oracles to remove the implant. The blonde didn't see that there was much choice and agreed, Xander had been twitchy ever since. And now the boy was on his way to a great sulk. There was no way Spike was going to be subjected to another marathon session of Patsy Cline. 

"Tell me what's wrong. Please Alex, let me help." 

"What if this changes?" 


"What if this, us, what if it's the chip? And when they take it out..." 

"Stop right bloody there!! How dare you? Damn it Alex! Listen to me, and make sure you get every bloody word through that gorgeous head of yours. You are mine!! Nothing will change that! It's the way things are, the way it's suppose to be. You belong to me, just like I belong to you. Don't you ever doubt that. Don't doubt us. I...I couldn't take that. Not from you. You're the only one whoever really believed in me. I can't lose that. Please Alex." 

Xander was speechless. When Spike had said that they belonged to each his heart had skipped. And now, his lover was gazing down at him with eyes full of love and worry and tears. He had made his love cry. That was completely unacceptable. The brunette reached up and pulled Spike down against him. They lay wrapped around each other with Spike's head on his chest. 

"I don't doubt you. I never have. It's me I worry about. I keep thinking that I can't possibly have this. There's no way that they'll ever let me have you. You are everything I could ever have wanted. I love you William. Please don't cry. You're not suppose to cry. Please. I don't wanna be the reason you're so unhappy." 

"You twonky get, you're the only thing that makes me happy. If...if it means so much, I won't do it." 

"Do what? What are you....No. Don't you offer me that. That's not fair! Of course I want them to take the chip out. You're not safe until they do. Don't you get it? As much as it would hurt if you stopped loving me, I would rather live with that then see you hurt. You are the only thing in the world I give a damn about. Don't you dare even think that I want that." 

"Forget it luv. Think of it as a mutual moment of idiocy." 

They kissed then. Slow, soft gentle kisses. The same kisses they always shared, but then they changed. Xander rolled Spike beneath him and pressed the older man into the mattress with his body. It wasn't the first time Xander had taken the lead in bed, but it had never been like this. He was riding the hyena now, that was how Spike thought of it. His mouth and hands were everywhere, and the vampire's clothes were gone before he realized. 

Xander was on top of him. He could feel his lover...naked, hard, hot, and hungry. The need in Xander's eyes was clear. The need that answered it rolled through Spike in waves of heat. He offered his mate the only thing he could. The blonde pushed his head into the mattress and exposed his throat, then he spread his legs and canted his hips toward Xander. The offer was obvious. The mouth attached to his neck was his answer. 

Xander pulled back to find the oil in the nightstand. This would be the first time they had done this. Everything else had been done on instinct, his inexperience with male sex had made no difference, but this... He would have to trust Spike to guide him through this. 

"Put some on your fingers. Then, one at a time, put em in me. Go slow and stretch me out. S'been a long while since I done this last." 


"Before I went vamp." 


"Just a boy. He worked for my uncle." 

"Did you love him?" 

"No. So you can stop growling now." 

Xander said nothing. He pushed down the jealousy at the faceless, long dead other who had been with Spike in this way. It was not important. Spike was his now. His and no one else's. He took deep breaths to calm himself. It was a good thing too. His lover was tight and vocal. Throaty little moans and gasps told him when and how to move. Xander lost track of time, the only thing that mattered was Spike. He was sweaty and squirming. On his back with his legs over Xander's shoulders, thrusting his hips downward, trying desperately to get what he needed from Xander's fingers. 

"Turn over." 

Spike moaned his disappointment when Xander took his fingers out, but he got onto his hands and knees quickly enough. Xander ran his hands down the pale back presented to him. His mate was flawless. The hyena howled, the soldier roared, and Xander let them both out to play. He trailed sharp nips followed closely by a laving tongue down Spike's back. A nip to one porcelain white cheek earned him a gasp, but a tongue at the very top of the dark hollow between them got a moan. He pulled them apart gently and blew a stream of hot air over the spasming rosebud. This time he got a gasp, a moan, a full body shudder, and a thrust backwards toward him. 

He rose onto his knees and positioned himself outside of Spike's entrance. Shaking hands held his lover's hips still as he slowly pushed inside. It took more control then he thought he had not to come just from the sight. He was inside Spike. That was him buried balls deep in his lover's perfect ass. And the hyena knew exactly what he wanted. 

He pulled Spike onto his lap. Both of them groaning as he sunk even deeper into the blonde. Capturing both Spike's hands with his, he thrust up slightly. His lover gasped and pushed down hard. For a moment they were both still, then Spike understood. He raised himself again and then came down as Xander thrust up. The boys cock rammed his prostrate and Spike screamed. He tried to ride Xander hard, but the boy set a slow grinding pace. 

And now his lover was tight and hot. Scalding precum and friction from the long slow ride had done it. But this part was over now. It was time to do more. Spike was shaking and panting; his cock nearly purple with need. The mortal pulled out of his lover and pushed him to his hands and knees. The vampire wailed at the loss and immediately thrust backward. Xander was waiting for him. He slammed forward at the same moment. Spike came hard. Cum soaked the bed beneath him, and Xander held still until the last shudder had passed. 

He started to thrust again. Hard, deep, and fast. Spike could only moan and arch against him. The boy dropped his upper body onto his lover's and fastened his mouth to his neck. He rode his mate hard. Needing to claim what was his. Needing to mark him with his scent and seed. No one could ever doubt that this was his. His mate, his love, his life. And finally he could put it off no more. He thrust faster, his cock jackhammering in and out of the body beneath him. And then he came. Fire raced through his veins and spilled into his mate. 

Dimly Xander was aware that Spike was coming again. But it was all he could do to fall sideways and pull his lover with him. He felt his mate slip into sleep and allowed himself to follow. And so they slept that way, back to chest one still buried inside the other. Mated.